Midweek Madness: Racing – Barça Liveblog

Thanks to OhYes for running the show yet again.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.



    ESPN2 seems to air the Racing – Barca game after all. I just checked their guide on sport.espn.go.com and it says that they are showing the game, even though my Directv Guide says something else. Just thought I’d let you know since yesterday’s preview said otherwise, but they must have updated this. Lucky us 🙂

    1. That’s is the truth, BiH.

      ESPN2HD will be airing the match. If you’re a Time Warner customer, it might not be listed yet on your box, but instead be listed as “Sports Nation”. along with 2 other half hour shows.

    1. The Barca game starts as soon as the Sevilla game ends..

      The LiveBlog starts 30 minutes prior to the start of the Barca game, therefore it starts 15 minutes into the second half of the Sevilla game.

  2. i’m gonna be watching this on the shittiest of computer screens @ this gaping asshole that is the law office i’m doing a clerkship @. boo!! can i wait until 6pm to watch the replay? probably not.

  3. Piqué starting, plus a midfield of Busquets, Xavi and Keita. The top trio up front.

    What an unexpected line-up in my opinion 🙂

    Why is the Yaya not playing since 2 matches? And I hope that we make a 2-0 lead for half-time, so that some Messi can be rested.

    1. maybe he wants to test busquets again at cdm with different defenders to see if he can replace yaya in acn

  4. Major awesome. It just showed up on the programming guide over here.

    EL Sardinero always seems to be a tough field for us. Remember that they had us on the ropes until this happened… and by this I mean Messi goes in as a second half sub, scores two goals, a conga line breaks out in celebration, he reveals his extra-terrestial origin to the team, and flies up to his spaceship therefore filling Iniesta’s existential void :


  5. Looking good at the moment. Livestream a lot less though 🙁
    Anyway, Busi again looking a lil too soft for DM, first trying to get a foul and not contesting hard enough. rest looks kinda good (especially Abidal and Pique at the back and Xavi and the upper three. But again my stream allows me to see about 50%.

  6. Hey, if some of you guys missed the first half (like me) or the match in general, the full game’s up on mysoccerplace.net

    Here’s the link, just take out the slash at the beginning


  7. Ah, damn it!
    Did you know that Argentina plays a friendly against Ghana on Wed, Sep 30th?

    I will hate the AFA even more if they call up Messi… and another bad news, Maradona is back, he will be the coach for the two last qualifiers 🙁

    1. How can he be back when he never left 🙁 ?

      Sigh. It sucks that the AFA and Maradona are not only completely useless (and in Maradona’s case, riding his playing days glory), but they suck and ,somehow, Messi gets the blame for it.

    2. Helge, I heard that mostly Argentinian based or South American based will be in the squad to face the Black Stars.

  8. Damn this whole Argentina NT thing is starting to piss me off.

    Let’s hope Maradona will have the balls not to call up any European players so Arg will lose and hopefully he will get kicked out then.

  9. What i liked about today is we played more as a team.Now if henry can get his 1st goal it would be great.He hasnt scored since that game against madrid and any longer and it might probably affect his confidence.

    1. IF I remember correctly, last season Henry was like how he is now, then he exploded against Valencia in the Camp Nou and never looked back from there. Henry, whether it’s due to injury or some other reason, tends to have a slow start to the season relative to the other (eg. Messi, Xavi) but then, they’re Messi and Xavi.

      I think he needs a big game where Messi (and in the case of last season, Eto’o) aren’t playing and then he’ll explode (eg. Valencia hattrick)

  10. Does anyone know if ESPN will show the game again my stupid DVR did not record. Or if someone knows where i can download the match in HD.

  11. The full game’s up on mysoccerplace.net

    Here’s the link, just take out the slash at the beginning


    The quality is really good.

  12. My goodness guys…

    – FINALLY we play a game that we completely and utterly dominate from start to finish…well, almost if not for a 10 or so minute bad spell but still the best one so far. We were intense in our ball pressure but calm and composed when we had the ball which is what we were not against Atleti.

    – Ibra is getting into the flow. His movement is improving and his hold up play and role as a forward pivot opened up big spaces. Some good wing play from him as well. Of course, he has to go and injure himself when all of this happens. Good job on the back post crash and the backheel was pure genius.

    – Messi just keeps getting better. He still has to pass more during counterattacks but he was brilliant today. Last season we saw an improvement when the signing of Alves gave him more freedom to cut in and play more towards the center as well as several games as a False 9. This season, he seems to have an almost totally free role on offense. He was pretty much everywhere. Last season it was not strange to see him in the center but now he sometimes drops back to our half to help out our midfield with possession. All of this without a False 9. The trade off was a huge hole behind Alves as Keita and Busi took turns advancing and covering. I did like his second goal because it was a retro goal from the Rijkaard days. A pure winger Messi goal circa 2006.

