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By Isaiah

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  1. Great win….crap game, but still, very good to be winning these. We looked rusty in the first 45, but that was to be expected really. We got to rest some important players for Wed, we nabbed the 3 points and BANGS got himself a goal and an assist. Can’t complain really. Its winning these sorts of games that win championships.

    Zlatan is getting better, dont think he is anywhere near his best yet nor do I think the rest of the team has fully realised how to utilise him. I would have liked to see a lot more crosses into the box that first half. Anyways, all that’ll come, its just a matter of time. Doesnt seem to stop him from scoring though 🙂

    For me the best thing was seeing Chrygnasty in action and boy was I impressed. I can see why Pep wanted him so badly. Its very rare for a player to come into our system and have a natural understanding for it, he clearly does. Give him 6 months and I think he will be one of our best defenders. His long balls forward are fantastic and now that we have a big target man upfront, expect the long ball a little more often.

    Oh and Hleb could learn a thing or two from him as well: on Chygrynskiy:
    Finally, he expressed his desire to learn Spanish as soon as possible, stating, “Everyone speaks Spanish, and I expect that I will be able to learn it.”

    “It is difficult now, but it is a question of time.”

    “For now, Pique and Toure speak to me in English, but I want to learn Spanish.”

    In Pep we trust indeed..

  2. Hey kids… remember, once he landed in Catolnia, he became Txigrinski, He even wears it on the back of his jersey.

    so i guess his new nickname is Txignasty…

    1. really? i know at FCB’s website he is listed as txigrinski, and i heard someone mention it on his jersey, but i didn’t see it myself thanx to GolTV’s less than excelent broadcast. We’ll see…

      Still… i like Txigrinki better…

  3. Oh my, I had already seen Adebayor’s celebration, which I found childish, un-classy, and embarassing.

    But i just saw the “stomp on van Persie”. Wow, what the fuck man? he deliberately kicked him in the face. That was violent, and there is no question that it was a direct red card. The only question is how many matches should his suspension be, and how much he should be fined.

    I don’t know if he didn’t think he’d get caught, but after this makes rounds on every sports review show, i wonder if he’ll ever be able to return to Lonndon, not to mention the Emirates.

    1. Yeah, I mean I sorta get his beef with the Arsenal fans with the booing and all, but that’s a former teammate. Althought I follow Arsenal sometimes, I don’t get the RVP stomp. What did RVP ever do to Adebayor other than provide assists for him (when he was fit)?
      Ade apparentaly also stomped on Fabregas’ ankle as well. A total lack of respect to his former teammates

      We’ll know for sure on Wednesday but can you imagine Eto’o doing something like that? I can imagine some trash-talking and gloating but I seriously doubt he’d do anything close to what Ade did (with the exception of scoring a goal, which I hope he doesn’t)

      +1 for Sammy in my book.

    2. Eto’o’s got tons of heart, and pride.. he will definitely do something quirky, but nothing to the level of Ade. Another thing that Eto’o has that it seems Ade lacks, is respect.

  4. It’s just Txigrinki at the official site, in writings over there. But it would be damned cool if he changed the shirt to reflect that, eh?

    Adebayor is shameful and shameless. I’m sorry that I, for even an instant, thought that he deserved to be in the colors. Blaugrana gods, forgive me.

    Got to see the goals, thanks to SportsCenter Deportes. Ibracadabra, indeed. Hell of a goal. And is Messi just going to start scoring off headers? Too funny.

  5. I confess to being a little worried about the mid-week Champions League match. We looked pretty crappy in the first half, and were lucky not to be 3-0 down at the break. If we play like that against Inter, it probably isn’t going to go well. I have faith, but I also have worry in equal measure.

    1. But, Kev, you have to take into account the fact that we had Dani, Messi, Henry, and Iniesta on the bench. These are all players who will probably play on Wednesday, and when they were inserted into the match they completely changed the game. I’m not too worried.

    2. Indeed..that would explain the lack of attacking finesse.. but what about the defense? It was pretty bad! Chygnasty was there and he is new, yes, but Pique and Yaya were uncharacteristically shitty; individually and as a group.

      But! I am not worried, either. A loss is manageable.. still very early in the group stage (beginning of, in fact) a tie would be neat, but a victory would be best and I think they can do it.

      Someone mentioned Sneijder (sorry, too tired to look it up) and I have to admit that if he does play, then I will be worried a lot more.

    3. OhYes, i think the lack of attacking finesse DOES explain our crap defense… it’s all explained down there vvv

      yeah, i’ve been tracking Sneijder. He was supposed to be out for 3 weeks, but it seems he is fit. (three weeks turned into two days somehow).

      I fully expect him to be rested in tomorrow’s League game so that he will feature against us.

