Copa Liveblog: Ceuta-Barça

VicSoc rolls in with another liveblog, so you better be prepared to be LIVEBLOGGED THE HELL OUT OF.

We end sentences with prepositions here and that’s how we roll. Deal with it. Boom, I said it.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. yes. manuel is also “manolo” for close friends or the family, so manolo-manolito-nolito πŸ˜‰

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  1. interview with nolito’s family, from the beautiful Sanlucar De Barrameda. A little sensationalist but still good. Enjoy if you understand spanish.


  2. Ballon d’Or 23-name shortlist is out today. we have 6 players on it. gotta be a post upcoming about this.

  3. You know, maybe I should change my avatar too. I’ve always wanted to add Andres in, but I couldn’t find a picture before.


  4. I just discovered the Dashboard feature on here, which is very cool! Apparently right now there is one user online from the Sudan! Hello! I’ve been to your country! πŸ˜€

    And thanks to Kari for your avatar help. Imma get me one of those later.

  5. Hmmm, my avatar is too much of the same. The reason why I put a yellow color one was so that it stood out more. Let’s see if there’s better…

    1. It does indeed look like a younger Keita.

      Pic looks quite old. Maybe he got that lost expression after Messi bamboozled him in his first training session at FCB.

  6. What’s the deal with the B-teammers avatars ?

    First Jnice, now poipoi and Eklavya !

    Was there a note I didn’t read or something ?

    1. πŸ™‚

      before I had iniesta but he’s already the greatest time for a new hope

  7. Haha its in fashion Diego ^^. Although I really hate changing names and avatars, I guess we need some change.

    How about this one? Is it working yet? JDS in pink!

  8. Watched the 1st half of EE’s match. They’re playing with the Original squad but only a few tweaks here and there. They really don’t know how to play against Bus Parking teams.

    1. It’s hard to find a good picture of the three of them. There’s a really nice Xaviniesta one, a Messi-Iniesta one, and the Messi-Xavi one I already have.


    1. Yesh! Pep and Xavi! Awesome avatar, blitzen! The black and white is a nice touch.

      At first, I saw this horse thing. This one’s way better IMO!

    2. Yeah Blitzen, great avatar. It represents a great moment in the history of FCB! And the black and white is awesome! Is my pink one ok?

    3. Your avatar is a little small, I can’t tell who it is. Try resizing it and cropping in closer.

  9. Nice new avatars, folks.

    Official Lineup: Pinto, Adriano, Bartra, FontΓ‘s, Maxwell, Mascherano, Thiago, Keita, Pedro, Jeffren y Bojan.


      And Bartra! And Fontas! And Jeffren! (what the heck happened to him anyway?) And–OMG!NOWAY– Here Adriano!

      I approve this lineup.

    2. go bojan! … please!!!

      (hope) thiago+mache is gonna kick some ass. do you prefer masche in the back or keita? I’d like to see what masche can do offensively

  10. Who was the idiot who named this post as a LiveBlog one? Didn’t he know today is the official “Change Your Avatar” day?

    1. πŸ˜€

      Btw, your avatar really does stand out, although it’s hard to tell who’s in the picture

      This one’s a nice one if you want to pink salmon kit: /

      I also liked this one: /

  11. Pep is starting both Bartra and Fontas? Why do I ever try to predict what he is going to do? I never get it right.


  12. EE is playing with Higauin, Cr, Pepe, Ramos, Granero, Pedro Leon, Arbeloa, and Benzema, yet they can’t score.

    1. “cadena cope” commentators … “times are changing, we have to be thankful for this result, a 0-0. In other times we would go out of this place with a 0-2 or something”. totally true!!! lol

      let’s see let’s see

    2. Does this mean Mou will bench everyone as he stated? It’s the 84th and still 0-0. Where’s the Sid Lowe’s now saying Madrid crush everyone and Barca are unstable.

      Clearly beating a bus parking team is really, really hard to do.

    3. EE’s squad is 26 players and they’re playing with their full squad against a 3rd division team and can’t beat a parked bus.

      We’re resting 7 players from a 19 player squad.

  13. EE is playing with Higauin, Cr, Pepe, Ramos, Granero, Pedro Leon, Arbeloa, and Benzema, yet they can’t score. πŸ˜€

  14. See? EE can’t score when team like Murcia park bus against them. And man, Murcia is not the worst bus parkers in the park either. Imagine the likes of Kazan would have kicked EE’s butt really hard like the Alcorconazo.

    1. Its like “oh noes a team hasnt employed a high line, what do?”. BTW one thing that pisses me off to no end is how many marginal offside decisions hey get their way.Its like CR94 never gets whistled meanwhile ,even when villa is well onside he gets whistled.

  15. Extra time!

    At least Barca has lots of practise playing against parked buses by now. We have worked out strategies to get around that. That Other Team clearly has not.

  16. now the stupid journalists are free to shut up never compare a big club with a small one

  17. I’ve been saying it since the beginning of the season: Mourinho’s EE can beat the likes of Milan, but they’ll fall apart when they meet a real team like Murcia.

  18. unfortunately Jeffren is injured again, will this mean more playing time for Nolito and co., or will we venture on the transfer scene this winter for a another back-up?

  19. looked like our defense was 3 men again

    bartra fontas

    the two young ones are very quick dribbling the ball out from the back.

