Ukraine-Greece liveblog

It’s international break and I’ll be watching the Ukraine-Greece match on ESPN2, which means a liveblog for you. You’re such a lucky fool. Check below the liveblog for some Barça-related news. Ukraine-Greece –Gaby Milito played 45 minutes in a friendly against Bolivian team with the world’s most original name: Bolivar. This was his first match… Continue reading Ukraine-Greece liveblog

Copa Liveblog: Barça – Cultural

It’s time, of course, for another Liveblog! Yay! This one kicks off 15-20 minutes before the match, some come early and check it out or follow our updates, including lineup announcements on Twitter. Barça-Cultural And, in case you’re interested, here’s some pre-game fun:

CL Liveblog: Rubin – Barça

Hey, it’s liveblog time! If you’d like to run it, let me know, otherwise I’ll be around to approve all of you and keep things going as smoothly as possible (without mini polls cause I have a friend over and we’ll be, you know, watching together). Rubin-Barca