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November 4, 2012 / / Guest Reviews

(Lev is in the house again, with another guest review. And if he keeps this up, his match chronicles won’t be carrying any such qualifiers for much longer. So here ya go, folks.)

Once upon a time, a legendary Barcelona team started the league with 9 wins and 1 draw.

No, this was not Helenio Herrera’s Barcelona, a record-breaking team in its own right, snatching the league out of Di Stefano’s (or should we say Franco’s) clutches. Nor was it Cruijff’s dream team, which for all its brilliance was as lucky as it was consistent. It finally improved upon the start of Van Gaal’s Barcelona, whose methodical offense and Dutch invasion never quite captured the culé imagination. Today Rijkaard’s Barcelona, the first team since the Blue Elephant took over Camp Nou, is almost a sweet distant memory of Ronnie juking and grinning his way past defenders. And despite all the records shattered under Guardiola’s reign, he never quite started the league this well. But…