Champions of the World: España

AP Photo/Luca Bruno

Felicidades, Furia Roja, you have won the World Cup for the first time and done it after an excellent tournament.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Spain are….FIRST!
    Didn;t get my $100 pool…but how can you argue witha another Iniestazo!…and no penalty kick finale. Que vivan nuetrales!

  2. congratulation spain well deserved win against a team of killers!proud of our boys and special busi.visca barca!

  3. Iniesta’s t-shirted tribute to Dani Jarque was also very, very nice. Gotta love our Ghostface. All in all, the right team won. Holland were, when all was said and done, left wondering what might have happened had they come out to play their game.

    Howard Webb was awful, but he’s always awful, so you can plan on that one. The ninja kick to Xabi Alonso’s chest was criminal, and should have been a straight red, I don’t care what anyone thinks about disrupting the flow of a match. That was an appalling non-call.

    But it was pretty crazy. Robben had the match on his boot. Ramos had the match on his head. Fabregas had the match on his boot. Iniesta should have shot on two previous occasions.

    Man, man, man, man. Xavi was brilliant, and except for an early bad pass, Busquets continues to mature as a player. He was excellent.

    Shame for Torres, injuring his leg (hamstring?) at the end, as well.

    1. i noticed that, too. rest in peace dani. you gotta remember iniesta & he were really good friends & jarque passed away during the offseason leading into the 09/10 campaign. coupled w/that bug iniesta caught during that time & his niggling injuries it’s amazing to see that he regained any semblance to his old form/disposition.

      it looked like torres injured his hamstring, yeah.

  4. Oh, and the other good news of the day is that Wenger, on TF1 during World Cup commentary, said that he met with Rosell and told him once again that Fabregas isn’t for sale. Good. Now we can move on to acquiring players who will actually strengthen our squad in areas that need augmentation, and stop chasing political poster boys.

    1. dude. the guy just provided the assist that won the world cup. not merely a poster boy, and gladly likely an arsenal player next season.

    2. jaymin,

      I think you misunderstood Kxevin. He was referring to the fact Rosell has been advertising Fabregas (as you know) as his “signing” (Politics at the club mean that saying you want to sign a Catalan for political gain = a good thing).

      He doesn’t mean Fabregas is a literal poster boy a la *shudder* Beckham (or Thong Boy to an extent).

      Here’s hoping he stays an Gunner next season. Quality player that Arsenal really need to keep a hold of.

    3. Thanks, Kari. jaymin, we all acknowledge that Fabregas is talented, and a world-class player. But he isn’t starting for Spain, because of two fellows named Xavi and Iniesta, who just happen to also be Barca’s backfield. His pursuit is essentially a political exercise, wrapped around pursuit of a player who we do not need right now.

      When he is serious about coming, he will speak up, and we will probabaly make a serious offer and effort to get the deal done. For now, even if Wenger were willing to sell, Fabregas I’m sure, looked at what happened this World Cup and wondered what the hell he would be doing at Barca next season, in a midfield of Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Keita.

      So he stays another season, Wenger gets to finish off his contract with Arsenal saying that he kept the club’s talisman, and everybody’s happy, including us (despite what some might say in public).

  5. I said it in my game preview: This Dutch team MUST NOT WIN! They confirmed it the way they played, I am sure Rinus Michels is drunk already after what he saw.

    Congratulations Spain and Iniesta who only shoot to kill.

  6. *

    De Jong was Kung Fu Fighting; Robben’s hips were fast as lightning
    Puyol was a little bit frightening; Xavi passed with expert timing

    There was funky Orange men from funky Nederlands
    They were chopping them up, they were chopping them down
    It’s an ancient English art, and everybody knew their part
    From a feint into a slip, then I’m kickin’ from the hip

    De Jong was Kung Fu fighting HEEYA!

  7. Who went to the fanzone? Man, it was way too crazy!

    I hated to see Iniesta dive on the big screen though 🙁

  8. yes, Holland played dirty (V Bommel and De Jong especially) but Spain were no angels either. So taking the moral high ground is completely void for both teams.

    I do think that the better team won. Was close and its really unfortunate that there were so many fouls. On the other hand, both teams press a lot and it results into many fouls it was bound to happen.

    I only think that Holland came into the final because they can play football and not because of stupid conspiracy theories.. bla bla.. That they were way too nervous and reckless. yes. Hopefully Dutch football will not be remembered for this (although I doubt it).

