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With just 9 matches to go in the season, it’s probably time I covered what’s going on around the rest of the league. Today I’ll continue what I started with Hercules. I’m mainly interested in the relegation battle as all the other battles are somewhat boring. Or include Espanyol. So, here you have the other two relegation zone dwellers:

While Hercules dwells on their current 4-match losing streak, Almeria hasn’t fair particularly better. At least not really. Other than beating Hercules, they haven’t won since February 5 when they smacked Espanyol around to the tune of 3-2. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t smacking anyone around, but at this point, with only 4 other wins to their name, they’ll take what they can get. Given that they were smacked 0-8 by Barça at their own stadium, you’d think they’d have the worst goal difference in the league, but instead they’re only 3rd worst with -18, bested by Hercules (-22) and Malaga (-21).

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16 matches in and we still don’t have a champion. Disgusting. What kind of a league is this where it’s not a forgone conclusion by Christmas? Sure, sure, it’s basically down to 2 teams dominating the bejesus out of everyone else, but that’s hardly my point. What I’m talking about is the filthy and horrid trend of Real Madrid not losing games on a regular basis. Horrible.

But there are other teams out there. So let’s look at them in small clusters. First, the relegation battle. That’s not just the relegation zone, of course, but rather all of the teams that fall into a randomly defined points range. We’re going to go with 18 points and under, meaning 19 gets you the vaunted midtable status you were always craving. Yeah, I’m looking at you Hércules.

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International break is always a bit vexing. I like to cheer national teams, but I also like to see the games used to find new ways through. France seems to be doing that and winning too. Spain? Not so much. The US did, but were lucky to get out of Capetown with a victory after a horrible match by both sides. Anyway, it’s back to La Liga and it’s back to wondering why Messi always has to play 90 minutes in friendlies (was there a sub limit in that game? Menezes only used three subs and Batista used two).

It’s been a bit since we talked about other teams around here and while I’d love to continue that trend, the season is nearly 1/3 of the way done so I suppose there’s something to discuss. Technically the first third of the season ends basically the 60th minute of the clásico, but I’m not going to publish a State of the Liga then, so now, when there’s no midweek game, you get your fill of me babbling about teams that aren’t Barça.