News of the Day: Guess Who’s Joined BFB?

That's me, a newbie!

Not that guy~! Surprise! It is I, Kari, who has joined the BFB team! Yaaaay me! Yaaay team! And no, I can’t believe it either!

You may ask, “Just what do you bring to the table that  isn’t already there?” and I would say, “No intelligent discussion or contributions, bad grammar, long useless polls on the LiveBlog, and a virtual smiley face 😀 ” You may reply, “How does that help anything?” and I would retort, “….Well, my mom’s better than your mom!”

And the conversation would end there.

On a more serious note, I’ll primarily be a news gatherer here on BFB meaning I’d be the gatherer of news (same thing idiot). The news will be Barca-related, of course, and from a variety of sites (or barcastuff, whatever). My posts would be “News of the Day/Week” depending on events. If one day is particularly eventful, I will post a news of the day. If news is slow, news of the week will probably be the post. All in all, I’ll just be relaying information to you .

I’ll also (try to) add some interesting articles that are on the web today. What I find “interesting”, you may not find interesting, but I’ll try to keep it as appealing/amusing/astonishing(-ly amazing) as possible. An example could be a Sid Lowe review of a Barca game, or a Zonal Marking article. You may (read: will) see a La Liga Loca article at some point. I may also post an article to spark some football-related debate among BFBers and get some lesser known articles to your attention.

Don’t expect any reviews/previews/tactical awareness/SoMa goodness/etc. from me. I’m the clueless one on the team who leans more towards the “Ooooohhhhh, purty football! Moc, moc” side of the football scale than the tactical knowledge side (credit tnyatu for the analogy). If I try my hand at those things…

This is what would happen to me.

I have some ideas of what I could do, but I dunno if I could make it a constant thing. Some of the “maybe I could do that” ideas: uploading the BFB “game of the season” on YouTube ( after a poll), uploading a Revista de La Liga on YT, posting the post-match comments of Pep and the players after a game and before a review… Yeah. But I don’t want to get your hopes up though. I may not have the time to do that. I’m already taking an age getting the second leg of Barca-Arsenal uploaded (I’ve uploaded the 10-minute pre-match if anyone cares).

What I will do for sure though, is give you a little long monologue of how I became a Barca fan later. Because you’re all dying to know, right? Right.

I am so honoured to be part of the team. If this was a shock to you, it was even more of a shock to me (I’m surprised I even manage to string words together, let alone post something. I still can’t really believe it)! I hope to keep up the BFB standard and make supporting Barca that much more fun.

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    1. I don’t know why anyone is vexed with On their best day, they are stupid, and they rarely have good days. Anyone who has actually watched Eric Abidal play at CB understand how he plays the position today.

    2. I just find it amusing. Sometimes I can’t figure out what game they were actually watching, as it bears no similarity to the one I saw.

    3. I was just gaping when they gave Messi vs Zaragoza (hat-trick and won a penalty, and was jaw-dropping) a player rating of EIGHT POINT FIVE. F’in 8.5. That was as clear a 10 as I have ever seen. It was jaw-dropping. Sid Lowe’s article after that match about the newspapers in Spain running out of superlatives and all. What game were they watching?

  1. I think Pique’s form and Abidal’s positioning has more to do with the number of blowouts and the lack of possession and even any organized attack by other teams. Its almost as if its a “ok what am I doing here lets put down the popcorn now” kind of thing

  2. Blitzen: Which little guy, Dad? They’re all little out there!
    Blizten’s Dad: Well, the little guy, he was kinda funny-looking.
    Blitzen: In what way? Was he on the field playing somewhere, or was he pacing the sidelines in a fancy suit?
    Blitzen’s Dad: I dunno, just funny-lookin’.
    Blitzen: Can you be any more specific? Did he have bushy eyebrows? No eyebrows at all? Spiky hair? A faint moustache? Little-kid knit gloves?
    Blitzen’s Dad: I couldn’t really say.

  3. Reports such as this one crack me up:

    Dani Alves will reject a big-money move to Manchester City and sign a new contract at Barcelona.

    The Brazil international is wanted by Roberto Mancini at Eastlands but any move was set to be put on hold until the summer.

