Barca 1, EE 1 (3-1 agg), aka “A triumph on and off the pitch, and a farewell for now”

We advanced. Through all the nonsense, all the recriminations, all the nastiness, we advanced. People will talk, people will natter about what might have been, but we advanced, and are through to the Champions League final.

This match demonstrated a lot of things, but most importantly, that Mourinho got his tactics right. He knows that his side can’t play football with us, that the only way to make it happen is to kick, foul and try to make the match into a disjointed affair where his side’s strength on the counter and off set pieces can carry the day.

And it almost worked. Recall that he was all but playing for a 0-0 at home, then a 1-1 in our house. He only got the back part of that result, and history won’t remember that he almost made it work against us …. again. That we prevailed came down to some amazing, amazing football from our No. 10, who took the away and home legs by the scruff of the neck for about 10 minutes each time, but in that period in each match, he managed to instill doubt, to put them on the back foot and facilitate his team’s moving through to the Champions League Finals, against an opponent to be determined tomorrow.

There were many beautiful moments, from the goal that was scored, to Messi battling through challenge after challenge, picking himself up and proceeding to work like a demon unbound. The moment when Abidal came onto the pitch was glorious, and for me, despite what I can only imagine people are saying, the ref got the annulled goal right. Mascherano would have gotten to that ball, had he not been clipped by TB. Incidental contact? Perhaps. But certainly contact that adversely determined the outcome of the play, and guaranteed the goal.

This match had so, so many moments, but I can’t really do a review of this one, but rest assured that someone else will. Apologies to everyone, but I just can’t. Instead here are some pictures that for me represent the moment. I’ll deal with precisely why I can’t review the match, after the images.

Honoring Abidal

Messi abuse

Pedro exultation

And now for what is, for me, the bittersweet part. Obviously, these reviews are personal documents. Yes, they’re subjective evaluations of the match, but I put a lot of myself into them, as I do with any writing task. And for the record, this will be my last review of the season, and quite possibly my last, period. I know that he is innocent until proved guilty, but I just can’t deal with the idea that Busquets might have called Marcelo a monkey. And I don’t know what the outcome will be of the club’s investigation into the matter, or if there will even be one. I do know that I’m having a really, really hard time dealing with the pain that I’m feeling right now.

I wrote what honestly began life as a review with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. It really, really hurts right now, because I just don’t know what to do. Guardiola dedicated the winning of the tie to Abidal, his wife and his children, an amazing thing to say. But Abidal is a black player, and you can’t help but wonder, if the horrible, horrible allegations are proved true, what Busquets would call him in a moment of strife. Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty. But for me, it’s the doubt. And it’s that doubt that’s killing me.

With all that weighing on me, I have to recuse myself from doing a review, because my heart just isn’t in it. For me, as usual, SoMa speaks with an eloquence that I can only hope to aspire to, so I will simply add her comment, and offer my apologies to the group. This document began life as a review. I watched the match twice, took the usual copious notes and everything. But I just can’t do it. It hurts too much right now to do anything except offer full disclosure, and my heartfelt apologies. Celebrate and celebrate well, cules. It was a job well done by the club.

SoccerMom speaks

This is a long-abandoned thread but I haven’t been able to get here until now. I think we need to be realistic here.

First: Sergio Busquets did not call Marcelo ‘momo’. He called him ‘mono’. This is clear from the video: a bilabial occlusive followed by a front dental articulation.

Second: Nobody calls anybody a ‘momo’. He called him ‘mono’, or ‘monkey’. This is a racial slur.

Third: Sergio Busquets did not put his hand to his mouth in order to make his voice louder to Marcelo. He put his hand to his mouth because he knows, just like the coaches on the bench and the partners on a free kick, that thousands of cameras are trained on him and he didn’t want his comments heard by the refs or decoded by the press.

Fourth: Sergio Busquets did not call Marcelo ‘mono’ in the heat of the moment. He does not appear angry, or flustered, or even particularly excited in the video (unlike, say, Xabi Alonso at the end of the first half). He calls Marcelo ‘mono’ deliberately in order to irritate Marcelo and provoke unsportsmanlike conduct on Marcelo’s behalf.

