Inter v Barca Champions League LiveBlog

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. true Cesc Pistol, not only in this game but in the Parma game too, Eto’o’s work rate has dropped down noticeably, probably because Inter are defending so deep, they don’t require him to constantly put pressure upfront.
    the second half was us playing Gijon, they had a good shoot by Stankovic and nothing else.
    as always, so much talk prior to the game and we end up with 63 percent of the position, dominating the midfield and putting the opponent’s defense under siege, even away from home.
    Ibrahimovic needs to be sharper, it is early in the season but he could have scored two goals tonight with a little bit of concentration. clearly Henry and Iniesta aren’t in top form yet and they aren’t helping him, but he should have been better.

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed at least half of Ibra’s shots look like they are passes at goal: a little weak. Also, I don’t think Henry has come close to meshing with Ibra at all so far. The two just seem rogue when the other has the ball.


  2. My theory is the ‘mango’ strips made them feel like, and thus take shots like, pansies.Bring back the Yellow 😀

  3. Don’t know if anyone’s posted this yet…

    “In the second half Barca were better than us. Barca are the best team in Europe, not just the champions. An Inter under construction have done very well. If we scored we would have won but without deserving it.”

  4. Yeah I noticed that quote and other assorted gracious lines for Mourinho. Msybe he’s high? Or maybe unlike every other manager out there, he actually respects Pep? Even his pre- match statements, normally so controversial, were very understated.

  5. To all demanding the firing of Diego Maradona, claims our own Pep, yes Pep, is being sought as his replacement. Try not to break anything while you’re ROFLin

  6. Hi guys, hope I’m not walking around a minefield here, but may I add that this Barca vs Inter match should be seen in the context of some of the previous games, where: Barca vs Real 6-2, Barca vs Bayern Munich 4-0, Barca vs Man Utd 2-0. This time around Barca vs Inter 0-0. Most Inter fans are not under the delusion that Inter are a superior team, in fact, Mourinho said it best – that Barca are indeed the better team, and nobody should be surprised at that. The whole world knew it last season, before this match, and after the match. But 0-0 must surely reflect the invisible hand of an astute tactician behind the result. This, with half a squad that’s still in the process of adaptation. In the return match at Camp Nou, you can expect a thrilling encounter. And it will not be a slaughter either way. It’s possible that it might even be an upset.

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