Dani Alves Drinks Your Racist Milkshake, He Drinks It Up

High Kick!

Dani Alves gets a lot of flack. Some Barcelona fans want him to shut up and sign his contract extension already. Commentators and fans think he dives and whines too much. For some reason, the Brazilian managers seem to believe Maicon is a better option on the right. I guess they haven’t been awake since the middle of the World Cup? And finally some fans seem to think he is a monkey of some kind? This morning, The Spoiler reported that our lovable Dani reported in an interview that he regularly hears racist taunts from fans in opposing stadia. To quote the man:

“Unfortunately, I have learned how to live with it. Every match the crowd goes after me. They insult me, call me monkey.”

“I don’t give it a lot of importance. I think you are only offended if you make a big deal about it. My family gets sad. They complain, but I try to distance myself from it.”

“They punish the clubs sometimes, but it’s uncontrollable. It will never end.”

This is unacceptable.

Look, I am not going to insult either of our intellects and pretend that racism is gone from the world today, or even from industrialized nations. It most certainly is not, as the above quotes go to show. We also know that our ex-striker, and still fan favorite, Samuel Eto’o has consistently suffered racism from Spanish and Italian fans throughout his time in the professional leagues. The most famous incident in Spain was against Real Zaragoza where Samu became so upset, he threatened to walk off the field, before eventually being calmed by Ronaldinho, Rijkaard, and the referee. Then last year, Samu was the victim of more awful comments from someCagliari fans who began racist chants at the beginning of the match before the referee halted the match and warned that further racism would result in a match suspension. Thereafter, other, more organized Cagliari fans chanted loudly to drown out the racists and Samu scored the game winner.

Thierry Henry has also suffered from racism throughout his career, and has spent a good bit of that professional career fighting racism and leading FIFA to make attempts (although in my opinion they are entirely in word only and have no real backing) to stamp racism out of the game. Famously, Luis Aragones horrifically referred to him as a “black shit” in a training session and Henry became an outspoken opponent of racism in football, starting the “Stand Up Speak Up” campaign with Nike.

However, these high profile incidents have apparently not done the trick yet. Racism remains an undercurrent of the game that affects many players, from the largest leagues of Europe, to the smallest ones in Africa and Asia. It should be seen as an abhorrent practice to all fans, firstly because it shows the worst, most ignorant part of humanity, and secondly (way behind the first part), because it makes all fans look bad. The fact that it is happening to some of our current and former players should only make it hit home more, and give us more cause to call it out when we see it.

Right now the only thing we can do is to make it publicly known that we know this is going on, that we openly and outrightly oppose it, and that we will not stand by it. If other Barcelona fans make racist comments, we should and will call them out for their ignorance. This goes beyond a shirt or a club, it’s about humanity and attempting to banish it from the game, period. We must bring this to the forefront so that we do not forget that it still happens and it still affects players and many fans who surely suffer the ill affects as well. As fans of a club that, in some ways, has taken steps to stop racism, we should feel proud, but we must go farther in our actions by making it known to everyone and taking a stand. I wanted to keep this brief and I hope that our fans and readers who have suffered from racism will let it be known so that we can out those who are doing it, at stadia and everywhere else. They should receive lifetime bans from stadia, clubs that allow it continue should be sanctioned with empty stadium matches and financial punishments, and players who are a part of this should be suspended for as long as possible. There are no excuses here. Differences between the races have long ago been proven false and the idea of eugenics is a scientific mockery.

I’ll simply leave you with the wise words of Spurs manager Harry Redknapp:

“That is disgusting – there’s no place for that in the game. Surely we can’t have that sort of behaviour now? Anyone who does it should be put in prison – not banned from football. Stick them where they belong, in the nut-house. It’s wrong.”

Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images Europe

By Luke

We calls 'em likes we sees 'em.


  1. FINITO!

    Argentina 2-1 Portugal. Messi wins it late again! That’s both Portuguese speaking countries Messi’s beat at the death. 😀

    1. Was it after he hurt his back? I saw the fall, and then my internet cut out and wouldn’t come back for ten minutes.

  2. Happy for Leo. He does want to score more for Argentina.

    Very even match and both teams had even more chances to score. Portugal should have at least scored two more and Argentina should have scored two more as well.

    Messi was quite excellent. His ball control is just better than anyone on the planet. Pitch was aweful though. I like the new left back for Argentina, Rojo. Finally they seem to have few options in defence.

