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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


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  1. I’m likeing this new look messi! His passing was so insightful today and not just the usual afterthought. This new season I feel he’s look to his team mates more and more, and today, as his reward for being good his teammates give him the ball for a hat trick. What better way to change his ways.

    Also someone before(sorry forgot your name) mentioned jds in keita’s role. And think that’s a brilliant way to give him more minutes. He ha the defense tactical skills to be so versatile. Not to mention speed. We may have to stop calling xavi’s successor

  2. @Kxev’s news alert

    bro I understand you call president Obama president Obama instead of Barrack.

    but the dudes you are referring to are Brazilian football players. Aren’t their different journalistic standards in place in this case? Nobody knows who you are talking about when you refer to them by their last names. How do you call Romario, Ronaldinho, (the real) Ronaldo, Pele, Garrincha and Socrates? And these are the famous ones of whom I would (kind of know or at least recognize their last names when mentioned, but still)

    1. Well, when Maxwell and Adriano get to be as famous as the Brazilians you mentioned, we can talk.

      And given what people tell me about Barack Obama, it will probably bum him out that he will be Mr. President for perpetuity. πŸ˜€

  3. Most importantly Barca rocked, it seems, but I missed the match πŸ™
    Ibra might or might not be gone if Rosell sells him it would be a mistake unless he gets a huuuuge bag of money in return and has a good replacement (preferably a replacement who is not Brazilian and does not sport Nike)

  4. I was watching the match on a crappy connection. Whenever the stream stuck when we lost the ball, by the time it started back we had possession again. It seriously looked like Barcelona match highlights πŸ™‚

    Suggestion for match review title “AKA Rust? What Rust?” πŸ™‚

  5. Yo, TVE’ers! Match is on right now, two hours earlier than some program guides said. So get busy.

  6. I don’t think that anyone should get all that worked up about the sale of Ibrahimovic. Look at it this way:


    –Age. He’s 29. At 30, people start to think of strikers as washed up.
    –Price: He’s expensive. If we can get somebody to give us 45m, I say take it and run.
    –Politics: Krkic and Pedro! Both need and want time. Pedro! has earned it. The arrival of Villa makes sorting that situation very complex. Ibrahimovic goes, and that means new life for Pedro!, Krkic and Jeffren. Youth commitment? There you go.
    –Economics: We gain a big-ass transfer fee and dump about 12m in salary. People have said “Who’s the replacement?” Pedro/Krkic/Jeffren, dependent upon situation.
    –Failure: He is NEVER going to score enough goals to make the cules happy. And playing in a front line with Messi and Villa, it is unlikely that he will have many more goals than he had last year. He’s never scored 30 goals for ANY club, and he’s been a solo act for all of his striking career.

    –Economics: Some say he has the stuff to take us to the Champions League and then some. Isn’t that worth his salary?
    –Sporting project: Is he the best striker in the world? No. Is he the most talented one? Arguably. Is he about the only big, pure striker in the world who can fit into our system? Fo’ sho’.
    –Henry: His first year was good, but still disappointing to the fans. His second year was monster. What if Ibrahimovic does an Henry?
    –Possibilities: Who doesn’t want to see what will happen with Messi/Villa/Ibrahimovic.
    –0-for-2: That would mean that two of Guardiola’s preferred signings would be sold in the same year. Not cool.

    Now, I can see both sides of the situation. It’s also why I won’t be all that surprised if he is indeed sold, nor will I be that surprised if he isn’t. All we can do is analyze (or attempt to) and roll with what happens.

    1. For: He is not the type of player to accept a bench role, and with his wages he is paid too much to be a bench player. If Pedro keeps improving as he has been, then there is a possibility Ibra wouldn’t be a starter for many of our games. We would have a serious problem on our hands if he is not one of the first 3 choices to start up top. He got benched during a run of poor form at the end of last season, and he sat today for “sporting reasons.” It will not be good is he is sitting a lot for “sporting reasons.”

      – of course this is just a possibility, it’s also possible he will break out and have a Henry-esque second year. At the moment I think they are equally likely.

      Against: we already have a thin squad, with both midfield and defense looking a man short (in my opinion). Ibra leaves and our forward line looks a man short as well.

    2. It’s the Pedro! Conundrum. Ibrahimovic has scored in every match he’s played for us so far, right? His reward is to sit at the first opportunity for acquisition of silverware. Hmmmm.

      But if he stays, the reward that Pedro! gets for a bust-out season is to sit.

      I don’t envy Guardiola.

    3. But thats not the point, the biggest problem is that we have to start all over again at CF, what was the point of buying Ibra on a four or five year contract and not being able to build him for that course of time, now if we sell him we will be back to square one.

    4. True, Bundy, but recall that 29 goals has been the peak productivity for Ibrahimovic. 29 goals would earn him scorn from the cules. Heck, it could be argued, given his 9 assists, that he accounted for 30 goals last season. In my opinion, he’s just screwed. No matter what Guardiola does with him, it’s going to be the wrong thing. Sit him, and it’s “Uh, oh….” Play him and it’s “What about Pedro! and Krkic?” A match where he doesn’t score is “Eto’o would have scored today.”

      I don’t think that anyone, Guardiola, Ibrahimovic or his agent, knew what they were getting into. Hell, even I didn’t suspect it and I know how cules can be. How many people turned out at the Camp Nou to welcome him? That was just a year ago. Wow.

