Valerenga – Barça Match Comments Post

Valerenga – Barça, 7pm local, 1pm EST. (brief preview here)

It pains me to have to tell all of you to take part in a comments post instead of a liveblog, but my plans for running one have been derailed at the last minute by the generous offer of an authentic Nicaraguan meal (gallopinto is probably my favorite food) on the other side of town. I know that I should be prioritizing Barça over food (and air) but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

There’s a chance I’ll be home by 1pm to watch it, in which case I’ll fire up the liveblog, but don’t count on it. Apologies for leaving you stranded when we could be discussing the babies on the field. I’ll definitely download it later and watch it because, really, I can’t live without Barça.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. “There, Bojan does a Crynaldo Gai Assulin again… ”

      You’ll eat your words when he scores a golazo on route to his hat-trick, Eklavya. 😀

  1. Uh, Kari why doesn’t my strikeout work?


    1. What are you putting in between <>? Maybe it’s just a typing error.

      Anyway, here’s what I did:

      “There, Bojan does a (strike)Crynaldo(/strike) Gai Assulin again…”

      Take out the brackets and replace it with those sideways ^ things.

    1. Go to and sign-up The email you use to register should be the same as the email you use to comment with, or the avatar won’t show up.

    1. He wants it, but he has to be more incisive. His defender gave him the line several times, but he refused and cut inside instead. If you are going to cut inside like that, you have to be quicker.

  2. Not a bad first half.

    Despite Sanchez’s great goal, Riverola has looked way better than him in my oponion.

    Jonathan has been our best midfielder and has put in a couple of great tackles.

    Bojan looks active, but I was expecting more incisiveness from him to be honest. Soriano has tried some things and had a nice assist to Sanchez.

    Tello has tried to dribble a bit too much and his final ball is lacking.

    Our defense hasn’t been bothered too much except for Ilie’s side. He is getting toasted by that one dude on the left. Sergi Gomez has looked good on the ball, but Milito’s passing has been awful. Maxwell had a nice shot, but didn’t have to do much otherwise.

    Pinto, Pinto, Pinto… why play with the ball like that? Transfer window is still open, you know.

    I want to see how Keita, Ibra, Adriano, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, and Dalmau look.

    1. I agree about Bojan.

      And Ille’s been getting freakin’grilled, roasted whatever you want!

  3. mmm gravatar seems to be having some problems. at least it is “surely their fault” according to their website. inspires confidence, that does :p

    1. *

      It’s in Arabic though

  4. Second half!

    Keita and Ibra are on. Pinto’s also off.

    Bojan’s still on (and gets a good ball in the box)

  5. “Wow. A lot of whitles for Ibra” maybe it’s a norway – sweden thing. although sweden’s main rivals are supposed to be finland i think

  6. Completely new 11 in 2nd half:
    Miño; Adriano, Armando, Muniesa, Dalmau; Sergi Roberto, Edu Oriol, Keita; Benja, Ibrahimovic y Nolito.

  7. Ugh! Nolito really should have scored there. He’s the #22 BTW. He’s the only pure winger we have other than Final Fantasy, I think.

    Ufff. Nice save from the new Barca keeper. Solid.

  8. it looks like Ibra is doing what i speculated he might do this season, dropping deeper into the center to let the 2 forward outside players push further up. gives him more of the ball and lets him function as a very advanced playmaking pivot, which suits his ability on the ball.

    very interesting.

    1. I am telling you…you will read that Barca signed him as soon as Sport finish typing it.

      Miño looks like a Guardiola son from distance.

    2. Yeah…

      We should try Montoya and Bartra against that dude too. If he wins, sign him lol

  9. Muniesa ain’t taking any crap from no-one. He really is Puyol 2.0. 😀

    I’ve heard of Nolito and I’m curious. Really want to see what he has to offer.

    @BA: I’ve noticed that too. I like Ibra best when he plays deeper. I feel he’s in the game more and we can utilize his passing ability a lot more.

    @Lev: so true. Baby-lona 😀 . I’m liking what I’m seeing though. They ain’t half bad.

    Nice whistles whenever Ibra touches the ball… 😛

  10. As I was saying; Valerenga puts on a Bojan… Zajic. and he scores like 2 seconds after coming on….

  11. Keita always bring a basket of goals with him after the summer break. Save them for the beginning of the season.

    1. Asking someone if they are happy is being polite and having good manners, right Kxev? 😀

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