Fabregas, shmabregas. Everybody, just shut up!

You know what, Arsenal? You can, in my humble estimation, keep Cesc Fabregas, because really, I am sick and tired of it all.

Whenever Fabregas turns his backside toward the south and cuts one, the rumors start. “He farted toward Barcelona! He’s coming home!” The Catalan press has a full-on tizzy, the English press loses its mind and Arsenal fans talk about how we are tapping up their talisman, that we must have fed him something that turned his mind.

Everybody, just shut up. Because I’m tired of it.

To Arsenal fans:

Shut it. We didn’t tell Fabregas to say that he wants to return to Barcelona. And if the published reports are true (though they all seem to emanate from the one unfounded report by Guillem Balague) that Fabregas has told Wenger that he wants to leave, we didn’t do that. Your Captain and icon did. And last time I checked, he wasn’t wearing a tinfoil hat, that enables him to better receive the signals from evil Catalunya.

The Catalan press has been chattering about Fabregas coming “home.” Most of us don’t really think of it as coming home, however, since he chose to leave for playing time, fame and money. You choose where you live.

What Barcelona players and management have said is, “It would be nice if he wanted to play for us,” or “I would love to play with him.” What do you reckon an Arsenal player would say if asked about playing with Lionel Messi? “Well, I can’t say anything, because I don’t want anyone to accuse me of tapping up La Pulga?” No. Not hardly. They would say exactly what the Barca players who were asked, would say about playing with Fabregas.


The club in specific has made no overtures toward Fabregas, nor have we even made an official offer to Arsenal. Oliver has said that it is nice that he wants to come. Laporta has said essentially the same thing, and we should talk if that is in fact true this season. Period. Which is all true.

Everything else that you read, everything that you see, is from the Spanish sporting press. Which is not Barca. Surely you are all familiar with unreliable, rumor-mongering footy press.

Our latest official comment, despite all the high dudgeon, has been “We respect the wishes of Arsenal,” meaning “If they don’t want to sell, we aren’t buying.” Simple as that. So calm down, and turn your minds toward something more useful, such as how you’re going to actually win something next season.

Barca fans:

Shut it. Yes, you too. If Fabregas comes, he comes, but stop talking about him as if we have some divine right to him. We don’t. He’s a player who left the farm in search of greener pastures, and found them. He didn’t show any particular loyalty to the club back then, so I just don’t see any sorts of talismanic qualities present in him right now. All I see is a 50m benchwarmer. If he doesn’t start for Spain, what makes anyone think that he is going to be starting in our midfield, which is essentially the Spain starting midfield?

Is he an excellent player? Absolutely. He’s just an excellent, world-class player who doesn’t fit into our side right now. Will he in the future? Quite possibly, in the 3 years when Xavi will finally stop being unplayable. Which assumes that Johnny Dos Santos or Thiago don’t develop into something special.

So we can cross that bridge when we come to it. Fabregas will still be in his prime, and if he wants to transfer to Barcelona, and we want to pay his price, it will be worth talking about.

But we don’t have any more right to Fabregas than any other club willing to pay his transfer fee. He wasn’t kidnapped from La Masia. He left. For very personal reasons, that were all realized. And that’s good for him. Is it good for us? Who knows. Right now, no, because it’s making everyone gibber at the gullet and ponce about as if our prodigal son is coming home.


The Spanish press:

Shut up, and quit making stuff up. I know, I know …. if you restricted yourselves to the facts, what then, would you have to write about? But still. Right now, Fabregas isn’t for sale. Which means that he isn’t coming.

Personally, I can think of so many ways for us to drop 40-50m. We need midfield depth that won’t grumble about sitting on the bench, and reliable excellence at right and left back. I’d rather splash for that, than for Cesc Fabregas, who certainly has an admirable skill set (no, that isn’t tapping up). But he would basically be sitting around, filling in a waiting for Xavi to retire. People who talk about him learning from Xavi assume that he isn’t already a world-class midfielder, which he is, and would dominate any midfield in the world except that he has the unfortunate luck of being Spanish, in a world with Xavi and Iniesta.

No, this rant won’t stop the rumors, nattering or silliness. But it is my .02. Make of it what you will.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Interesting read from Sid Lowe regarding this situation. Appears Ballague’s story may not be as unfounded as many here believe.


    In my opinion, Cesc has come to the realization that Arsenal are not and will not be able to compete at Barca’s level anytime in the near future. Cesc, like any other elite athlete, wants to play on the biggest of stages and win and Arsenal cannot provide that opportunity. This was quite evident during this year’s CL fixture.