    Mancini has added £27m Bosnian Edin Dzeko to his squad in the January transfer window but is said to be pleased with his business for this month, without the need for any more arrivals.

    Alves, 27, is currently in negotiations over a new contract at Barcelona and City have been watching developments with interest.

    Mancini planned to offer the right-back a massive pay increase and a move to Eastlands but talkSPORT has learned from sources in Spain that the defender does not want to move to City and will sign a new long-term deal at the Nou Camp in the near future.

    “Sources in Spain.” Yeah. Right. As I have said, trust nothing. The direct quote from Alves’ agent verges on being trustworthy, though the source makes it suspect (Sport).

  4. congratulations to the BFB team for this excelent winter signing, I bet sandrusco would be proud of how you sign great players but still respect the actual BFB budget 😉

    I was in Camp Nou last game, vs. I don’t even remember who, you see? Almeria, ok. Anyway, it was semi-finals, 5-0, and the stuff is normal. Excuse me??? People say we bore in our excelence, I really don’t understand… they should be watching because maybe nobody will ever play like this. AND LEARN.

    Almeria game… I saw how two guys man-marked xaviniesta the full game, no matter where they went. One was enormous bald and black (iniesta) and the other white guy with some hair 😉 he sticked to xavi. Messi was false 9 and their CF didn’t even know what to do, go out and mark him or not… most of the times they didn’t. P! was free but El Guaje was ALL THE TIME in the let, I didn’t like that a lot, but at least he really stretched the field and scored what more can you ask. El guaje is cool!

    Xaviniesta were tightly marked IMO, but P! and Messi, specially messi came back a lot of times to play and control the ball and helped them. Masche was ok I think. Keita.the.bomb. We didn’t play very very well, but we always manage to get the victory versus many different styles and we score a lot of goleadas. Can’t wait to see what happens in alicante!!!

    1. it was only one game and I think it was already 4 or 5-0 when he came in… he lost quite a few balls, he also did some good passes and dribbles. He looked a little out of place in this one game IMO.. willing but not ready. He looked too hyped. I remember how the crowd cheered for him, but now I saw the replay of him coming in and I believe he did not even realize. lmfao.

      But he can move from left to right, he’s got great pace and his passing looks ok, but his touch, his control seems long when compared to other FCB players, he seems much faster though, sorta like p! … can’t say much more really… Villa is old he is young.

    2. Also remember that Afellay isn’t really supposed to be the same as all of the other FCBers. He’s a direct player with a big shot, the very thing that will be needed against many clubs. Remember by caution about the WWXD (What Would Xavi Do?) mode of thinking.

    1. Suarez to Liverpool? Does that mean Torres is gone in the summer, or a sign Ngog isn’t counted on anymore?

      This may sound crazy but if RoSELL still has connections to Nike, and we apparently need another striker and Torres is “looking at his options” during the Summer transfer window… Add our club’s hard-on for Fabregas and…

      I feel sick, suddenly. I’ll just leave the crazy stories for the journos…

    2. Liverpool just turned down a massive bid from Chelsea for Torres so we wouldn’t be able to afford him anyway. Not that we want him.

    3. Yeah, but my reasoning on the failed Chelsea bid is that Chelsea are direct rivals in the EPL. It’s normal not to give a prized assets away to a team in the same league as your own, especially the EPL (media reaction, fan reaction etc.) Liverpool also don’t need money as badly as they did with the new owners and all.

      If Torres were to come back to Spain, I don’t think the price would be as high. Besides, he’d either go back to Pathetico or to us IMO. He’d never play for EE, given his Pathetico history.

      Not that I’m saying we want him or anything.

    4. Torres is too good and expensive to come to us and sit on the bench until we need “Plan B”. And his style doesn’t fit with our plan A.

    5. ew, just had a bad thought…if Chelsea gets Torres and daughter replaces her existing Torres poster and Torres is wearing THAT blue kit…..

    6. Liverpool fans introduced us to European football so I have a soft spot for ‘pool and hope this helps( they also told us about this other team with this short guy named messy or something that I should watch). Doesn’t Suarez have a rep. for being a little volatile(as well as a talent for well-timed handballs) at times (don’t follow Dutch league)?