      If Sneijder doesn’t play vs us, i’m already claiming a win for us. If he does, Yaya will have to keep him quiet.

    4. I was also surprised by the speed of his recovery 🙂

      He said that he had heard something crack after being fouled. Next news was that he has only strained some muscle and supposed to be out for 2 or 3 weeks.
      3 days later I was watching some minutes of Scotland vs Netherlands and he stood on the pitch from the beginning…

      I definitely fear his distance shots, he still has a brilliant technique. This will be a real top match, actually the only one during the first playday. The other top teams all face small opponents.

    5. Is it just me or does it seem that The Yaya might be going through a bit of a rough patch? In pre-season he looked like he had a bit more freedom, and if he had some defensive struggles Saturday, well then…blasphemy, yes, but perhaps The Yaya is in for a bit of a slump. But, yes, BLASPHEMY!!

    6. Kxevin, it’s ok to feel worried bout the game on Wed. But I wouldn’t say today is a cause to worry.

      A) It is perfectly fine to worry about the Inter game because they are a top team, at home. They have very good players, and we know what Eto’o does to defenders without 100% focus. I do not think that we absolutely need 3 points, although I am not advocating going in their looking for less than a win.

      B) About todays game… Yes our defense was shaky today, but that we had Pique and Txignasty in the center. Individualy great, but neither is the leader of the defensive line, both are young, and the chemistry is obviously not their yet. But even then, i do not think our defensive frailties were the result of our backline, but our rather our shortcommings in our possesion game. Pedro! and FF’s inabilty to disrupt Getafe meant that instead of us keeping posession, applying pressure, and keeping them on their back foot, we were letting them have some posession, and in turn we over exposed out defensive line.

      There is not doubt in my mind that against Inter the line-up WILL BE VV, Alves-Puyol-Pique-Abidal, Xavi-Yaya-Iniesta, Messi-Ibra-Henry. This defensive line-up is not only used to playing with eachother, it has our captain in the middle to keep everyone focused, and because of our awesome attack, will not be subjected to constant waves of attacks.

      In conclusion, yes, Inter will not be a cakewalk. And if we do not win, it’s not the end of the world. But today’s match up against Getafe shouldn’t worry you. It was an inexpereienced B+ team anyways.

    7. I completely agree with you, I think Mourinho will play us like Man City did, maybe not as deep(since they’re at home) They’ll presure us from their own half and rely on the counters.

      it’s always a toss up between two superiour sides, I will come down to concentration and luck, and homefully some messimagic.

    8. The Man City that beat us?

      I would also say that it’s not really an inexperienced B+ side we rolled out against Getafe. Yes, there was Jeffren, but Pedro ain’t too shabby, Pique is nothing if not proven, Txygnasty was by most accounts awesome, and other names on the field included Xavi, Yaya, Puyol, Abidal, and Ibrahimovic. A- at worst.

  6. Can’t wait to see this line-up
    Alves, Pique, Dima, Puyol
    Xavi, Yaya, Iniesta
    Messi, Ibra, Henry

    When played Messi as fake 9, with Ibra & Henry on wings. That provides two target men on wings for our Cb’s. Would be fun watching Pique & Dima spray more than just occasional long balls into wings 🙂

  7. Honestly, I would prefer to draw against Inter than win. Winning a tough match in a group stage means NOTHING, I would prefer saving these performances for the knockouts.

    1. True. I only want a goal from Messi, with a beautiful build up involving Ibra, Xavi & Iniesta. Doesn’t matter if Ibra doesn’t score now, as long as we qualify into knock-outs. Let him save those awesome goals for knockouts & break that jinx of his that he doesn’t score in crucial stages of CL.

      PS : Vidic, supposedly the best defender during last season, said the most prolific strikers he faced last year were Ibra, Messi, Torres & Eto’o. It’s true that ManUtd duo of Vidic & Ferdinand faced a lot of difficulties marking Ibra, only they were lucky for Ibra not having missed those 3 or 4 chances that he’d have scored any other day. He was unlucky

    2. I matters so, if we want to go into the knockout stages on top or as a first plce seed so we can face and weaker side.

  8. Tell you all what, after watching Txignasty yesterday, I’m really bummed that he is Cup tied. He’s a perfect Champions League defender: smart with the ball, exceptionally strong positionally. During the first half I kept screaming at El Capitan, “Why are you getting caught in the middle of the pitch again!>”

  9. Im watching Inter(at home) vs Parma now and I have to say they have not impressed me so far, with a full strength squad starting as well, unlike us. First half ended 0-0, 2nd is about to start….

  10. //

    samu just scored 😮 it was a good one

    you know, i’m just watching to know the form of our competition 😉

  11. woah sneijder is back for them already

    have you guys read the recent quotes by jose, saying how samu is the best striker he’s ever worked with?

