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Oh snap it’s Isaiah back with a Liveblog! Are you ready for some quick polls!? It’ll get going just before kickoff. He match is on ESPN Deportes and ESPN3 here in the US.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Are you watching Sandro? Are you seeing how Ibrahimovic is playing like a beast while Borriello does nothing with the ball, in those few moments when he’s onside? That is lesson one from the first half.

    -Ibra is playing deep, but is mostly brilliant. Dribbles very well to keep possession, puts out some brilliant passes–that one cross-field was one of the few moments the ball was on the right side–and deserves a goal. Some great runs, but also just a bit of lethargy too when he should be making another great run. Still, a thousand times better than Borriello. I’ll be shocked, shocked, shocked if he leaves, because he’s going to have a massive season if he stays.

    -Our biggest problem in the half was lack of width. Perhaps “Nervy Feet” Jeffren didn’t exactly inspire confidence in his teammates with some early plays, and perhaps Adriano isn’t demanding the ball, but everything was coming down the left side, and it came to the point that we began forcing it through, to no effect.

    -This is where Iniesta falls short of Xavi. He’s beginning to show that he can be every bit as good in the “Xavi” role as Xavi himself and as precise a clone as possible (is Guardiola thinking we only need either Xavi or Iniesta on the field at one time, and perhaps considering giving Xavi more rest?), but he’s not “The General” yet. Xavi would take command of the attack and tell Jeffren and Adriano to expect some balls before firing some through the “Alves” slot. Iniesta’s had a decent game otherwise, but far from a great one.

    -The new boys are still working their way into the team, but WOW! Villa’s got about a thousand touches so far, and though he’s still getting it down as far as working with Ibra and passing it into the midfield when appropriate, he looks very good. Excellent passes, and the way he takes on his fullback mirrors the best of Henry with us (does having two fullbacks on his side help him?). Adriano’s had much fewer touches, but some good defense, and one excellent, excellent cross. He’s as good a sub as we can ask for.

    -Lots of love for JDS, who definitely takes a lot of his game from Busi and a lot from Xavi. Some very ambitious passes, with all the physicality you can ask for in Liga. Still, let’s get Mascherano ahead of him in the pecking order. Then we’ll be straight.

    1. Good second half, and heartening!

      -Looks like we’re three-deep at left fullback, but only one-and-a-half (unless you include Puyol)-deep at the right. Adriano deserves the mantle of left-side Alves more than Maxwell I (hate to) have to say.

      -Love Thiago’s “samba,” but he has a lot to learn. Very decent game, looks like he has a blast playing.

      -Pedro played very well, I thought. If he wasn’t sticking to his position as much as we’d like, his technique has massively improved.

      -Will be interesting to hear what Kxev has to say about Bojan, because I thought he played pretty decently, at least at the start of the half. His communication with Messi, though…well, whose fault is that anyway? Both of them? Thought so. Not trying to heap praise on BoBo, though…he wasn’t sparkling.

      -Was Seedorf’s penalty miss planned? Naaahhh…

      -Now that Villa scored so quickly from CF, I bet the papers will heat up the Ibra->Milan rumors. Or maybe that short-lived scare if finally, finally over with…


    Pinto is a jedi. The ponytail carries The Force.

  3. 3 saves in 4 shots…

    I know Pinto is shorter and smaller, but when it comes to spot-kick , he is way bigger than Valdes.

    Thiago shows his class. I think he is our best new youth product so far.

  4. Was Ibra out there for the picture/penalties/celebration? It didn’t look like it… That is NOT good news.

    Then again, maybe Milan purchased him and made him get ready to fly back on their team plane because they couldn’t afford to buy another ticket for him.

  5. “Ibrahimovic only barcelona player who’s not on the pitch to receive the gamper trophy” (pep)


    About the game….

    Adriano knows how to cross… Ibra is great…. Villa goal… Thiago es un crack.

    That is all.

  6. For me, the game really livened up when we had mini me front line. First part was quite ok without being great. We did miss Xavi though. I don’t think that Iniesta is next Xavi. He is great but in a different way. Iniesta is great with ball while Xavi pretty much dictates the next guy’s play as well. Only player i see who can play Xavi role is Messi. Even internationally only Riquelme can be mentioned in same breath as Xavi, i think, when it comes to style of play.