    So all the Gunners need to come to grips with this inevitable transfer, and get on with their respective lives. At least you can take pride in the fact that you sing loudly while being mopped up by the world’s most elite team in CL. Sorry, I had to take a parting shot.


    1. Well in the match at the Camp Nou we were missing through injury…

      a)our captain and star midfielder Cesc Fabregas
      b)our vice captain and star striker Robin Van Persie
      c)our ex-captain and best defender William Gallas
      d)our record signing Andrei Arshavin
      e)our only real defensive midfielder Alex Song

      So that’s half of the first team out through injury, with Nasri, Vermaelen and Rosicky all played out of position. Hardly fair to judge the quality of our team based on that performance.

      And we may have been mopped up, but we had one less man (our main goalkeeper) on the pitch than you and STILL took the lead.

  2. We don’t need Fabregas at Barca… If he comes he’ll stay at the bench, rotting. IF Xavi ever starts to “decline”, we still have Jonathan Dos Santos and Thiago. The only thing I fear, is that Wenger will try to include The Yaya and/or the two young’uns, IF Barca ever makes a bid (which I don’t think it will happen in the next 5 or more years).

  3. Exactly how can politcs and football be together.

    Roman Abramovich, through a series of subsidiaries and linked holding companies, has the rights to call in 726 million pounds worth of loans and debt owed to him by Chelsea FC.

    That would be a good example. Or we could talk about Arsenal Holdings opaque ownership structure and the decision of the Board to sell more shares to Stan Kroenke’s ownership stake to fend off the hostile bid by a Russian billionaire.

    If you want there are endless examples of Manchester City one could discuss. Or how about the Glazer’s ownership of Man U and how that deal was pulled off.

    But no, football and politics, have never, mixed.

    Not even when the game diffused around the world as part of the British Empire.

    1. Well said Euler…Also, the more obvious example of Berlusconi. President of Milan and Prime Minister of Italy.

    2. Oh I know. The notion that football and politics are intimately connected is just hard to believe. They were connected from the beginning.

      You’re right of course. Berlusconi is the most glaring example. I was just sticking to EPL examples given the nature of the discussion. Also, I do think the EPL has globalized in ways which no other league has. That makes politics and it’s connection to football very complicated in a very modern way.

  4. Concerning Ibra and Villa: I think most of us remember the many times this season when Ibra dropped into midfield on certain possessions, leaving us without a striker. The benefit was that we had better possession and creativity for a brief while in the midfield. The problem was that we had no striker up top to get the ball too. Part of the reason why we had no striker was because Pedro was playing on the wing and he is no striker. But what happens next year when Ibra drops into the midfield as a false 9? Something like…


    Basically, we’ll have a proper striker playing striker (and by proper striker I mean one of the best 5 strikers in the world), and we get to have Zlatan in the false 9/CAM role that he likes to play from time to time (obviously this would only happen occasionally throughout games.)

  5. You are right on many things, but there seems like there is a whole lot you have been missing the last years. Saying that Barcelona has not done anything to unsettle Fabregas is bullshit. All your annoying presidents and players like Xavi and Pique have been talking about him all the time. I dont know how many times I have read all the bullshit about cesc has to come home because he has Barca “DNA” etc. Start acting proffesional like most other clubs, you guys are annoying and respectless!! Cesc is staying with us! He is our captain, he is the king of Arsenal, we LOVE him and he LOVES us!!

    1. we have not said that we have done nothing.
      Where there is smoke there is generally fire. The hierarchy of the club should have shut their traps.
      On the flip side, if none of it were true, Cesc would have come out and said that he was saying like Messi did when Inter were commenting on him last summer and when Madrid were linked with him a few weeks back

  6. Yes, the entire blogging universe is beholden to your witty posts. Please. The only time I don’t like this blog is when some kind of Cesc/Arsenal post goes up b/c then we get Gooners like you letting us know just how classy you are.

    1. What classy like turning the sprinklers on a team that has just knocked you out of the CL? Yeah that’s your class right there.

      What the hells going on in that photo btw?
      Your posts are evidence enough that you like to stroke yourself
      pictorial proof really isn’t necessary.

  7. The astute will probably notice comment counts dwindling as you type. Because this post is being moderated. We can discuss things in a civil manner. Those who can’t will have their comments deleted and if necessary, URLs banned.

    –On another note, I find it interesting (in a non-judgmental fashion) that many have a view of Arsenal as some Championship side, who can’t resist the lure of the big, giant club that comes calling. As I noted above, the Fabregas thing is simple: 80 million, or get lost. Ding! He’s a Gunner for next year.