    Cheers to Spain (*ahum* Barcelona 😉 ). The greatest club in the world at the moment and world champions.. 😛

    1. I actually found the Netherlands to be more palatable today than in any other match throughout the tournament. They weren’t overly dirty and both teams were divey to the point of me rolling my eyes. In fact, Iniesta is the only person I noticed blatantly diving and that was embarrassing, to say the least.

      Still, I agree that the Spanish deserved to win and that I hope the Dutch aren’t remembered for this style (I don’t think they will be if they right the ship in the next few years). They have incredible talent in the squad and the right coach could come in and make the world beaters by playing the “right” way that so many of them have grown up with from day one.

      I’m happy Spain won, but really, that game sucked.

    2. I agree Isaiah. With Iniesta as my favorite player on Spain, I was embarrassed to see him diving around. I defended him every time he did it until the last free kick which was blatant. And the game was horrible. But I didn’t think Webb was atrocious – I thought the majority of the cards were warranted.

    3. Sorry, but if you didn’t see a difference in the way the two teams approached the match then we were watching different games. Puyol and Ramos received cards for what seemed to be their first fouls; De Jong and Van bommel should both have seen red before a red was finally shown.

      Might have known England would have a negative effect on the game somehow. As poor a refereeing display as I’ve seen in a long time.

      As for Holland they have some great players but they came to be negative, defend and use whatever methods they could to prevent spain playing. Some might admire that – i don’t. It takes a lot to unite an EPL panel (BBC) into denouncing a team for rough play but Holland managed it.

      Still nothing can stop this being a great night ! And well done to South Africa for doing a good job of hosting it. Felt that Spain might have prepared a waka waka celebration for the end 🙂

    4. i didn’t get to see shakira’s waka waka. damn it!

      somebody youtube me a clip of that, stat!

  9. wenger knows how special player is cesc.we saw it tonight.i know that he will stay in arsenal and i am not happy with that.xavi is 30,very tired and we need a back up.and pep must find a solution!

    1. You need to read up on yu stuff man,you talk of us needing backup, thtas what Thiago and JDS are for. And Xaxi is not the type of player who breaks down at 30, I can guarantee that we will see him in at least the Cesc role in Brazil 2014. And to be honest, we wont need him in Barca’s starting lineup for at least two years. Sure it is inevitable that he comes, by why expedite it, we have magic right now and Cesc @ €45, would be a bench warmer brought in for political reasons. Stop with the Cesc stuff already, your making me nauseous. As most of us have said all along, Xavi is a Barca lifer and we can bring Cesc in when he is 22-23 and Xavi is 32-33. Give them a year or so together so the master can teach the student, then Cesc can take over….FOR HALF THE PRICE!!!!!!! Now Greece, and Greece only, respond to this thought thoughtfully and to the best of you abilities, if you say something that changes my mind, I am willing to accept that.

  10. oh and today was a historical day for million people protest for the independacy!catalonia is not spain!

    1. i think the catalunyan organizers might have done well to organize those protests next month or two months from now. A lot of ecstatic Spaniards and Hispanics the world over for quite a pretty while methinks. visca espania?!

    2. Actually, the protest was on Saturday, not Sunday. And yes, the scenes of joy, of tens of thousands celebrating in Madrid, were considerably more subdued in Barcelona.

      For the final, it was a bit more active, but still nothing compared to the scenes in Madrid. Most in Barcelona seemed to want what I wanted, which was a great showing by Barca players, but a Dutch win. It should be noted that I am happy for the Barca players on the NT, as well.

      But the sight of Spanish flags being waved in numbers equal to those of the senyera was probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence in Barcelona.

    3. i have no real window through which to view catalunyan news. however what you report, as far as dutch support, passes snuff. thank you for the information. catalunyan nationalism is always relegated and under reported in US news thanks to the basques and their eta receiving more attention, but i understand it is potent. what intrigues me is that catalunya could probably field a very strong national team if they ever left

    4. Yep. Check out this hypothetical lineup.

      Bruno Saltor Pique Puyol Capdevila
      Busquets Xavi Joan Verdu
      Krkic Oscar Serrano Sergio Garcia

    5. Being a Scot with an ambiguous relationship with the English I find attitudes of the Catalans interesting here. I could understand them supporting the Dutch if there were no Catalans playing for Spain or I could understand antagonism towards any Catalan deciding to play for Spain but I can’t reconcile them with each other.