    Pinto is a beast in PK’s though he can be crazy for regular game.

    Bojan and Messi do need to work more. Messi kept on expecting Bojan to go out wide while Bojan kept drifting inside.

    I am not sure how great Villa – Ibra – Messi front line be. I think those guys really need to work well to make it great. Currently i think our best front line is Villa – Messi – Pedro.

    Penalty by Pirlo was simply too hilarious. I was laughing so hard that i spilled my drink:).

    Thiago looks really good. And he seems to have a attitude. I like it!

  7. Zubizarreta: “The end of the month of August is always very intense. We keep on negotiating with Milan.” #fcblive

    Zubizarreta: “If there’s something final, we will communicate about it. Ibrahimovic is still a Barça player.” #fcblive

    Milan wanted to include Borriello in the deal on Ibrahimovic but Barcelona didn’t accept. The situation is blocked. [via @gemmaherrero]

    From Pep

    So from Zubi negotiations are going to continue with Milan.

  8. Zubizarreta at halftime:

    “The end of the month of August is always very intense. We keep on negotiating with Milan. If there’s something final, we will communicate about it. Ibrahimovic is still a Barça player.”

    “Mascherano? We’re working on several options for that position.”

    “Hleb and Caceres? We try to find them a good club where they can play.” (via pep)

  9. thiago is ready, he has to become a 1st teamer this year if not last.

    adriano is a beast, iniesta is not xavi … xavi is not iniesta, ommmm

  10. *plugs ears* LA LA LA LA LA.

    Well, in other news, it appears Spurs are beating those Young Boys quite heavily. What are the odds of EPL fanboys and journalists repeating their league is the “best in the world” because all 4 teams qualified?

    I’d LOL if we got them in the group stage.

  11. Ibrahimovic:

    “I’m a player of Barcelona, I can’t talk about other teams.”

    “I’m happy at Barcelona, my family too.”

    “I don’t have problems with anyone, although I don’t know what the coach thinks. We only spoke twice in six months.” (barcastuff)

    1. Pep said if he only spoke to him twice it was for a reason.Shit if i hear anything about feeling 1 more time …

  12. Guardiola: “Ibrahimovic? I don’t speak about Ibra for the sake of the club. If we have only talked twice over the past six months, there’s a reason for that. The market is open until 31 August, If Ibra stays we’ll try to get him back on track.” (barcastuff)

    What is the reason?

    1. Could Pep be the one pushing for the move?

      Also, is this only two sit down discussions in six months, or is it only twice including every day at practice?

    2. As long as Pep is using him in his selection-even for friendly games where he doesnt need him- there is no reason enough.

      But you know what? I will make a strike regarding anything related to this topic:D I am sick of all “news” and contradicted speeches.

      August 31, we know the squad we will have for next season. till then i will be busy with things that worth giving time. Seriously we burned a whole day on this thing. more than enough for me.

      *Ramzi swallowing a full bottle of hector pills! What was I talking about?hm…I totally forgot!

  13. Really upset I missed the match, it was so hard to concentrate in class knowing Barca was playing.

    I keep hearing Thiago was great out there, but I haven’t heard any specifics. Can anyone elaborate about his play?

    1. Thiago was just full of confidence and class. He made all the right passes, lost maybe one ball, took on a few players, had good opportunities to score, and took a great penalty. He doesn’t hide on the field. He looked like he fit right in.

    2. His play was pure joy.Its hard to describe but he does things which are Deco or ronaldinho-esque.Or more accurately, just Brazilian.Maybe there will be a video somewhere soon.

    3. don’t say deco please jordi, I bet the kid can score a goal without leting the goalie touch it, or do some tikitaka… things deco did not seem to do. Imagine that kid a “veterano” in 4 years o.m.g.

    4. Thiago was good. A few special passes but otherwise ok. JDS was also good but less glamour.

    5. Nah, Eklavya. You’re selling Thiago short. He was more than good. JDS was good (out of position to be fair), Thiago was excellent.

  14. Evidently Gallini said on Italian TV this evening that the deal would be a straight sale with no Milan players going back to Barca.

