I Hate International Break

A quick list of things I don’t care about:

  • Jorge Lorenzo
  • Fernando Alonso
  • Fútbol Sala

So what did I have to read about today in the Spanish press? Nothing. I hate international break.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Seconded. For once I have no work to do this weekend, and I’ve had nothing to do. I’ve had to resort to some serious football manager

  2. from next saturday until 20 december there will be a lot of games!liga,CL,el clasico,copa!i am glad for this break only for xavi!it was good for him to rest!anyone knows what busquets earns per year??

  3. everytime somebody talks about futsal i little bit of vomit rises up in my throat. i prefer indoor soccer (you know like the hockey ring variety). but i love real soccer the most. ya know on the big field.

    1. Ive never played the hockey ring style, but im dying to. Futsal is pretty fun but rebounds would be 100 times better.

    2. yeah being able to play a give and go to yourself off a wall is awesome. also passing to teammates to shoot the ball off of what essentially is the post is also cool. plus since the ball doesnt go out of bounds the game is way fast pace.

  4. Lacking my weekly Barca fix, I took a page from Kxevin’s book and re-watched the 2009 CL Final.

    Man, we were really getting worked by ManU until that exquisite counter from Iniesta and Eto’o. And what was up with Valdes’ foot? He had to get Pique to take the goal kicks for a portion of the game. I’m still amazed we kept a clean sheet with such a crazy back line; everyone was so on point!

  5. i believe it was pep.s tactic to give united the possesion in the start and hit them in counter.very smart move.and i think we must try that and in other games in away games with big teams!last year we conceded 2 goals against inter in counterattacks!witg 1-1 we had to stay back and kill them..maybe this is a plan b!

    1. No way that was our tactic. Pep never lets go of the possession. They almost scored in that time anyway.

    2. We played against Getafe in the CdR in 06/07 with the exact same strategy. Guess what was the result..

  6. I remember something I think either Pep or Xavi mentioned a while ago, for the first five minutes or so the team usually sits back and absorb what the opponent are planning to set out to do in the game, then after 5 or 10 minutes Pep comes out and gives instructions and orders to set up the team.

    1. I don’t know about that; Pep has said that the team is significantly worse without the ball, so I don’t think he’d willingly allow the other team major time with it. But if that’s true, it was a gambit that definitely worked out!

    2. well not exactly in those words, but it usually takes 5 or so minutes for the team to set up properly and get into the rythm.

  7. What’s wrong with Lorenzo? He is the future of MotoGP. I’m glad Rossi won the race. Too bad I couldn’t attend the race.

    Another Spanish victory over the weekend, Rafael Nadal a.ka. monkey in Japan.

  8. The more I read this blog, the more I get the feeling you guys have become as arrogant as others you so brazenly dislike (“Brit press” comes to mind).

    Never been here before, just stumbled upon it a few days ago. Read 5 comments, and I think it sucks.

    I don’t know, it’s just the overall tone here. you guys act like you own the world. guess again.

    1. Isaiah was just kidding mate. He like the rest of us here are just bored to death due to the international break.
      Which team are you supporting?

    2. why arrogant? please give examples I’m really blind in my culerism. is it all because of Arsenal’s#4?

      I’ll that say we are the best even if louis van gaal played as the 4 and we sign lopetegui again. But right now it’s different, it’s not only us, everyone says we’re the best, even Casillas… lol. That can be a good indicator or a team’s quality. The fact is that never ever an english team will play like us, they can buy all the 16 year-olds they want. Maybe that’s where the hate comes from. But not from being arrogant, why arrogant? We know it’s hard to win. Look at la liga we are having hard times but I still think we’re the best no big deal. We lost against Inter in last CL and I still think we’re far better than them. And every season it’s harder to win since they fear us and study us. Who do you support? Do you think your team wouldn’t park the bus against us? Only Manchester didn’t and I don’t know if it will happen again.

    3. You read a mere 5 comments and think the site sucks? Rock on. Luckily you don’t have to be here.

  9. I’ll correct the above post, what he meant was:

    Can anyone find and post up links of any clips of the Barcelona B goals from last game? 😀

  10. Something to brighten your Barca-less week:

    Villa speaking English…I think :D. Aww, he’s so cute!


    Now, just get outta your funk already!

