Champions League Group Stage Draw

The UEFA Champions League group stage draw will be held today at 12 noon EST. Here are the pots:

Pot 1 Club (Nation) Coefficent
1 FC Barcelona (ESP, holders) 121.853
2 Chelsea FC (ENG) 118.899
3 Liverpool FC (ENG) 118.899
4 Manchester United FC (ENG) 111.899
5 AC Milan (ITA) 110.996
6 Arsenal FC (ENG) 106.899
7 Sevilla FC (ESP) 100.853
8 FC Bayern München (GER) 98.339

Pot 2 Club (Nation) Coefficent
9 Olympique Lyonnais (FRA) 91.033
10 FC Internazionale Milano (ITA) 87.582
11 Real Madrid CF (ESP) 78.853
12 PFC CSKA Moskva (RUS) 71.525
13 FC Porto (POR) 68.292
14 AZ Alkmaar (NED) 64.826
15 Juventus (ITA) 63.582
16 Rangers FC (SCO) 56.575

Pot 3 Club (Nation) Coefficent
17 Olympiacos FC (GRE) 52.633
18 Olympique de Marseille (FRA) 48.033
19 FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR) 46.370
20 VfB Stuttgart (GER) 45.339
21 ACF Fiorentina (ITA) 42.582
22 Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP) 41.853
23 FC Girondins de Bordeaux (FRA) 40.033
24 Beşiktaş JK (TUR) 32.445

Pot 4 Club (Nation) Coefficent
25 VfL Wolfsburg (GER) 21.339
26 R. Standard de Liège (BEL) 21.065
27 Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR) 17.050
28 FC Zürich (SUI) 14.050
29 FC Rubin Kazan (RUS) 9.525
30 AFC Unirea Urziceni (ROU) 8.781
31 APOEL FC (CYP) 4.016
32 Debreceni VSC (HUN) 1.633

Remember that the rules prevent us from being drawn with anyone in Pot 1 as well as preventing us from facing anyone from our own league (Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Sevilla). We’re the number 1 seed in this tournament, which I suppose is worth some sort of bragging rights, but doesn’t really do anything for us in terms of opponents.

In my opinion, a group of death would be Inter, Marseille, and Wolfsburg, though if we had Inter and Stuttgart, we’d end up playing both Eto’o and Hleb twice apiece.

The easiest possible group would be AZ Alkmaar, Bordeaux, and Unirea Urziceni (argue for APOEL or Debreceni all you want, I sort of randomly chose Unirea based on their distinct lack of CL experience…experience that is mirrored by Debreceni, in fact, though Debreeceni has been in the qualifiers for a bit and I don’t know Unirea’s qualifier record). Whatever, it’s sort of a silly point anyway since they all have coefficients so small they’d make a hooker giggle.

Have your say in the comments; I’ll be updating this post during the draw itself.

Group A: Bayern Munich, Juventus, Bordeaux, Maccabi Haifa

Group B: Man United, CSKA, Besiktas, Wolfsburg

Group C: Milan, Real Madrid, Marseille, Zurich

Group D: Chelsea, Porto, Atleti, APOEL

Group E: Liverpool, Lyon, Fiorentina, Deberecen

Group F: Barcelona, Inter, Dynamo Kiev, Rubin

Group G: Sevilla, Rangers, Stuttgart, Unirea

Group H: Arsenal, Alkmaar, Olympiakos, Standard Liege

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. So it’s us, Inter, Dynamo Kiev and….who? Who the hell is Rubin?

    And for you socis planning those vacations, match tix go on sale at 10 a.m. BCN time on Sept. 2. Yes, I’ll be getting Clasico tix. 😀 Unless I fall asleep as I did last year, then I won’t be. And I won’t be happy, either.

  2. Congrats to Leo.

    Looks like we got some extra traveling in our schedule. Who knows? We might even see some snow games. Inter should provide us with a great opportunity to test out our new bus breaking tactics. Hopefully we play them before Cuchu comes back from injury.