    At least that suggests that the Borrielo issue may no longer be on the table.

    As a straight sale there’s really only two possibilities: either Barca gets pennies on the dollar or Berlusconi decides to open up the vault again to buy a striker. Those are the two routes this could go (or some mix in between). But by themselves Milan as an organization doesn’t have the money to pull this off unless Barca just sells him for nothing. Perhaps Berlusconi will be willing to do that to try to keep Milan somewhat relevant in the wake of Inter’s dominance. They don’t need a striker but they could be looking to bring in a big name star – especially one that means a lot in Milan. But Berlusconi hasn’t wanted to do that for some time now.

    Either way it doesn’t sound like the situation at Barca is headed in a positive direction when it comes to Ibra.

    Last summer’s transfer season could really prove disastrous for the club’s finances if Ibra is sold for too little. They’ve already lost 10M on Chyggy.

  15. Wow, these post match quotes totally took away the happiness of that win. Ugh. I’m with Ramzi, wake me up on Sept 1.

    1. As long as we have another attacking signing in mind I’m not bothered but I can’t think of many of the class we’re looking for. For all Ibra’s faults there aren’t many who fit that bill who would make these hurried moves worthwhile. It’d also have to be a pretty out and out CF as we have Villa for the LW.

      I’m not understanding why we find ourselves in this position with just days to go.

  16. what Ibra did today after the match is the reason he needs to go.his atitude is POISON for the team.

    crying to the media was the reason samu had to get gone and the reason ibra needs to get gone.

    1. He didn’t cry. He answered questions. Said he and his family were comfortable in Barcelona, he has no problems with anyone, but he hasn’t spoke to Pep much over the course of 6 months.

    2. Note that this post has been edited. I will repeat what Luke said the other day:

      No derogatory comments about players, unless it directly relates to their play. And no sexist coments, period. I have a zero tolerance policy as regards that kind of nonsense.

  17. More cryptic remarks from Guariola:

    “No todo depende de mí en este club, yo doy mi opinión al club, pero el secretario técnico y el presidente están por encima de mí, hay cosas que se pueden hacer y otras que no”, ha añadido Guardiola.

    Not everything depends on me in this club, I give my opinions to the club, but the presidnet and secretary are above me, there are things that can be done and others that cannot be done….

  18. Mino Raiola (agent Ibrahimovic): “There’s 99.999% chance that Ibrahimovic will stay at Barcelona.” [tv4]

    from Pep (@barcastuff)

  19. “Al menos no ha salido de su representante, vamos mejorando”
    ” At least this hasnt come from his agent, now were getting somewhere”


    LOL at least pep finds some humor in this

  20. Stop it with the Ibra nonsense .. If He Goes, It’s good .. If He Stays, It’s good .. We’re not going to beg him .. and If he’s gonna whine and ruin the locker room, He should leave .. I don’t care how good of a player he is,or that we won’t be able to get a proper cover, or we lack depth .. I don’t care .. Leave Or Stay ! Just do it silently !!

  21. espn deported had some good insight on the whole deal all share it with you guys later since am driving right now.

  22. I’m also completely fed up with this Ibra thingy, we all know what he is capable of, we all know that he has improved _every_season in any team he has played for. He had a great start for Barcelona.

    It is logical to assume that he will be a beast this year if he stays.

    So Pep, Sandro, Raiola and whatever the fuck your names are, get real and let him play another season, selling such a great, expensive player after one season is complete madness. I know we don’t _need_ him, but Ibra on top of his game is good for any club in the world.

    And he wants to stay, he has unfinished business here, some people to shut up and some people to humiliate. That means both sides wants him to stay so fucking get to it.

  23. It pains me to say this, I feel disgusted as I type, but…

    If we sell Ibrahimovic this summer, we are becoming more and more like Madrid.
    And we are doing so because of Sandro Rosell, aka The Catalan FloPer

    Selling superstars that we paid large amounts of money for after one season? Pushing players out of the back door. Ignoring the the desires of first and foremost, the HeadCoach, let alone the Socis, to please the littlest whim of his accounting team who are surely using methods that can be described as shady at best?