Fifth: There is no way Sergio Busquets is going to be removed from Barcelona FC. They made him, they broke him in, they bought him. He is a principal on a World-Cup winning national team, he is a starter on one of the best soccer teams in Europe, and he is one of the top midfielders in the world. He also has family ties to FCB. I would be very suprised at an official complaint, no matter how justified, from Marcelo himself or, more likely, Real Madrid’s behalf, simply because I would imagine that a lot of stuff gets said on a field that no one wants anyone else to know about.

I disagree with PJ O’Rourke on just about everything, but his quote (on drug use among professional athletes) is relevant:

“True, children look up to professional athletes. But children are short and look up to everything.”

If we want to discuss this matter — or any matter — let us do so, but let us do so honestly.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Im sorry guys but this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. There is just no way that video proves anything. He could be saying absolutely anything. Not only that but look at the reaction, or lack thereof of Marcelo or any of his teamates. Given the circumstances and heated nature of the games and all the pre match crap I think a racial slur would have brought on an onslaught from the players.

    This exactly what Madrid want, to create doubt among fans and more worriengly his teamates. What is sad is that it seems to be working, at least among fans. A whole page of posts dedicated to this unsubstantiated garbage instead of the fact that we knocked out Madrid and Mourinho and are not in the 2nd CL final under Pep.

    Untill somebody can prove that he said something racist as far as I am concerned this is the same bullshit Madrid have been spouting for weeks. In fact I find it quite surprising that most people here seem to be more willing to believe that Sergio would say such a thing, than this being just another way for Madrid to distract everyone from the fact that they spent all that money for a Copa.

    Lets not forget Sergio has man black teammates, does anyone think he would say something like that on the pitch with the risk that one of his black teammates would hear it. Sorry, I dont buy it. Not for one second..

  2. Kxevin, ever since I accidentally stumbled upon the blog that you guys ran at “The Offside” and later continued here, I have never found a better place to read discussions about Barcelona and football. Your reviews are something that I always look forward to after the games, they are a pure delight to read (as are, of course, the articles of all the other contributors to this blog; a little side note – I think I comment so rarely here mainly because I just don’t think that I could ever express myself as wonderfully as the rest of you guys here; usually, when I feel like saying something, I find that someone has already said something to the effect and has done it so much more eloquently than I ever could, creating a wonderful discussion; thus I am more like a silent, but constant admirer 🙂 ).

    While your decision is saddening and your reviews and other articles will be missed, it is your decision and we all should respect it.

    Speaking of Busquets and the incident: up until yesterday I was maintaining a completely neutral position. I am not going to start defending him and telling everyone that I am certain that he is innocent. No, I still think that there is a possibility that he may have indeed called Marcelo “mono”. But, from yesterday, I am at least more willing to give him the benefit of doubt, there are some things that point to the whole thing possibly having been made up (they are not 100% conclusive, but nor is the video). Most importantly because – as it looked like (the camera angle for that part was not the best, but had it been otherwise, I am sure some cameras would have picked that up), Marcelo and all the rest of the Madrid players shook Busquets’ hand yesterday before the match. I would like to believe that if they really thought that these allegations were true, if Marcelo himself had heard Busquets racially abusing him, then they would not have done that. They knew their club’s position, they knew about the video, and if they indeed thought that Busquets had done that, they would not have ignored that.

    There were several things about that video, which everyone has been using, that from the beginning I found somewhat weird and gave me a teeny bit of hope that Busquets might not have said “mono”. First of all, the complete and total lack of reaction from Marcelo or from any other Madrid players who were around. I doubt that they wouldn’t have said or done anything, the match was way too tense for something like that to simply slip by – Madrid had been annoyed by some of Barcelona’s players’ diving, Barcelona annoyed by Madrid’s brutality, so the tension was huge, and any team would have used an opportunity to complain to the referee or to start a fight (look at the events at half-time). Secondly, I am going to have to slightly disagree here with SoccerMom who said: “This is clear from the video: a bilabial occlusive followed by a front dental articulation.” The problem is that while he indeed may have been saying “mono”, in my opinion, you really cannot see it perfectly clearly. Phonetics has always been one of my least favourite things in university, so I am really not an expert in any way, but when pronouncing “n” the tip of the tongue touches the upper teeth/teethridge (sort of touching a bit of both at the same time; and, ok, I learned this in English phonetics, but I don’t think that there is much difference with Spanish in this particular case). The quality of the video is not good enough to be 100% sure that he says “n”. He might be saying that, might not be saying that.

