Inter v Barca Champions League LiveBlog

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. In Pep I trust. I am not sure how the lineup you stated above will work. I like seeing the Xavi, Messi, Alves triangle which will be missing. I guess Sergi will have to learn Triangulation pretty quickly…

  2. you know what’s better than watching barca v inter? ducking out of work early to watch barca v inter. yeah! i’m plowing over school children on the commute home. still might miss the first five though :^/

  3. I would not like to give Mourinho a satisfacion. So I’d rather win tonight and drop points in either Russia or Ukraine. And these Inter fans…Geez! They are going to be even worse than the Chelsea ones if they keep this pace of fanatism (sorry…I just came from “La Gazzetta dello Sport” website).
    Well, all I wish is that Barca play their football…win or lose (or draw), at least I will go to bed with peace of mind…

  4. Jesus, it’s amazing how little work I get done when there is a big Barca game midday. Might as well have stayed home…….

  5. Any streams in mind? Look like the standards will work–atdhe? justintv?

    Yesterday I thought the game was on DirecTV, and when I realized it wasn’t, I went all over the town looking for a place that has FSE–no dice in this white, white place.

  6. BTW I’m just wondering if this reply system is actually effective? I mean that since the post get’s stacked right beneath the post you are replying to which may be in the middle of many other posts, it tends to get lost and people hardly notice it.

    Perhaps a better system would be that when you press ‘reply’ to a message it puts it in a quote tag and provides a link to the said comment but the actual reply shows as the last comment posted. What do you think?

    BTW @Sumit: Download matches by following links from this site:

    It’s by far the best site I’ve found. The quality is high and it seems he gets his feed from US ESPN so you get to hear the highly amusing Ray Hudson who takes it as a personal challenge to fit as many hyperbole’s as possible, in a given sentence.

    1. Many have complained about the length of the page as it is..I can’t imagine what it would be like if they implemented a quote system where an entire post was re-posted every time someone wanted to reply to it.

    2. Or it could just have a link. I know we can add the link ourselves anyways but then it goes into moderation…

      Maybe if the links to this site didn’t go into moderation then that is fine as well. Just throwing some ideas out there.

    3. Your system would work exceptionally well if there were pages, rather than having all the posts in one loooong page.

      And I too agree that the link moderation thing needs to hit the road.

  7. Thats a good idea cesc pistol. I was noticing the same thing with interesting topics on previous blog entries. They seemed to get lost and ignored….

  8. Valdés; Alves, Puyol, Piqué, Abidal; Xavi, Touré, Keita; Messi, Ibrahimovic y Henry

    Lineup from Sport

  9. Perfect lineup I think. We have Iniesta as a super sub and Pedro to relieve Henry after he gets winded.

  10. bench: Pinto, Maxwell, Busi, Marquez, Jeffren, Pedro!…no Iniesta available.

    This has been confirmed along with Alex’s above stated lineup by the FCB official site.

  11. super excited now.Hopefully iniesta will only have to come on to add icing to the cake, and not change the game.

  12. Good about Inter’s line-up: No Santon but a rather slow Chivu.
    Bad: Muntari is playing, he is VERY physical, a destructive player, and I think he’s the number one candidate for injuring one of our players… would have preferred to see him on the bench.

  13. sport say :
    Pinto, Márquez, Maxwell, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro y Jeffren

    on the bench.Thoroughly confused.

  14. Ya, I think the official website is wrong, because without Iniesta, Pep is missing one extra sub, why would he do that?

  15. hey guys do u have a stream cuz am at school and ESPN is no longer getting UEFA CL ..
    i hate fox channnel they gonna show the game in debut at 6 pm

  16. I’m a little less optimistic than before because of Iniesta’s lack of involvement (can anyone who is watching TV confirm his absence? There are conflicting reports, but the official site does not have him listed on the bench)…I was counting on his presence to overload Inter’s midfield…Keita is solid, of course, and will keep Zanetti quiet and probably honest too, but we won’t have the same possession and Messi will have to have a hell of a game.