    This is no longer about selling a player. Selling our number 9. It’s about selling our Identity, Philosophy, and our standards.

    As Stephen has been telling me, the way that this administration has comported itself in the last two months have been shameful.

    The saddest part, maybe, is that we aren’t even selling our soul to improve our team. Madrid at least turn their club inside out year after year because they think it will improve their club.

    What are we doing by selling Ibra? Milan can’t come up with any combination of Cash and Players in which we get a fair trade, so why is Rosell doing this? To make an impact. for better or for worse, when Puyol hoists up the title this season, Rosell wants the world to know that It’s his legacy and not Laporta’s.

    I can see Pedro!-Villa-Messi winning La Liga, but I can’t see it cause much trouble for cynical Champion’s League teams parking the bus.

    I am simultaneously at a loss for words, needing to rant, and tired of hearing it.

    I’m just having a hard time swallowing the possiblity of a very thin line separating cule from merengue.


    1. “It’s about selling our Identity, Philosophy, and our standards.” Glad you mention this, when we were in the “BUY CESC BUY CESC” phase of things, we Barça-ed our way and bought Adriano OUT OF NOWHERE !! and thats what Identifies us, I think, from many clubs is that we aren’t out to get the “Popular” player in (or out) but rather get something that works economically and futbolistically.
      The way we are going about the Ibra thing without much transparency and how we’ve allowed the media to sell papers with the clubs name being pissed on, is where the Fail begins. Whether Ibra leaves or not, cules just plain look like assholes at this point (in all senses of that word).

  24. Why is Guardiola being ‘shady’ about the Ibra thing? I’ll tell you…
    Its lost in translation I think, what “talked” means to the Spanish folk and what it means to the ‘spanish-speakers-in-the-west’ is quite different, and even more different when its translated into English. The fact that sport is making it seem something else is because they want to sell papers. Also when Guardiola wanted Eto’o out, he ranted about his feeling this and feeling that, so he isnt one to “hide” anything.

    1. actually Pep very diplomaticly just said that his wishes aren’t being respected, and that he can only do so much… I’ll try to find it…

    2. here it is:

      “No todo depende de mí en este club, yo doy mi opinión al club, pero el secretario técnico y el presidente están por encima de mí, hay cosas que se pueden hacer y otras que no”, ha añadido Guardiola.

      Not everything depends on me in this club, I give my opinions to the club, but the presidnet and secretary are above me, there are things that can be done and others that cannot be done….

    3. there were other quotes from that I hated, but its deplorable the way things are being dealt with, and Im glad Ibra rebelled in the celebration. Not the coach, not the club have his back, and obviously the fanbase doesnt count.

    4. you did hear that there were protests outside of the restaurant during the Rosell Galiani meeting, yes?

    5. I know it’s weird, I SO would have reacted the same way. At the end of the day what’s it about eh

  25. Basically they read the direct quotes from Guardiola. Basically he said what we already know with the additions that “yo como entrenador trabajare para recuperarlo especialmente si se queda” he was also sad that Ibra did not celebrate with his squad members.

    Also that he would talk to Ibra again and explain to him what the issue was. That it had nothing to do with his training or performences that it was somethings else that he could not disclose. He also alluded to a person that was coming between them. Then proceeded to say not all decisions were his but that the Sports director and the President were in charge.

    1. yeah… I just want to find the direct quotes… because EMD’s dumbasses are cuting and pasting it together to look like Pep wants ibra out.

    2. “No todo depende de mí en este club, yo doy mi opinión al club, pero el secretario técnico y el presidente están por encima de mí, hay cosas que se pueden hacer y otras que no”, ha añadido Guardiola.

      Not everything depends on me in this club, I give my opinions to the club, but the presidnet and secretary are above me, there are things that can be done and others that cannot be done….

  26. I have a feeling this Transfer saga, will come down to PEP’s decision.

    yes, a lot of people are saying this is down to Rosell’s doing, I don’t think so anymore.

    This is Ibra’s agent and AC Milan putting our balls into the vice. They always had the upper hand here.

    Ibra wants answers from Pep. But Pep takes shit from noone.

    and so it looks like there is going to be an ugly ending to the pre-season 🙁

    I am very upset with a few individuals, Ibra’s agent and AC Milan. Right now Im hanging onto something Pep mentioned:

    “If Ibra stays we’ll try to get him back on track.”