    1. Kxevin, I want you to think about that school in Mali. Seriously, with the hits we get a month, maybe there’s an advertising structure we could implement here? And donate any income to a charity of your choosing?

  8. Why oh why did you have to put up a Arsenal related article when we just got Villa, Kxevin?

    Can we go back to the Villa-Ibra talk or how awesome a line-up of Villa/Messi/Pedro!/Iniesta/Villa/Xavi/Yaya/Abidal/Pique/Puyol/Milito/InsertPlayerIHaven’tMentionedHere ?

    Or do that thing I suggested last post. We do need a 4-1-1 on things…

  9. Pedro goes to South Africa !!! 😀

    And Valdes not, which was VERY clear from the beginning…

  10. I would argue that FC Barcelona choose the path of respect, honor and fair play. How many of Arsenal’s starting XI were products of their youth system over the two legs of the CL quarters this year? Barca had 8 of 11, but I guess that doesn’t really matter.

    1. that’s Sid Lowe writing that. he’s generally the last to get around to a piece of Barca-related news, which means there’s a serious ring of truth there. i can’t recall him writing a similar piece (including the when, where, and how rather than the “why X would WANT) last summer or the summer before…

      we may have to resign ourselves to the fact that Cesc is coming home.

  11. I’m an Arsenal fan (and blogger), and am pretty embarrassed by most of the posts here from my fellow Arsenal fans. As a previous poster said, I don’t know that any reasonable Arsenal fan doesn’t understand that Barca has an attraction for Cesc that we could never match, and we’ve always known that he would go back someday.

    Kxevin, I do agree with almost all of what you wrote, and it’s pretty rare to find someone who has a reasonable take on this — kudos for that. That said, I do think you’re being a bit disingenuous with the “Who, me?” act from Barca. There has pretty clearly been a consistent effort to unsettle Cesc with all the “DNA” talk and other stuff. But you are right that Cesc allowed it to unsettle him — if he had simply said “Nope. I’ve been at Arsenal longer than I was at Barca, I love it here, and I am stating unequivocally right now that I will play out my contract here.” That would have solved the problem. But he didn’t, because he couldn’t honestly say that.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that if this deal does go through — and I’m still very skeptical, but let’s assume it does — it’s a bit of a weird deal, right? Because to me it doesn’t really look like it makes sense for anyone involved:

    It doesn’t make sense for Cesc. Sure, he wants to be at Barca. But does he really want to be a back-up for the next 2-3 years? Wouldn’t he rather be the best player and captain on a team that will at least be near the top of the table and in the later stages of the Champions League? Why wouldn’t he wait a couple of more years for Xavi to start to decline a bit, and then get a bit more of the red carpet treatment from Barca.

    It doesn’t make sense for Barca. Sure, they’re adding a great player. But as you (rightly) put it, why would they spend so much money adding to an area where there is already exceptional strength? Even Barca probably couldn’t afford to do too much else this summer if they added Villa and Cesc, and they’ll have spent a lot of money without addressing their real areas of need.

    It doesn’t make sense for Arsenal. Yes, having that much money is nice. But we’re just now coming out of debt from the stadium construction, and from all the talk coming out of North London, it sounded like we were actually going to spend some money this summer for the first time in a while to build a really great team around Cesc. And we’ve got Jack Wilshere, a young Englishman with some serious playmaking chops, coming up through the ranks that could be Cesc’s heir apparent.

    The bottom line is that: I had always assumed that this move would happen 2-3 years down the road — Cesc hopefully wins a trophy with Arsenal, validating his career and captaincy with the club, Barcelona get an immediate, fully-formed, world-class replacement for Xavi, and Arsenal would hopefully have some kind of plan in place to make up for his absence.

    Adding to the overall weirdness of this is that while of course Arsenal fans don’t want this deal to happen, most reasonable Barca fans don’t want this move to happen at this time, either. Can you recall a move which both sets of fans were against, that didn’t seem to make sense for anyone involved, that went through anyway?

    1. I honestly don’t believe that it would happen if it were not an election summer

    2. Actually you very reasonable post was right on par with The Kxevin said. Thanks for not spitting on our faces.

    3. Exactly. Nice post, Thierry Ennui, this is exactly what we’re saying. Nice to see a reasonable Gooner!


    4. Very true, Thierry. I also think that Arsenal will have a real shot at the title this season. But in all seriousness, you all need some better physios. Every season for years now, your title run has been derailed by a string of injuries that seem to me to be uncharacteristic.

      But Fabregas would be leaving at a time when Chelsea is aging, United is looking vulnerable, Liverpool won’t be anywhere near the top and Citeh will be …. well …. Citeh. Arsenal could come out on top, though I don’t know that you will without Fabregas.

