Welcoming Eusebio Sacristán

Born only a few miles from Valladolid in the small town of La Seca, Eusebio Sacristán played for la pucela a total of 117+129 times over 2 stints. He also happened to play for FC Barcelona during the Dream Team years, starting and playing every minute of the Cup Winners’ Cup in ’89 and what I suppose will henceforth be known as the other Wembley victory. He left Barça in 1995 to move to Celta and then moved back to Valladolid for the second of his two times there. He retired in 2002 and became an assistant under at Barça from 2003 until 2008. He then coached Celta in the 09-10 season that saw los celestes come in 12th in La Segunda.

Thanks to the depature of Luis Enrique from the B team–presumably to Roma–Euesbio will become the new Barça B coach. This keeps things in-house like we did with Pep and Lucho and keeps the system fully intact. 4-3-3 all the way through. Pass, move, offer. All that jazz. Top-to-bottom, a true ideology and a true sense of where we’ve come from and where we’re going. I don’t expect Eusebio to improve on Lucho’s mark–3rd with one game to go–but he’ll have a solid team to give it a go with.

Welcome back, Eusebio, and may the fruits of your labor be an ever-increasing proportion of canteranos in the first team.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Is it me or the US of A look better this half?

    And how did Brazil – Holland finish goalless? Brazil was creating so many chances..

    1. USA doesn’t look better. Spain took their foot off the gas. It’s only a friendly, they don’t need to humiliate anyone in their house.

      As for Brazil/Holland…I’m not sure. The first half was terrific, but the second was a bit…off. Afellay was terrific.

    2. It was 35degrees in the sun which didn´t help. Typical bureaucratic friendly match. shame.

  2. Oh dear God – thank you! Even if it were a strange-looking goal.

    At least it’s a goal – well done Torres!

    1. I know. Why not Valdes? He just won his 4th freaking Zamora, surely he deserves to get a game for Spain! 👿

  3. FInally, Torres.

    But Howard, dude, that was awful, really should have been able to get a hand to that.

    I do think the U.S. look better now that Dempsey, Cherundolo, Bradley are on.

  4. Why can’t Valdes come in? Why Iker? It’s just a friendly 🙁

    Okay. It’s an exhibition. I guess people just want to see these players in person.

    Maybe there are more Barca on the field already…

    1. Because Valdes is an underrated, under appreciated player.
      He’s better than Reina and he won the Zamora trophy, beating Iker.

      I’m really perplexed why he isn’t the second choice keeper, thats his rightful spot.

    2. Let’s not be mean. Except for his Mou-laced comments after the UCL, Casillas is the most likable guy in EE. Valdes gets to play for a winning team for most of the year… why would you want to deny Casillas that joy? 😛

  5. See?!

    Even the American commentator just said what I’ve been saying earlier – “Arbeloa very slow to react” from Iniesta’s incisive passes.

    1. Arbeloa is just slow in general. Dani Alves would have been all over that last pass from Alonso.

  6. Just realized that if that first goal wouldn’t have been disallowed, Spain would have had a manita.

  7. Ref takes mercy on the US. No added time. Good game!

    Off to get some supper now. 🙂

  8. @Jim

    no u didnt miss anything.it was a conversation between barca 96 and ramzi,which caught my eye and that was my 100 cent on the matter.

    1. They are only reporting what was in AS and the resto of the Spanish press yesterday. AS then changed their story hours later and reported Moratti saying there is a 60% chance Inter will sign Sanchez.

      Nothing in it.

    2. Yeah, I doubt we have the upper hand in these negociations. I think Inter will manage to sign him, while we’ll get Rossi.

    3. I hate when they quote percentages..There’s a 12.8% chance that Sergio Ramos will break into the trophy room at the ‘Beau and steal the broken trophy and retreat into a dark cave like Gollum

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