A Few Quick Thoughts

Kevin has written a review of the Athletic match which, if you haven’t read it, should be your first stop. Besides joy at watching Banjo Crickets get his two goals and our team continuing to look like a brilliant machine of goal-making beauty, there was the obvious “Oh shit” of hearing that both Ibra and… Continue reading A Few Quick Thoughts

The Greatest Team in History

This post was written by reader Luke, who wins eternal brownie points for this. Being an American fan of FC Barcelona is sometimes trying. It is often times difficult to find team information—let’s be honest, Goal.com is useless about 94% of the time—as well as intelligent qualitative analysis of games and team decisions, as Soccernet… Continue reading The Greatest Team in History

Lessons From the West: Parity

I previously wrote about La Liga’s head-to-head tiebreaker system and found myself attacking the league’s system. Then I started thinking about all the various things that make a league what it is: the format, the structure, etc. Then I started thinking about how that compares to other leagues around the world, both within the footballing… Continue reading Lessons From the West: Parity

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A Question of Time: The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Story

Please: 0.40 Put it a different way: 11-1. Those numbers are, of course, from a very small sample, but would you take those numbers as a ratio for the entire season? I would because I know that the first one is Ibrahimovic’s current scoring rate (5 appearances, 2 goals) and the second goal is our… Continue reading A Question of Time: The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Story

Statistical Study: Bojan Krkic

Bojan Krkic is an interesting question in our lineup. Not necessarily from a talent perspective, but rather from an efficiency and capability perspective. There are those who question Bojan’s abilities and his place within the squad. Those are legitimate questions, so long as they’re framed in the right way with the requisite information available. Naturally,… Continue reading Statistical Study: Bojan Krkic

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