  20. solid game from the CB pair, well done, team played well, we kept possession, we didn’t make too many clear chances today but we scored two goals early on and nothing can be better than that.

  21. Positives – a lot of our youngsters look very promising, especially Fontas and Bartra. Mascherano has learnt how to fit in very quickly and is improving with each game. Thiago is the business. Oh, and we won πŸ™‚

    Negatives – Bojan πŸ™

  22. Bartra and Fontas looked fairly adequate back there. they still lack the physical presence of a puyol or pique, but they look very promising.

    Bojan – no comment…

    Thiago – would have liked to see him involved a little more. or maybe he would have benefited with one of xavi/iniesta beside him? well i guess anybody would. good showing though overall.

    Keita – great game overall. breaking up plays, stealing balls to start counters, i thought he had a performance worthy of having the armband around his arm instead of shiloh’s.

    Jeffren – was looking really lively up until his injury. hope to see him again soon.

    well that was the first copa match in a while, but i had forgotten how fun it is to see the non-regulars and youth play a game. well deserved win all around, a lot of guys got time off, and to top it off EE drew hehe.

    1. well, if you look more closely you’ll see that i have more to say than simply, “bojan sucks,” which i don’t actually explicitly say.

      but honest the truth is, he didn’t have a good match.

      and that’s all i gotta have to say about it.

  23. well, it sucks just to say “bojan sucks”, but coming into this match you had to see this as a big chance for bojan to show and prove. but he didnt. i wouldnt say he sucked, he set up maxwell’s first, got the assist, but he missed an absolute sitter about 2 meters from goal, off the top post, just cursed luck, was dispossessed of the ball by the keeper while trying to go around him, etc etc. he really, really needed to score today. he’ll get the second leg, but he needs to score against a team like ceuta.

    1. yes I understand, but it was just a few weeks ago when another so called striker managed to miss almost the exact same chances ala Villa.

      But what makes this blog annoying at times is the persistence on Bojan. Everyone knows he isn’t playing that well, full stop there is no need for the repeating posts. Especially the live blog, 4 or 5 people post the same thing about Bojan, get over it!

      There are many full grown world class strikers who haven’t scored a goal in months yet they cop less of a heavy hand.

    2. well, I gotta say it wasn’t any different with Ibra.

      There is always room for criticism, but then things on this blog become over exaggerative or over emphasized, to the point where the blog becomes lopsided on opinions of how bad one particular player performs, to the point where degrading individuals is encouraged over posting other interesting things.

      sometimes, fan blogs should have room for support too. It is not like Bojan goes on the field with bad intentions, he isn’t going on the pitch wanting to score own goals or disrespect the fans. But are we obliged to disrespect Bojan?

  24. i feel bad for jeffren. he looked like he really wanted to earn back his spot on the bench but his dumb ass ran straight into two defenders & dislocated his shoulder.

    thiago has a bright future. bartra surprised me playing so well @cb. fontas was whatever. masche was a little funky, but what a pass to bojan. poor bojan.

    i kept praying that pep would show that he still has faith in jds by playing him alongside thiago but i’ll take what i can get.

    1. He’s limited to 4 B teammers. Entering JDS would mean taking the place of Thiago or one of the CBs.

    2. yeah, part of why bartra surprised my ass. i thought he’d play rb for sure & puyol would be cb.

      you’re right though. i expected jds to move in thiago’s spot & thiago to do an iniesta thing & play on either of the flanks, which is something i’ve personally never seen thiago do. wishful thinking.

    1. It is worth downloading (I did) for one main reason: since the stadium is so small, the cameras are much closer to the field of play, so you get a lot closer to the action than usual. If you are interested in our B-team players, you will get a good up-close view of how they play with some of our A players.

  25. anybody post this, yet? if so, apologies. sicky poo & what not.


    throw up the dubs!

  26. i agree totally with spiro.bojan don.t cost to us 40m like benjema.maybe he is or not good for us.pep knows what to do with him.we must be proud of young boys.before one month i was said after a game that we must sell him and i was wrong.he is here and he is fighting for a place.i respect him.he could go very easy for other teams.

  27. Revista De La Liga 10-26-10


    Courtesy of Pakman at

  28. It is actually a better match of Bojan comparing to so many of his nightmare matches. He is still a 4.5, that’s all. A full 9 finishes his chances, assists won’t make up for anything. To hit the crossbar in an absolute sitter, failed to finish 1 on 1, and more than one occasion that see him tried to control and run instead of a shot within range. It is just the long rope that Bojan is still enjoying. But not me.

    Something positive about his play is that he held the ball up way better than he used to. He could hold the ball, turn around and distribute the ball forward more. But he still loses the ball way too often which is not new.

    Really want to respond to the point about repeating posts about a player under-performing with us. As long as he plays in our colors, we will be that critical of him. I am not gonna talk about the number anymore, but in general, all players deserve the same standard of judgment. But in the case of Messi, we may demand more of him, but if you sucked, we call it out, simple as that. Just as we are constantly calling out to dives and playacting, they are repeating, but it doesn’t mean we can ignore.

    Pep is not worried about Bojan and Villa not scoring, how could he? I think he is just saying for the sake of their confidence. Otherwise, what could he say, really?

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