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Music. When it comes right down to it, the only real parallel that can be drawn with FC Barcelona is music. For four years, this club, under its coach Pep Guardiola, made music. I don’t want to go into the litany of titles, successes, records. Been there, done that. I want to talk about the creative delight of this club of ours, and the magic that it worked under its bandleader.

You get to thinking about music, and you start to wonder about types of tuneage. Classical is too rigid, even in its most modern, fearless iterations. It’s still a collection of notes on a page that you play until there are no more notes. Rock ‘n’ roll is amazing, but we need something with more virtuosity. Yes, there are virtuoso rock players, but too often their music is soulless. Blues? Nope. Again, great music, but too often simplistic and formulaic, even at its highest levels, unfortunately.

Jazz …. yeah. It’s music that has a structure, but one in which its players are free to deviate from in the solo setting, even as the band takes flight, coming back together to re-state the tune’s melody, revel in its syncopated delights. Jazz is it, the only music that, to me, encapsulates what the eye sees as our club does its thing on the pitch.

With this in mind, we’re going to take the starting XI and a few key alternate players, and figure out what jazz musicians they would be. The first few will have videos here, with links for the rest. I hope that jazzheads out there will come up with their own performer-player matches. Now, let’s have some fun:

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