      Did I not read something somewhere where the Catalans playing for Barca decided to participate fully in the Spanish team and leave differences aside while they did so ? Have to say the Madrid media seem to have treated the Barca players well with the “Visca Espana” headline among other articles. The Barca Catalans seem to have come to terms with it – Puyol and Xavi’s wrapping in their own flag is perfectly reasonable but from what you say, Kxevin, that isn’t mirrored by public opinion ?

      Can anyone give me a better understanding of their (Catalan) thinking ? Not talking historical here as I have a reasonable grasp of that but more current attitudes to the Spanish team.

    6. Briefly:

      Public sentiment depends upon the vehemence of the person’s leanings. From what I have been able to read, a majority of folks were pro-Barca, anti-Spain. This would make sense. So a delightful result would have been a 4-3 Spain loss, with Barca players scoring all of the goals, and the winner coming from a Ramos own goal.

      There was much rejoicing in Barcelona, though certainly not to the extent that there was in the capital. From what news stories I have been able to snag, the joy was for Barca, more than Spain.

      There are, of course, many Spaniards livng and working in Barcelona, so any conclusions being drawn from pro-Spain celebrations and their mirroring of public sentiment must be viewed through that lens.

      The players have a more pragmatic approach, in that until there is an official, FIFA-recognized Catalunya NT, politics take a back seat to sport. That Xavi and Puyol did the senyera thing just underscored the complexity of their political identity.

      But you’d better believe that if Puyol were the captain, you would’t see him ripping off the armband and kissing it, as he did after the header vs EE last season.

    7. As someone with family ties to a region family-tied to Catalonia, I’m so BORED with the whole Catalan blah blah blah.

      *** SCROLL ALERT ***

      Everyone in the Peninsula besides Castilla-La Mancha has some kind of non-Madrileño national origin and cultural identity, one which includes a Latin-origin, non-Castilian language. The Galicians. The Asturians. The Leonese. The Valencians. The Basques. The Navarrese. And yes, even the Andalusians, unless you think that all those mosques and turrets and palaces were built by politically-correct Visigoths on holiday.

      Everyone knows that bombing airports and assassinating policemen is bad news. I have no problem stating out-and-out that ETA is bad. The same kind of bad as the IRA, which had a lot of emotional and economic support in my hometown, btw. It’s not romantic. It’s vile.

      But the Catalan Controversy is just as ridiculous. Zapatero is not Franco. And in practical terms it’s silly. The Catalans have presented yet another Estatut with over 100 provisions which was approved by maybe 50% of the local population and the national courts said, for the most part, o.k., you can make Catalan the ‘normal’ local government language but you cannot make it (or any other) the ‘preferred’ one; o.k., you can have more say in your judicial processes but not more than the federal court does; o.k., you can have more say in the distribution of taxes but not at the expense of the Fed.; and o.k., you can call yourselves a ‘nationality’ but not a ‘nation’ (because the Spanish constitution refers to Spain as a ‘nation’) — pick another word. And now what? Gnashing of teeth and taking to the streets!

      But whatever. Let’s say you *are* too oppressed. What’s good enough for Galicia is simply not good enough for you. So go for it. Go independize yourselves. That’s going to take a lot more than recommissioning your football jerseys. First you can start by drawing your national boundaries. You want all of Catalonia, what about Aragon? The Baleares? Valencia? I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen to many locals be all rah-rah for becoming part of the New Catalonia. And Valencia knows from oppression. They’d rather be watching the MotoGP than political debates. I know, I’ve seen them change the channels. So how do you do it ‘democratically’, as you say you want? If you go up-and-down vote, you lose. And then what will all these political hangers-on do?

      But let’s say you win. Now in the middle of major-world-crisis you can spend billions of euros restructuring your entire political system, building a new federal government, forming entirely new political parties (whose objective will have to be different than We Are Different), taking major financial hits when you lose credit support with Madrid (whatever that’s worth these days, anyway) and don’t forget your national and local administrations, all those socialist ministerios and a proper armed forces! Oh, and all of those ‘non-Catalans’ that make up the underbelly of your economic system these days? Those Andalusians and Extremadurans that still go to primitive bullfights? Yeah, they’re all going home. To Spain.