    Portugal played excellent football but were quite cynical as well. I still do not know how Meireles got off lightly after so many fouls. Match was slightly bad tempered in patches. Which made it even more fun to watch.

  3. Keita: “I have to accept my role as substitute. Xavi and Iniesta are the best. If I didn’t understand that, I’d be stupid.”

    Seydou <3

  4. Looked to me as if Batista may be still uncertain about his job. This win will continue to allow him to build credibility. Don’t like Messi playing all 90 minutes but it’s a great win for Argentina and for Messi.

    Given the immense pressure he’s always under with respect to his performance for country vs. club these kinds of games will help. Leo was wonderful. Great PK.

    Batista needs to just play Pastore as an attacking/central mid and make a commitment to it. He’s very good.

    I was at the Argentina Germany match at the WC. It was depressing for a while and then you just had to marvel at how methodically Joachim Loew and Germany were dismantling Maradona and Argentina. It was a remarkable performance.

    Argentina has looked so much better since Batista took over. Playing a broken formation like Maradona did in the WC is a poor bet in the contemporary game.

    Argentina still isn’t solid in the back but they do have some interesting young players. They need to work on defending as a team. Their goal keeping situation also isn’t good.

    Forward from the backline however they may be the best team in the world.

    They certainly have the best player in the world. I bet C.Ronaldo enjoyed that one – losing to Messi once again with Messi winning the match!

    1. Batista needs to just play Pastore as an attacking/central mid and make a commitment to it. He’s very good.

      I know right? I was impressed and it wasn’t because of his moptop either. Dude’s got skills. I’d like to see Batista build the team around him and Messi. Pastore is a good passer of the ball–and Argentina need someone to control the midfield–Messi could do it, but he’s too busy being half of Argentina’s attack. They’ve got the chemistry though.

    2. Batista needs to just play Pastore as an attacking/central mid and make a commitment to it. He’s very good.

      I know right? I was impressed and it wasn’t because of his moptop either. Dude’s got skills. I’d like to see Batista build the team around him and Messi. Pastore is a good passer of the ball–and Argentina need someone to control the midfield–Messi could do it, but he’s too busy being half of Argentina’s attack. They’ve got the chemistry.

    3. They wouldn’t give that much power to a newb. I can only edit/do what I want on my own posts. (I can’t take anyone out of moderation either it seems).

  5. i’m watching brazil v france now. hernanes & dani are in the line-up! i’m hoping for big things for this brazil under menezes. abidal is playing left back for france, i believe.

  6. Anyone know where I can re watch arg vs port? Pique injured DAMN
    Missed all the matches with other commitments

  7. Silva spares Spain from further embarrassment, but I still think that the ugly new jersey is cursed. 😛

    1. Absolutely. I really like the 2008 and 2009 jerseys, and the 2010 isn’t bad. But the 2011 jersey is just plain ugly with the blue stripes starting from the armpits (built in sweat stains?) and on top of the shoulders. There’s enough blue with the shorts, the shirt doesn’t need it!

    2. I probably is.

      By the way, he scored for me, y’know. Delusion should be treated and treated fast Now if only he would leave Man Citeh and preferably (read: only) come here. If he doesn’t do it soon, I may move on with Pastore… (<— Lies.)

    3. I’ll take long strings of 1-0 victories over the pre-2008 Spain any day! But hopefully the team can go back to the high scoring tika taka days anyway.

  8. Wait, Pique injured? Can somebody confirm this? I only watched the last 15 minutes but I didn’t see anything.

    1. That’s good news. I wasn’t seeing anything on @barcastuff so I figured he was probably OK.

    1. “Team Vice President Javier Faus says a bid to incorporate the two logos failed. Qatar Foundation will be on the front of the famous blue-and-claret jersey next season, and UNICEF will be moved to a place underneath each player’s name on the back.”

    2. Noooooooooo! (Although I saw this earlier today). Need to get another Messi kit and a Villa one, but I’ve got to stick to my budget! But I really need to get those jerseys! GAHHHHH!

    3. Hasn’t this already be known for weeks or even month?

      It’s not news for me, the only question remaining is whether the Unicef logo will also be worn in the UEFA CL matches, because they only allow one sponsor per jersey.

  9. Love our 3M—

    “It was much more beautiful than my goal itself. More appreciation is not possible. If Messi is clapping for you… it can’t get more beautiful.”

    Ibrahim Afellay, talking about his first goal for FC Barcelona, when the whole World Class bench stood up and applauded.

