Almeria – Barcelona: CdR Liveblog

I’m excited for the match, so the liveblog is going up! Make sure you read Isaiah’s preview as it has an interesting section about the new requirements to become a soci.


  1. As a heads up, starting next week I’m going to be traveling around the region every Wednesday, so you won’t have to put up with me for liveblogs midweek anymore. I’m sure someone else will step up… I hear this Kari person isn’t so bad…

    1. I think I’ve heard differently. She posts comments over at the EE offside and is supported by one of their authors. She may also have a hand in them winning some games 😛

      I’m at the hostel so I can’t enjoy today’s LB.. Hope the game doesn’t have shades of Betis.. Have a good one people!

    2. I deny any and all accusations aimed at my person. I only instigate chaos and in-fighting. If the enemy improves their performances when I am casually viewing their matches, it is purely coincidental.

  2. Starting XI: Pinto Alves Busquets Milito Adriano Thiago Mascherano Keita Afellay Bojan Nolito

    Bench: Valdes Pique Abidal Xavi Pedro Messi Villa

    *EDIT* – edited to make my life easier come liveblog time.

    1. You know I was so freaked out on the lineup that I did not even notice that Messi isn’t there!

    2. um….yippee….oh joy, what rapture, what heavenly bliss (oh heck, Kari, I’m trying so hard to be excited)…go Cuddly !?!

      CT has seniority on the starting lineup again…that means….you guessed it…Captian Cuddly is back…..

    3. Soccermomof4 – I think you are going to see a Milito captainship tonight, that’s what barcastuff reported, and I’m willing to stake my fragile reputation on him.

    4. no, CT was there longer, kinda—But Milito has Pep’s blessing for this— great confidence builder for Milito and reward for staying?

    5. Busi and Mascherano together—one of those Gandalf at the bridge You. Shall. Not. Pass. things (yes I’m a geek) while being tantalizingly offensive at the same time! Good to get Busi some reps at CB as we work our way towards the “business end” of the season.

  3. WOW, What a lineup!

    -Busi as CB
    -Thiago in the midfield
    -Afellay on the wing
    -Nolito starting!

  4. Jim. Tarun has the answer to your question, “is it possible to have a way of knowing if someone replies to one of your posts?”:

    “We can….in fact I can do it in a jiffy. But unfortunately, it would further drive up the server costs.

    Which would mean a donation drive every 6 months instead of a year.”

    There ya go.

  5. It will be interesting to see how these players will work together and how the formation will really pan out.

    I could see it naturally shifting to a 4-2-2-2 type deal where Mascherano plays deep with Keita playing near him but offset and ahead of him. Meanwhile Afellay is more comfortable a bit deeper so he and Thiago could play further outside and advanced from where Mascherano and Keita are (with Afellay the further forward of the two). Then you get Bojan and Nolito upfront.

    But this is all conjecture, and I’m no Euler, so I’ll see how it pans out.

    1. thanks vicsoc! and its not as if I hadnt used it before , but failing repeatadly once a while is kind of nice :p

  6. hell of a lineup! resolved the Busquets-Mascherano dilemma perfectly with a much needed rotation at CB! Glad to see Pique and Abidal rest! Perfect rotation!

    Trust me, Messi will still come on as a sub!

    1. Milito the captain. you can see Pep really knows how to get people’s heart. To say “I have confidence in you” is mere words, but MAKING YOU THE CAPTAIN (!) is not abstract by any means!

  7. Lineup confirmed on the official site. Bench:

    Valdes, Pique, Xavi, Abidal, Messi, Villa and Pedro.

    Talk about a bench! 😯

  8. Anyone in the UK confirm that Sky aren’t showing the game tonight? Can’t blame them I suppose but I’m not used to slumming it with all you internet stream thingy people 🙂

  9. OMG! I’ve been away for 24 hours, and there are 5 new posts, 200 new comments ?!?

    How am I supposed to keep up with it, and Barca starts in 15 min. 😀

    Anyway, I’m glad that Pep finally makes use of a true B line-up.

  10. Time for my pre-game snack. Liveblog will start at approximately 1:53:46 EST.

    Arm yourself with those streams early, as it could be more difficult with the US government giving the banhammer.

