El Clasico 2011: There Will Be Waves of Endless Complaining — Ignore it.

Where Euler gives us The Truth.

The best team won. End of story.

Barca dominated this match and suffered from one lax moment. Madrid generated very few moments of any real danger while Barca was again the team that pressed the action.

On the whole the team played this match aggressively but in control and with patience. They did exactly what a team leading 2-0 up in a tie should do. Especially one playing a makeshift back line.

If Barca had needed to score more goals to advance – they would have. They controlled this match and played more conservatively in the second half.

Can’t say enough about the tactical adjustments Guardiola made. He completely out managed Mourinho in this tie.

Again there’s going to be waves of endless complaining about this result – it’s nonsense. Ignore it.

Were it not for the circus-like politics surrounding this match Carvalho would have been sent off yet again. His defending tonight was awful. When he’s forced to play against pace he has difficulty adjusting and commits foolish fouls (as he did against Zaragoza).

Lass and Adebayor also could have been easily sent off and again it was the politics of the match that kept them on the pitch. Adebayor’s play in these ties was ridiculous. He didn’t even bother acting as a striker – he was playing enforcer.

C. Ronaldo repeatedly dove in this match going down easily again and again, but once again all of the complaints are about Barca players diving, the referee, etc.

It’s nonsense.

Whether intentional or not C.Ronaldo clearly impeded Mascherano. Mascherano would have easily cleared that ball were he not tripped.

Intentions are not a requirement for impeding play.

Pedro was shown a yellow card for an ill advised tackle tonight – and he did not make any significant contact on Diarra. Diarra evaded him and continued to dribble. But Pedro did slide in recklessly so it was reasonable to give him a yellow. In the same way it was secondary whether or not Pepe actually hit Alves on that much more reckless tackle.

But there’s going to be no discussion of that card or that point.

It’s shocking that a proud institution like Madrid is reduced to blaming the referee rather than trying to understand what the root cause for their loss was.

And the root cause for this loss from the factors they could directly control was Mourinho and his lack of belief in his own team at the Bernabeu. He gave them little chance to win at home.

And that’s what is going to gall Madrid and their supporters. Marca is right. They have only themselves to look at.

There’s a notion that Mourinho himself and his embarrassing, paranoid delusions have no bearing on Madrid itself as a club. When Mourinho goes on one of his rants the outside world just dismisses it as Mourinho and not Madrid.

But you can already see the effect that Mourinho is having on the club itself and the perspective of it’s supporters.

After the Zaragoza loss this weeked the Madrid web site officially blamed the referee for the loss in their match summary. That’s just remarkable. This is Madrid. One of the great club’s in the world. And they can’t take responsibility for a loss to Zaragoza?

Their players are blaming the referee for tonight’s game – even on a night where the ref did everything possible to keep Carvalho on the pitch when he should have been sent off. Madrid should have played the entire second half with 10 men.

Madrid the insitution, its players, and supporters never harbored these notions before. But this is the insidious influence of Mourinho at work and the point of view he constantly bickers for. He is the endless victim. And unfortunately that point of view is seeping into the institution as he consolidates power.

And in the process he’s pushed all of the spot light off himself and the disastrous mistakes he made by not believing in his own players and the history of the club.

Anyway, it’s a relief that this nonsense is over.

Onto Wembley.


XavIniestAbidaLeo’s Rant Corner

I will say one thing now that goes with what Euler is saying: Ignore the nonsense. We have an amazing team and this is a FOOTBALL blog — not a “look what so-and-so said”. There is no problem with the latter, but it becomes a problem when that’s all that is talked about.

In my view, we’ve done the b*tching. That’s what the previous threads were for. Right now, I wanna talk football. I wanna talk how awesome it was when Abi came on the pitch. I wanna talk about Messi’s game. I wanna talk about Andres’  lovely assist for Pedro!!’s goal.

IMO, it’s inevitable we talk about the media crap — we have to set things straight amongst the shiznit  and I don’t blame the people who want to rant about it– but we also shouldn’t forget we played an amazing match. Else, it’s Mourinho and his crap spewing brigade winning off the pitch.