      What is your international policy? We’re Not Spain is not going to fly in a European Union that has enough cute little member-countries as it is. So you’ve got it together a little bit more than Greece or Spain or Italy. Do you really think France and Germany are going to let you sit at the cool kids’ lunch table? Pull up a chair next to Luxemburg, friends, and think about whether you’d rather throw your weight around in the Moncloa after all. At least that way you could never be EU president and screw up the Western World economy even more all by yourself.

      I liked that Xavi and Carles ran around with the Catalan flag. It was cute! And David Villa wrapped a ‘CF Tuilla’ scarf around his head. I guess he wants independence for Asturias too.

      I love Barcelona the city and I love Barcelona the football team and I love all the Catalans with their funky eyewear and political acumen but really, the day that Barcelona becomes a national capital is the day I eat my son’s prized VV kit. Amb tomate.

    8. That was an awesome rant Soccermom. And thanks for mentioning me at the end 🙂

    9. True, SoMa. It’s why the small towns can vote overwhelmingly in favor of independence, secure in the knowledge that it will never, ever happen. It would be like Illinois allowing Chicago to secede from the state.

      Barcelonans understand the theoretical nature of the exercise, even if some of the more strident secessionists don’t.

      I’ve made my views known, in that I am sympa, but also pragmatic. As we all know, even though Catalunya theoretically encompasses parts of France, good luck with that. But the true beauty of never-ending struggles is that they are never-ending. I think it’s not only my love of Barca that makes my sympa, but also my intimate knowledge of the never-ending struggle of race in America.

      Thanks for the views, SoMa.

  11. Some loser at the Guardian claiming that both Holland and Spain played anti-football:


    I will admit to some diving by Spain, but what other tool did they have to try to stop the fouling by the Dutch? I don’t like to see anyone dive, but if Webb is gonna call only random fouls, what other recourse do you have? De Jong deserved a straight red, Van Bommel should have gotten a second yellow, just like Heitinga.

    No one came out to play Spain, everyone defended, so Spain had to go for possession and be patient. Iker and Iniesta were immense. I wish Iniesta or Xavi had gotten the Golden Ball – can’t have it all I guess.

    Also, great pass from Cesc for Iniesta’s goal, but in his time on the pitch he misplaced quite a few balls. Not sure he’s used to playing in such reduced space, so I’m glad he’s staying at Arsenal.

    Finally, I guess we’ll have to get used to a lot of low scoring matches next year no? Everyone is gonna defend. Lets see if a trident of Ibra-Messi-Villa can break down defenses.

    Visca España! So happy.

    1. That guy is just another moron who thinks a bucket of goals is the only way to make for a good match. He’s also blatantly slanted in his views as tries to make it seem that Spain was somehow culpable in the cynical play of holland – which is just ludicrous. Fortunately the disgusting play of Holland was so obvious that people like that are in the minority. Just browse through the comments and you’ll see that the majority of the English responding agree that Spain was playing better football and deserved to take it.

      I’m proud of our boys for rising above the play for the most part; Iniesta’s little retaliatory shove on van Bommel notwithstanding, but hey – he totally deserved it.

    2. Dont you worry buddy, so are we…we are over the moon he’s staying at the Arsenal.On current form, Cesc is going to be much better than Xavi when he peaks. He scores more foals as well.

  12. Fabregas HeWhoWillBePlayingForArsenalNextSeason and Puyi sharing a beer on the bench after the WC Final: *

    It’s obvious which one is the drunk… 😀

    1. Oh man…they MUST be getting paid to go out and drink Budweiser. Either that or since it’s the official sponsor then it’s probably the only beer within 50 miles of the stadium.

  13. hahaha kari i believe you love cesc so much!haha…anyway let him stay england for couple of years and he will be a alcoholic!!

  14. Campeones! So happy. I have no words.

    Well I have: after winning euro08, Xaviesta and co helped us win everything the following year. Hope this bodes well for the coming season!

    Visca Barce!

  15. *

    Anyone saw jimmy jump? He really is dedicated lol

  16. I don’t know if our results had anything with my wearing a Puyol jersey against the Germans, and an Iniesta jersey against the Dutch but I got the goal score luck on my back. Viva Espana y Visca Catalunya!!!!!

  17. Watched the game again thi morning and i was pleased to see that iniestas goal didnt come directly after howard webb failed to award the dutch a corner after the freekick deflected off fabregas.

    I had a sneaky feeling that people would initiate cries of “Blatterato” and all that nonsense.

