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And then there were two …

Now that Joan Laporta has declared for the elections and we know that Bartomeu is already in, the two 1,000-pound gorillas are set to square off. Yes there are other candidates and the most interesting platform is that of Origen FCB, but reality is that there are only two candidates who have a viable shot at this thing, barring any compromising photos or new court proceedings.

What is absolutely fascinating is that there is, in reality and dependent upon the lens you use to have a gander, very little to choose from between them.

Laporta can say, “Do you want more of this?” and show a photo of himself with treble trophies.
Bartomeu can say, “Do you want more this?” and show a photo of himself with treble trophies.

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I did a recent Barça roundtable discussion and one of the participants, Nando Vilar, likened Barça’s fundamentally self-inflicted turmoil to citizens taking a very active role in their government. Following that, a commenter here, AllasFCB, Tweeted this:

How funny is that a fan/club member of Barca (Jordi Cases) took down Rosell and a player (Messi) took down Bartomeu. Only at Barca…

I would suggest that at Barça, and it’s a suggestion that is fundamental to the way the club positions itself and is believed in by its supporters, Messi is just as much a citizen as Cases. In many ways in both cases, the situations present interested parties with a quandary.

Cases was, many suggest, backed by anti-Rosell factions, enabling him to have a greater effect than if a mere soci were to have taken such an interest in proceedings.

Messi had what has been characterized by many as a “tantrum,” a child flinging his toys out of the pram. In fact it was a player reacting to a difficult situation at the club in a way that was presumed would have a real effect on proceedings. The complexity, obviously, is whether a player should have that much power at a club and just what is acceptable as a player takes a stand for what he believes to be a good reason. Completely aside, obviously, of what that reason might be.

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Today, June 13, 2010, Alexandre “Sandro” Rosell i Feliu was elected as FC Barcelona’s 39th president by an overwhelming margin. 35,021 socis cast their vote for him (22,067 cast votes for someone else or no one) and a record 57,088 (or 48.11% of the total membership) voted overall.

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Previously I covered the three of the candidates for Barça president (here and here) and now it is down to the final candidate. As Kevin pointed out in the comments, we socis have received our official invitations to vote on Sunday along with our table assignments. It is with great sadness that I have to announce that I will be unable to attend and vote in what otherwise would have been my first Barça election. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth going on in my household today.

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