    I am certain in my beleif that Pep has to choose, Ibra staying or going. 🙁

  27. Stephen, you bring up a good point, which leads me to my next…

    When Rossel gets a fucking grip, and finally decides not to sell Ibra, its not exactly time to let out a sigh…

    Now we have a pissed off number 9, and a pissed of Head Coach who will most likely not want to be here next summer.

    Even if (hopefully) Ibra stays, He’ll have the confidence of a wantaway player. And we all know strikers cannot operate that way…

    And if Guardiola isn’t allowed to run shit his way, how else will they encroach this season (beyond transfers)? Soon they’ll be telling Pep the squad list they want to use, and which subs need to make to ensure more shirts are sold…

    This deal has SO MUCH more implications that the transfer of one player…

    1. doesn’t matter, if Ibra isn’t happy then Pep won’t play him full stop.

      thats life in the Barca squad, we only want players worthy to fight for their spot.

      We have Bojan and pedro for CF and LW/RW respectively. Also Iniesta for the LW.

    2. The problem is that Ibra is fine with Guardiola. And Guardiola wants to keep him. Just like with Chygrinsky.

      But the big boys are pulling rank.

      If we manage to keep him, I think Pep will play Ibra, espeicially to throw a big “fuck you” to Rosell and co.

      I just don’t think that it’s a good way to run the club when the Execs aren’t giving 100% of the support to the Manager and the players.

    3. Bundy… Ibra said he would fight for his spot and he also said he was happy in Barça. Ibra never bitched about Villa coming or Bojan playing or none of that.

    4. He said this prior to Guardiola’s declarations of today, which concretely say about this “other person” and about “talking to him about his behavior” in not celebrating with everyone else.
      I wonder if it still holds.

    5. This is true. Pressure. The Yaya style, basically bench him until he wants to leave. But not the same in the sense that now if Ibrah doesnt leave then we just earned ourselves a terrible monetary return because we would have failed TWO seasons, and nobody is going to purchase him at anything higher than idk 30M. So now is it a screwed if we do, and screwed if we dont??

  28. Listening to “El Larguero”-usually reliable.
    1. Ibra says in Italian that he has no problems with the coach but the the coach must have something because Guardiola has only spoken to him twice in 6 months.Also says that everytime he has spoken to the front office they have told him that he is not for sale. That he is happy in Barcelona.
    I will write 2 after I find his complete quote.

    1. If you do find this source in Italian, would you post it? I want concrete proof, not what someone assumes the man said. Thanks.

    2. He says some of the things in this video:


  29. 2. Pep says later, “I will give my opinion about this later because it is something that is internal”.”My door is always open thats the way I am.”He also says the Ibra knows what the issue is, and that the problem has nothing to do with just talking twice.” he said that professionally there is nothing wrong with Ibra but the there is always the “Professional and the individual” and that the individual comes first.

    Basically saying that he has an issue with Ibra as a person and not as a professional.

  30. Links to the match:

    La Sexta commentary

    Full Match (both halves)


    Credit to caneco

  31. Here is the two part series of “El Larguero”.

  32. i cried when ronaldinho came onto the pitch after his video homage. not like a little girl w/a skinned knee or anything, but i did shed a tear.

    “This was impressive. I love Barça and that’s the best feeling there is.”

    “This was the best moment of my life.”

    what happened to this blog? i stop commenting for a couple of days & look what happens.

  33. I personally believe Ibrahimovic will be staying, simply because Milan cannot afford him. But even if Ibrahimovic stays, he has been completely destabilized by our club president. I truly hope he feels alright because not presenting himself in a celebration only means he is unhappy about what has been around him. It’s not hard to imagine, a star player wanna contribute and fight for a club to win things and play well, but that club kind of show you the boot, you can only feel upset about it.

  34. got this sucks, ibra was really good today, borderline great, and much better then our new forward. Give hime til january to shape up and some team (chelsea) will go hard for him if we want rid of Bangs. Also can i get something from kev or izzy on our (good) problem at fullback, 4 potential starters!!!!

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