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Here we go – the team is in Madrid for the start of another lengthy season where numerous clasico games will be played against Real Madr…. oh wait a minute, it isn’t Real Madrid?  It’s Atlético Madrid?  Damn – we’ve swapped a Mad Mou for a Snarky Simeone.

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We lost. Let’s be absolutely clear about this. For about 35 minutes, we went into their house and got our asses handed to us. And those 35 minutes were enough. That they scored two goals from errors of the sort that humans make should in no way ameliorate the fact that mistakes were made.

And the fans on the losing side always seek a scapegoat, because we win as a team, but lose as individuals. It was XXXX’s fault, dammit. If only XXXX hadn’t done YYYY, we’d be the victors.

But is it really that simple, all the time? No.

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“Yo, homie! What’s up with that! Focus!”

Leg 1, of what is a trophy that wouldn’t make anyone that giddy were it not for the opponent — handy when you’re ginning up phrases such as “Year of the Six Cups,” but in reality it’s a matchup that always, always comes too soon to see anyone playing anything approximating their best football.

And yet, here we are, on a piping hot day at the Camp Nou that saw the match kick off in temperatures of 32C/90F, against an opponent that is of value predominantly as a barometer, though not really, because we didn’t really play like we would have played, because we have a match on the weekend that points toward the bigger fish that we want to fry. Mou Mou said he’d trade the SuperCopa for the Liga, and even if Vilanova didn’t say it, you know he feels the same way.

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