    1. actually, the transition from Wingback to center mid for some reason seems natural. All of Pumas best Wingbacks of the last 4 years have actually ended up playing centerid for the Mexican national team. Jaime Lozano, Gonzalo Pineda, Israel Castro, Efrain Juarez.

      theres also Belletti for us. I believe Edmilson used to be a defender. there alot more examples, but they don’t come to mind.

  17. i don’t feel that the San Siro will be welcoming Ibra’s return with joyous cheers, unlike Etoo who has been very careful to be very respectful to us barca fans Ibra has already had “feuds” with inter players so it might be a bit tense..
    Anyway, according to Pep’s place’s “10 things you should know about ibra”, ibra loves playing when all the fans are against him 🙂

    The team just walked on the pitch for warmup..

  18. Barcelona: Valdes, Dani Alves, Puyol, Pique, Abidal, Toure Yaya, Xavi, Keita, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Henry.

  19. if there’s some sort of technical difficulties with the live blog, i could log in and run it (if the info is the same from the offside days)

  20. titi was doing well…keita should’ve been taken off not the froggy frenchman. great game though i think.

  21. Textbook display of defending with possession. Our aim was always to keep the ball rather than score goals and it was apparent in our positioning, our second gear mode of playing, our constant over passing, our subs. In everything, really. So perhaps we should be happy to have obtained atleast our minimum objective.

    A win would’ve surely been nice as it would’ve meant a 3 point advantage over our 1st place rivals plus a game or two we could’ve used for resting players later on.

    Oh well. Batteries preserved but we really haven’t been using them too much these days. I’m not sure if I should be happy that we can get results without trying to hard or if i should be wary that we aren’t trying to hard.

  22. I used to play soccer with this German guy called Kai, he used to defend the same way the Inter defenders do, the nudging the player going for the ball instead of going for the ball. Now a slight nudge was never given a foul but it always threw me off my stride. I was just having a moment of Epiphany!!! I always did badly when Kai was playing opposite me.

  23. Damn. I understand if people differ but that was one fun ass 0-0 draw (for me at least). 😀

    Inter’s a hell of a good team and they put us on the ropes quite a bit in the first half before we exerted our tempo and dominated for most of the second. Its amazing to see how subdued sides become once we get the tempo going. From going straight at us to playing park the bus and lobbing Julio Cesar long balls to Samu. That always impresses me.

    These types of games are good to have at this stage of the season. I saw Pep tried quite a few different things tactically (and me likee most of them albeit not all). Its a hell of a rehearsal for the knockout rounds. We can’t forgive some of the misses we had but overall it was good to see us back at full swing even if only for half an hour or so.

    We still haven’t put together a from start to finish dominant game and that pisses me off but at the same time I tell myself that the season is still young. Iniesta is getting worked back into the flow and Ibra is getting better each game. His movement was much improved this time around.

    PS Cesc Pistol nailed the “defending with possession” bit.

    1. So true, just getting finished watching the match. Let’s not forget that Inter is a really good side, playing at home, much better than last season. Inter really did depend on Ibra too much, and all you had to do was have 3-4 men on him to try to close the side down, and I say this as someone who did not miss an Inter match last season and is watching them this season as well.

      Hector I agree with your assessment. I was keenly watching Ibra and he’s definitely getting a better feel for others as others are for him. I obviously would be happier with a win, but I am satisfied with what I saw.

    2. i’ll have to watch this again (i will in like 2 hours) but i messi was really deep, especially for the first half, and i saw xavi on the left and keita on the right a lot.