    About Busquets covering his mouth – remember that the thing that preceded this incident was Busquets grabbing his face when Marcelo bumped him in the chest (already that alone was truly pathetic from Busquets). He kept rubbing his face “in pain” after that and in the video of him saying something to Marcelo he is touching pretty much the same part of his face that he had been clutching before. He may have been just continuing his playact. Because if his intention was to cover his mouth so that the cameras might not catch him say that, then he did it extremely poorly. Although judging by certain other actions of his, you have to question his common sense in general, so this argument, as all the others, is not conclusive. But it shows another perspective. And also – again, I want to believe that Pep would not have started Busquets yesterday if he had even the slightest doubt about him – he must have talked to him and he seems to believe him, he knows his players better than probably anyone.

    As I said, none of these arguments, nor the video, in my eyes, are doubtlessly proving Busquets’ guilt or his innocence. If he said “mono”, then he must be punished severely and I would never want to see him in Barca ever again (or any other football club, period). But I do not want to come to rush judgments either, because racism is an extremely serious allegation. With Abidal, Keita and other current and previous teammates and knowing what they have had to deal with, I want to believe that Busquets would never dare to do something like that.

    I apologize for the length of this, but I guess I just had to let it all out.

  3. I only logged in to say – what is happening is beyound ridiculous – somebody claims, somebody said something – and all go nuts.

    This race card is a very convenient way for labbeling.

    Busquets do not have to prove – his accusesrs must, but there is actually no proof.Lips readers, my ass.

    get a life.

  4. I really think we have all said everything there is to say on this issue. Any chance we can have a new post so we can post links and such without disrespecting Kxevin’s post?

    1. Yes please.

      I desperately need a link to the match download, preferably Sky.

  5. Hey Kxev, I recently started posting here after months and months of devoted reading and admiration for this blog. Reading your post was emotional… hugs to you brother
    I was thinking about this, and concluded –
    You quit?, they win… Period.

    This is exactly the kind of division and difficulty that everything that has happened in the last 20 days was intended to achieve.
    It is much easier to destroy than create, and Mourinho and the EE ranks have been an example of that in recent weeks in my opinion. We may have not been angels in the drama, and I’ve examined my biases, and guess what? If this wasn’t a fight between good and evil, but rather bad and worse, welcome to the human race, good seems hard and elusive a lot of the time…seems more a question at any given time of where you are on that good-evil continuum and which way you’re moving than trying to claim the moral high ground. I am content with which way we we were trying to move things. I guess that’s why we make humans make rules, to try to keep us moving the right way – some see the rules for others, or see themselves above them, and they’re allowed to break them but don’t expect to not get punished, unless those trying to move the world toward the light along that continuum, stop pulling, and things snap the other way and those going toward the darker side of our natures get to make the rules – then look out!, we’ve seen how that goes in history.

    A problem like racism, as insidious, subtle and sadly pervasive as it still is (which can be absolutely mind-boggling) requires creativity, courage and commitment to overcome, I mentioned the quote in a previous post that has been twisted and turned in a million ways (and actually doesn’t really resemble the original) attributed to Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – I think it’s true. Any of us in all areas of life who are far enough along that continuum at any given time to see the light, have to keep walking toward it, burdened with the load of all our flaws, shortcomings, prejudices and weaknesses, buoyed by hope, intelligence and passion for what’s possible.

    You can’t quit dude… you’re needed in the fight, take up your burdens and walk – you have to keep pulling when you feel like there isn’t an ounce of strength remaining and the battle looks lost. Ever play tug of war? I’m always fascinated how sometimes you win just after you felt yourself sliding toward a loss, you have to keep pulling. The club has taught us that a lot over the last 20 days, and throughout this year too. Things aren’t usually pretty, I’ve stopped expecting them to be – 2 forward, one back, as long as we’re moving the right way.

    As for this incident – I’m waiting. It doesn’t smell right in the context of all that’s gone on, up is down, dark is light, it’s been bizarro world. A lot of things may have happened in that exchange of which a racist comment is one, but in absolutely no way the only. So, I prefer for now, to not get all wrapped in a knot around Who Shot John, and let time tell, and then? – we do what needs to be done and go after whomever is at fault, the accuser or the accused… or maybe we’ll just need to look at that video of Busquets lumbering away for years trying to figure out if it’s really Bigfoot…

  6. Kxevin is the savage, beating heart of this blog.

    It is his passion, his intelligence and his wit which brings these posts and fascinating commentaries to life.

