It’s Laporta!

The parallels between the two presidential elections to occupy my most recent world, in America and FC Barcelona, are fascinating. — A corrupt, despotic regime — Legal proceedings in the wake of the former president — A riven supporter base — Accusations hither and yon of media bias — Massive debt and lots to do… Continue reading It’s Laporta!

We have a president, and he is ours … ALL of ours

“How could he win, after everything that we have done?” The screams of a segment of the populace for whom electing this … man as president was something inconceivable, suddenly had to confront a grim reality that for years, seemingly endless years, a man who they not only didn’t vote for but who they actively… Continue reading We have a president, and he is ours … ALL of ours

Who Would You Vote for?

Tomorrow the polls open in the FC Barcelona elections and we here at BFB are not unaware of this. So we teamed up to bring you the most definitive guide to the elections you’ll find anywhere on earth. And also Pluto. Levon: Why I’d vote for Laporta In a perfect world, Benedito might get my vote.… Continue reading Who Would You Vote for?

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Luck, La Masia and winning the lottery

Not a return. Just a guest post, precipitated by events. Let’s build a mountain, an unassailable fortress of a mountain that will make even the most staunch Sherpa quake, and retire his crampons. That mountain will be made of dudgeon, and shall be christened Mount Nonsense, a sentiment that caused the mountain to spring, fully… Continue reading Luck, La Masia and winning the lottery

Bartomeu and Laporta, more alike than anyone cares to admit

And then there were two … Now that Joan Laporta has declared for the elections and we know that Bartomeu is already in, the two 1,000-pound gorillas are set to square off. Yes there are other candidates and the most interesting platform is that of Origen FCB, but reality is that there are only two… Continue reading Bartomeu and Laporta, more alike than anyone cares to admit

Team vs club, aka “A chicken in every pot”

Well, this is weird. Somehow, FC Barcelona has gone from a team that was a clueless, rambling mess that didn’t stand a chance against the Liga champions Atletico de Madrid, to being a goal up (should have been more) and with a leg in the semifinals. At the same time, an administration is flailing during… Continue reading Team vs club, aka “A chicken in every pot”

Citizens, to the ramparts!

I did a recent Barça roundtable discussion and one of the participants, Nando Vilar, likened Barça’s fundamentally self-inflicted turmoil to citizens taking a very active role in their government. Following that, a commenter here, AllasFCB, Tweeted this: How funny is that a fan/club member of Barca (Jordi Cases) took down Rosell and a player (Messi)… Continue reading Citizens, to the ramparts!

Barça Has a New President

Today, June 13, 2010, Alexandre “Sandro” Rosell i Feliu was elected as FC Barcelona’s 39th president by an overwhelming margin. 35,021 socis cast their vote for him (22,067 cast votes for someone else or no one) and a record 57,088 (or 48.11% of the total membership) voted overall.

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