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Yay, Vicsoc!

By Kxevin

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  1. duuuuuuude, anyone see how pissed pep was and busi push the coach away just now! messi following up, ridic.

  2. (Immediate reaction)
    geez, what’s with their coach!? talking to pep like he did something wrong and criminal? wtf?

  3. Should have finished our chances in the 1st half.

    Dani, Pique, Busquets… awful.

    Second half was awful. I hate when we play that way. We didn’t deserve to win.

    I’m done.

  4. Exciting-ish first half. Boring second half. We needed an injection of fresh legs, but didn’t get it until the 75th minute.

    Anyways, i’ll take the draw if we win this weekend.

  5. Match was definitely not boring for me. It was quite edge of the seat match. Kopenhagen came at us, tried some cynical stuff and asked questions. Truth is that we were not able to provide answers.

    I simply did not understand why Pep did not move Iniesta in the middle. Except few times, he stayed wide left and that was a problem. We are at our best when Iniesta and Xavi run the middle.

    Lot of average performance today. Messi was quite good in first half and was still good in second. Pedro is a good super sub though i would have preferred to start with him.

    Overall, Kopenhagen deserved the draw. They matched us on the day.

  6. well tbh, we did hit the woodwork atleast 3 times and well if we had tried harder to create more chances would it have been worth it? I dono, it was one of those days infront of goal where it just wouldn’t go in.

  7. Strange that after our best game of the saison this (together with the game against Hercules) was our worst game of the saison. But maybe not as we seemed so tired and sometimes like sleeping on the pitch. I can recall a lot of moments where Busi (very often), Pique and Xavi were robbed of the ball. That is unheard of. Messi missed the spark today, this extra burst of energy that drives him and therefore our game. But you can not expect him to drive us every game. And that is my point: why did Pep bring Pedro on so late? We would have needed his energy and drive today so much.
    I thought Puyol did well and Abidal even better. Busi with too much sloppiness, Dani as well.

  8. vicsoc8’s select player ratings:

    Messi: 100 + 30 (100th goal under Pep, 30th CL goal)
    Alves: 34 million (how much we can make from him if he continues to play like he did today)
    Alves: 3 (number of times I wet my pants due to him today)
    Villa: 8 (number of times he has hit the post (approximately))

  9. Alves pissed the freakin’ crud out of me! I dunno if it’s the ongoing contract negotiations but he was awful. The crossing was so horrible, it was almost unbelievable! Even the part of his game that I used to ignore/try not to pay attention to (i.e. his petulance) stood out even more. That kick out? Lucky we didn’t get a red for that.

    Awful, just awful.

    We had a good first half, not so great second. A draw looks good for us, even though we could have won it in the end. Overall, Copenhagen were the better team.

    Messi scores again (dude’s on fire!). He has 14-15 goals already in all comp. apparently this season. Whoa!

    Villa had an okay-to-good game. Nice move in the first half and unlucky not to score from the wickedly bad angle.

    Valdes was incredibly lucky not to get booked for that play in the first half. The ref was sh*t all around though.

    1. Victor definitely caught a break. I wouldn’t be surprised if UEFA hands a punishment down. It was good to see the injured player get up after.

  10. Valdes – his handling was poor and could have seen red for dangerous play.
    Alves – Very bad distribution, even by his low standards and could have also seen red for kicking out at a player that he had just ran in to.
    Pique – terrible passing and didn’t make the extra man in midfield often enough. He could have cost us a few goals against better opposition.
    Puyol – Man of the Match by a country mile. Clearance after clearance by our only consistent performer.
    Abidal – beaten for pace on a number of occasions.
    Busquets – caught in possession – needed to be more physical today.
    Xavi – I have never seen Xavi have a less effective match. He was terrible. No decisive passes and delayed every time there was a runner. For once, he seemed to have no time on the ball.
    Keita – not his usual productive self. Pep probably didn’t need to play him.
    Villa – He will take a lot of blame but his runs weren’t found at any stage. He played with his head down mostly though.
    Messi – He scored with a great finish but in a match where all of the space was out wide he stayed central so didn’t have an impact on the match.
    Iniesta – Fantastic in the first half but he must have thought that he had been taken off at half time because didn’t show up in the second half.
    Pedro – We needed his directness all game and Pep didn’t see that until the last ten minutes. He nearly won it in injury time but that would have been an injustice.

  11. Oh, and Pedro! needed to come on sooner IMO. Considering Copenhagen was playing us so narrow, Iniesta on LW is a waste if we have P!. This game was almost tailor made for his type of football.

    But oh well, so long as we win this weekend, I’m alright with this.