No one is being called out, but this is just my opinion.

EE are complaining? Let them. Madridistas and other teams fans’ are complaining? Who cares. We go to Wembley and play amazing football? Heck yes. We talk Barca.

Even if you can’t ignore what’s going on, if you focus on the football everything else becomes secondary. There is a lot of bull out there, but right now we talk Barca. Don’t know how to start? I’ll help:

Pique had a monster match. Is he back to Piquenbauer level? Abidal’s return, will he finally play in the Cup final against Schalke/Man Utd? What about el Capita at left-back? Solid, or did he drift to the middle too often? Pedro!! and Villa returning to form at a crucial moment. MESSI.

See? Plenty to talk about. Let’s.

(If the above is impossible and you have to reply to Euler’s comment, at least mention the football. I know, I know. This is a fan blog and we should be allowed to rant — which you are — but I just feel we need to get back to talking football more, not what the media says and rumours and allegations and all that stuff. Maybe it’s just me being tired of it all.)

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. okay, so we met Evil Empire 5 times…

    W – D – L : 2 – 2 – 1

    Barça = 9, EE = 3

    how can aynone said EE is the better team?
    they are a great team, indeed… second best in the world, IMO…

    but we’re still the best, no doubt for me…

    I’m gonna quote this again :

  2. and Kari, I must agree with The Angry Blitzen’s reply to Bassam here:

    With all the crap we have had to take the last few weeks, we are entitled to crow and bit*h a little in our own space.

    Trust me, we are all as relieved as you are that this series of games is finally over. Except it’s not, not really, because Mourinho’s poison will colour how many will view tonight’s victory. And that pisses the hell out of me.

    Yeah, I’m a little bitter…

    you don’t mind I’m quoting your post, blitzen?
    because I like it… 😀

    1. I know. I’ve been b*tching and moaning as well — and you’re entitled too — I just don’t want it to dominate everything. Else, we’re not ignoring the nonsense, we’re burying ourselves in it.

      The bitterness will become looks, sighs and head shakes of pity when you realize just how much we outclassed them today…

    2. heh heh, I don’t bury myself in it…

      I just need a place to bit*h and moan, because I can’t do it anywhere else…

      one of my friend in twitter already told me to shut up about football already… LOL… 😆

      but don’t worry, I’m done with bit*hing and moaning… I hope so… Let’s enjoy these moments… 😀

      “This has been one of the most beautiful nights I have ever lived,” said Pep Guardiola, the Barça coach. <3

    3. Do not meddle in the affairs of The Angry Blitzen
      she’s scary 🙂 (and her recipe is now world famous)
      We could use some Blitzen Awards, Your Scariness.

      Wise words, Euler, as always. Kari too.

      NT- I might not be able to watch the next few Spain games. So sad.

      Messi was…well we’ve run out of adjectives so we can just say Messi was Messi. The captain was awesome. And the only thing better than Abidal coming onto the pitch was the celebration for him after the game.

    4. you haven’t try this, soma4!

      😥 👿 😈 😳 :mrgreen:

      mwahahahahahaha…emoticon monster…

    5. hey barca girl indo?
      which part of indo?
      im a malaysian currently studying in medan..
      a really really die hard fan for this lovely club of ours.
      would totally kick ass to meet a girl with same affection n feeling for FCB!

    6. All i asked was for you guys to ENJOY the victory and not let the celebration be taken away by gibberish nonsense. It’s your victory. Jump up and down. But as Blizten said, this is “your” space. So carry on however you feel suitable.

      Again, Congrats. I will be looking forward/wishing for a Euler tactical post about the game? This one is the most worth analyzing out of the 4 games.

    7. True. I’m gonna side with Bassam on this one — I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. I mean, it’s politically correct and everything 😀

      Maybe it’s admin solidarity? Football bloggers conspiracy!