      I still think that the timing is accurate, that it will happen a year or two down the road. I think that right now, Fabregas is looking at the championship celebrations that his boyhood mates are taking part in, and getting a hankerin’. But he should remember that he isn’t an aging veteran, like Henry was. He’s young, and not even approaching the prime of his game, strength or fitness yet.

    5. Thanks for the post. Very well reasoned and written. The ill mannered comments in this thread clearly don’t reflect the feelings of the vast majority of gooners. Such is the internet.

      It is a strange deal that seems to be colored by politics – particularly the Barca elections. Why Cesc would want to leave – only he would know.

      But unfortunately, with new ownership at Chelsea and Man U, Arsenal do seem like they are in a state of flux and haven’t won like they have in the past. Perhaps that factored in.

    6. I’m sure that’s most of it. When Barca do get him, you guys really are in for a treat. Reading this blog and other Barca blogs, I do think Barca actually tend to underrate him a little bit — he’s got a lot of skill, sure, but he’s also an absolute warrior who will run through a brick wall to win. It kills him that Arsenal haven’t won a trophy (and haven’t even really been that close) the last couple of seasons.

      But I also think it could be that the club has sold off a lot of the guys he was close to at the club. A couple of seasons ago, the group he supposedly spent time with off the pitch was Flamini, Senderos, and Hleb — all of whom were sent packing at the end of the 2007-2008 season. And then the last couple of seasons, rumor has it that Cesc and Merida have been palling around a bit, and with Merida apparently off, that goes, too. It seems like a silly thing to base a multimillion dollar decision on, but I do think it’s probably played some part.

    7. Wow, I didn’t now that about Cesc (the friend situation).

      Still, I would totally get it… Sure it’s millions of pounds we’re talking about here, but he is still a young man who wants to enjoy his youth, and if he feels somewhat alone (or rather, feels he could be happier on a personal level) that could be affecting things. And if he isn’t happy, it might impinge on his ability to develop professionally.

      Then again, who knows what’s going on in this young man’s head?

    8. yes, we tend to underrate him, because we are spoiled. we are all spoiled by the talents in our squad. Cesc is good, but when you put him among these stars, his light becomes smaller. simple as that.

  12. Would it be too much to ask to have someone with admin powers go through and delete the offensive comments above? I’m not offended, but I’m not sure I can speak for everyone who reads this blog. Also, part of the reason why I love this blog is because of how clean it is kept.

    I picture it kind of like a dinner table. We come from many places and walks of life, and we all talk different ways. I’m sure many of us say offensive things when we are not on this blog. However, when we “come to the dinner table” we take off our hats and moderate what comes out of our mouths; we don’t completely change how we speak, nor should we, but we do moderate our speech to “dinner table talk” as your mom might call it.

    Unfortunately, every so often Arsenal fans find the blog and decide that they are going to spoil our nice dinner table atmosphere and say offensive things. I’d be somewhat okay with Arsenal fans coming onto the blog from time to time if they just ran their mouths politely, but they can’t resist from spouting off inappropriately. If you are going to invade someones blog and spout random nonsense (and give them a lot of hits while you are at it) please do so politely.

    1. dinner party??

      you yanks just haven’t got a clue when it comes to banter do you?
      Utterly brainwashed into niceties in your safe little segregated conclaves of middle class suburban death.

      You’re comment is so offensively sanitised the stench of disinfectant is palpable, if you want polite take up golf.

      Laughable if it wasn’t so excruciatingly tragic

    2. If being a “Yank” means being a fan of civilized discourse, then I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy. Fact of the matter is that we get people from all over the world, who fancy a Barca blog in English. And in this space, yes, we tend to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Tragic it might be, but it’s certainly grown up, as well. We like it that way.

  13. For now, can all reasonable people go back to the “Tadaaaaaaaa! Welcome David Villa” post? Until Isaiah, Luke, Kxevin, Euler, SoMom, or Hector post something else…

    What say you?

  14. It would probably also be helpful to stick to football, since historical facts, such as how long Catalans have been killing, politics, etc. just distract from the real topic, and have the very real possibility of getting too personal.

    This is a simple matter of a highly paid footballer deciding (maybe) that he wants to be even MORE highly paid in another city (maybe) for another club (maybe). And one cranky blogger deciding that enough is enough, that everybody needs to calm down about this crap, and deal with it when/it it happens.

    Visiting someone’s blog and typing some of the comments I have read here is tantamount to being invited to a dinner party and defecating on the carpets. It’s unclassy and shameful.

