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SoccerMom obsesses over FCB and this blog instead of grading papers, burning dinner and/or raising her small children. She blames a Spanish husband and easy access to Hispanic-targeted cable sports channels for her football addiction and consequent failure as a professor, housekeeper and mother.

July 21, 2010 / / Barcelona

So here we are, post-Cup and pre-Liga. For those of us whose teams broke our hearts, said organs are still tender but on the mend. For those of us whose teams broke records, we still smile, but not with all our teeth. And for all of us, the inner ear no longer vibrates quite so violently with echoes of a vuvuzela drone.

The first season I watched the last Barça match with the Hunky Soccer Husband, I sighed at the final whistle. ‘It’s all over,’ I said. ‘What to do until September?’ He blinked at me with surprise and disappointment, the way Sister Mary Holywater always did when a particularly gifted student gave a particularly stupid answer. ‘What ‘over’?’ he demanded. ‘It’s Transfer Time!’ And then he wrung his hands, like an old-timey villain in a silent film.

July 10, 2010 / / Barcelona

[The following text was washed up on an oil slick off the Florida Keys. It has no known authorship except for an ‘Earnest H.’ scribbled in a margin. It is unknown if ‘Earnest’ is a given name or a simple adjective. Regardless of whether or not his parents could spell, the text bears a striking resemblance to current events and is published here unedited for reader interest. – Ed.]

July 5, 2010 / / Barcelona

Now that the rounds have concluded, Argentina and Brazil are history and Spain has made history, but it’s a holiday weekend here in the States and we’re too busy burning our fingers on grills and sparklers to type and too buzzed on warm beer to care … So it’s time for some Trivia!

June 26, 2010 / / Barcelona

Trivia time!

1.         According to coach Parreira, who is South Africa’s 12th player?

a.         Nelson Mandela

b.         Shakira

c.         The vuvuzela

June 22, 2010 / / Barcelona

It’s the pre-game show to the game you don’t care about (well, not that much). It’s the post-game wrap when your team’s just been slapped with the postage home. Or maybe you’re just Cup-drunk on a six-day soccer bender, belly-up on your sofa, demanding your room / best / life-mate feed you snacky-snacks on the vuvuzela as if it were a bullhorn. What’s left to look at until s/he arrives with the stale Chee-tohs? Commercials!

June 15, 2010 / / Barcelona

‘Where the deuce do you think you’re going?’ said Athos.

‘It’s the fellow himself’, cried d’Artagnan, pale and trembling with rage. ‘Let me get at him!’

‘What fellow?’ asked Athos.

‘That blackguard, my evil genius. I always meet him when there’s trouble brewing […] I recognized him when the wind blew his hat up. It was him all right!’

— Dumas, Alexander. The Three Musketeers [1844]. Trans. Sudley. New York: Penguin, 653.

Come now, SoMa! Do we really need to talk about those guys right now? Just tell us what El Guaje means in iambic pentameter and let us go liveblog our Cup games in peace.

June 8, 2010 / / Barcelona

Ah, Spain … land of sunshine, serrano ham and guilt-free smoking … as well as Felliniesque personal interactions, Kafkaesque bureaucracies and   Spielbergian cucarachas. At first, you fill your digital camera with images of wedding-cake cathedrals and futuristic Calatrava bridges; later, you seethe as yet another technicolor-haired widow elbows her way in front of you in line; and finally, you, too, are packing in a four-course meal at 2 p.m. and telling (and being told by) total strangers ‘vete a la mierda’ without a second thought.

So it’s Silly Season again (or at least until next week or so). Over the next few posts I’ll bring some Spanish Silliness to BFB. No in-depth coverage, no gotcha! interviews, no perceptive insights. Promise. Just few lighthearted observations from my recent travels to Batville And Back.

May 13, 2010 / / Interviews

A conversation with Leonor Gallardo, PhD in Physical and Sports Sciences, professor at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and director of the Master’s program of Sports Development for the Spanish Royal Football Federation. She is co-author, with Juan Carlos Cubiero (President, Eurotalent and professor at the Universidad de Deusto, San Pablo-CEU) of two books:  La Roja: El triunfo de un equipo [The Reds: Triumph of a Team] (Alienta Editorial 2009)  and, more recently, Liderazgo Guardiola: Como lograr que tu equipo sea admirado [Guardiola’s Leadership: How to Create an Admirable Team] (Alienta Editorial 2010).

Professor Gallardo was kind enough to reply to my fan-e-mail after I saw her interview on TVE’s ‘Deporte Noche’, a midnight must for any cable-connected Liga fan who suffers from a) insomnia; b) late-night talk-show wearies; and/or c) lingering jitters after a major mid-week match. She graciously agreed to participate in our BFB community, answered my questions and trusted my English. Enjoy!

Liderazgo Guardiola is available from many major Spanish booksellers (including on-line stores Casa del Libro, Planeta del Libro and the inevitable El Corte Inglés.)

May 9, 2010 / / Barcelona
April 30, 2010 / / Thoughts

Greetings, Barçabloggers!

I am happy to join you all here at BFB! I come here to learn (always), to celebrate (often) and to commiserate (ah, sometimes). When Kevin, Isaiah and Hector kindly invited me to post my ramblings in a bigger space rather than dragging all of the comments down I was honored.

So I offer this first post as an ‘entremés’, or a little something enjoyable between two bigger enjoyable things, like acts in a play, courses in a meal or (ahem!) posts in a blog. Please review last Wednesday’s review and look forward to Saturday’s preview. And if you need a little chuck-under-the-chin, warm-n-fuzzy-sports-fan hug, or a wicked little grin, visit me here. I have some shamelessly stolen quotes, altered verses and obnoxious rhymes to munch over while we await our next vist to Villareal. ¡Visca!