Fabregas, shmabregas. Everybody, just shut up!

You know what, Arsenal? You can, in my humble estimation, keep Cesc Fabregas, because really, I am sick and tired of it all.

Whenever Fabregas turns his backside toward the south and cuts one, the rumors start. “He farted toward Barcelona! He’s coming home!” The Catalan press has a full-on tizzy, the English press loses its mind and Arsenal fans talk about how we are tapping up their talisman, that we must have fed him something that turned his mind.

Everybody, just shut up. Because I’m tired of it.

To Arsenal fans:

Shut it. We didn’t tell Fabregas to say that he wants to return to Barcelona. And if the published reports are true (though they all seem to emanate from the one unfounded report by Guillem Balague) that Fabregas has told Wenger that he wants to leave, we didn’t do that. Your Captain and icon did. And last time I checked, he wasn’t wearing a tinfoil hat, that enables him to better receive the signals from evil Catalunya.

The Catalan press has been chattering about Fabregas coming “home.” Most of us don’t really think of it as coming home, however, since he chose to leave for playing time, fame and money. You choose where you live.

What Barcelona players and management have said is, “It would be nice if he wanted to play for us,” or “I would love to play with him.” What do you reckon an Arsenal player would say if asked about playing with Lionel Messi? “Well, I can’t say anything, because I don’t want anyone to accuse me of tapping up La Pulga?” No. Not hardly. They would say exactly what the Barca players who were asked, would say about playing with Fabregas.


The club in specific has made no overtures toward Fabregas, nor have we even made an official offer to Arsenal. Oliver has said that it is nice that he wants to come. Laporta has said essentially the same thing, and we should talk if that is in fact true this season. Period. Which is all true.

Everything else that you read, everything that you see, is from the Spanish sporting press. Which is not Barca. Surely you are all familiar with unreliable, rumor-mongering footy press.

Our latest official comment, despite all the high dudgeon, has been “We respect the wishes of Arsenal,” meaning “If they don’t want to sell, we aren’t buying.” Simple as that. So calm down, and turn your minds toward something more useful, such as how you’re going to actually win something next season.

Barca fans:

Shut it. Yes, you too. If Fabregas comes, he comes, but stop talking about him as if we have some divine right to him. We don’t. He’s a player who left the farm in search of greener pastures, and found them. He didn’t show any particular loyalty to the club back then, so I just don’t see any sorts of talismanic qualities present in him right now. All I see is a 50m benchwarmer. If he doesn’t start for Spain, what makes anyone think that he is going to be starting in our midfield, which is essentially the Spain starting midfield?

Is he an excellent player? Absolutely. He’s just an excellent, world-class player who doesn’t fit into our side right now. Will he in the future? Quite possibly, in the 3 years when Xavi will finally stop being unplayable. Which assumes that Johnny Dos Santos or Thiago don’t develop into something special.

So we can cross that bridge when we come to it. Fabregas will still be in his prime, and if he wants to transfer to Barcelona, and we want to pay his price, it will be worth talking about.

But we don’t have any more right to Fabregas than any other club willing to pay his transfer fee. He wasn’t kidnapped from La Masia. He left. For very personal reasons, that were all realized. And that’s good for him. Is it good for us? Who knows. Right now, no, because it’s making everyone gibber at the gullet and ponce about as if our prodigal son is coming home.


The Spanish press:

Shut up, and quit making stuff up. I know, I know …. if you restricted yourselves to the facts, what then, would you have to write about? But still. Right now, Fabregas isn’t for sale. Which means that he isn’t coming.

Personally, I can think of so many ways for us to drop 40-50m. We need midfield depth that won’t grumble about sitting on the bench, and reliable excellence at right and left back. I’d rather splash for that, than for Cesc Fabregas, who certainly has an admirable skill set (no, that isn’t tapping up). But he would basically be sitting around, filling in a waiting for Xavi to retire. People who talk about him learning from Xavi assume that he isn’t already a world-class midfielder, which he is, and would dominate any midfield in the world except that he has the unfortunate luck of being Spanish, in a world with Xavi and Iniesta.

No, this rant won’t stop the rumors, nattering or silliness. But it is my .02. Make of it what you will.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


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