    1. Exactly my point. I was sitting in the armchair and screaming: Pep, bring Pedro, bring Pedro,

  12. I see the draw as a good result since they were closer to the win. Since when does Pep win outside the Camp Nou in CL ? Only against Basel, Shakhtar and Dynamo Kyiv.

  13. >=( why did it take so long to see Pedro.Couldve changed the game so much earlieer . Anyway, Gareth F’ing Bale.Sign him up Zubi.

    1. Zubi thinks he’s “interesting”


    2. Maybe no one really, I mean really takes him seriously? Teams tend to leave space for wingbacks…unless they’re playing us (although with Alves I don’t think they need to. Okay, okay. I’ll stop.)

  14. Interesting that you can see it instantly in our play if Xavi has an off game. Fortunately that happens very seldom

  15. Bale burnt Maicon every time he had the ball.I found myself oddly squealing and not just coz I hate maicon :D.Dani probably wouldve been sent off against Bale today though To be fair.If luke didnt have him as an avatar already, id change mine yesterday.Oh did i mention Im now a fan of bale.Can you tell ?:D

    1. While it was clearly a rash decision and not ‘advisable’ – I gotta say: Respect!

      That’s a hell of a way to stand up for your coach when he’s being bombarded upclose by ‘FCK yous’ for seemingly no valid reason.

  16. Apparently, the Copenhagen coach started beefing (i.e. provoking) Pep and Busi solved things his way (from barcastuff. Without the italics, but it’s funnier this way 😀 )

    Dude, you know that we beat your team 3-1 on agg. and could have (undeservidly) beat you in the dying seconds? I would have make an reference to the Copenhagen coach’s heart attack/revival but that would be outta line.

  17. Quote from Pep: “The players are dead”. I must say that that is the impression I got also during the second half.

  18. Hah, Pep just keeping his cool in the pk with this Danish clown of a coach (quotes from Barcastuff)

  19. Alves, If we can get 34m for him it would be a great deal. The question is : Will he maintain his shape and game over the years (ala Cafu) and we wouldn’t need RB for years to come ? or Will he fall into the 3 year Brazilian theory ?

  20. From the possibility of us losing this today, fine a draw is better than losing. Could we have won? yes sure. It didn’t feel as if we wanted to, felt as if they went in too confident. Alves was bad, but we can’t blame it all on him. Really as a team we didnt perform, Messi is exempt from that. Villa to me was disappointing, he literally was just staring at the ball, sitting between 4 defenders whom weren’t necessarily marking HIM, but they Were watching the ball.

  21. Video of the Pep-Solbakken Incident from Pep’s twitter: /

    Pep owns. Calm and collected the whole time. LOL when Busi comes in and Messi at the end. Way to defend your coach 😀

    1. *Sad face* 🙁

      But he hasn’t been 100% or even 85% fit, despite the claims that say otherwise. He really needs extended rest and while a lineup without Xavi would suck 10^Yaya, I think a fully fit and rested Xavi will be better in the long run.

    2. Absolutely, and we can not rely on him every time. There are enough players of highest quality who have to step up: I look at you Ghostface, and you el Guaje and youu la pulga (okay, he will do anyway)

    3. What’s that supposed to mean?
      Suck 10 yaya? 😆

      I watched a bit of Spurs Inter match before I left for work.
      Bale and Crouchy owned them!

    4. It means 10 to the power of Yaya, like 10^2 = 100. It’s just an immeasurably large number. 😀

  22. I didn’t watch the match but thank God they didn’t show it on tv.
    Had fun watching Spurs instead.

  23. I don’t care how bad Alves played, we should NOT SELL ALVES!
    We can’t get a player half as good as Alves even for 34mil.
    Just remember when we had a bad patch at the beginning of the year(last season), it was mainly because Alves was injured.
    He is a key player.

    I didn’t watch the match but from reading the comments, it looked as if Pique was having another bad passing match.

    1. Agreed. Alves is a key player in our system. Like every player he has drops in form, but even when he doesnt play well, like today, he still works his ass off. We would never be able to replace his almost endless energy. We should keep him as long as his legs last..

    2. He had a poor match, but I don’t think anyone is calling for him to be sold. He is still amazing and better than Maicon, who has been overrated for some time now.

      Pedro killed Maicon last season when we played them in the group stages. I guess now that a PL player has done it, more people will notice the defensive frailties in Maicon’s game as well.

    3. Besides it’s next to impossible for all our players to not stink it up at one time or another. It happens. Sometimes a stink up costs more in one match than another. It’s the nature of the game.

  24. For me, that wasn’t a bad result at all. We could’ve won it but if luck had really been against us we could have finished with 9 men and lost by two or three. This isn’t a bad side and they didn’t sit back. They got up and down the pitch like madmen and tackled hard.