    8. haha, i would suggest we create a Football Bloggers Council, but I’m afraid Mou will accuse us of conspiring against him! Can’t risk that…

    9. Thank you, Bassam. Thank heavens it’s over! *pats on head and hands him a cookie*

    10. Look, I’m not angry at you, Bassam. I’m just saying that coming in here right after the game and saying “oh, I guess you guys don’t want to talk about football either” was a bit disingenuous.

      Thank you for the congratulations. FWIW, I hear your team actually played some football today. My download messed up so I still haven’t seen the game. Hopefully in a few minutes.

    11. No worries. Never took it that you are angry. If you thought something i said meant something, then i feel obliged to elaborate to clear any confusion. This way if you did get upset, i can undo that.

      Yea, i wish the last 3 games were like this one. But oh well, we live and learn. Here is to no 4 clasico’s in a row!

    12. I know she’s not angry too, I’m just joking when I wrote that… like we called Jnice with Jmean or Jnasty… 😉

      Here is to no 4 clasico’s in a row!

      yes, please… no more El Clasico in 19 days!

    13. ditto BG_Indo, Blitzen. But the awards would still be cool (hint for one of them, you were talking about Xavi and the rain…)

    14. I do ENJOY it…very very much… 😀

      but it’s hard for me to enjoy it 100% and ignoring all the nonsense when some Madridista + Barça haters around me were talking and texting me with comments ala Mourinho-esque…..

      that’s why I need a space to bit*h a little…

      but I’m done now… and thanks for your congratulation… 😉

  3. Did anyone see a shade of the November El Clasico Xavi goal in the Pedro goal today? Iniesta’s inch perfect ball to Pedro and his brilliant first touch. Ooooffff! So good! It was so perfect, I might have let out a few tears in my drunken stupor. So did Abi’s return. Messi deserved a goal. He was beasting the EE defense throughout the game.

    So happy! Onwards to the final! Onwards to whooping Manu again!

  4. Hectored (sort of)-

    Xabi Alonso on Twitter:

    ‘The statements attributed to me are false. Someone can tell me where they come from? Of course some of the audio link or video?’

    Guessing he didn’t say that about the Spanish national team then, or so he is saying?

    1. I’m glad to hear it. I like Xabi, and IMO he would one of the least likely to hold a grudge after the game is over.

  5. Iniesta’s pass was the moment of the game for me (more so than the goal). Beautiful vision and an absolute dagger. Like I mentioned in the last thread, it was highly reminiscent of his assist from the November Clasico. What a fantastic player. I wish Messi had gotten a goal. Another fantastic match from him.

    I have to say, the thought of having our first-choice starting 11 at Wembley in the most important match of our season makes me so so happy. Welcome back, Abi. We’ve missed you.

    1. what’s the video about? I never seen it before…

      I’m sorry, I’m at my office now and youtube website is blocked here…

    2. It’s just a nice 7 minute Barca montage, put together very nicely by the same person who did that video on Classico goals (that Kari posted a while back).

  6. Excellent points, Euler! It’s always a pleasure to read your comments & articles.

    Great game, awesome result & it’s on to Wembley now. 🙂 We weren’t really expecting Madrid to go “Great job, you guys deserved to go through” after everything that’s happened over the last 2 weeks, so they’re being predictably whiny & throwing the kitchen sink at Barca in the hope that something sticks. Water off a duck’s back. They’re just damaging their own reputation really, whatever is left of it.

    1. EE are the freakin’ bosses in whining to the media, the freakin’ masters.

      We can’t win their off-pitch war, and we don’t want to compete. [Off the pitch] they’ve won all the media-whining games, like they have all season, like they will continue in the future, and for that we give them their own personal Champions. They can take it home and enjoy it.

      On May 28, we will go to Wembley and try to win the actual Champions.

  7. I definitely agree with the intent of this theme. It is too easy to be sucked into the blogosphere blame games, where it’s the referee to blame, or a particular player diving….well f*ck all that!

    Our Barca team kicked ass this season, especially given the very real problem of player injuries. (Puyol, Abidal, etc).

    When we have been firing on all cylinders, such as the 5-0 Manita we gave to Real, we have been unstoppable.