    Busquets been fantastic and i really mean that coz i couldnt really see his worth especially with yaya on the bench but he never stopped running all game, helping capdevilla with robben and getting around the pitch and recycling possession. im much more hopeful about him.

    I heard pep was in South Africa. Was he at the game?

  18. HeWhoShallNotBeNAmedAndIsNotComingToBarca, said recently that Arsena is a world-class team and that he is proud to be there.

    Guess That means he is staying there. Being a sub during the WC must have opened his eyes.

  19. So, I was wondering why Sneijder was so quiet in this match, and lo and behold, it was the Busquets effect. Go figure. If he continues this form in the regular season….

    Also, I couldn’t help but think of The Yaya during this match, as I watched the Dutch Destroyers go to it. The Yaya could destroy then create, rather than just destroy. Same with Busquets, who can pick off a pass, thus killing a play, then lace a ball to Xavi or send it forward himself. Impressive.

    1. I had been pointing this out to anyone who would listen and got that sort of eye-roll-who-is-sergio-busquets-anyways response, glad to know I’m not crazy. Or at least I’m crazy in good company.


      I really hope he keeps up the form, and looses the dramatics. It will certainly take the sting out of loosing Yaya.

    1. Ha! We posted basically the same thing at the same time.

      What can I say: Great minds think alike 😀

  20. aaandres iniesta lara larala la
    andres iniesta lara larala la


    This not a dream it’s more than that, I dreamed about xaviniesta winnig the WC but with a goal by Andres in the 116th minute oh man, god is generous. I couldn’t party enough, when he scored I standed on my knees, on the floor, behaving autistically and screaming “gol de iniesta, gol de iniestaaa” for like 10 or 15 minutes. If it wasn’t for his injury ballon d’or. Good thing xavi is the main rival. Vamosss españa somos los mejores (y encima campeones)

    btw… holland, go tell stories about playing beautifully and having the ball to you momma, and go kick your sister or something. what a shame of final they played… and they almost won it. those two stoppers omg and wesley… wesley who? ONLY BARÇA WINS WITH VAN VOMMEL PLAYING 😀 That ref was awful awful. Spain even won with all that beating and that ref… we have suffered a lot in this WC but not it’s ours!!!! We deserve it

  21. Brazil supporter but it was nice to see Iniesta pop the Netherlands cherry in that game and in the that was all it took. Some of his diving was horrendous but he isn’t the toughest guy on the pitch and I’d rather anticipate contact and go down than get my led ripped off.

  22. Anyone watching the live stream of Spain? The person presenting the players is tripping me out – he’s the Messi of Crackovia! Head trip!

    Xavi looks a little drunk!

    1. Pepe is tricksy! He set HeWhoShallNotBeNamed up – Pique & Puyi put a Barça shirt on him. HA. The Voyeur must be piiiiiiised. HA.

    2. Did Pepe even shout something like “el futuro del Barca”, when Piqué put the Barca jersey on him? 😀
      I didn’t know that Pepe Reina is such a party boy.

      Great move anyway, and the best World Cup title celebration I’ve seen in my life. Congratulations Espana, you deserve it more than anybody else!

    3. Classless club, classless players, classless board, classless fans.

      Imagine how you’d feel seeing Puyol having a Rmadrid shirt being pulled onto him.


    4. Yes he did say something about Cesc going to Barça in the future. I thought it was funny – you could see him trying to struggle, but he was overpowered.

      You should check out videos from when Spain won the Euro’s in 08. I think he was even more energetic and frenetic for that celebration.

    5. That last bit was in reference to Pepe.

      And even if Puyi was forced into an EE shirt, I think I’d take it in the spirit it was done – you know, drunken celebration?

    6. You wouldn’t take it i the spirit of fun if the Madrid board and players had been saying he should join them for last 2 months.


    7. That’s a completely different situation. Cesc has played for Barca, definitely still has some sympathy left for the club and is Catalan. Puyol is neither Madrid-born nor has he ever played or would he ever consider playing for Real Madrid.

    8. Sh*t, I have a sense of humor, I’d think it was funny as hell.

      Cesc is a big boy. He can make his own decisions.

      If Madrid went after Messi and Hinguain and gago tried to put a Madrid jersey on him, I’d laugh my ass off. It’s harmless.

      The difference? I know that Puyol or Messi would never leave. I know most of the players on my club love my club that much. I love my club that much.