    – Henry got some looks as the 9 today (something I think should happen more often) switching with Zlatan but for a large part he seemed like an offensive fullback, playing close to the sideline and tracking up and down the field most of the time. A thankless task but he got some looks in open space which he could not make the best of (although his one touch to Ibra was wrongly annulled for offside). He did cut in as at times Abidal advanced.

    – Serrano is a hell of a player, that most of us knew but his goal was sick. The guilty list for that one starts and ends with Marquez who first gave it away to Serrano on a piss poor clearance and then was posterized with an absurd nutmeg. He deserved it after that clearance. Nothing VV could do about that one. I applauded it because it deserved it. Also, he did some hard nosed defending on Alves.

    – Speaking of Dani, he had his work cut out as Serrano gave him all he could handle. That said, Dani came out on top and his incredible stamina and work rate is what allowed us to play Messi in a free role.

    1. Thanks Hector, I was fixin’ for some kind of review. Now if only I had a highlight reel that had more than the goals, so that I could get a better idea of the first half that I missed…

  13. The best part about todays game was how much control and domination we had with Busi and Keita in the midfield. Imagine us with Yaya and Iniesta in true form, WOW.

  14. Ibra sprained ankle. how many days out? damn just when everything was clicking. but yay great win and that first half was ridiculously good. Well done team!

    but then this is the time for Henry to be #9, and I think he will score. not unusual for Henry to take time scoring. it was the same last year and the year before.

    1. 1-2 weeks probably assuming its a grade 1 and its low.

      If its a high ankle sprain then that’s bad news. He’ll be able to play in 2 or so weeks but he won’t be 100% for quite a while.

    2. //http://www.fcbarcelona.cat/web/english/noticies/futbol/temporada09-10/09/n090923106901.html

      According to the official site, it is a grade 1-2 sprain.
      Further test on Wednesdday.

    3. can you tell me a the difference between and 1 or 2 sprain and is there type 1 low and high and a type2 low and high, also is there a 3,4,5..etc…?

    4. this is what I found but I am not sure if its totally accurate:

      “Grade I Ankle Sprain:
      Grade I ankle sprains cause stretching of the ligament. The symptoms tend to be limited to pain and swelling. Most patients can walk without crutches, but may not be able to jog or jump.

      Grade II Ankle Sprain:
      A grade II ankle sprain is more severe partial tearing of the ligament. There is usually more significant swelling and bruising caused by bleeding under the skin. Patients usually have pain with walking, but can take a few steps.

      Grade III Ankle Sprain:
      Grade III ankle sprains are complete tears of the ligaments. The ankle is usually quite painful, and walking can be difficult. Patients may complain of instability, or a giving-way sensation in the ankle joint.

    5. From what I understand, a grade 1 is just strained ligaments, a grade 2 is partially torn, and a grade 3 is completely torn. There are four ligaments in the ankle, the big one that connects the tibia and the fibula is the hardest one to recover from (the “high”) while the others are “low”. It

      Any doctors, med students, therapists, etc. feel free to correct me. This is all gleamed from a strain I had a while ago (a “high” one as it turned out) and a quick google search. A high ankle sprain takes over a month to truly heal, any time you exert force on your calf it hurts like hell. You can run with it after a few weeks but it will continue hurting and you will not be 100% for quite a while. Its infuriatingly chronic hence a long layoff is a better recommendation.

      Hopefully Ibra’s is a grade 1 low ankle sprain and he will be back in a week or two.

  15. No not Ibra. 🙁 We have lost him too much already! Damn these injuries. I hate them.

    Hopefully it’s for no more than 2 weeks. Get well soon!

  16. about to roll to a bar where my homie’s spinning records on a high note. liked henry’s play in the middle. keita was just got out of prison gangster!!! messi & xavi & ibra oh my! hopefully his sprain isn’t a big deal. can’t really defend marquez. i do hope he gets some time in the next game to redeem himself a la bruschetta though.

  17. Couldn’t watch the game last night.. had a crazy thunder storm which cut off my internet connection! Drat!

    watched most of the game on the mysoccerplace.net thingy and was impressed with the tempo at which we played. Hector also gave them a glowing thumbsup in his post. Looks like we’re well on our way 🙂

    Gotta feel for Ibra though, he just started gelling with the team and now this petty injury. Goal.com says that he will miss the Malaga game but should be okay for the game with kiev. We need him for that.

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