Barca v Atletico Match Comments post

Everyone, no LiveBlog for this one, sorry. Your humble admins are, admittedly, being derelict in their duty. Hopefully, this match comments post will serve everyone’s needs.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. i thought i saw the live blog, then it disappeared. haha

    wow, maxwell and dani at the same time. i want to watch the match, but i have to sleep! crap!

    1. actually, i do think it’s stupid for me to sleep now. i stayed awake for this long, i’ll just have to stay awake for 2 more hours.

  2. Yes, you did see a LiveBlog pop up. It wasn’t a prank, everyone. I thought that I could run it via my mobile device (headed for the opera), but I can’t. Someone has to approve/disapprove commenters, etc, and that can’t be done via mobile device, at least not while listening to the fat lady sing (Tosca).

    So it will be old-school for this match, and we’ll work out a way not to let everyone down the next time out.

    Thanks for the understanding.

  3. Sorry I couldn’t run it today, guys. 🙁 Trying to get some business done and will have people distracting me the entire time.

  4. I’m stuck at work, trying to watch this on a little-ish screen. Too bads about the LiveBlog.

    ¡Vamos Barça!

  5. damn comment moderation, i keep forgetting
    all these streams are running smoothly:

  6. lol fantasy football is eating my life!

    fabiano was injured today, GRRR

    and i thought maxwell was still injured so i bought abidal in place of chyggy!


  7. Staying up till 6am here and hoping it will be a great game! Hoping for another goal fest or all will be in vain. Well.. I just want a win, that would be enough. Please football gods…

  8. //

    Quality not the greatest.


    Better quality, but annoying GolTV announcers.

  9. HOLY SHIT@@@!!#! I missed the Henry shot but did not miss THAT!! Ohhh my that was mmmhmmmm Messi-like I’d marry that goal if I wasn’t vehemently against marraige

  10. he looks hella confident right the team is playing so cohesively it’s beautiful

    nice save by Valdes

  11. Xavi is the best midfielder, hands down.

    But what the hell are “chameleon eyes” (as said by Rayray)

  12. rayray just compared messi to a leprechaun: “rainbow pass with the pot of gold at the end” haha

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