    This is a great chance to give Samu the standing ovation at the Camp Nou that he deserves. Also, the ol’ Mourinho rivalry is back. His Chelsea teams always gave us a run at our money.

    BTW Didn’t Xavi look just plain SUAVE out there. Humphrey Bogart indeed. “Tócala otra vez, Sam”

  3. Arjen Robben to Bayern Munich for 25m, according to Sid Lowe. dunno if that’s been reported yet.

  4. BTW How do you think the Man U and Chelsea players felt with all the re-runs of the Iniestazo at the Bridge and the Messi goal at the Final?

    Awesome 🙂 .

  5. Rubin won the Russian league last year, and are currently leading the league after 20 games or so. It’s a tough, tough draw. Probably the toughest group, without going back for a closer look at the others.

  6. If I had to handicap, Arsenal gets the easiest group. Sevilla is also looking golden. Gp E is tough, as is C and D. United gets to cruise into the group stages, and Bayern should, as well.

    Inter. HA! You knew it had to happen. You just knew it. We know how to play their guy, they only think they know how to play our guy. Can’t wait. Might have to hold off on those vacation plans. I’ll want to be at Camp Nou for that leg, for sure.

  7. This is probably one of the hardest groups we could of gotten. Rubin won the Russian PL last year by a large margin. Dynamo is also a difficult team, who are Ukraine champions. Inter is going to be difficult, but we’re the defending champions and it’s time to show the world why.

    Also, Madrid’s group is difficult, but Man Utd’s is easy.

  8. i definitely think those two eastern teams were the most underrated teams of that group. guardiola doesn’t underestimate anyone so that shouldn’t be an issue. he’ll do his homework. the jet lag & the climate are issues for me.

  9. My sincerest hope is that it breaks so that Inter comes to us on match day 5 (Nov. 24/25), so that I could be in a Camp Nou seat to boo Inter until I vomited, then do the Clasico.

    Museum, I just found that out. Thanks for that. It is looking like a tough group. I still think we qualify, though I do wish that it were easier. I’d kill for Arsenal’s group.

  10. Its just like the old days. We are in the only group that truly lives up to the Champions League name. Its the only one composed only of league champions.

    The Champions of Spain, Italy, Russia, and Ukraine. All in one group. Four enter but only two leave…lets get it on!

  11. boo until you vomit? fuck yeah! that’s how i party!

    arsenal has the easiest ride, hands down.

    i definitely think samu should get a standing ovation @ camp nou. good call.

  12. I totally thought we were getting Wolfsburg. But yeah, Rubin Kazan isn’t great either. Very jealous you’re headed over there, it’s been far too long for me.

  13. I sincerely hope we get to beat Chelsea again too.

    Tears of whiny Chelsea fans = better than sex

  14. So….anyhow….conspiracy theorists will suggest that the ticket sales spike due to the homecomings of Eto’o and Kaka were too good to pass up, so those draws had to happen, right? 😀

    Eto’o might get a standing ovation, but it won’t be from me. I would have for his last match in the colors, but the next time he’s in the Camp Nou, he’ll be wearing the colors of the enemy. To hell with that.

  15. Lowly Barça? Hee. I do hope we meet again, so Pep’s metal heads can have at Chelsea, while BANGS karate-kicks the goals in.

  16. If you ever had any doubt, this should prove it once and for all. The draw is rigged.

    Rubin are Russian champs. Not easy by any measure. I hate that we got Inter and hate that we got 2 teams so far away. Oh well. Qualifying shouldn’t be too tough though.

    Figo retired at the right time. Will we boo Eto’o or welcome him?

    I used to really love the guy, I don’t hate him but I feel nothing for him now. I’m completely indifferent to him. As it is he left with a bitter taste in the mouth, if he scores against us I’ll positively hate him. And you know he will. You just know.

