It’s about time! aka “We didn’t say that crap, yo!”

An official, for-real-and-for-true, long overdue statement about player comments that have been riling up Premiership folks and causing them to visit our space to hurl invective and linguistic bon-bons:

In recent weeks a number of invented interviews with the club’s players have appeared in the Daily Star and the Daily Star Sunday. FC Barcelona wish to make it known that none of these interviews are attributable to the players therein cited and also to explain to our supporters throughout the world that the information and declarations made in these articles are totally and absolutely false.

FC Barcelona has officially sent the media outlets concerned a formal complaint and warned them that it will not allow any further situations like this to be repeated. Should this happen, the club will not hesitate to act in defence of its own image and the honour of its players.

This club has worked closely with the media and will continue to do so, as we believe it to be a very important part of the spreading of information about sport and in particular about football.

The willingness to work openly and with transparency forms part of our basic working philosophy. To this end, the club has its own official channels of communications which every day provide news of the club’s activities and also provide ideal communication channels whereby the players and other club staff can make contact with the members and fans and get their messages across.

We remind you that our official channels are:
Barça TV
The newspaper ‘Barça Camp Nou’
The magazine ‘Barça’

[This statement can be found on the official site here in English. -Ed]

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. It sure took them long enough! Seriously, whoever works in the FCB press office hasn’t been doing their job. Don’t they have someone to monitor reports in the foreign media? If not, I’d like to apply for the position.

    Mmmm…linguistic bon-bons, my favourite kind! 🙂

  2. I wish we’d sue them straight.

    I bet this wont make headpage breaking news headline though.

    1. One interview where Pique supposedly called Torres “Nando” is one that comes to mind. Fake ones involving Puyol and Xavi abound as well.

  3. Finally!

    I won’t ask why it took them so long, considering the ineptitude of the current board, amongst other thing; I’m just surprised they finally said something.

    Now, I wonder how long it will take for the next vote of no-confidence against Rosell. How long is he in power BTW?

  4. This is excellent!! Now those hater’s can STFU!!

    On a sidenote, Pep showed his class again by declining a sponsored Audi because the rest of the technical staff didn’t get one. What a gentleman. I wonder what car he is driving at the moment.

  5. Finally!

    Also, Catalunya’s yearly game this year will be on December 28th at the Camp Nou against Costa Rica (info via ESPN Deportes).

  6. kxevin write a post and the comments are:when we will kick out know what?i am not a sandro fan.i respect the vote of 60.000 members of barca.are they stupid?if they are ok.i was antilaporta but i never said to kick him out.this blog starts to be more politics than football.

    1. Just because the masses voted for someone doesn’t a choice the right one. We see it every day, in every country, in election after election. And if you think that this space is more politics than football, I suggest that you go back and do a post count, of politics posts and football-related posts, then report back with your findings.

      Politics are part of this club. An inextricable part of this club and its daily life, and right now we are going through a difficult time. To stick our heads in the sand and pretend that we aren’t just isn’t the thing to do, because this blog is also a place of journalism, and covers EVERYTHING Barca.

      We are all optimists here. It is the nature of being a fan and supporting a club. But you can be an optimist while still noting when someone is stomping on your foot, or urinating on your lawn.

  7. i am gonna chill out and i will not follow the politics of the club.i am tired of politics in my country fucked by politics.behind barca there are a lot of money,business,papers of catalonia who have power e.t.c.maybe the truth is that rosell want to make the money who spended for the elections.i am just wanna have hope and to be optimist.that.s all.i love that blog(except the politics stuff)

    1. No worries, GREECE BARCA, optimism is always a good thing, especially with the pessimism (no matter how realistic a lot of it is) here lately.

      I hate Rosell, and the fact that he’s here for 7 years bother me greatly because he is, in my opinion, making the club worse.

      Anyway, there are plenty of thing I don’t like too; like the constant Villa-Ibra comparison–or the fact that Villa gets slandered because his predecessor did the same thing. I understand it’s necessary–in fact I support it, because there are a lot of hypocrites/people with double standards, but it doesn’t need to be stressed every single time.

      Still, it has to be discussed. I just don’t have to read it or talk about it, if I don’t want to. No biggie.

    2. Exactly, Kari. I rarely get involved with player discussions, because it simply doesn’t interest me to be comparing Player Here with Player Not Here Anymore or even Player One Or Two Seasons Away From Barca B Promotion.

      So just don’t take part in it. You don’t have to read it, meng.