  5. Thanks again for the all the congrats. Jose even came out of lurkdom to say enhorabuena; that makes me happy 🙂

    @Vj, season highlights? Just who do you think I am? allas14?

    School has finally eased up and I’m ready to rock and roll!

    1. Yup 😛

      I have my “How I became a Barca fan” monologue done, but I’ll probably post it after the Hercules match… Unless by popular demand.

    2. Oooooooohhhhhhh! I’ll be glad to hear it. You gotta admit that loving a team 6 times zones away is a little odd. I’ll be ready.

  6. And if any of you Twitter users aren’t following @optajose, you should be. Amazing stats, such as the fact that Pedro!! has gone some 1430 minutes without a card. He isn’t just great, he’s super clean. You’d think those flailing arms would have caught something or other, right?

    1. You don’t even need Twitter to follow them (if people w/o Twitter were wondering). I’ll probably be adding some of the more eye-catching stats in news compilation post.

    2. But you should get an account so I can send you silly messages like BOJAN IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! 😀

  7. Actually, ‘Fargo’ is on basic cable and I was scrolling and laughing and then scrolling again …

    But then, again, as Tim and Eric say, ‘I wanna meet that dad!’

    Especially ’cause he says things like ‘quite’.

    Quite, indeed!

    1. All because of this:

      Torres wants Liverpool to keep negotiating with Chelsea.There’s NO buyout clause.Four days to go before a POSSIBLE exit of the striker

      For those of you that prefer to shoot the messenger, i am a liverpool fan and I wouldnt never tell this story if it wasnt true. Sorry

      I don’t really like the dude, but some of the replies from the Liverpool fans are uncalled for.

    2. I don’t support the abuse from Liverpool fans at all–they need to cut that out pronto–but honestly, as a Liverpool fan, I’m beyond tired of all the stories that the press has been putting out about the players, especially when the players were being blamed for all the club’s issues (never mind the fact that we had a DISASTER of a manager…).

      So, sorry to say, but at this point, I refuse to believe any stories unless they’re confirmed and/or have direct quotes. So I’m hoping/believing that Torres won’t leave. Plus, honestly, Chelsea? They have to rebuild almost as badly as Liverpool do, tbh.

  8. Wow Liverpool are gonna be lethal up front with Suarez and Torres. Pity they suck everywhere else LOL. Okay well Reina, Meireles and Gerrard are also very good.

    Soccermom04: Yeah he has a bit of a reputation, especially with biting a player in a match, but he also has a reputation as a pretty lethal forward. And there is reason to assume that he won’t be another Afonso Alves since he looked class in the World Cup in offense (and mad skills in goal! Though it made my Tanzanian-Canadian best friend and her friends cry.)

    I don’t think Torres will move, now that Liverpool have no debt and owners trying to rebuild.

    The Copa goalkeeper for Almeria was god-awful in the first few minutes.

    And super cool, this channel I get over here occasionally shows BarcaTV and I just saw the extended highlights of the Copa game and am now watching a program about Barca B and specifically Thiago. Just saw Rafa Alcantara for the first time, he looks nothing like Thiago!

    1. Barca B player Ruben Mino’s fashion sense in post-match clothes is really awful too btw.

  9. And because no one has mentioned it yet: Seems that Keys and Gray may end up working in Qatar for al-Jazeera. Oh. Joy.

  10. Similar to Kari’s uploading of games to youtube, I’m currently working to chronicle Barcelona games: my goal is to have every game played under Guardiola. I just started this week, and I’m moving at the pace of ~1 game per day, so it will take me several months to obtain them all.

    The reason I mention it is because when I have them all I would be more than willing to share them. I’ll work on details once I actually have all the games, but my initial thought is that the easiest way would be mailing external hard drives if anyone was interested.

  11. Congrats Kari! I’m surprised you didn’t make the team earlier. An “articles to read this week” post would be wonderful.

    And congrats to Tom_Johnson too! The moment I read Kxev saying mail to me, I thought Tom’s getting a callup to the first team.

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