El Clásico Final Liveblog


Alves Pique Mascherano Puyol

Xavi Busquets Iniesta

Villa Messi Pedro

Bench: Oier, Fontas, Abidal, Keita, Thiago, Afellay, Jeffren


Take on their Eternal Enemies:

Casillas, Arbeloa, Carvalho, Albiol, Marcelo, Lass, Xabi Alonso, Di María, Kaká, Cristiano and Higuaín


It’s a stormy night at the Camp Nou, the weather perfectly mirroring the recent rancor between the teams. Join us for the titanic clash that we are about to behold.


  1. Let’s hope that we see no:
    – diving
    – dangerous tackles
    – taking players out of play
    – crowding the ref

    and that we see a damn good game of football.

  2. Just about our strongest lineup. Good to see Iniesta back. I’m liking Graeme Souness on Sky but Jamie Redknapp is a plonker. Not very fond of the Icelandic monument’s comments either.

  3. GOOOOOOOOO Team, here hoping for a great match (by us of course).

  4. 2002: Barca 0 – 2 RM, RM 1 – 1 Barca
    2011: EE 0 – 2 Barca, Barca 1 – 1 EE


  5. Its over! Its finally over! Now i can forget EE even exist.So happy for abidal.

    1. 🙂 Technically in French it would be dauphin (sp?). But that would be incorrect because it is the title of the heir apparent and Abi is already king 😉

  6. That was absolutely great. Glad we got to see a good match, Abidal return, and Barça beat Real Madrid to go to the Champions League.

  7. Awesome game! Abidal was the icing on the cake 🙂 Now we can forget all about EE(hopefully).

    1. “Abidal was the icing on the cake”

      Then the guys tossing him in the air after the game was the cherry on top!


    Perfect, amazing, wonderful! YES!!!!

    This is the football we all wanted to see!!

    Onwards to Wembley!

    And visca Abidal!!

    So. Happy. Right. Now.

  9. Barcelona come out of these four clasicos stronger I think. Stronger psychologically and with our players in better form. Pedro and Villa were awesome, Iniesta was terrific, Xavi as always good, Messi as always unstoppable, Puyol back and strong, and THE KING is back. Busquets was also awesome. I think, if Abidal has form, Masch will start on the bench. I don’t know what to expect from Man U in the finals, but I feel confident about it.

  10. screw you, haters…

    I don’t give a f*** with what people say…


  11. Haha!

    Casillas (Real Madrid): “With the 0-0 at home and the 1-1 here, we would have been through.”

    via Pep @ Barcastuff..

  12. I love us!

    I know he didn’t score or assist, but Messi was the MotM for me. He was everywhere, was kicked everywhere, fought everywhere, and created space for the goal.

    It’s over! Praise God it’s over. I think I’ll take a football sanity break for a couple of hours and watch gobs of English period dramas!

  13. Can’t believe it’s over, it’s been a crazy 21/2 weeks that i never want to go through again.

    And yay Abidal fulfils his promise to return to Wembley.

    1. lovely,
      Thanks so much! You’ve just provided my new laptop background!

  14. So happy! The gauntlet has been run, and now for the Final.

    Wasn’t able to watch the match, but got home in time to see Abidal subbed on and being tossed in the air in celebration. One of the best moments of the season.

  15. Totally happy about the result. This was a tough match.

    Only if Mou had more belief in his team. I think we are right now better than madrid when we are at best but otherwise they can match us. If Mou had played fair, he would have stood better chance. What the heck though.

    Great to see Abi back.

    People are now shouting about Smasch. Wtf. Ronaldo did fall on him and Marcelo did lead with his studs. In fact, it is a surprise how Ade, Carvalho, Diarra and Alonso stayed on pitch. All of them had alteast 4 yellow card worthy fouls but escaped with one apiece. I do not care but we have to shout about these things as well.

    Bring on wembley.

    1. Ronaldo did fall on him and Marcelo did lead with his studs.

      *sigh* if CRonaldo hadn’t fallen on Mascherano, Masch would have likely been able to get a hold of the ball, or block Higuain’s shot. The contact might not have been enough to make Masch fall like that, but it was enough to stop him and break his stride. If they want a goal because of that, they can have it. Given the final scoreline, they still would have lost, and deservedly so.

    2. That is to say, I understand your frustration 😛 but let’s move on 😀

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