Your Equinox Be Damned: Racing – Barça

There’s no way he can…not a chance…oh. my. god.

Racing Santander – Barcelona: Tuesday 4pmEST

Here’s how you suck at life: show a repeat of Vitoria vs Internacional from the Brasileirao on Saturday or show an also not-live “Jorge Ramos y su Banda” for 3 hours. If you chose the first option, you’re GolTV. If you chose the second option, you’re ESPN Deportes. Seriously? You choose to show those instead of live Barcelona action? Jerkoffs.

No, seriously, you’re a bunch of jerkoffs.

Of course I’m pissed off by that fact, even though it shouldn’t be particularly surprising. I’m still going to DVR both of those shows in order to see if they weren’t just messing with me because ESPN Deportes is showing “Futbol Español” from 2-4pm and might just change their programming if they can get the rights. No doubt Jorge Ramos and his frickin’ Banda will draw more viewers…It’s possible that it’s actually RFEF’s fault because they’re constantly messing with times and dates and don’t have a collective bargaining agreement, but whatever, I’m going to fault the TV stations right now cause I want to.

On to the regularly scheduled preview…we’re taking the house to Santander: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Puyol, Piqué, Márquez, Chygrynskiy, Maxwell, Abidal, Busi, The Yaya, Xavi, Keita, Iniesta, Pedro!, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Henry, Jeffren.

That’s a star-studded lineup, of course, with only Bojan missing through injury. It’s the last day of summer (today, Monday) and our Kid is missing in action, still. That’s a sad thing, I believe, because he does add depth to our front line that would be very useful in situations like Saturday’s match against Atleti, where giving Ibra or Messi a rest without lowering the quality too much would be very beneficial. Still, we’ve got the excellent Pedro! and the occasionally excellent Jeffren to take his place for the time being. I’m not particularly worried about our two away games in a row (tomorrow @Racing and Saturday @Malaga) and I’d like to see some of the starters get rest and some of the second stringers get more time to gel with each other and simply get more playing time when the points that are up for grabs are not absolutely vital. Remember, next Tuesday we play host to Dynamo Kiev in an already crucial Champions League match.

One major note for FCB is that we’ll be facing on-loan Henrique. If he does start, it’ll be another match in which a player we own will realize that hurting one of our star players could result in termination of their lucrative contract with us in the future. That would be a sad day for everyone, so it might be hard for Racing to start Henrique, though I think, like with Chygrynskiy in the Super Cup he’ll be a true professional and will not only play well, but will do so without injuring anyone.

Lineup predicition: Valdes, Alves, Marquez, Chygrynskiy, Abidal, The Yaya, Keita, Xavi, Henry, Ibra, Messi

It’s a full tilt lineup, with the exception of the centerbacks, who need their rest, and Keita in for the still-recovering Iniesta. There’s no reason to rest the front three because we’ll need their goal-scoring capabilities and they’ll get plenty of rest against Malaga anyway. And no, I’m not disparaging Malaga, but Racing is better than they are and Dynamo is more important than Malaga.

Official prediction: 1-3, boys in blaugrana take home the bacon. Goals by Messi, Ibra, and Xavi.

If this game is going to be on TV, expect an update here tomorrow–please let us know in the comments if it is going to be on.

Worldwide game times:
Local (Santander): 10pm
New York/EST: 4pm
San Diego/PST: 1pm
Sydney, Australia : 6am Wednesday
Singapore: 4am Wednesday
India: 1:30am Wednesday
Please correct any wrong times listed here by either emailing me or leaving a comment.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. is showing the Barcelona game on their schedule for tomorrow. I am hoping that means that ESPN Deportes or one of the other ESPN channels will carry the game live. Otherwise, you might want to check if ESPN360 works at your office or home, because as internet feeds go, itś probably the best option out there.