  8. Liverpool was flown to Napoli by Iron Maiden guitarist.Ha Ha. They’re so broke they need a help from the artist.

    1. They actually aren’t broke, they’ve just been bought by the owners of the Boston Red Sox and the bulk (£200m) of their debt.
      The pilot is a personal friend of Steven Gerrards and Jamie Carraghers and actually asked if he could fly the plane. To suggest that a team can’t afford to fly to Napoli is rediculous and you must know that. The guardian is rubbish, just look at what they’ve been saying about Barca.

      Don’t slag a team off because of a rediculous article and because you clearly don’t like them.

    2. Well said, Benj. Just as we are so conscious of when people say silly things about our club, we should be careful not to be taken in by the crap that journalists spew.

      And if Liverpool’s new owners do for that club what they did for the Boston Red Sox, Reds fans will have precious little to worry about.

  9. Check it out, folks, now you can share posts on Facebook with just one click. THIS IS GOOD (and all thanks to our man behind the scenes, Tarun).

  10. This blog is:

    –A place to come and vent.
    –A repository for match reviews.
    –A place that covers the ins and outs, including politics, of the football club that we all love.
    –It is a conscience, and a call for fan fairness.
    –It is, at any time, pretty much anything that you want it to be, because it is in many ways a microcosm of the world.

    If it seems that things are negative toward Sandro Rosell, that isn’t the case. When he does good things, those will be reported on as well as the bad things. But of late, all he’s done have been things that aren’t filling cule hearts with joy. That the masses voted for him is, for me, immaterial. In my view, he is damaging our club, which means that I will call him on it.

    If players are being treated differently than another player, I will remind people of that, not to harp on it but to say “Hey, remember this.” It’s important, even if it isn’t always appreciated, as fans have short and selective memories.

    In short, this blog is like a family. Every now and again, a relative says something that will make you roll your eyes and say “Sheesh.” Luke, Isaiah, SoMa, Euler and I don’t all agree all the time, just as all of us don’t agree all the time in the comments.

    But given all the bile, accusations and other savagery that I have to deal with after every last match review, I think that every now and again to have something that someone might not want to face is just part of the deal, as it is for me when I am accused of bias, love, stupidity, blindness, whatever. It’s part of the deal.

    Variety is the spice of life, and one of the things that make it worth living. Dig?

    1. It can also be:
      -A place to needle kxevin about the cigar smoking/card playing frat house thats the Tribune, whats up with that? :). Seriously, how do the real journalists down there feel about whats going on?

  11. I have to ask after whats been going down this week…Kevin, what the hell is going on with Rooney, and would we ever go after him this winter?

  12. Valencia aside, all Spanish teams won in Europe this week, right? The other big teams in la Liga doing well can only help us; it’ll be nice to have other teams tired from chasing multiple trophies for once!

  13. Valdes sat out today’s training session yet again. wonder if we’ll see Pinto in goal again on saturday?

  14. Kevin, I know we give you grief, but thank you so much for all you do. Thanks to all the writers. This is an excellent blog and it is because of you. No, I don’t like Rosell, but I hope he does an amazing job. I just wish he would stop bashing Laporta.

    Thanks writers

  15. Here I am , doing my *daily* rosell defending.
    Not because I really like the guy , but because I dont like to forget the past , its the only way to learn from your mistakes.
    Ofcourse the best option ,if available , is always to try and not make a mistake.

    Rosell isnt doing anything different than what laporta did after he won the elections:bashing the previous board , focusing on finances.

    He actually isnt doing anything different than what every single politician starts from for the past ten years : announcing the situation he found misleading by the previous administration , the numbers were off so we must rebuild the economy .
    But to be honest , barcelona is in a much better shape than the team of 2003 , there is a solid foundation to work with.
    No major overhaul required , or even wanted by anyone.

    Is this an excuse for harming the club’s image ? of course not.
    But if I am correct about this , anyone who would take charge would actually act in the same way.
    Whats important is to try and see the aftermath , whats all this combining into.
    Lets read between the lines , and not each line seperately.

    1. its true that thew NEW Office almost always Bashes the OLD OFFICE, but in laporta’s case, he came after gaspart, which was a total disaster, thats why everything laporta did seemed great.
      now rossel can hang laporta if he sees its the right thing to do, but he has to outdo him in terms of sporting success (at least) in order to have any credibility

    1. I doubt if the ManU fans will be so quick to forgive him. He has handled this really badly and made himself look like a giant sulking money-grubbing arse.

  16. kxevin i wanna ask you if you know about a deal we had with it end?i was shame that we had deal with a country almost dictatorship!btw laporta accused that he took 3m for this deal!

