Champions of the World: España

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Felicidades, Furia Roja, you have won the World Cup for the first time and done it after an excellent tournament.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if it was an isolated incident BUT it’s not. It’s that muppet Pique saying stuff for months, DNA this DNA crap that, then Xavi, then Puyol, then Rosell, then Pique again, then Xavi………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON.

    It’s hard to laugh when you know this isn’t a joke, everything your lot is doing is to piss arsenal fans off so we get angry at Cesc and then the club has to sell as i think Rosell said last week (Arsenal have to sell because Cesc won’t be welcome back in London).

    It’s manipulative, cheap, tasteless and classless.

    We would laugh if it was in anyway funny but that’s not how this or any or the preceding comments have been intended.

    You all know deep inside that your club’s actions have been a disgrace and this is the cherry (even if you all claim it’s a harmless joke) on top.

    I can assure you we won’t have a good relationship with your club again.

    1. Perhaps not. But as I said, enjoy your captain and talisman. Or better still, find the Facebook pages for Pique and/or Puyol and Reina and message them. Calling Barca fans “classless” for the actions of two of their players and club brass is tantamount to grousing to the electric company because your gas service is on the fritz. It’s one thing is this site PhotoShopped a Barca shirt on a picture of Fabregas, or were on the stage. We weren’t.

      Personally, I take the same dim view of the prank as they do over at The Offside, which is also being inundated with Arsenal fans and aggressively hostile comments. Sorry, but I will never understand.

      When people at That Other Spanish Club were talking about Messi, we all laughed. Messi said “I will never play for that club,” and that was that. We did swap shirts with them after kicking their butts in their house, but notice that none of our players put them on. That’s how deep the animus is.

      This is a simple matter of rich men saying stupid things and making silly promises, and rich players having a bit of a laugh. Take it up with the appropriate parties, none of which are here.

    2. It’s a goddamn joke. If an Arsenal fan is too insensitive to understand that, then perhaps you need to give it up. Players are drunk, probably have been for a day now, and they do something funny. And this is seriously what gets you so riled up? Ha.

    3. Drunk and haven’t slept for over 24 hours 🙂

      I can imagine all the stuff going on behind the sceneds 😀

    4. I literally had to go get some tissue crying laughing at how pathetic this is. Yes we are fans and what we want doesn’t matter. We can’t control the club we support so why are you banging on to us? lol We don’t really care what you think and as you’ve pointed out you don’t care what we think lol.

      I’ve scrolled past comment after comment I just stopped reading them as I can guess what they say “blah blah classless blah blah blah”. Seriously? this is what you came on one of the most peaceful and respectful football blogs to drivel about? I really respect how clean and straight Isiah, K(x)evin, Soma etc. keep it here; to come and read your comments is utterly hilarious.

  2. I read the offside comments. Wow really? Some people desperately need to get a life, and apologizing for it, ridiculous. Absolutely no need to. Drunk, jocks, f*ing around…

    Seriously it must be like 13 year old fan girls or something b/c I refuse to believe grown people could be so_________

    1. This was more or less my reaction. There was no need to apologize, not because “Barca never does any wrong” or some other nonsense like that, but because it was simply a joke. A prank. And I refuse to believe that we we, as football fans (and primarily as futbol fans, before cules or gunners), lost our collective sense of humor?

    2. argh should read “we, as football fans (and primarily as futbol fans, before cules or gunners), have lost our collective sense of humor.

  3. come on dan shut up, ok it was not very tasteful as 99% of the celebration. BUT he happens to be catalan and barça is considered by many like “the army of catalunya”, he has played with messi & co some years as a kid, with our colors, and plays in the national team with many many more players of FCB. The player wants to leave I guess you realized already. Besides pique puyi and reina are world champions and can do anything they want.

    What is better to buy a kid from abroad or try to bring him back home? Just try to think from our point of view man, and don’t say barça this or that ’cause we are the club that brings up kids like that.

    andres iniesta lara larala la
    andres iniesta…..

  4. Ah the old ‘classless’ call.

    Almost as classless as an Arsenal fan trolling on a Barcelona Blog?

    Visca España, Visca Barcelona y Visca Xaviniesta!

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