  11. Btw, another Spanish victory during the weekend, Oscar Freire Gomez in cycling. How old is he now? It was 10 years ago when I first saw him and now he’s still riding. Didn’t know cyclists can last that long.

  12. now it looks like E.E are going after suarez and ljorente..wtf?if we had a chance to buy them now their prices are go high!stupid perez!how money do you want to spend to take la liga from la masia hahaha!

  13. eklavya they had some shoots from distance.we gave them space and made them come higher in the field.sorry but for me it was a tactical desicion(iniesta,anri were after injury,alvez and abidal missed,toure played in defense)there were reasons for that.

  14. btw, I just read a translated interview with Mata on goal.com (originally from EMD) and he mentions that we will surely miss Xavi against them. So is Xavi definitely out of the Valencia clash? I didn’t know it yet :/

  15. Sorry if this has been posted but hilarious piccy of our lil Pedro!


    Just waiting for a photoshopper to hammer this one like they did Peter Crouch!

    Write your own caption…

  16. According to Sport, Bojan had the following to say :

    “I am missing something, I do not know what. It is not a question of confidence, just that things are going wrong. I can give a lot more. Lately I do not know why I can’t get a goal, but I’m not playing calmly,”

    1. Mourinho at Chelsea:Frank Lampard is the best player in the world”
      Mourinho at Inter(first year)Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the best striker in the world.just after the swap deal”Eto’o is the best striker in world”and Now”Ronaldo is number one”,I am sure that is Sunderland is his next destination then Titus Bramble will be world’s best player

  17. who cares..let him speak…nobody pay money when speak(we use that phrase in greece when someone talking crap things!)

  18. Is there any download link for season review of past seasons? I am looking for 2005-06 with match highlights/goals. I have got 08-09 but could not any other seasons.

  19. Quick Poll :

    If you could sign any 3 players in the World and Add them to Our squad, Who would you pick ?

    1. ill buy wayne rooney, mesut ozil (who i think we should have brought in instead of chasing expensive impossible targets, a.k.a cesc) and any decent central defender who will only play when the other central defenders are injured/suspended

    2. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta.

      …Oh wait.

      Alright then, I’d get David Silva, David Silva, and, err, Sidi Yaya Keita /http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidi_Yaya_Keita

      But David Silva would be the priority.

    3. me starts to looove llorente. I called him the vasc drogba but he’s not vasc he’s from la rioja!!! lol

  20. I’ve been out of pocket for a while, but am back. Busy busy weekend. Few thoughts:

    Les Bleus! I have been waiting so long for a France side to evince the kind of aggression and movement that Les Bleus are now showing under Laurent Blanc. Wow. It was only 2-0 over Romania, but could (should) have been more. We’ve been watching and hoping on Loic Remy for a while, but man, did he look the business. I think those “next Thierry Henry” shouts are a bit extravagant right now, but he’s the kind of player that Ruh Roh Dumbenech would NEVER have given a shout to, thanks to his fondness for established professionals, a fondness that came back to bite him in the ass.

    Yes, they were wasteful in front of goal, and we all know that, right? But the basis for a strong future is there, now that the team has a real coach.

    –Spain looked a little off without Xavi. And how in the hell did Villa miss that shot? Madness. That dude needs to get some stuff fixed, and I don’t mean tomorrow. The movement is there, but there’s something missing. Llorente looked pretty amazing, as precisely the kind of Plan B player who would get on the end of those Alves crosses.

    –January rumors are already starting? Tevez hates his footballing life now, and it wasn’t that long ago that he was all giddy with rapture about signing for Citeh. Pato has said “Hey, come and get me,” with his comments that if he were to leave Milan for anywhere, it would only be for us. And (who knows if this is true) Mancini loves him some Krkic, and is looking to grab some youthful talent to mix in with the expensive veterans.

    Sell Krkic and buy Pato? I didn’t say that. Someone else did.

    Words from The Yaya on Radio Catalunya: “I will be back in Barcelona to play, not as a tourist. I want to return to Barcelona, because to leave was the hardest moment of my life.” Sorry, dude. You could have stayed. You chose to chase money, guaranteed starting and fame.

    Denilson? Denilson??!1 Not likely. Not even within the realm of possibility.