      And if we are going to sell him, it might as well be now, because his value will never be higher. He will never, in my estimation, score enough goals to make people think he should stay. Yes, there are some cules now saying he shoudl stay, but that’s what happens with ’em: You kiss the person you just stabbed, because the dirty work is done. I’ve said before, we’re a tough club to play for. The Ibrahimovic situation demonstrates exactly how tough, so much more than the Henry situation did.

    5. Hmm, I do understand the logic of selling Ibra if there is an appropriate offer and we really are in financial difficulty. Heck, it’s not like there is a shortage of strikers, and last year even with Ibra having a pretty bad game by his standards we were one wrongfully disallowed goal away from making another Champions League final.

      From my understanding of the Swiss Rambler’s blog post on the club finances, the biggest (real) issue facing the club is that expenses have been growing at an alarming rate. Getting rid of the salary of someone who earns 12 million euros per year would make sense.

      But mostly it just seems like a tacky thing to do to a striker who scored over 20 goals last season, who doesn’t want to leave, has never complained, even when he was benched at the end of last season and seems to be in pretty good form now. Add to that it makes it all the more likely that Guardiola will decide that he can’t work with Rosell and leave next year, which would definitely not be good for the club.

  7. I still believe we should have bought Suarez this summer. Suarez-Ibra-Messi would have been the ultimate front line. All can score goals and all can pass really really well. I would have bought Van der Wiel instead of Adriano as well, but I like Adriano. David Villa is excellent, worthy of starting on any team, but I don’t see him fitting in best. Suarez-Ibra-Messi would have been so freakin awesome. Now, we are going to sell Ibra (WHY!?) and we will have P!-Villa-Messi. Sadly, we will be worse than last year IMO. Midgets are awesome to an extent.


    TVE Coverage


    Credit to adriancrm @rojadirecta.com

  9. Zubi on Ibra in an interview with TVE after the match today:

    “He has a contract and he’s our player – for the moment,”

    For the moment is probably the key phrase there… Not a real vote of confidence and a clear different from prior statements from the club about Ibra definitely staying.

    No player outside of perhaps Messi can’t be sold. There is a legitimate argument to be made for selling Ibra as long as the club can sell him for an strong price.

    There’s also a strong argument to be made for why he should not be sold.

    As with most complicated issues, it’s not black and white – it’s shades of grey. And this is particularly true when cash is involved as most assets have a price point where it makes sense to sell them.

    But whether or not Ibra is sold is in many ways secondary to why he might be sold.

    What’s really at stake here is how the organization is going to be run under the current regime and how the decision making authority is handled on player transfers.

    The key question here is whether or not Pep wants Ibra to stay. I personally find it unlikely that only a year after pushing to buy Ibra Pep is ok selling him. Perhaps he is for a certain price now because of Pedro’s development. I don’t know. It seems unusual for Pep to undergo this kind of reversal.

    What would make me very uncomfortable is if the decision to sell the player is being pushed by the business side of the club under some flimsy argument that the club is in financial distress. The club made 500M euro last season.

    If Pep and Zubi want to approve a sale of Ibra at a certain price for a combination of sporting and financial reasons then it’s just part of running a club.

    But if Pep and Zubi are only approving some kind of potential sale because they’ve been told the club has to sell due to the recent audit, then there are serious problems inside the club. Regardless of how compelling the argument is to sell, if the people directing the sporting project aren’t making the call it’s an enormous problem.

    It’s unclear if Ibra is going to be sold. Pulling off that kind complicated deal in a broken market that is not in equilibrium is not going to be easy at all. But it does seem likely that Barca is at least currently exploring the sale of Ibra.


    1. I think the only thing that will prevent Ibra from leaving, is Ibra himself. I think we will agree a fee with some club, but in the end, Ibra will refuse to go. Because all of these unclear statements and what not are different from Pep’s first press conference after vacation when he gave Ibra a vote of confidence and said he wants Ibra to stay, but it was up to the player.

      Now it’s “he’s a BarΓ§a player for the moment” yadda yadda. Ridiculous turn of events, especially after Ibra’s preseason. Looking at it that way, this decision has to be one taken by Rosell and not Pep,

    2. Getting Ibra to agree will be a major hurdle. Man City is the only team with enough money and at the age of 29 to go without CL football for even one year is a big deal.

      Given Pep’s prior statements only this summer about Ibra staying – it does seem like this sail is being directed by Rosell, most likely under the auspice of financial duress.

      The Chyggy sale basically sets a potential model for Ibra to be sold as well.

      So even if you want to line up an argument saying it’s the right thing to sell Ibra at price X, the process through which he would have been sold is completely wrong. And here the process is more important than the outcome in many ways.

      Who knows what’s really happening. But if Pep is getting cut out of the decision making process and essentially being told that the club has to sell Ibra for non-sporting reasons, then it’s a just a mess. Pep’s a smart guy. He sees what’s going on. The club is risking alienating him and having him leave.

  10. honestly, right now everyone is over thinking things, it all starts with Ibra not starting in the supa copa. all this fuss about conspiracy theories with Pep fighting a silent battle with Rosell over a player like Ibra.

    We all thought Ibra was gonna leave when Bojan played the last few games of last season. We all thought Pep didn’t want him, the papers were banging on about it since the dawn of time, but hey, what do you know, he is still here after 2/3 months of speculation.

    and now he doesnt play one game, it means that he is on the out and we are gonna get a billion dollar pay check, get real.

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