      If loyalty is truly your definition of classless, then I’m pretty damn proud to be classless.

  23. Note to self: No alimentes a los duendes.

    Anyway, great article on Iniesta:


    In Spanish, but it just talks about his background, how much Dani Jarque’s death affected him, and about how Jarque’s wife Jessica burst into tears when she saw Iniesta’s shirt. Nice tribute to GhostFaceKillah!

    1. I wouldn’t worry about feeding us, you should be more concerned how your bankrupt country is going to feed itself for the next decade.

      Maybe if they stopped loaning clubs like yours so much money to spend on overrated players, the country wouldn’t be in the sh!t it is.

    2. Dan, I suggest you go to the Arsenal offside : *

      Vent your frustrations there: they are Arsenal fans and give a damn.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  24. *

    if anyone is wondering what the duende is talking about.

  25. Right, so there are two options to this ” Barca shirt on HeWhoWillStayAtArsenal ThatEnglishClub ” fiasco:

    Right a post on it or ignore it and discuss on the comments

    The second option is just an invitation for people who just want to instigate stuff and are probably fans of some other club anyway Arsenal “fans” (some, not all). At this point, no one will care if we apologize (for the actions of our players + Pepe Reina) or not. Just the fact the post says “Fabregas”, “Arsenal”, “Barca” is enough.

    I say we don’t ruin the peace on the blog. It always gets ugly and it doesn’t have to be. It’s a Barca blog anyway. If they don’t respect that, then we shouldn’t even talk about it, me thinks.

    I’m getting tired of telling people who don’t want to listen that we don’t want That Guy.

    1. We don’t care what YOU want or what you think.
      I wouldn’t mind if you said you wanted Cesc, why would that matter?!?!

      We care what your players and directors say and do to illegally tap up our player and captain.

      BIG difference.

      If you don’t get that then you’re as classless as your players and board.

    2. I´am classless.

      If you don’t care what we think why do you come here then?
      Just asking

    3. I’m just gonna stop replying to any comments from people looking for arguments and throwing logic out the window and misusing the word classless.

      Instead, I’ll enjoy Spain’s win and will look forward to Barças season. It’s gonna be exciting! ^_^

  26. puyol and pique putting a barca jersey on fabregas!!!!! hahaha classic


    1. You wouldn’t have to if your classless club and players acted with respect for once.

      How about this:

      You bid for players;

      We accept or reject;

      You decide wether you want to raise bid or not/.

      That’s how real classy clubs do business. Then there’s the Barca way.

    2. Bingo bango bingo.


      It’s no wonder the rest of spain hates catalans.

      Seriously, Bingo bango bingo.

      Stay Classy Catalunya.

  27. In fact, I’ll just get it out of the way;

    To all Arsenal fans:

    Drunk celebration or not; drunken prank or not; Gerrard Pique and Carles Puyol should have never forced the shirt on Francesc Fabregas, and Pepe Reina, who was once at FC Barcelona which is the reason I am including him as well, should have never introduced him as “Barca and Spain’s future”.

    I’m sorry such an event has transpired.

    It was insensitive to the media speculation and uncertainty surrounding Fabregas and his future at Arsenal FC and supposed move to FC Barcelona.

    I want to stress that Barcelona Football Blog, being a fan site, has nothing to do with the actions of the players of FC Barcelona. If you want a place to vent, here is not the place. I kindly direct you to the Arsenal offside * The author, Martin, has provided a nice, Arsenal-centric, place for you to hang out at.

    I am sure the commenters there will be more sympathetic to your feelings.


    A commenter of Barcelona Football Blog.

    1. Yay, that actually worked. Le awesome.

      Also, who needs to apologize? Nobody. Lame prank, end of.

    2. Yeah, I didn’t really want to, but it’s there for no-one to read 😀

      Someone had to do it…

      if you want to do strikeouts, just replace the “b” in the code : with “strike”.

      (Hopefully, this explanation didn’t fail as badly as the last one. Just in case go here: / )

  28. I, for one, think that whole incident is hilarious. Cesc’s reaction is great because he obviously thinks it is funny as hell.
    Reina is another product of our youth system and the camaraderie between all of them is fantastic.
    Spain are the closest that any national side comes to a club side in terms of chemistry on and off the pitch.
    I wonder how many of the other players knew that it was going to happen? It’s funny that a lot of them seem to be holding in laughter before it happens… Sergio Ramos looks like he was in on it.