  17. I know, Flippy, I know….which is why it won’t happen, right? It would indeed be too good to be true. 😀

    lovelymofo, rise above. Just rise above. The tournament will play itself out, and we’ll see what happens.

  18. Well, we could have gotten an easier group, but we also would be in a lot more trouble if we got Fiorentina from pot 3 and Wolfsburg from pot 4. (I didn’t see the other groups yet, I missed the drawing and will watch the re-live in some hours).

    So I’m still excited to see how much RMs chances of advancing to the k.o. round are 😀

  19. I honestly hate Chelsea just about as much as Madrid at this point. I really just can’t stand them. Anyone else relate?

  20. Going to eastern europe in the winter is never fun.Last two times we won the cl we got a tough group the next year.Coincidence? Never mind that though, WE”RE THE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE.

  21. Samu deserves tribute for what he gave us. Give him a standing ovation before the game starts and after that, game on. Also, you have to wonder how Ibra will be received at Milan. I have the idea that Italian ultras are a wee bit more hardcore about these things than us.

  22. Wow, Rubin Kazan…

    3725km == That will be a new record for our team, the longest distance in the European CL ever travelled!

  23. we wouldn’t have been able to play fiore because we had already gotten inter. vflvolkswagen definitely had me scuuuured.

  24. And of course, I’m liking our life should we win the group. I believe we get matchups out of Group E? Look for Liverpool and Lyon to come out ot there, with Liverpool as group winner.

  25. Seriously, Chelsea? I think Chelsea is a good team that will win the EPL. But they can’t ‘kill’ any team in which they play with 10 men behind the ball. Not that I blame that tactic. ManU decided to play Barca straight up and, er, we all know how that turned out.

  26. Hector, I wish that I were that big of a man, but I’m not. The enemy is the enemy.

    Man, how I wish we could have Chygnasty for the CL. He’d come in handy. I’m still confident. We’re the best in our group. It isn’t the stroll in the park I was hoping for, but remember: to beat us, you have to have the ball. And our style of play removes the opponent from the picture as effectively as any club I have seen play in a long, long time.

    If we play as we’re supposed to, we win.

  27. Damn, Kevin. That’s right. Look for a much stronger Lyon side. They invested FloFlo Dollaz style in the summer and looked stacked offensively. Watch out for Bastos and my boy, Licha Lopez. The Argentine is a grade A badass and exactly the sort of striker that gives us fits.

  28. Chygnasty would have come in handy against Kiev. Those are Shaktar’s rivals and he knows them well. At the very least you would think he can give us a really nice scouting report, right?

  29. BTW “I mean, maybe he’s a great guy, but he looks like the biggest prick in history.”

    He’s not a great guy. Most older (read: before oil money) Chelsea fans will admit he’s a total asshole that has no respect for fans. it’s only an act what he’s done in the last 2 years. He is, infact, the biggest prick.

  30. PS Sending some love to you Hector for that FloFlo comment. Atleast someone follows Europe well 😀

  31. listo lopez is the shit…come on you gotta be in order to pull off that v for vendetta beard he’s got going on.

  32. Lyon supporters are already saying “Benzema who?” Between Lisandro and Gomis, scoring goals doesn’t appear to be a problem for them. And yes, they lost free kick wonders with Juninho, but they gained pace and fluency with his absence.

    But the big issue with Lyon is still the defense. Wide teams will give them a hard time. They still miss Abidal. And can Liverpool continue its slide? They’re stinking out the pitch so far.

  33. they got free kicks w/bastos though so pernembucao isn’t that much of a loss for them. hopefully grosso staying helps them out in the defense department. they didn’t get worse…come to think of it they got that cissokho dude from porto too right?