    So many of us come here, late at night or first thing in the morning, after watching pre-match pressers and live-stream matches and post-match highlights because Kxevin’s review allows us to relive the thrill of the game while enlightening us on the finer points we missed in our ignorance (or trips to the refrigerator).

    All writers have some Gentle Reader, real or ideal, in their imaginations as they work. Kxevin has always been my Gentle Reader.

    That passion, that inspiration, comes from a curious mind and a vulnerable heart. And I mean ‘vulnerable’ in the best sense: available, honest and pure.

    So when disappointments come, the vulnerable heart is bruised.

    I think that same vulnerability has inspired a lot of BFBloggers to share their own feelings and experiences honestly. People, in my other on-line job I counsel trauma survivors. There are a lot of feelings that get sloshed about, as well as hope for healing. I am really so impressed, and so hopeful given the humane and honest sharing that has happened on this thread!

    This is the ‘honest’ conversation that so many people throughout history have called for regarding racism. Everything from analysis of a particular event to stretching the imagination to compassion for strangers to brainstorming ways to bring about change. It’s not about ‘what he said’ or ‘what she did’. It’s This is what’s out there, and This is how I feel about it, and What do you experience out there? and How do you feel about it?

    In my experience (which is quite limited), Spanish society has an undercurrent of racism. It’s different from racism in the U.S. (or elsewhere, I’d guess) simply because the history, politics, culture and ethnic make-up of the population is different. So, as I’ve mentioned before, you will hear people make all sorts of comments that would be shocking in my little Midwestern town in the U.S. of A. At the same time, Spaniards would never dream of meeting desperate refugees fleeing sub-Saharan Africa on a dingy with anyone else but Red Cross medics and publicly-subsidized immigration lawyers. While in my country, there are laws that allow private citizens to meet refugees with guns drawn.

    So where does one draw the line? How do you make peace with a world so saturated with racism and injustice? Well, perhaps Kxevin is right. Perhaps you choose your battles. Perhaps you delineate your world, and act ethically within its limits. It gives you some measure of control (always illusory, of course, my Buddhist friend!) as well as the power to make decisions in accordance with your conscience.

    I stated (although I intended it really as an afterthought and never dreamed it would get picked up) that for us to bicker and haw over Busquet’s comment is ingenuous. It’s a way to ease our troubled egos. Because if he didn’t say anything, or said something that wasn’t ‘so’ bad, then we relieve ourselves of guilt. Mourinho is right about something: Barcelona likes to cloak itself in a mantle of Goodness, and then FCB fans can doubly celebrate — not only its brilliant style of play — but its moral superiority over other clubs who kick and lie and cheat and whose fans monkey-chant and throw bottles and riot.

    I’m sorry, but La Masia is not a seminary. And I still hold that Marcelo didn’t say anything to the press (yet) because no one really wants all the crap that players say and do to each other to come to light — until yesterday, because the Madrid media people are scrambling for distractions from their failure to trump their rivals in the season that was supposed to be Theirs.

    Do I want Kxevin to leave? NOOOO. But it’s not up to me. It’s not about me. To support Kxevin is to support what this incident means to him, and his experiences, and how he feels about it.

    Before I got to Bassam’s comment I was thinking the same thing. How many Tweeters and FaceSpacers and Bloggerheads are on this thread? How many signatures or messages or lists can we gather to send to Rosell et alia in protest of Busquets, or cheating, or racism? And if you really want to make noise, then we don’t just contact team executives. You go to the sports media. (This is not, by the way, a volunteer on SoMa’s behalf. She honestly does not even know how to do bold and italics in her comments.)

    Rah rah Barcelona. Hip hip hooray for Pep.



  7. I’m sticking my head out defending Busi, so I’ll be majorly pissed if he turns out guilty. The problem with “innocent until proven guilty” stance is that people aren’t sticking with it — the reaction is more “guilty until proven innocent” because of Busi’s rep.