    During the Champions League, there was nothing but respect between the two sides and (mostly) its fans. And now this? We can all be better and we should be, because a topic such as this shouldn’t be off limits because some people can’t comport themselves in an adult manner.

  15. Great post. Balanced and fair minded.

    However, Cesc absolutely gets into both the Barce and Spain sides now. You will see the latter this summer and the former when Arsenal FC decide selling him is the best thing for the club. 4 or 5 years hence I think.

    Our turnover was £313.m. We have no money issues at all nor is our economy on the edge of disaster nor is our currency in crisis. Further, we didnt (too) recently hike the tax for top earners (footballers?). In short… he have absolutely no reason to sell. Meanwhile you are expanding the Nou Camp. And pay decent money to keep your players together. You are not awash with the sort of money required to turn our heads. And we do NOT want Yaya. Or your Swedish striker. We do have a spanish keeper you may be interest in? No?

    Anyway we have signed Cesc, Merida, Miquel from your youth system. And we will sign more if they are good enough.

    I respect very much the football your club plays. Your manager is the epitome of class too. A very great man.

    However, your club constantly talks about our players. That is a fact. The Unicef on your shirt is a nice touch but does not cover up the shambolic behaviour in defeat to Inter. The tackling Mourinho by Valdes was ridiculous. The simulation by Busquets even worse.

    No club is perfect but to deny that Barce have tapped our players is nonsense.

  16. HAHAHA it is so funny reading comments everytime a post mentions Cesc.
    1. The majority of users of this blog don’t want him.
    2. BFB bloggers, have any of you been trolling Inter or EE’s blogs about their rumors to sign Messi? Chelski’s after their rumors to sign Dani Alves? Arsenal when they supposedly were going to sign Puyol? What about MLS’s New York Red Bulls since they are rumored to sign Henry? HAHAHAHA. This is hilarious.
    A suggestion: Barca buy Cesc for 50m and sell him to EE for 60m.

    1. Arsenal Newsnow is pretty popular amongst gooners and most of the posts mentioning Arsenal tend to appear on there. Which is why you see Gooners invading this blog from time to time. We aren’t simply searching Google for blogs mentioning Arsenal.

  17. Maybe we should go trolling Arsenal blogs about how awful they are for selling us Cesc. I’m really thinking we should have done that when Hleb was rumored to be going to Barca. Does trolling make any difference on reality? No. I’m sure Joan Laporta is sifting through these comments, dismayed at how absurdly upset some trolls are about Cesc leaving Arsenal lmao.

  18. Hey, Sevilla won la Copa! I’m happy for them, would’ve been crazy if Atletico managed to come away with two Cups after having such a disastrous season. In terms of losses I mean.

    1. Come back to the ‘Tadaaaaaa! Welcome David Villa” post, lovely. Until the admins post something else!

  19. Has anyone thought that we may have scuppered Madrid’s move for Silva by buying Villa? We know from last summer that Valencia won’t sell unless they absolutely must. With the 40 million Euros they got from us, they are probably back in the “orange–caution” zone of the debt-o-meter (where they were last summer which is why they held on to Villa) rather than the “bright red with flashing warning lights” zone that they have been in until today. So now, unless Madrid overpays and meets Valencia’s asking price for David Silva, Valencia won’t sell.
    What is that expression about a couple of birds and a stone?


      Colby’s right, right? Of course he is. Colby is our man in the know. He just knows these things. Great going, Colby!

      [Now discuss this further in the previous “Tadaaa!” post.]

    2. Wow! If that’s true, I’ll immediately declare this the deal of the season (and right now, I’m still more on the negative side about it. But that would change everything)

  20. Wow. I’m amazed so many Arsenal trolls even found this. Must be a “tin foil hat” thing. Nice to hear from the reasonable ones though. I think it’s true our guys shouldn’t have been so overt in their desire to have Cesc come, they should’ve handled it differently. On the other hand, Cesc probably could have put a stop to it at any time if he had wanted.

  21. Did you guys and girls know that in only 5 La Liga games did we give up more than 1 goal? And in 3 occasions, that is when we had a commanding lead, ie. against Sevilla.

    Am I the only one that finds that to be an amazing stat?

  22. Apparently, Arsenal have raised their asking price to 80m, which quashes this debate once and for all, unless Fabregas submits a formal transfer request, which he certainly won’t do, nor should he.

    This means that we can go back to sorting out things that the club actually needs. Hats off to Arsenal for wanting to keep him, thus saving us some stress.