    You can trust MARCA to try and stir shit up. Guardiola has postponed long-term contract talks until the end of the season. He’s never been interested in being tied down to a long-term deal anyway. But our “friends” from the capital say that he postponed those talks because he’s vexed over the sale of Txigrinski and the treatment of Cruijff.

    –Xavi has said that he “hopes to be there” against Valencia.

    –Brace yourselves, kids. EMD says Fabregas and Pere bought a plot of land in Barcelona, where they’re going to build a house, probablynextseasonhescomingomigodCesciscomingin2011. So stand back.

    1. Why didnt we go for Auritz? He looks pretty decent and he wouldnt have been upset being a sub in Barca?

    2. Post in a comment 😀

      Diego posted a nice comment from Bojangles above (if I may repost): “I am missing something, I do not know what. It is not a question of confidence, just that things are going wrong. I can give a lot more. Lately I do not know why I can’t get a goal, but I’m not playing calmly,”

      Not a question of confidence, eh? Not playing calmly, huh? Interesting.

      -Like I’ve said before, I think Villa is in a little funk right now. It happens every so often when you change places; like how your grades drop when you move to a new school and area. He’ll come good.

      Personally, in the grand scheme of things, I like how he’s having troubles early. The honeymoon is already over, and so now he has time to get himself sorted. Unlike a formerplayerIdon’tknowwho, who started hot–too hot imo, only to cool down and go through what Villa’s going through right now at a time they couldn’t afford to.

      Villa going through his troubles now will benefit us later in the season, when the Cl and Liga start to get serious. Of course, that means bearing what’s going on now. I know I have the patience, dunno if others do.

  21. International break hasn’t bothered me much this time because la Segunda didn’t go on break and the B team did well yesterday!

  22. screw lorenzo screw alonso… but why futbol sala?? I play a lot, maybe more than football eleven and it’s great. Lotta skill going on there, while lotta kicking legs in football 11. They play with their feet and the ball is still round like in football 11 😉 All kids in spain play futsal and it’s good, the big field is too much for them. For instance lord Iniesta would not be the same player without it. IMO Barça right now is playing futsal against those damned parked buses, it’s as claustrophobic but they play with a balloon.

    on the vroom-vroomers… lorenzo is a know cule, and a known asshole 😀 same as alonso. maybe alonso more cause he supports EE. I don’t mean to insult them just stating they don’t have much charisma or likable personality.

  23. grrr i am a big fan of alonso!but ok i know he is an asshole!haha!after all is E.E fan like that monkey from mallorca!i want only one player for me the best L.B now!coentrao!!for the future neymar and pastore!that.s all!in 2 years tiago and my favorite muniesa will be starters!

  24. kari patience is the magic word!if you look at total.barca there are comments like:villa is crap,bojan is crap e.t.c!and when we start beat everyone they will say:villa is god,bojan is god!the old story of fans!

  25. Links!

    The official site has the second part of the Xavi interview:


    Conlaroja has a nice translation of an El Pais article with Victor Valdes and Pepe Reina:


  26. If there can be Northern Ireland and Ireland teams, why can’t there be Spain and Catalunya teams? Is there a semantic difference that escapes my dumb ass?

    1. The short answer is “Yes.” But you don’t really want to open that whole kettle of fish, do you?

      Ireland and Northern Ireland are separate countries. NI is one of four countries belonging to the United Kingdom with a devolved national assembly and the legislative seat of government in London. Politically it has no connection to the Republic of Ireland. Culturally and morally is a different question.

      Catalunya, although an autonomous region, is only recognized as a separate nation in a historical and cultural sense, not a legal one. According to the Spanish Constitutional Court in their most recent ruling back in June of this year.

      So Northern Ireland gets its own team and Catalunya does not. Legally speaking.

    2. I think the better question would be why persist with the “Home Nations” teams for the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and N.I.) but not allow Spain to have the same system, with Castilla, Catalunya, Euskal Herria, et al. teams.

      Other than, of course, overblown “tradition”.

    3. Again, because NI, Scotland, Wales and England are all legally and internationally recognized as separate nations who have a common seat of government under the parliament of the UK.

      It’s not a matter of “allowing” Spain to do anything. Spain does not legally recognize Catalunya as a nation in anything but a cultural sense. It is an autonomous region in the same sense that Quebec is a “distinct society” in Canada. Therefore FIFA does not and cannot recognize the Catalan national team.