    Look, he gets a lot of crap, deservedly, but I just think there are so many reasons to think he’s innocent. It’s not fair that we automatically assume he’s guilty, none of us are lip-readers I’m assuming. I just don’t think the innocent until proven guilty camp are really thinking about the “innocent” part.

    1) EE are throwing everything and the kitchen sink hoping something sticks. Mourinho is childish in that he thinks that if he can’t beat us, he’ll demean us and our achievements. His ego is that big and he seems to have a complex in regards to Barca.

    2) There are no boundaries — EE are doing EVERYTHING, even if it has to be the race card. They are that despicable. I just don’t think they are thinking anything through, that was confirmed when they wanted 8 of our player including Messi to be suspended. This is a team that complains about diving when the worst of the divers are on their team (TB and Dive Maria). Even their most respectable players have turned into whiners.

    Since there are no boundaries, wouldn’t it be easier just to get Marcelo to say, “yeah, he said it”. Why do they do it? Because they don’t want that affirmation and they aren’t sure themselves. I don’t buy the “they must have asked Marcelo and that’s why they put it on their official website”. Players are openly deriding the ref, calling our players cheaters, and their website has derided the ref as well. Having Marcelo confirm one of our players said a racial slur would be the icing, right?

    But they aren’t sure and they don’t want to firmly say it because they WANT the doubt. They WANT people to doubt Barca, about their stance. They want people to question, “Why aren’t they coming out with a statement”? “Maybe something IS there and they don’t want to admit it”

    And in the end, people will stop supporting the club. This is what I think and I believe EE and Mourinho are truly that despicable.

    3) Busi is an easy target. He’s done the diving, people are already pissed at him, so they won’t think of defending him. They’ll just assume that since he’s done all the other crap, he’ll say this too. That’s not fair.

    4) We won’t respond because it’ll show we don’t have faith in our own player. This is a point that is missed. “UEFA will decided and then we will take measures”. EE aren’t going to force us to turn against our own player.

    There are more points, but off the top of my head, that’s what I think.

    1. I completely agree with all your points. Only time will tell if I’ll feel like an ass for having stood up for Busi and for believing him to be incapable of this, but I believe this is exactly what RM wants – to sow that seed of doubt.

      I don’t buy the “Why should Marcelo say anything? Let Busi speak out” stance either. Busi isn’t the one making a very serious possibly career-changing accusation here. When you make an accusation, you present a case. You just don’t put out a silent video, soil a person’s reputation and sit back and wait for the person to clear his name. That’s not how it should work. It’s like walking up to a person on the street and telling him “Prove to me that you didn’t assasinate JFK”. Why should he, unless you have proof that he did?

      That said, I don’t get Barca’s stance on this either. If the wild drug allegations by Cadena Cope was enough to set its legal machinery whirring into motion, then this IS something they have to clarify, an accusation of racism against one of its players is just as urgent if not more. This is not about being role models, this is about not being complete jerks.

      Kxevin, for what it’s worth, I really hope you change your mind. Your reviews are brilliant, and one of the highlights of match day. But it’s your personal decision, and that ought to be respected.

    2. For what it’s worth, I don’t agree with Barca’s stance either. Spot on about the COPE thing, it’s very similar except the accusations are worse this time. And we need answers. It’s my understanding we’re leaving this to UEFA, but if we’re not, then we need to do it ourselves. I do not want this swept under the carpet under the pretense that we won and it’s over. No. We deserve answers, definite answers.

    3. Nothing else to add really. I will always give my team’s players the benefit of the doubt. Besides, Guardiola played with Busquets father and knows Busquets since he was a toddler. Even if Busquets did it, it will be VERY DIFFICULT for Guardiola to put Busquets in public about this because he knows about the reaction and what it will mean. I don’t think too many of us would publicly denounce a family member, so this is kind of the same here. It’s not about caveats or whatever, it is what it is.
      The bigger point however is that IF Busquets did it, he needs to answer it to his teammates and owes a huge apology to Marcelo, although he is half of a despicable human being.

      But on a serious note, I think after all that we went through, we should give our players the benefit of doubt, don’t you think?

  8. Kxevin, love your blogs. Will miss yor writing buddy. I hope you will contribute in the comments section so we can continue to enjoy your writings.

  9. one more thing: you have personal issues. Ok, but do not drag others in. ( in this case – busquets).