  2. Looking on the Web for Deportes, I get “programming to be determined” for the pertinent time slots. Promising signs….

    GolTV just sucks ass. I thought this nonsense was all worked out. I recall Schoen gloating about how Gol would be showing every match by the big two this season. Douchebags.

    1. Phil did say GolTV would televise every match by the big two… that are played on the weekends. Excluding mid-week games and CL games because, you know, it’s not like those are matches we’d like to see or anything.

      I’m really disappointed, generally, with our sports media. I mean, how do you expect to grow soccer in the US when you don’t even televise the US men’s national games except on spanish language stations?

    2. hey american cules! its not just goltv, its a problem with the media in spain. we have the same problem here in south africa, they didnt even broadcast the barca v getafe game because tv3 screwed it up in spain, and i know my borther in england has trouble watching some of the games too.

      i am sure goltv are trying to get whatever they can to show you.

  3. Damn, I would be happy if I were able to see a few matches with commentary of RayRay 😀

    But here in Germany, there is not a single possibility to watch La Liga matches, neither in free TV nor pay TV! Now that really sucks ass, not GolTV…

    1. Ugh, that’s terrible Helge. Every cule deserves to see Barcelona in HD! I guess we should take what we can get?

  4. Xavi’s in the new FIFA 10 commercial
    they got his spin down

  5. Don’t know if you guys saw but back about 1 to 2 months ago their were a few articles mentioning that GolTV and ESPN have signed an agreement through 2012 for shared rights of La Liga:


    I guess we can expect to always see Barca during La Liga on ESPN or GolTV, now if Directv only offered ESPN2 with their latin packages, assholes……….

  6. It might be to early for Marquez to start. But If we have a good first half, we might just have to put him in.

    1. Neither Marquez nor Pique will start. The defense will be our Captain Fantastic and Chygrinskiy.. with Alves and Abidal.

    2. yep…marquez’ll be subbed in the same way guardiola has been bleeding in iniesta. maybe he even comes in to play dm? long shot.

  7. man… you guys in the states at least get to see matches on espn of some sort.. so you have goltv, if not there then one of the espn channels (regular, deportes or 360). in canada we have goltv… thats it. *sigh* i’ve sent them some scathing emails this season already, they didn’t show the opening match of la liga for barça, then they lost the feed vs getafe in the 50th minute (so PISSED) when sky sports and espn managed to show the game in its entirety. now no racing vs barça this week… why do i give them money again?

  8. I hear tell that Pique might be rested, because of his ankle. Not sure if true or nonsense. After all, he and Puyol were supposed to be all gimpy for the Inter match, right?

    For all of our bitching, we have it pretty good with footy in the States. Between FoxSoccer, ESPN and GolTV, there isn’t a lot that we miss out on, unless it’s PPV, as in the case of the Manchester derby yesterday.

    And were I to switch cable providers, I could add Setanta, but then I would never leave the house.

    1. i wish i had setanta for the arsenal and to a lesser extent the manu and french league games but those are on @ 6 or 7am los angeles time(not san diego time). i’d never sleep.

  9. How are Real Madrid doing? I’m hoping to see them crash and burn but it seems like they are doing well 🙁 Are they playing as a team? Do Kaka and Ronaldo wanna kill each other? Anyone following this?

    1. yeaahh.. they aren’t playing as a team thats a fact!.. the individual brilliance of the players just lets them win matches. besides the game against xerez don’t let the score fool you.. they were really struggling until ronaldo scored his second very late on in the match. and then the goals came flying trough poor renan’s net

    2. not that i care too much about what madrid are doing, i just want to focus on barça, but they definitely need to come up against a strong team for anyone to make any judgements on how they are playing at the moment. so far depor gave them a good run for it but they aren’t that great, espanyol, zurich and xerez just aren’t strong enough teams. villarreal i normally would say would be a harder game, but lately the yellow subs aren’t looking so hot – i fear they will go down hard against madrid w/ pellegrini. valverde is an ok coach but hes no engineer.

      the away game to sevilla in october should be able to tell us something about the galacticos 2.0. or not care at all, because its a long season and barça fans need to worry about barça results. watching and worrying about madrid this early is just pointless, it doesn’t matter until post january anyway.