  34. Lets see, Argy players I have a man crush on: Messi, Mascherano, Tévez, and Licha Lopez. That’s it. If Riquelme weren’t such a diva he’d be on the list too but he was dropped since he quit the NT 🙁 . Kun and Pastore are working on breaking into the list as well but not quite there just yet. Lopez just has swagger and intelligence. He is one dangerous dude.

    They’ve got Aly Cissoko now as well but he is much more offensive than Abidal and is still raw in the positional intelligence requirement. Park shut him down when Porto played Man U the second time.

  35. de federico from huracan has a buzz around him…hopefully he’ll make a come up. don’t watch argie football as much as i should.

  36. OMG! I can’t stop laughing! 😀

    Guess who RM gets to face when they play Marseille? No, not Hatem Ben Arfa, not Cissé, not Lucho Gonzáles, not their ex players Morientes and Heinze, no… none other than my personal most hated player EVER even though we only played against him once. Who?

    Our old thuggish friend, Brandao, formerly Chygnasty’s teammate at Shaktar. Anybody else remember his tricks?

    BTW Marseille looks dangerous now that I look at their roster.

  37. we have a very tough group. its going to be really fun to watch. wish we could have avoided the travelling though.

  38. Txikidracula- Matías de Federico is good…very good but still raw. Excellent speed and dribbling but still has quite a bit of seasoning to do. New Messi? Nah but still a European top club team starter if he develops correctly. His buddy at Huracán last season, Pastore, to me is a much more promising prospect. The closest thing to Riquelme I’ve seen in a while with a little Kaka style directness and Ronaldinho type tricks mixed in. I hope he explodes at Palermo because he is Ready. That team with Cappa as coach was brilliant to watch last season. Too bad they lost their Batman and Robin duo.

  39. Group D: Chelsea, Porto, Atleti, APOEL

    That’s a very tough group.

    Barca got a tough one as well. 4 champions! 😀 Time to prove ourselves yet again.

    It’s also interesting to note that our very own Ibra is supposed to be an under performer in CL matches. Wouldn’t it be nice if he disproved that against his very own team by scoring goals using his famed ninja skills?

    Also, it is going to be interesting if Eto’o or Ibra (whoever makes the return first) scores a goal..or two? or three! How much pressure would that place on the second game against Inter.

    UNFORTUNATELY..if you thought the horse was dead enough after however many nukes people have dropped on it..GET READY FOR MORE. Good god I’m probably going to avoid this blog like the plague for 3 months so I can avoid most of that bad storm. “BUT ETO’O SCORED ON HIS RETURN AND IBRA DIDN’T!!!” GAHHHH even thinking about it makes me go crazy.

  40. Ahh finally, Etoó’s inclination to frequently miss sitters might end up to do us good after all 😀 (Hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.)
    Hopefully by then, Ibra could show Mourinho what he could do with a squad that can. Also, having no creative midfield to speak of, in Mourinho’s words, hopefully The YAYA can isolate their front 2 from the rest who are busy with the 2 greats in mid.

  41. i watch a lot of football from brazil & the dude that does remind me of kaka is hernanes. he even has the jesus freak t-shirts to prove it. i think he would have made a great stand in for xavi had it not been for dos santos & thiago to come on to the scene. watch his assist vs. fluminense last week.

  42. This isn’t the same Mourinho system that we know and love/hate from the old clashes. Mancini and Quaresma are <<<< Duff and Robben. Without good wingers, he can't run his trademark 4-3-3. We know how Samu works but he also know us. Considering we always play the ball out from the back. We have to be EXTRA careful with Samu's mad man like pressure. Both coaches will get first hand scouting reports. It should be good.

  43. Good point, Hector.. at the same time, the Barca defenders, if they are: Abidal, Puyi, Pique, and Alves, know a lot about how Eto’o works.. That can work in our favor.

  44. //

    around 1:25. what’s really scary is that he’s just as good w/his left foot as he is his right. sneijder meets kaka meets xavi…imo. barca didn’t try to go for him before hleb last year for no reason.

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