    “Eto’o is the best striker that I have worked with,” he was quoted as saying by Sport.

    “He is the best striker in the world. My players are always the best.

    “At Chelsea and Porto they were and last year Ibrahimovic was the best striker in the world and now I think it is Eto’o. I always think that.”

    1. i’ve been noticing a bit of that in a lot of teams, and tbh it doesn’t bother me but since we actually face inter next week it’s a bit annoying

  12. @Keano…can you really blame them? After the way we played last season I am sure a lot of teams will try and imitate what how we play. That being said I dont think anybody will be able to do it as well as us.

    As for Mourinho, he always talks like that. At Chelsea he thought Drogba was the best striker in the world too. Of course he is going to say Eto’o is the best, I would be surprised if he didn’t, especially ahead of Wed. Speaking of which I am sure Samu will score against us 🙁

  13. Its more than that i suppose given mourinho’s barca past, at chelsea he also played 433 until ballack messed things up.His 433 is some kind of ugly brute of a cousin of ours.(its effective thou)

    1. lol, that’s funny. I don”t know much about his 4-3-3 but how is it an ugly brute cousin of our formation? So interesting to me.

    2. Well as far as i see it his 4 33 (especially at chelsea) relied on brute force and athletism than technique and passing like ours.While he was at chelsea and rikaard at barca,this was very abvious perhaps now both systems have borrowed from each other.Mour’s Chelsea and inters is alot more direct whereas rikaards barca was more considered/patient.
      Guardiola the pragmatist has incorporated some of this directness.Take for example the players, Mourinho has always favoured(especially at chelsea)powerful hardworking athletes Drogba, Essien Lampard Mikel, muntari motta(injury prone)Lucio etc. barca under rikaard sought smaller more technical ‘Barca type’ player at first while introducing more ‘athlete first soccer players second’ (toure abidal towards the end).(guardiola has introduced larger players to cope with demands of premiership teams pique,ibra,chri).Chelsea in later years resorted to lumping the ball to drogba and using him as a human battering ram to pummel oponents as only he can.You would never catch mourinho with a Bojan type.(too weak and small).But this has its drawbacks,no creativity and not easy on the eye(just ask abramovich). I think a good squad should a mixture of both the artist(your xavi,deco,sneider) and artisan(your essien toure cambiassios).Both teams are evolving this way,rikaard barca brillantly technical but at time too soft.Mourinhos chelsea see above.
      To sum up the diff attacks imo,I like to use a demolition analogy, Mourinho’s 433 is more a wrecking ball with lunatic at the controls,crushing everytin in sight whereas barcas 433 is more a controlled strategic explosion, patient and more considered.

  14. And thats two for Inter now, Milito with a nice little finish. While they dont look particularly impressive in possession with the opposition on the back foot they look very good on the counter, which is definitely worrisome…

    Why the hell Maradona doesnt start Milito is so confusing. He is exactly the type of player they are missing up front. Milito in the middle with Messi and Aguero on the wings.

  15. That Balotelli is a greedy f****r. He has the height of a drogba but is developing much differently, i just thought he was ‘new drogba’.

  16. Lol@Keano. Balotelli is suffering from Brazillitis.
    Too many step-overs when a simply move and shot or pass wouldve sufficed. He did suck.

    As for Barcelona, I am very happy to see ghost face back on the side. If he plays on wednesday, i think we will see a much better performance from him.

    Messi’s ability to find spaces to play the ball to is incredible. He is the one guy I am never worried about losing the ball or being crowded out of the ball when he has it. Incredible. Too bad maradona doesn’t know how to use him.

    1. Exactly what I thought. Henry had quite a few of those curlers with Arsenal (free kicks, too…hope Pep looks into the archives for those one of these days). Last season he had one of those against Atletico, when we lost. The season before, there were a couple, notably the one goal from the 4-1 loss to Real Madrid.

      Hate to bring up bad memories, but Henry’s best goals in the Blaugrana tend to come in losses.

    2. Well, he can only score, he can’t play defense as well, right? Two of his best of last season were against ATM, and it was only appalling defense that lost that match for us.

      But he also scored a couple of stunners against the EE, right? I prefer to think positive.

  17. Wow what a goal by Eto’o…but Mario Ballotelli’s one-on-one miss was so f***king hilarious!!! 😀
    Dumb kid trying to be cool

  18. silva, mata, villa x2 all scored for valencia so far

    i miss the days when our trinity: henry, messi and eto’o would get on the scoresheet each match. the predicted lineups for the inter game sound exciting!

  19. You know it’s funny when you look at our squad picture this year and count the faces that aren’t there/are no longer with us. Should’ve been taken later.

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