    3. Oh please. Let’s not act like Barcelona is the only team in the league.

      And why is there a double standard when it comes to talking about RM and other teams? If we talk about RM: Oh no! Who cares about them? We should only care about ourselves!

      But if we talk about Valencia and their economic problems, or Atleti and their inconsistencies, there is no such talk of focusing only on Barca. We even talk about teams from other leagues! (Arsenal, Liverpool)

      This is a blog about Barcelona, and as a result, it is a blog about La Liga. So let those who want to talk about other clubs (or, even, RM *gasp*) talk about other clubs.

    4. OhNoYouDidn’t.

      barça is the only team in the league for me, until it gets to crunch time. i could care less what madrid do until then, its great to see them lose but its better, in my opinion (i feel like i have to say that to you) to not worry about them and take each game as it comes.

      of course no one is going to say anything if people mention valencia or atleti, why do you think that is? because lliga is a 2 horse race 94% of the time.

    5. Exactly, OhYes. Jeez, it’s important to think about the grand plan of this season, and for that it’s very helpful to talk about how other teams are doing, whoever they may be. I caught some of Dynamo Kiev’s game last Wednesday, but should I just not talk about how they’re doing in the group, and just go “Lalalalalala, we just need to win every game.”

      Let’s not be silly. Cules historically have a bad habit of focusing too much on the EE, but the answer isn’t to not talk about them at all. Balance it out.

    6. I agree that we do not have to look at what EE is doing. Cules have always kept an eye on them. And I can confirm, many of them would rather an EE defeat than a Barca win (mainly the old school ones, the ones who lived during the dictatorship). The new generation is growing with both eyes on their club, which is always a good thing. Checking what Madrid is doing leads to nervousness and silly behaviour due to the endemic Cule negativity and to the pro-Madrid biased press.
      Real who? I only care about the Blaugrana!!

    7. (Ponies to be discussed in this post.)

      Okay, how about this: Whenever REAL MADRID is mentioned, we put a disclaimer at the beginning of our comment?

      That way, those who want to close their eyes and plug their ears can do so in comfort.

      The disclaimer I put forth is at the top of my comment.

    8. No need. I didn’t think anyone was implying that we shouldn’t talk about Real Madrid, but only that they, specifically, didn’t care. That’s all good.

      I’ve been spending quite a bit of time watching Real Madrid. Their play does not only affect the Super Clasico, but also the future of the league. If they gel and do well, that promotes the buy-your-way-to-success model. If they don’t, then there’s more evidence that it takes more than money to make a winning team. The real problem will be that one season is one data point and should only be assessed in context of the collection of seasons from the last few decades. But what owner will do that, when we as humans are so prone to following anecdote.

      Anyway, how La Liga plays out this year should be interesting on many fronts. (BTW, the same is true for the EPL in context of Manchester City.)

    9. i am a die hard cule and watch every EE game. well only to the point where i can tell if they are going to wint hen i tune out. i just want to be sure to catch those glorious matches when they lose

    10. It’s fine if THEY don’t want to discuss Real Madrid..but I don’t see why WE should be asked to stop caring about how they do.

      I say, let us speculate, judge, and care about as many Real Madrids as we wish.

    11. you the same b4l from pep’s place who made that messi balon d’or video & the scouting report on the la masia cadets?

  10. Thanks be to God, I’m in Ireland and I’ve got Sky Sports for company. Woohoo.
    Tomorrow evening, I get to watch Barca take apart a Racing team, which lost 4-1 to Getafe first match of the season. Getafe get a lot of players into the box, like we do, and it worked a treat…
    Soldado got a hattrick that day, and pardon me if I’m wrong, but Ibra is a better player so I’m optimistic.