    A food for thought.

    1. Actually, the only “personal issue” I have is that the club that I have come to love is silent on so crucial an issue. We preach “respect” in tandem with UEFA, we have wrestled hard to reshape a Camp Nou that used to subject Roberto Carlos to deafening monkey chants. When I first started going to matches at the Camp, the scion of a wealthy local family (they were sitting in the posh seats) looked at me and made monkey gestures to his father, who chastised him sternly.

      The Camp Nou is a much better place now. But I have been a soci for some time now, and have supported and loved this club for even longer. Whether the allegation is noise that an opponent intends to distract from the main cause, or grounded in some reality, I can’t possibly say.

      What I can say is that I have doubt. And that doubt hurts. Bad. I can’t write about it without crying. Still. It feels like a betrayal, not because Busquets might or might not have done it, but because the club isn’t dealing with in a way as public as the allegations. This shouldn’t be a private matter.

      The club should deal with it. It has fans, socis and cules of all ethnicities, and irrespective of the color of someone’s skin, nobody can be comfortable with this situation. There shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind. For some, that doubt is enough, one way or the other. Only the club and the player can resolve that doubt.

      If he didn’t say, make it clear that an internal investigation has cleared the matter up. If he did say it, make that clear as well and deal with it, so that we can move forward.

      To be clear, someone doesn’t have to be a racist to utter a racist remark. I suspect that he was, if he did indeed use the word, just trying to wind up Marcelo, who was on the edge at any rate.

      I just want an answer, one way or the other, to resolve the awful doubt. So yes, I have “personal issues,” as you put them. And there they are.

    2. This is exactly why I love reading everything with your stamp on it.
      Out of everything in this world that disgusts me, racism is right at the top, and when I think about what this does to me I can only imagine what it puts you, who have had much more invested in our club for a longer time, through. And that sets me off any more.

      Guess I’m going have to start following you more on Muck Rack and the Tribune to get my fix of your commentary and writing.
      I appreciate and respect everything that you’ve done for this site, and for our club.
      Thank you.

    1. After 20 days of silly debates on FB with my friends I believe this picture describes my feelings perfect;y 😀 Brilliant

  10. “Sergio Busquets did not call Marcelo ‘momo’. He called him ‘mono’. This is clear from the video: a bilabial occlusive followed by a front dental articulation.”

    Yes, but he could have said “tonto” as well…same movement of lips…

    so again, we’re jumping the gun a little bit…aren’t we?

  11. Kxevin, please find it in your heart to stay with us. But I understand if you can’t get that lump out of your throat, or the piece of lead from the pit of your stomach. We’ll be here when you feel good to come back, hopefully because the club has decided to deal with this accusation head on. I hold out hope that they are waiting for the May 6 meeting with the UEFA Disciplinary Committee.

    Be strong, man,
    Long time reader Mac/Joe/jose140+ and now Jose

  12. As a colored man myself (not that it should make a difference or matter) I feel to be quite unsure on this matter and I can completely understand where Kevin is coming from.

    My thing is… This is a very dangerous accusation for one to make even Karankar Madrid’s second in charge repeated the racist allegations in his press conference yet no one in Barca’s camp has responded to this, which tells me there might be some truth to the racist remark?

    Personally seeing Busqeut on the field vs Madrid I felt kind of funny about it, I was never that big of a fan of him considering we in my humble opinion had a superior player in Yaya and I felt much safer when he was there protecting the back 4.

    I hope we get a response and not brush these serious allegations under the table and act like nothing happened.

    But if indeed it is true I would suspend Busquets make him apologize and even than I’d still feel a way about him.

    On a better note it was good to see Abi and the celebration with him and the team mates in the end, brought a smile to my face.

  13. Kxevin,

    I don’t recall how I got to this blog, but I’ve stayed here in large part because of YOUR efforts.

    You have a gift and you have a platform. I’m with Bassam in saying that you should use the platform somehow, and if you can change even one person’s attitude, you’ll have done a good thing for the world (I believe you can change many people’s attitude towards racism with this platform you have).

    As a person that has endured some racism, I know it can be a difficult thing to deal with.

    My message to you (hopefully you read this) is to not let racism, in whatever form, weaken you, but rather to empower and fuel you towards making this world a better place.

    You can make a difference!

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