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Reader Andres has written his view of the CL match with Stuttgart because, well, he was there. In the stands. I’ll just let him take it away. Enjoy it while I finish the preview of the Zaragoza match–and thank you Andres:

Instead of heading south to warm Mexico a la Isaiah, I decided to spend my spring break and half my life savings with some of my friends in the Ciutat Comtal.* By some of the best luck I’ve ever had, this break coincided perfectly with the return leg of Barça’s Champions League Round of 16 tie with VfB Stuttgart.  Wednesday morning, I woke up at what felt like 2am, took the metro to Palau Reial, and ran to the taquilla to grab some of the last tickets to the game.  It was a beautiful day, and, to my surprise, Stuttgart fans were everywhere.  To be fair, we spent the day frequenting the basic tourist destinations, from sunny Barceloneta beach to the green slopes of Montjuïc, but everywhere we were surrounded by roving groups of Stuttgart supporters, sporting red and white scarves and more than the occasional Aliaksandr Hleb jersey.  After a quick butifarra amb mongetes in a tapes place a few blocks off the Rambla that night, we headed out, and were instantly enveloped in a different crowd – a massive tide of blaugrana-clad supporters excitedly streaming toward Les Corts.  The atmosphere was electric:  flags waved, car horns blared, and from a block away songs could be heard emanating from the brilliant behemoth of the stadium.  I’m no stranger to big stadia (I grew up a block away from this), but the Camp Nou, bathed in light and resounding with cheers, is a whole new level of majestic.

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As with any first-person experience of Barça, we’re willing to publish your experiences. Reader Cesc Blanc had the good fortune to attend the Stuttgart match and was kind enough to do a write up. A quick disclaimer: the views expressed in this post are those of the author and do not reflect official BFB policy or position. Enjoy and thank you, CB!

Our intrepid man on the scene

The good people of Google maps said that the trip from Vienna to Stuttgart was exactly 666kms, quite a strange number. In the end, it turned out to be less for whatever reason, but that number should have been warning enough for me: we’re dancing with the devil. The trip to Benztown turned out to be 6 hours and 36 minutes exactly. As you can see, there’s a pattern with the 6, which we will come back to later.