    How joyous was the occasion of Abidal coming onto the pitch, and then when the team threw him in the air at the conclusion. Simply too awesome to describe.

    We are a true TEAM of champions and no matter what happens in Wembley, I am proud to be a cule!


  8. Also, this is Villa’s first CL final. Did y’all see how happy he looked during the celebration? It brought an extra smile on my face.

    And it also seems like he’s BFFs with Xavi especially. D’awww. (But he gets along with everyone of course)

    1. Yeah when I first started watching football in 2006, Barca were my favorite team and my ‘second teams’ were Valencia with Villa and Man Utd who were a fantastic side then.

      Got bored of following United after Ronaldo, Tevez and co left and now don’t really care how they do in the EPL etc either. But Villa was my favorite non-Barca player from when I began watching football. Been wishing he’d come to Barca for all those years now.

      Being on this very difficult to adapt to team with legends like Xavi, Iniesta and Messi playing a very different system is really selling him short, cos he was completely ripping it up for Valencia at times almost on his own, scoring, creating, carrying the team whenever inspiration was needed in a non-challenging team a la, say, Totti at Roma. Or, ironically enough, Ibrahimovic for Inter. People seem to forget that Villa at Valencia wasn’t just a good player but one of the outright best players in the world.

      I’m glad he’s gonna have a full set of club trophies, hopefully, by the end of his career. He already has a Copa from back in Valencia, the league looks wrapped up, and if we win the UCL, Supercup and Supercopa, he’d have gotten the whole set just like Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and co have.

    2. I’m happy for Villa as well. It will be a dissapointment if a great player like him never hoist CL and La Liga trophy. It will be the first CL final for other new players this season ie Ibi, Adriano and Masch 🙂

  9. Villa and Xavi would be around the same age right, Kari?

    I wasn’t able to see the game live but I’m watching a re-run now and wow we’re playing really well! Not even our stifling patient strangle-the-life-out-of-opposition kind of Good Game, but the more fun to watch, incisive, flowing kind of Good Game. And it’s surprisingly open. Been a rather enjoyable match so far.

    1. Wow how have we not scored by 35 minutes? We are/were f’in killing it.

    2. Between that Copa del Rey second half and the whole set of recent meetings I can see why a striker would be intimidated coming up knowing he’s in goal.

    3. Xavi is older than Villa. (xavi, 1980; villa, 1981). And Xavi was also instrumental why Villa’s playing with Barca.

      It was a nice game indeed. It could have been a repeat of the manita, but Casillas was on fire last night. If he wasn’t, we could’ve scored 6 goals.

    4. Adebayor is an absolute thug. Disliked him immensely from a long time ago, even more now.

  10. I loved Villa’s first half. He kept destroying Arbeloa times and times again, it was amazing. He also succesfully tracked back whenever Arbeloa got forward. He really deserved a goal, too bad he didn’t finish that Messi pass.

    Puyol gave me a lot of nervous laughs whenever he got forward and looked kinda surprised that he’s so far up the pitch with the ball, almost panically looking to pass it away at times 🙂

    And Messi, well, what’s to say about that guy that hasn’t been said already.

    Now, to give Madrid some justice, Lass had a great game, except for that one time Messi skinned him. He was a tad brutal, but the only EE player deserving a red was Carvalho.

    Oh, and the schadenfreude of seeing Kaka and Oezil fail so miserably, and almost the whole EE team, bar Lass, unable to take the ball away from us and resolving to fouls time and time again.

    And now onto Wembley! Can’t wait for Messi to make SAF choke on that chewing gum of his!

    1 more thing: <3 Abi!

    1. Yeah that was a beautiful video. And not just cos it was such a good memory, but the animation and images and music and everything is beautiful.

  11. Yep, the Iniesta throughball was awesome! And give a little bit of credit to Messi in the goal as well. Notice how everybody’s eyes were on Messi as Iniesta released the ball and Pedro went through completely unopposed.

    BTW, was Mou at in the Camp? Didn’t see him.

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