    Arsenal fans who don’t get the funny side of that have no sense of humour. It wasn’t Rosell and Guardiola doing that. Fuck, if it was it would be a hell of a lot funnier though 🙂

  29. Well Pepe and Pique are jokers, its nothing more than a drunken prank, i dont see what there is to be upset about and i thought it was funny, pepe also called busi el pulpo btw :D.Honestly i dont want cesc back in the immediate future so hopefully this will piss them off and they give us the finger next sumer too.But i have to say the reaction of some arsenal fans about some of the most trivial things related to him harbors on unhealthy.

  30. yeah everyone needs to a relax this isnt national politics its sport, take it easy, and let the guys have fun, im sure fab doesn’t think its as huge of a deal that the fans are making it out to be. relax, enjoy the game and the celebrations and dont take it all too seriously…

  31. Dan, not sure what to say. Pique is, and has always been a jokester. Fact of the matter is that Fabregas said very kind words about Arsenal, that indicate he will be staying with that club. Wenger and the club president refuse to even meet with our president, Sandro Rosell.

    So it would appear that this deal is done, and we can move on to the task of actually strengthening our club.

    Two more matters:

    Debt: A recent (unbiased) story about the 10 big clubs with the most debt has us in sixth place, with 270 some odd million, and Arsenal in 8th place, with just over 200 million. Both clubs are in roughly the same amount of debt, and both are carrying the good kind of debt, as opposed to the bad kind, such as is being carried by United (at the top of the list) or Fulham.

    Fabregas: I am not the only Barca fan who wishes that Arsenal and its supporters would stop acting as though your club is Sheffield Wednesday, and is incapable of resisting the call of the big club. You are a big club, a perennial top four in the Premiership. People on the board at Barca can talk all the crap they want. All your club has to do is make it worth the player’s while to stay. The best way to do that is to win silver, not throw about high dudgeon, and spend less than 10m on squad players that are not going to win you the Premiership. It’s tiresome. Every time Fabregas’ name appears anywhere in the world on anything Barca-related, the people come over, calling names and hurling epithets. If Arsenal is a big club, act like one.

    Arsenal is a favorite non-Barca club of many supporters of this club. None of us want Fabregas, or think he is the answer to any question except “What former youth player has become a poster icon for the ‘More Catalan than thou’ movement?” Our club has real needs, such as midfield squad players (which Fabregas isn’t …. he would want a starting role), support at right and left back (again, we already have starters) and depth at defensive midfield. That’s what this is about.

    Our president, Sandro Rosell, made verbal promises to the supporters, so he will follow through with the charade, even though he knows that Fabregas isn’t for sale, and certainly not for a price that we’re willing to pay for a player who isn’t going to start for the side. No, we aren’t questioning his talent. We are saying that if he didn’t start for the Spanish NT because of Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets, when you add Messi and Keita to the mix, he sure as heck won’t be starting for Barca.

    So I would relax. Comparing a couple of boozed-up jokesters putting a Barca shirt on Fabregas is in absolutely no way, shape or form even remotely comparable to someone putting a shirt from that Other Spanish Club on one of our players. Do your homework. Barca and Arsenal have had a good relationship before it was sundered by our former president, Joan Laporta. The two clubs will have one again. For now, it’s messy. That’s life.

    So keep your captain, and enjoy him. When he wants to leave, he will leave, and there will be nothing anyone can do to stop him. Silverware will help stave off that day.

    1. “When he wants to leave, he will leave, and there will be nothing anyone can do to stop him.”

      You sound like the cretins that run your club. Ever heard of a contract.

      What did your lot win from 99 to 05? Where was Xavi’s comments about players wanted to go to clubs that win things then?

      Why wasn’t Cesc’s precious Barca DNA so important when politics forced him to sign for Arsenal?

      Your lot pick and choose when they follow the bullsh!t that comes out of their mouth.

    2. Because no player has ever gone to another team while there was still time on the contract, right?

      In any case, Cesc was annoyed at just a month of being a sub on a world class team, while would he want to do it year round?

  32. Seriously, do these guys look like masterminds capable of elaborate plans with the sole purpose of inciting the Arsenal faithful?


    Nah, forget logic, it was Sandro behind it, and hes disappointed they didnt gag him and kidnap him away all the way back to Barcelona.They wont make that mistake next time !

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