Happy Birthday, Bojan!

bojanawkwardHappy Birthday to our little tyke. He just turned 19 today and because of that, we’re going to play a SuperCup in his honor! Yay!

The Kid has been with the first team for 2 full years now and is starting his third, which is incredible if you think about it cause he’s like 5 years old. He’s played in 93 games for us and scored 21 goals (12, 10, and 1 this year already). So far, so good for the kid. Remember, he’s just 19.

Tune in later for the Liveblog.

Birthday dance!

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  1. Is there somebody who knows how many times he started? Anyway 93 games played 21 goals as a 17-18 year old is not bad, especially if we take in account that he will probably had more than 10 games where he had 5min or less.

    after the former EE transfers I hope the following ones go through:
    VDV at 5Million to Arsenal (so we get Cesc next year 😉
    Drenthe to stay and get both a payrise and contract extension, (after which they sell him to Al-ittihad or something similar for 2.5M being the only teams left that could & would pay his salary)
    RVN to get some more knee-surgery and he will be sent on loan to Espanyol

  2. And a happy birthday lil guy (damn if even I can start saying these things, that means (I’m getting…)they’re still very young)

  3. Some interesting thing I found on a RM blog:

    “But it is interesting to note that we complete all the away trips against the strong sides (Barca, Sevilla, Atletico, Villarreal and Valencia) in the first half of the season. And apart from the trip to Gijon in between, all those take place one after another. So we could be looking at that as the “decisive period” in the season, or in other words, the league could effectively be won or lost before Christmas. ”

    Amen to those last words!!!

  4. Han, I looked briefly for that starts stat, but didn’t get so far and then posted. Here’s the break down:

    In his first year (07/08), he started 20 games and scored 8 of his 12 goals during those starts. That’s a goals-to-starts ratio of 0.4. Not bad for a 17-year old.

    Last year he started 18 games and scored 9 of his 10 goals in those games. That’s a goal-to-starts rate of 0.5. Pretty good, especially for an 18-year old.

    In his first year (06/07) he had 643 minutes spread out of 28 subs on. That’s just under 23 minutes per sub appearance. In his 20 starts he played 1,692 minutes, which is 84min36sec on average for each start and 221min30sec per goal as a starter. Overall he played 2,335 minutes and scored 12 goals (194min35sec per goal). As a sub he scored 4 goals in 643 minutes (160min45sec per goal).

    Last year (08/09) he had 408 minutes spread out over 23 subs on. That’s 17min44sec per sub appearance. In his 18 starts he played 1,477 minutes, which is 82min3sec per start and 164min7sec per goal as a starter. Overall he played 1,885 minutes and scored 10 goals (188min30sec per goal). As a sub he scored 1 goal in 408 minutes (408min per goal).

    So he’s improving, I would posit.

  5. I’s sorry, Isaiah. But .5 goals / game is not “pretty good”, its phenomenal regardless of your age. Look up the stats of ay great striker, and their career goals/ app should be in the vacinity of .5.

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