  24. it seems that after the game pep and all the players went over to Eto’o and gave him hugs and kisses 😛

  25. One amusing little thing I found:


    “According to Sport, back in January 2008, a secret meeting between a then unemployed Jose Mourinho and Barcelona directors Marc Ingla and Txiki Begiristain, who were looking for someone to replace Frank Rijkaard as manager. At the suggestion of Mourinho’s agent, Jorge Mendes, the meeting was held in the boardroom of a bank in Lisbon “to avoid being recognized”. The interview went swimmingly, except for one little snag:

    In the interview with Mourinho, who was exquisite, Txiki and Ingla asked him about the nine points of a document especially written up by the vice president to find the ideal profile of a new Barca coach. Mourinho took careful note on all but point six, the one dealing with the media and respect for rivals. The Portuguese didn’t care for the deal with the press and he, who should be the image of the team, did not guarantee the prudence that was required of a manager of the Barca.

    In other words, what kept Jose Mourinho from becoming Barcelona’s manager instead of Pep Guardiola was the fact that he refused to keep his mouth shut — a stipulation that Inter apparently did not ask of him and one that the rest of Italy has regretted ever since.”

  26. i tend to agree that we are slowly pacing ourselves, going half speed blah, blah, blah…but what if we aren’t?
    can we just turn it on and off just like that? Cruijff was right when he said last year’s team got it, more than this years. where was our up top pressure? not much from zlatan, not much from messi and did henry even break a swet? it felt like he was walking the whole time.
    where was the width?not alot of movement out there and we tried everything through the middle.
    and if they’re crowding their box and giving us space for distance shots…why arent we taking them? why not pull zlatan out and let him take some shots or atleast draw out defenfers?
    is this the barca we are to expect now? go through the motions and see what happens?

    1. Drew I wonder how much of this is pacing the team b/c of the grueling schedule and the perceived lack of depth in the squad? I’m curious as to what other folks think as well.

  27. actually, marca havent been bad reporting this game “barca only lacked the goal, they took charge, pardoned inter, and went out superior”

  28. Wow, you guys all watched this? You know that Liverpool v Debrecen was on, right? Well, it was a pretty entertaining game for a match that smelled like 0-0 a long way from the final whistle. I paid the $10 to watch on, it was worth it. Not GREAT quality, but good, and more reliable than or whatever else.

  29. i used sopcast to watch the barca-inter game an was great quality (atleast the channel i found)..

    1. yes i sopcasted for a bit but it sucks when you’re liveblogging with other people because it’s always 2-3 mins behind :S

  30. Well inter isnt a shit team and we didnt really get into our grove last season till a few games either.If we play this way still in november to december ill sound the alarm bells too.A lot of the 5 nil over kills tired us out early last season by february i feel, so maybe we’re trying not to play in 5th gear every game.

  31. Finally my internet is plugged again!

    Good game and good result. We missed some mobility in the final third, or else it was not a bad game at all.

    1. Good to see you’re alive Ramzi, man, hostile atmosphere over at Inter’s offise, right?

      I think we missed Iniesta out there because counters from the left moved slow as all fuck… plus, Xavi had all to do with a very congested midfield.

      Ibra wasn’t getting open in the right positions. He was either up, but on the opposite side of the field, or running back into the whole to get the ball. But when he did that we had no one up to attack with.

      Keita wasn’t a good idea. Not that he didn’t play well, but his services wern’t usefull tonight.

    2. Good to see you back Ramzi. BTW since FCB Transfers shut down are you going to put your articles somewhere else?

      I was quite busy the past few weeks as well, even missed Hector’s ‘corred’ part 2 article. 🙁

  32. Yeah I have it opened in another tab since 6 hours ago. Just have to make the effort of reading it.

    BTW //

    According to this vid Ibra ran more than Eto’o did. Curious stat considering how we all go on about Eto’s workrate.

    1. I think Eto’o did a great job of pressuring our back line for most of the game. I think ALL of Inter’s players were tired out during the last 30 though, since they were constantly dropping 9 players in the box then moving them out for the counter attacks. Eventually, they stopped coming out and just tried lobbing the ball to Eto’o or Milito. We encountered another bus, just slightly more maneuverable than the ones we’ve been facing.

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