    Read more: http://www.totalbarca.com/#ixzz1DVSOKAjy

    1. yeah I read that in a Dutch newspaper. He also said that each locker has plaques with the names of all the players who have previously used that locker (he has the same locker that….waaaaaaaait for it…Ronald de Boer had, lol)….Makes me wonder who is using Maradona’s locker…

  10. Im speechless.

    Not because I’m shocked but because I’ve lost my voice shouting.

    Loooooaaaads of interesting stuff happened! But, I don’t want to spoil too much. More on it tomorrow!


    I could go on…

    1. It was a great match, you cannot seriously ask for more in a friendly. Lucky boy!

      This match kind a reminded me of a poorer version of Barca-Real, with Argentina obviosuly being Barca and Portugal playing a very direct and counter-attacking football. Didn’t they even defend with 5 men at the backline in parts of the 2nd half???

      Whatever, I’m glad that Messi won and Argentina finally starts to gel as a team (I’ll cheer for them during the Copa America, hopefully it’ll be broadcasted in Germany!), and nobody of our players got injured (afaik).

  11. I’m so happy for you, Ek!!!!! Now it’s your turn to pray that he stays healthy and plays in March when it’s my turn to see him at a friendly 😀

    1. Yeah SoMoMo I really hope you see him!

      Its SO weird seeing them live (at least for the first time), cause you’ve seen them thousands of times but this is the first time youre seeing them real life. They’re the same but still different. Unlike on TV you can see them all the time. Just seeing Messi scratch his chin was different and weird and he right there!!! Also what an ambiance.

      I think im gonna write it all down in a nice little post tomorrow. Gotta sleep now, its almost 1 in the morning here!

    2. He wouldn’t have to scratch his chin if he didn’t have that dang scruzzy beard(makes him look like a messy Messi).

    3. I don’t mind beards—as long as the beards looks somewhat intentional and not a byproduct of not being able to be bothered to shave.

    4. Pique is usually seen showing us his best beard imitation, with Alves, Masch, Iniesta, Messi, and even Busi contributing once in a while with some stubble.

      I still think it would be cool if we had a player with a straight up rugged beard look, but I guess it’s not a fashionable look amongst the European leagues. Off the top of my head, only Gattuso (and does his beard fit his personality and playing style well!) is always in no-shave-november mode.

  12. Hey y’all, 3m started today for the Netherlands! I know what replay I’m watching tonight (ESPN3 has replays).

    1. I miss them—then I remember that I am morw likely to see them play now than before. Not the same, but…

      BTW, Titi can pull off that look better than Messi (and most people).

  13. Interesting:

    ‘The agent of Barcelona striker Bojan Krkic says it will be up to the club to decide on the player’s future, as Napoli are reportedly interested in him.

    The forward has struggled to confirm a spot in the Blaugrana starting XI, and has been linked with a possible move away, with Napoli interested in the 20-year-old. Zoran Vekic says he does not want to speak about the matter at this present time.

    “It is not the moment to speak about this matter. Barcelona does not want to discuss this matter now,” the agent told Ilsussidiario.net. “In June, we will meet and speak about what can happen.

    “We do not want to get on the wrong side of the squad. They will decide what to do.

    “I wish to not comment on the possibility of joining Napoli, as I do not know what will happen,” he concluded.

    The Spanish international has played 18 league matches for the Catalan giants, scoring three goals.’

    Dunno, if he flourishes in Napoli it’d be great, but Napoli is a pretty big club too. Not exactly a small club where pressure will be minimal. I’d be happy if he moved to a smaller club on loan where pressure will be minimal, or with a buy-back clause like how Madrid sell their signings. Opinions?

  14. Allez Les Bleus! But I know how EE fans feel about Benzema. Jaysus! Laurent Blanc has the side playing like it has a clue, finally, after seeming eons of dimwitted, star-humping aimlessness under Dumbenech.

    1. i didn’t catch the whole match(had to get my hair did) but, how long did brazil play w/ten men for? not to excuse hernanes’ de jong impersonation.

      i’m so happy domenech is out of the pic, though. les bleus fans deserve so much more, as do the argentinians.

  15. Watching Italy Germany. Motta’s debut IMO. Just wanna say that Motta is so filthy, elbows hugs complains he is a territorial jerk. Perfect for Italy and that position, he’ll get 1.4 cards a game. He’s like a slow thinking busi with steroids & bad coaches, no style at all 🙂 Ozil is clean and good, not very strong but I like those last passes he makes. Looks like he’ll get better with the times.

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