      So to answer your question, they can’t allow Spain to have the same system, because…Spain doesn’t have the same system.

      Not saying it’s right, but those are the facts.

    4. good shit blitzen.


      i also remember reading that catalunya has more autonomy & a much larger gdp than northern ireland.

    5. oops. can’t read that w/out a subscription.

      “A nationality, not a nation
      The constitutional court limits Catalonia’s powers

      Jul 1st 2010 | Madrid

      FOR a decision that took four years to reach, the rewriting of Catalonia’s controversial autonomy charter ordered by Spain’s constitutional court on June 28th was surprisingly light-handed. The judges struck out parts of just 14 of the charter’s 223 articles. A further 27 will be constrained by still-unpublished written interpretations.

      The court reined in attempts to promote Catalan as the senior of the region’s two official languages, above Castilian Spanish, and took away powers over local judges. A hairsplitting decision allowed Catalans to continue claiming they belonged to a nation, while stating that the claim had no legal worth. The constitution ambiguously labels regions like Catalonia as “nationalities”, but it still recognises only one nation, Spain.


      There is much hot air in such outrage. Catalonia, which already enjoys a large dose of devolution, has an election in the autumn. Nationalists and separatists in the populous and wealthy region typically seek votes by casting themselves as victims of the central government and courts in Madrid. That said, there are some grounds for justified complaint—principally that Catalans approved the charter in a referendum, and the court has overturned their vote.

      Even before the sentence was passed, however, Spain appeared to have reached the high-water mark of devolution. The centre-right opposition People’s Party, which challenged the Catalan charter in court, has long felt so. Even José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Socialist prime minister, who backed the charter and won the grateful support of Catalan voters in the 2008 general election, has signalled that the latest phase of devolution is drawing to a close. Spain, he says, has “concluded the phase of self-government” and should devise ways for its 17 regions to co-operate better.”

  27. Why buy a shirt when you can get one tattooed on your body? @@


    Also, Happy Thanksgiving and Ritual Turkey Slaughter Day to fellow Canadians on here!

  28. Yippee! Off to Hampden tomorrow to see Spain vs Scotland. I hope to see me some decent tika taka from Iniesta and co. followed by a 91st minute goal for us 🙂

    On a more serious note I’ve never been so embarrassed to be a Scot than when I watched that abomination of a game against the Czech Republic. We had nobody, yes nobody !, up front. We parked the double decker of all buses. On three or four occasions Fletcher got the ball 15 yards inside his own half and had to turn back to find a team mate.

    I’d love to see a 4-3-3 and have a go at Spain. What does it matter? We can support the team and make a noise and Spain would probably score 5. Good night all round.

  29. As of right now, Maicon isn’t part of his plans. He hasn’t been called up for the past 3 matches. He has an eye toward the 2014 World Cup and Maicon will be 33 by then.

  30. A friend of mine told me Barca B had to play the last 10min with 10 men against Tenerife, because of a serious arm injury to one of our players (and all 3 substitutions had already been used). Which player got injured?
    Furthermore, can someone explain to me why there are barely more than some thousands of spectators for the home matches of Barca B? I think that’s disprespectful towards all the B players! They play almost as beautiful as the first team, they are succesful, you can watch one of the most promising talents in world football there and the ticket prices should be much lower compared to Camp Nou matches. If I lived in Barcelona, I would visit as much matches as possible of Barca B, and cheer for them till my voice disappears.
    Note that last weekend against Tenerife, there was not even a la Liga match, so there are potentially 70.000+ regular stadium visitors who could have bought a ticket for the smaller team. Shameful!

    1. Abraham dislocated his elbow.

      I don’t know why more people don’t go and watch Barça B play, but like you, if I lived there I would go all the time. And it’s not like they are in the 4th division or something. Segunda is no joke.

    2. Second division is … well second division. By the same standard it seems pretty crazy that barcelona rarely gets a packed stadium and its average attendance is around 20000 seats less than full capacity but it happens .
      If the first team , one of the best teams in the world ,a club with millions of supporters and arguably playing the most entertaining football for the past years cant get a full house , is understandably not getting one too.

    3. i guess it’s the mentality that segunda matches won’t be as entertaining as la liga’s.

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