    1. That rumored deal was bouncing around,but never proven. We discussed it some here, back when it was news. Now it’s just another brick in the wall. Essentially, Laporta is alleged to have taken 3m in fees to arrange a friendly that didn’t come off, between us and FC Bunyodkor.

  17. They should applaud Fergie more. Without Rooney, the team’s season is toast (well, assuming this dip in form isn’t permanent). SAF knew it, so he took the issue to the media to pile pressure on the wantaway.

    Smart play, Sir Alex.

  18. this from the barca offside:

    “Remember FC København player Santin stopping mid-counter because of a ghost offside-call in Wednesday’s match? Mundo Deportivo has revealed that apparently it wasn’t so much a reflection of Santin’s guilty conscience, but proof of Jose Manuel Pinto’s oft-mocked musical abilities.
    It seems that our second goalie has often used the same trick to exasperate his teammates during training, imitating the linesman’s whistle and then (one supposes) laughing like a maniac when they fall for it. And that’s exactly what they say he did on Wednesday when Santin was running full-tilt at him with the Barça defence chasing well behind…”

    Mundo has some video evidence here:

    1. Hell, I’m going to amend his match rating to an 11! That goal would have been enormous, and quite possibly a match-changer. First the famous “I’m going thataway” penalty, and now this? Pinto’s folklore tales grow in the history of our club. Love it!

    2. Damn! I was just going to post that. Seems pretty silly. People have done a lot worse and not been charged.

  19. Not really… There is a huge difference between the way Laporta delt with previous board and the way Sandro delt.

    Laporta didnt sue Gaspart for Overmars price tag, to name one. And he didnt damage one of the brightest achievements of the previous board (Laporta’s achievement was increasing the international fans involvement to the club’s matters) to name another. where Sandro Rosell insulted each and every none Catalan fan -who followed and read and care for self dignity- with his (Oh God! 50,000 foreign joining the club will lead to a disgusting outcome!), then he sold a key player in the last minute leaving us naked offense wise (If you want to sell this kind of players you have to do it early and for real money -which was a given without any doubt). Instead, he sold poorly, and blamed the one who bought (regardless of what we think about the buying price). The selling deal was not better than the buying deal. So he must throw no stones when his house is glass.

    More? How smart is it to voice a financial collapse the moment you are seeking a loan and may restructure sponsorship?Add all that to the impact his decisions are making on the club’s image, value, and -most importantly players moral in this crucial part of the season -Read Xavi’s interview at Marca.

    I didnt see anything amazing in what Sandro Rosell did so far.Really. I like to know some. People translate their hatred to Laporta by loving Rosell. Those are two different things. They voted against laporta more than they voted for Rosell. They voted for Laporta’s enemy /insert any name/. Laporta made lot of key figures in Catalonia insecure with his antiques whether it was personal or -most importantly- political. They wanted to bury the “bug” before it becomes a monster. Success in itself cause unrest. Add it to an outspoken ambitious Laporta, and here you go. Those are politicians and journalists who decide the next president and pass the message to the majority of the members who just follow the stream created.The result? A classical election output.

    Assuming that Laporta is the devil himself. General Franco of this decade. He is the worst. Lets hunt him for life like a witch. Full stop. Aside of telling us that, what did Sandro Rosell do good so far? Even when there was a voting to sue Laporta he played “The neutral” role. If you want to be a leader you step forward and defend your case, you dont hide behind your directors shoulders. If Laporta is a thief I expect the new president to show unquestionable determination to hunt him down, instead of shying back showing that he doesnt dare to voice it loud. As if someone from outside the club is moving the strings dragging Sandro per se, or is it?

    He could have achieved the same by starting a blog and posting his thoughts about Laporta there. In fact, I Sala responded to his accusations yesterday so its more words Vs words so far with nothing certain. As a Club president he has other things to do. When he start doing his job, we praise him.

    So far, he had a bad start, and it is only getting worse. Do I hate him? No. I dont like him. I dont trust him. And I am not optimistic for the way things are going for the club. One can only hope that after this egoistic Tsunami, he will start showing some commonsense. If there is any hope, it is there.

  20. ramzi the same media who made the members vote for rorell back in 2003 supported laporta!i believe in 2016 elections we will see the group of new people who made the start winning!no more lawyers and businessmen!new people with fresh ideas is what the club needs!igla,soriano,ferrer are one of the same!

    1. “the same media who made the members vote for rorell back in 2003 supported laporta!”

      Great! Finally we can agree to stop this “The majority decided, so fair enough” nonsense. Its not me who held that banner.

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