  23. Excellent post Kxevin its good to see the Barca viewpoint on this nonsense. Simple facts are Number One: Cesc cannot have handed in a transfer request to Wenger as they couldn’t have met as Wenger is not in the UK. Number Two: Cesc has four years on a contract which the Arsenal Board have categorically stated has to be honoured Number Three: Barcelona and Arsenal both state that they have had no discussions in this matter. Number Four: Cesc will go back to Barcelona all Arsenal fans have known this from day one but I guarantee he will do so in style with class and with respect to all, in summary NO TRANSFER NO DEAL NO STORY perhaps you might like to tell that idiot on SkySportsNotNews and the gutter press in Spain that. I in turn will try to tell our rumour mongering asswipe journo’s the same. Viva La Quinte Brigade good luck Barca for the future a great team a great city

  24. disrepectful site just like your club grrrr I posted a nice friendly piece on here and it dont appear?

  25. Does anyone here speak Spanish? If so, this isn’t directed at you: Usted los ventiladores plásticos de Barca es albóndigas

    1. your spanish sucks. nice try to cal us plastic fans using Google translate but you’ve failed
      a ventilador is a ceiling fan, not a fan of a sports team


  26. As an Arsenal fan, I can only say this: The Spanish and English media are guilty of unsettling every good player in the world on a shockingly consistent basis. I haven’t always been a fan of the Barca administration’s comments in re: Cesc, but at the end of the day interest from other clubs is flattery. The media, on the other hand, are insidious, and it’s horrifying that Cesc hasn’t had a week go by in the last three seasons where some bullshit about him and his DNA hasn’t been brought to him. His desire to go to Barca might come down to nothing more than fatigue.

    Bottom line is Cesc will move because he wants to, and as much as it pains me, that’s the way it SHOULD be. Maybe he goes now, but he definitely goes at some point. All we can hope for is a fair fee; he has repaid his wages with exemplary service, and I’ll choose to appreciate what we have/had than what we no longer will, whenever he ceases being a member of the club.

    I also hope, at some point in time, the Spanish giants decide they have enough world-class players already, and leave a few for the rest of us. But that’s just jealousy; if Arsenal was in Barca’s situation, I’d feel not a c-nt-hair of sympathy.


  27. I think the BFB people are luckey that we Barca fans are a bit more civilized/subtle in the way we explain things. Imagine if you had to write blogs and deal with fans such as the ones Gunners would have. Your heads would explode.

  28. I can’t be arsed to read all of the comments. I’m sure there’s some good stuff hidden in there somewhere, but I can remember too keenly the last post that had Fabregas in the title.

    Am I the only one getting the feeling that Barcelona won’t make a move for Fabregas this summer? I keep hearing Laporta and Txiki say “We will look at it from a sporting point of view” – and that to me says he isn’t needed this year. Am I the only one hearing that?

  29. I’m a Arsenal fan and I agree, everybody just shut up!! Barca players need to shut up, Cesc need to shut up, Barca reps need to shut up, press really need to shut up, fans need to shut up and the person the post this need to shut up too!! EVERYBODY JUST SHUT UP!! LOL

  30. Not to mention have you ever seen a sponsor on our shirts?
    Because we have UNICEF, whom WE PAY every year to have their logo on the front, not the other way around. 1.5 million euros in fact.
    We could be making money on it, but then again, this is why we are Mes Que Un Club!
    Visca el Barca.
    PS: Great post kxevin, you do us proud every time you post mate.
    From Oz, we love ya!

    Also, kind of off topic, with D.V in the team has anyone considered *shock horror* switching to a 4-4-2 which might accomodate our big Swede a bit better? Same back line, Yaya/Xavi in the middle, Ghosty and Lil Leo on the wings and the two up front, Ibra playing just ahead of Davey?

    Food for thought?

  31. For what it’s worth, it’s awfully amusing that Barca needs our players all the time.

  32. Good post, I agree with almost everything you say. If Cesc leaves, I’d be happy for him because it would be something he really wants. And I would understand completely.

  33. Wow. I didn’t realize so many gooners read this blog. So I will clarify some things for them, because they only seem to know one side of the whole Cesc saga.

    1. Tapping up means negotiating with a player without club’s permission. Which Barcelona hasn’t done. It is also illegal. Answering questions about a player in media however is not.

    2. Have you people forgot how you went about signing Cesc? You did not make any offer to Barcelona, you just signed the player on a professional contract, which he couldn’t do in Spain because of the laws. That is real classy indeed. You did exactly the same with Merida.

    3. You had to pay a sum of money for Fabregas and Merida after court rulings, which clearly shows which clubs uses illegal means to get the desired players.