    1. I was just going to ask what the big hold up was. So many people are already here waiting for you to start it!

      And here it’s dinner time, so no snacks for me thanks!

  11. I can’t wait to see how Ibi and Thiago play together!

    Oh, and come on Bojan, do something useful today!

  12. Anyone knows any good streams? I watch La Liga games on TV but it doesn’t show cup games I think.

  13. I recommend to download TVU and watch GolTV (channel 65217). It’s about 2 min delayed, but it’s Ray Hudson and works pretty good (at least in Germany).

  14. our B team seems to play better than RM as they drew Almeria. wonder what they are thinking. lol.

  15. Wouldn’t blame Real if they subconsciously eff up in the semi return to avoid us in the final on current form lol

  16. Wierdest. Liveblog. Ever.

    Poor Cuddly. Ibi TOTALLY rocks and now has a new Kxevin-given nick, 3M. Milito is over the funk and played well and we so need him confident again. Messi, and co. got rested and will be hungry for the game this weekend!

    4:00 EST GOLTV on Saturday for the us v. Atletico Madrid game.

  17. Wow what a game from our subs. So happy right now. I loved Thiago and Affelay’s play. Fabre-who?

    Does any one have a ink to Ibi’s goal i missed it.

  18. Fun match. A shutout for the subs+Alves, and plenty of rest for the regulars, to leave us on equal footing with the visitors.

  19. Tweet LaLigaLoca:

    2 mins – Ronaldo launches first aimless shot into the stands.

    He’s really funny!

  20. Guardiola: “Let’s hope Mascherano now also scores. We want everyone to take part in all aspects of the game.”

  21. Looks like Madrid are going to grind out yet another ugly win.

    And there will be all kinds of whining afterwards about how Ronaldo should have had a penalty. In this case, I actually agree for once.

    1. And I reckon he wasn’t offside that time they said he was. But nevermind, because they’ve scored anyway.

    1. To summerize:

      manita 1)1 shot tequila, 1 shot cointreau, splash of cranberry juice over ice

      manita 2 (non alc) 7up and a splash of cranberry juice

      manita 3) This baby’s all yours, Blitzen. Get cracking.

      NON-OPTIONAL garnish: pineapple slices and cherries alternating on a skewer to resemble a senyera.

      Although for the clasico I’m not varying from my luck-producing Spanish dinner of last time. We had paella and sangria (made w/ a Catalan wine mind you).

    1. probably something close to the total number of games he’s played.


      but really, it’s a rare thing to watch Ramos for 90 minutes without getting carded.

    2. Just looked up the stats on fox-sports, and he’s not in the top 22 (I couldn’t see any stats further down), which means that he’s definitely got less than 7.

    3. In la liga, according to the site. That’s just for this season though, I don’t know about the accumulation.

      Also, on the same site under defense they claim that only four or five clubs have made any interceptions, and just one at that…so either they’re not so hot at collecting data, or I obviously don’t know what an interception is.

  22. CdR final on April 20th.

    FCB and RM make the final, and so the RFEF (Spanish fed.) wins its €15M

  23. Well, well, well. It’s an all-you-can-eat El Clasico buffet! I hope I don’t get indigestion…

  24. If you guys realized this; get this: We will be playing EE at least 3 more times this year in addition to the league games. 1 Copa Del Rey Final, and also, the two super cup games! Unless of course, Villarreal somehow wins La Liga. Yeah, at least 5 possible El Clasico’s in 2011, I don’t know how many Culés’ hearts can take that…

  25. Barca-Madrid, Barca-Madrid, Barca-Madrid, Barca-Madrid

    My little heart is gonna explode if we win all of them.

  26. hmm looks like we’ll have several more chances this year to spank madrid & mourinho.

    realistically, we probably won’t win all of the ties, but i would like to see us beat them in the CdR final for sure.

    i really want to see madrid & mourinho go trophy-less another season.

  27. My feelings say: damn, this is gonna be intense. We are gonna face Madrid several times. I’m nervous.

    My brain says: April is gonna be the madridistas’ worst month. No way they can defeat us at the Clasico, even less at the CdR final. Mourinho is gonna make changes to his tactics and formation, but no matter what… they are gonna lose every game against us. Unless they get real lucky.

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