    I agree that it would be nice to have Bojan for matches like these ones. It is nice for Ibra to be getting a run in the team but rotation is always good.

    My XI:
    Alves | Puyol | Chygrynskiy | Abidal
    Iniesta | Yaya | Keita
    Messi | Ibra | Henry
    My prediction: 3-0, goals from Messi, Ibra and Keita

  11. He who now plays for Inter wants some money from us.Its his right i guess.


  12. I think it (BANGS Net Value – Total Value paid for BANGS)= Eto’o Net Value. This is probably just more b.s. though, Catalans are champions in contracts and business.

    1. and espn 360 although it doesn’t show up in their schedule and the programming guide for espn2 does not have it listed. I hate this, cuz if I din’t tivo the actual program by name, it won’t record it. I hope ti shows up before I head to work in the morning so I can properly record.

    2. You can’t manually record a block of time? I can with my cable box/DVR. The data dump usually happens overnight, and ESPN is very good about updating schedules. You should be fine.

    3. I can manually record a block of time but if the program changes it cancels the recording…crappy dvr. I will be very happy tomorrow morning to see the change 🙂

    4. son of a gun, one of the few times it would work out perfectly and i have to drive an hour away to buy something from a dude on craigslist. oh well, maybe i’ll catch the second half.

    1. Hellz yeah!! HD for our boys would make me very happy. At present, ESPN2 (according to my cable guide) is showing crap. So why not bequeath the world some goodness and beauty? 😀

  13. I’m so happy that Swedish TV4 Sport decided to make a super boost in their coverage of La Liga this year. They’ve had the rights for it before but the interest in Spanish football booming now with Zlatan going to Barca and “some other guys” going to “that other team” 😉
    Channel showing all Barca games, “the other team”‘s games and three random games on Saturdays and three on Sundays. Toss in a few weekday games as well and its pretty good coverage.

    Worth mentioning also is that Canal+ who had the rights to Serie A “gave away” the rights to two smaller channels just a few days after Zlatan signed for Barca. Coincidence? I think not.

  14. It sucks that I can’t partake in this conversation on La liga coverage because i love on the Indian sub-continent! Good ol’ streams tonight! Hope the liveblog is on tonight…

  15. Hey kids, do not forget to change up your Fantasy football squads. (or leave them be, and accidentally do better than you would have otherwise)

  16. What are the reliable streams for La Liga matches. Live in India and no coverage here for some reason.

  17. Just read on Dutch football website that we’re looking at Momo Sissoko for the winter-transfer window. Apparently the Malian international is still recovering from injury at the moment.

    IMO a much better choice than the almost senile Viera or Poulsen type douchebags. Sissoko is young, physically very strong, fast and has good tackle. Moreover, he is used to playing CL-level and has good experience having played in Serie A, EPL, France and La Liga.

    Drawbacks: Has gotten his fair share of injuries if I’m correct.
    Technically he’s not a superman, I haven’t seen him play enough to know whether he can handle our standard. Finally, he doesn’t score on a regular basis (not that we need it from a DM, but the guy has everything to make an occassional one).

    1. I know the website isn’t the most reliable one, but it is not too farfetched to believe. And I kind of like the story…just saying (their source might be a type of thing).

    2. I don’t see the point… He plays for Mali if I’m correct? So he’ll be off to the ACON too. We are probably not going to buy someone outright we want like a Mascherano for eg. in December. We will look for someone who we can loan perhaps till the end of the season with the option to buying him in the summer if he does well. Will we find another Davids in January? I really doubt it but Viera seems to be the safest bet who will come with experience. We can’t afford to integrate a new defensive midfielder in the middle of the season.

      I would much rather see Pep throw down the gauntlet to Marquez, Chygrynskiy or pique to play in that position if needed. All of them have the mental and physical presence to pull it off..