    You can be happy with what Cesc has given you and the money you will get for him. You got him for peanuts and against the will of FC Barcelona. You however have the chance to say no. It is really simple – just say no. I don’t see how it is FC Barcelona’s fault if your club doesn’t do that. We did not have that chance so you can count yourselves very lucky.

  34. You seem to forget that Barcelona did exactly the same with Henry. And with Hleb. It’s always “hints” and “inuendo” to de-stabilise the player.

    Your football is fantastic Barcelona. Your club is a disgrace.

    And an american from Chicago telling real football supporters to shut up?


    1. But you seem to have this oddball xenophobia that says football fans have to come from X nation. The fact that football is a global game in every sense of the word makes such myopia even more remarkable.

      Yes, I live in Chicago. And an a Barcelona socio. And have been to some 20 matches in the last 3 seasons, all at the Camp Nou. I will also be traveling to Barcelona to vote in the upcoming presidential elections, as they are a significant one for the sporting future of the club.

      So what’s your point, exactly?

      I would suggest that the disgrace is the comportment of the majority of Arsenal fans who visit this space and behave like savages. A little bandwidth and anonymity seems to endow many (they believe) with the freedom to be total gits.

      Fact of the matter is that if you were to ask most Barca supporters, they would laugh at the notion of paying any more than 30m for a player who left us because he wasn’t going to be getting any playing time. He made the right choice for his future. He still isn’t as good as Xavi or Iniesta, so he wouldn’t be starting anyhow, were we stupid enough to splash for him.

      Further, why are Arsenal supporters acting as if your club is some third-rate side? Wenger is whining in the media, your chairman is saying what we already know, which is that Fabregas isn’t good enough to crack out starting lineup. Yet still, the nonsense continues, solely because this is an election year.

      Ultimately, we won’t pay what Arsenal are asking, nor should we. And you will have to be content with keeping a player who doesn’t want to be there, wondering, every time he has an off match, it is isn’t really because he is there against his will.

      Have fun with that. 😀

    2. Wenger is whining in the media? He haven’t spoken a word, neither has anyone official from the club aside from Hillwood but he doesn’t represent the clubs views.

    3. I am sick and tired of SOME Arsenal fans speaking out of their asses and making insults to compensate for their stupidity.

      The notion that we “unsettled” or de-stabilized your players is the dumbest argument that can ever be made. As if your players and clubs have no say in the matter. They decide their own fate. Did you read what Arshivin said lately?

      Grow up, get real and take responsibility for what happens at your club and what decisions your players take.

      Febregas is not even a starter in the world club, behind Ineista and Xavi. You would take half of our players if you can. And please get off your moral high horse, Arsenal hardly have any English starters in their first 11.

      And I for one, don’t really care if we sign him or not.

  35. Cesc won’t go as Barca won’t pay.

    They tap him up, and then think they can get him on the cheap, pathetic Spanish turds. It goes some way to explain why Spain has such a shit hole of an economy.

    Cesc has a five year contract. 50 – 80 million. anything less he ain’t going nowhere.

  36. Give our Spanish friends a break guys. This is their one little power trip they get each year. When their corrupt big two clubs go around tapping up players of decent clubs being run in a decent way.

    I find it amazing how all this money is generated in a semi third world nation. All they have to hold up their economy is selling oranges and sherry. If it was not for the two weeks holiday us and the Germans take there each year, they would struggle to eat!

    If Barca have finally managed to turn Cesc’s head let him go. There was an Arsenal before Cesc and there will be one after. He will be replaced and in a couple of years and we can all have a laugh about we fleeced Barca again by nicking one of their brightest propects and selling him back to the mugs for fifty million seven years later.

    I say fleeced because look at the history of Arsenal players moving the Barca;

    Arsenal Barca Fee
    Henry Best player in the world Average 16mil

    Hleb Class Worse than shit 13mil

    Petit world class played out of position shit 8mil

    Overmars failure world class total failure 25mil

    Total of 62 million wasted.

    I am not saying Cesc won’t perform for you. He will. But again we will have made a packet of you.

    When will Barca learn that it is Wenger who gets the best out of these players and Barca have never had a coach in his league to do the same.
    What you did with Henry was laughable. He was a failing Winger at Juve, so Wenger buys him turns him into the best striker of all time. Then Barca sign him, and stick him on the wing again. What a surprise, he fails.

    The thing that does annoy me is how these “so called” football clubs, take the best talent away from the English game for vast sums of money. Hence depriving English fans of the privilege of watching them play week in, week out. Whilst for the next twenty years, our taxes will be used to bail out their piss poor economy.