    So sad to see Xavi struggling. This’ll mean he’ll not be match fit for the EE game even if he does just make it. Easy with hindsight but I did say after Saturday I thought he should be on the bench. I’d have been happy with masch and Busi along with Iniesta .

    However, if teams are going to come out against us we need to be able to counter much more quickly than we are doing. I want to see stretching the opposition before they are set up in their two banks of 4. Felt sorry for Villa as he was looking for the quick ball a few times on the break then just seemed to accept it wasn’t coming and looked tired.

    Looks like we’ll be getting iniesta back in the middle but not the way we wanted 🙁 Big chance coming for Mr Bojan I suspect.

    1. Why could’ve we finished with 9 men? Did we play dirty? Play-acting or hard tackles? I really can’t believe it. Our players are always so calm and collected.

      With Xavi out of Clasico, I’d put;

      sMasch Busi Iniesta
      Villa Messi Maxwell

      sMasch to help stop counters on the right and
      Maxwell to stop counters on the left.

    2. Actually, we were quite lucky not to end with 9 men: Alves kicked out at a player he himself ran into and Valdes kneed the Copenhagen striker in the face and almost knocked him out cold/concussed him.

    3. On that Victor play, though, the ref called foul on N’doye for bumping Puyol right before Valdes kicked him, so the ref couldn’t give a red even if he wanted to.

      That ref was awful btw.

  25. We need to consider the idea that Messi will go to bat for Alves. Over the last 3 years Messi has grown to play really well with Alves scampering up the pitch. Our No. 10 is not stupid, he knows where his bread is buttered, Xavi and Dani have by far the greatest influence on Messi’s game on the pitch. Now I have no doubt that he could do it with someone else playing at right back, but to be honest, the relationship that the two have on the right side is something special.

    1. Yes, but this season Messi has been predominantly in the center of the field, and is assisted much less by Alves.

  26. Just gonna break through the fug of pessimism in here to say, last night’s Crackovia was epic. You cannot miss Cooking With Puyi and Keita, screening for Socis, and LaPorta forming L’Equipe JAN.


  27. Revista De La Liga 11-02-10


    Credit to Pakman at

  28. //

    Confirmed here at least. The game will be played on Sunday. The compromise is that the game will start an hour after polls close.

  29. this is the best greece post ever.i mean i cant think of another post that was this top notch.sweet.amazing.i am like a proud papa

    1. Thanks for being a good sport, Greece Barca. For the record, your comments are always, and always will be welcome here, in whatever form. I hope that’s clear.

  30. Listen, regarding legless sailors. When you respond to an asshole, you only lower yourself to its level. Don’t. It always takes at least two to be truly stupid, right?

    Now. Isaiah has review duties, wherever he is. 😀

    Valdes’ single loose moment was costly. And still, Pedro almost stole it at the death, proving why he should have been in there earlier, if not from the beginning. As we all know, Guardiola is stubborn, including his notion that Iniesta is anything except ineffective on the wing. To be sure, he will try it again and again and again, because that’s his wont.

    Villa was terrible, Alves was worse, Pique was dire. Xavi was clearly off, so the Iniesta move to the middle had the biggest effect on Xavi. And might I say again that now, we see why Pedro! has the punctuation after his name. What movement, what a play and what a shot!

    Puyol and Abidal were monster. Immense. This was a match for Mascherano, I thought as well. He stops all of that stuff coming through the middle of the pitch. Or, if Guardiola was serious about the intent that he showed with the lineup, he should have just duplicated the Sevilla lineup. As soon as P! came in, the acres of space they were giving us on the wing began to work against them.

    Having said all that, a draw was the fair result. Copenhagen played their hearts out and deserved the point. Yes, if the Sevilla team shows up, Copenhagen gets wiped out, but that team was tired. In a better world, we can trot out Krkic to sub for Villa and somebody for Xavi.

    But take absolutely nothing away from Copenhagen. Anybody who tries to is crazy. Hell of a match by them in their house.

  31. Oh, and forget about Gareth Bale. Even if Redknapp lost his mind temporarily and tried to sell him, the price would make people yearn for the comparatively sensible numbers that Arsenal were bandying about for Fabregas. Yes, he’s been brilliant against Inter twice. But if we were truly that extraordinary, wouldn’t Spurs be higher than they are in the Premiership table? Just asking.

    They’re 5th place in the Prem, 10 points out of top and going the wrong way. They lost to Young Boys in Champions League. They also lost to Wigan, and West Ham, ferchrissakes.

    I don’t doubt that Gareth Bale is an immense talent. But does anyone think he’s worth what Spurs would ask, even if they were going to sell him?

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