    3. The pro’s for Viera are “the short term/davids option” and his experience. I just don’t think he still has what it takes. Giving the option to the likes of Busi and Marquez is a better option. Nonetheless, our depth gets extremely thin at this point and we should be praying not to have shortterm bar longterm injuries.

      Actually, I had not thought about the ACN for Sissoko while it is the problem at DM to begin with ;-(
      Yet, I do like Sissoko as an option alternative to Mascherano, though I would prefer the latter.

  18. Hey Isaiah, what is the meaning of “Equinox” ??? reports that Messi might be left out of the squad, I hope that he will at least sit on the bench. Considering the last matches against Racing, there were not many goals, and most of them came from Messi 🙂

    A win is important to pressure RM, how nice would it be to have 2 or 3 points more than them after this playday!

    1. Equinox (latin for “equal” + “night”)

      is when we experience days and nights of approximately equal time.

      i.e., before the autumnal equinox, the days are longer (summer)
      and after the autumnal equinox, the nights are longer (autumn)

      of course, if you live below the equator, the exact opposite is true.

  19. we’re in the middle of spring/autumn hence the ‘equinox’. summer is way over no matter what hemisphere you’re in. pls correct ur article.

    1. actually, it’s the last day of the summer for us Americans.

      At least here in San Diego it’s still hot and will probably continue to to be so for a while (I;m still sleeping with the window open and a fan on)

    2. Mike, yesterday was the change between summer and fall. That’s the equinox, right? Te solstice is the change between spring/summer or fall/winter, right? I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure that’s true. It just became fall today here in north america. That es my point.

    3. You’re right, Isaiah. It’s probably the one thing I learned in my college Astronomy class. That and how if you hold up a pencil to a telescope lens pointed directly at the sun, it will burst into flames. Thank you, University of Illinois.

    4. come’on guys… equinox means day and night are equal in length. meaning in the middle of spring or autumn. the easiest (tho not the most accurate way) is to add or subtract 1 month and 15 days to determine the beginning of the next or previous season. so if it’s spring for u, then it means spring started around the 8th of august…

    5. either you or your college sucks 😀

      solstice – longest day or night meaning middle of summer or winter… NOT change between spring/summer OR fall/winter. can’t believe u guys 😀 ridiculous…

    6. tonight is the spring equinox (if you are in africa) and albeit that spring starts sept 1, that is a social construct where as cosmically or whatever, spring starts today and summer begins in the summer quinox whch if i am not mistaken is december 21.

      summer isnt way over here, its just beginning! woohoo

    7. Well, here in Seychelles does not matter much, summer or winter it is hot all year long…BTW, just to be picky, December 21st is the summer solstice, rather than a quinox…

  20. i have to wait for the torrent in the morning 🙁

    and the match timings in India is 01.30am Wednesday.

  21. For the record, OhYes and others, I don’t think that any disclaimers, etc have to be added to any posts that mention that other big Spanish club. My not caring about them is a personal thing, rather than any sort of a statement of policy or anything.

    My view is that if we kick ass and take names, it only matters what we do. I can’t stand to watch them on television, and I don’t care what they do until they play us. Then I hope that they burn in eternal damnation.

    At El Prat (Barcelona airport) last year, our cab driver was wearing a fleece vest emblazoned with the EE crest. I thought about taking a different cab. My companions said “Lighten up.” I didn’t tip him, I’ll tell you that much. My wife already knows not to plan anything for the next day of our vacation, should the Clasico not go the way that I expect it will. Because I will be snake-mean.

    I don’t even enjoy watching them lose, because that involves watching them. But everyone is different, which is what makes the world go ’round.

  22. On the replacement for Yaya and Keita thing, we’ll be fine. Marquez basically plays that role for Mexico (or at least used to). Puyol, Pique and Abidal can play CB. No need for panic buys that can mess up chemistry etc.

  23. Hey I don;t know if anyone already posted this information, but the Barca game is being show LIVE ON ESPN2

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