    1. Actually, the power trip that we get comes from lifting trophies. Now, I realize that this is something that is a bit foreign of late to your club. Perhaps if that weren’t the case, Fabregas wouldn’t want to come to a club that does win championships.

      It’s funny how in talking about the “English game” and “English fans,” your outrage is about a Catalan player, plying his trade for a club that doesn’t start any Englishmen.

      And by the by, Henry didn’t fail at Barca. He was an integral part of the club his first season, and crucial to our all-conquering success last season. This season was a difficult one with age and injuries. Were he himself, we probably would have been all-conquering again.

      And our “so called” football club was founded in the late-1800s, just as Arsenal was. It also starts 7 players of national heritage, and still manages to excel not only in the league, but in the head-to-head cauldron of European football. Now if you want to make yourself feel better by making assumptions that aren’t supported by fact, have at it.

      As for your precious tax dollars, the European Union, were it to adopt such a policy, has a number of other countries far worse off than Spain economically, which isn’t all that far off of England, if you can spare a moment to peruse the financial dailies.

  37. Barcelona had hoped to unveil both Fabregas and £34m new boy David Villa at the Nou Camp tomorrow and believe they have agreed terms with the Arsenal player.

    Which suggests they have talked to him and made an offer without Arsenals permission

    In any language that’s tapping up

    1. Your conclusion is not supported by evidence or fact. Merely extrapolation of statements made by speculative Media reports. In college they offer Logic 101 courses. I think you might benefit from one.

  38. Let’s look at the facts, Cesc talks to winger and tells him he wants to leave. This could well be true as on past performances the lad doesn’t have much patience and is strong willed remember this is the same guy that left the biggest club in the world to go to another country at 16 and try his luck, that takes balls. He’s coming this summer no doubt about it but I don’t see what the rant is about christ it’s football and this is a major part of it so relax.

    Rumours today we’re signing Torres and some Belgian kid for 25m, wheres all this money coming from. Some reports say we’re debt free but others and the ones I tend to believe incidentally say it’s about 220m and if it is then I say that’s enough and we don’t need all these players if it means we head the way of madrid and utd ie. crippled with debt.

  39. Buying fabregas is one of the worst business decisions a club could make, if you want a great player get them before they are worth silly money, like Barca did with Messi, like Man United did with Ronaldo, and like arsenal did with Fabregas and Henry. To try and buy a a really good midfielder (he is a special talent) from a club where he is the central figure who everything revolves around, where he is captain and has a great relationship with club and fans, where he is 23 and under contract for another 5 years…… its just a really bad player to try and target. We all know he came from Barcelona and went through the academy, etc etc, but that was 7 years ago.. he belongs to arsenal. You can get a good creative midfielder for so much less money

  40. The Chicago chap… mate, your club is £400m in debt.


    Live the dream. But you will pay the price. You probably have a vague notion of the Spanish economy but please understand that it is a disaster zone. Barce simply cannot afford their players any longer. Before long things will get Messi.

    The tax system has changed as (some of) you know so that top earners now pay much more than before. Spain used to feature a loophole for foreign high earners which gave Real/Barce an usual advantage in signing players. Now no longer.

    With your debt it is fanciful that your club could even afford the phone call to contact Arsenal.

    But it you would like to buy a Spanish keeper, I’ve give you a very good price. A price even your club could afford.

    Ask Sandro Rosell.

    And this business of Arsenal illegally signing Cesc, Merida and Miquel… it was absolutely within the rules. Because a tribunal judged that we must pay you a small fee, that doesn’t mean there was anything ‘illegal’. It was just a settlement. Its very naive to suggest otherwise.

    1. I am glad you feel good about being a goonah, because it cant be good to be this dumb. We actually reported profits last year. The rest of your comments is not even worth responding to.

  41. Arsenal will sell only if Barca can pay for Cesc in Gold not the stupid and screwed up Euro

    I have tons of paper with me, would like to know if the ECB twats are willing to buy for printing more Euros

  42. Sure, a dog’s temperament determines how quickly they can bounce back from a traumatic experience, if ever. For instance, a friend’s dad has a excitable JRT who got so excited when company came in the door he jumped on a hot wood stove. He never did that again. And when you open the door on it, he bolts. Then again, you know the saying some fools never learn. There are countless dogs who get bitten by snakes, attacked by cats, hit by cars more than once because they shake off the experience a little too quickly.

  43. omg a number of the responses most people make usually are such stoner remarks, now and then i wonder if they truthfully read the content pieces and reports prior to posting or if perhaps they basically skim the titles and publish the first thing that comes to mind. anyway, it is satisfying to go through ingenious commentary here and there when compared to identical, outdated post vomit which i generally see on the net

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