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[Update: I forgot the link to the group itself. Join here, password is barcelona]

Not to steal Hector’s thunder in his great post about ManCity’s goal, but I promised you a post about the Yahoo fantasy league I have created (English translation version here) and this is it. I will describe what one does in this league and how one conquers all foes. To get started, you’ll need a Yahoo ID, which is free, of course. So is this league, for that matter. It’s braggin’ rights on the line, broseph (and maybe a prize from me if I can pull my shit together by late May to get something awesome–it won’t be worth much, don’t worry).

Unlike Fantasy NFL and Fantasy EPL, there is no head-to-head meeting. It is league play based on your total points earned. So you do not have to worry whether or not the Osasuna defense will hold up to Sporting Gijon’s offensive prowess if you don’t want to.

This league is a salary cap league, meaning you get 100 units to purchase players with. We shall, for sake of ease, call them euros here. 100million euros. So now you that you think you’re big stack at a table of Burnleys and Levantes, here’s what that means: You have 100m euros to spend on players to fill out your roster, which is 11 players deep. You buy a player for, say, 20m and that leaves you with 80m for the remaining 10 positions. Simple math, of course, which is kept track of for you by these here interwebs.

It should be noted that you get no points at all if you do not have 11 players on your roster. Get your players in on time so that you don’t start anyone injured and you don’t fail to start anyone at all.

Each player that you purchase is yours for as long you would like to keep him on your roster. His cost will fluxuate depending on his performances — if he has a good week he will go up and if he has a bad week his value will go down. You are not penalized for picking a player that does well in that you do not have to pay the premium to keep him on your team (if your player that cost you 20m does well and goes to 21m, you still pay 20m). You do, however, get the benefit of regaining the points he lost (say your player that you bought for 20m does badly and goes down to 19m–you have it recalculate for you and then you have 81m left for your other 10).

You can change your lineup to suit your tastes, from a 3-4-3 to a 3-5-2 to a 4-4-2. Attacking lineups are fun, of course, but attackers earn more points than defenders, but also cost more, so try to come up with a good balance. A trident of Messi-Aguero-Forlan sounds pretty awesome, but you’ll end up with the dregs of humanity in the rest of your team since that’s all you’ll be able to afford. Of course, maybe that’s a great idea because maybe they’ll make up the difference by scoring 12 goals between the 2 of them.

To the scoring: Goals count the most, of course. There are some sort of random statistics like “passes completed” and “saving tackles” that you can take into consideration, but they’re not as valuable as choosing players who score. It is also important to choose defenders who do not screw up a lot and get cards, because cards and goals against are negatives, though I believe they are negatives for every position. If Depor gets scored on 5 times by, say, pulling a random team out of my ass now, Barcelona and you have their keeper and defensive line, you’re screwed even if you have Forlan who netted twice against Tenerife. So keep in mind who everyone is playing that week before making a decision on whether or not to buy them or keep them.

When searching for players, you can sort them by position, by score (currently it lists last year’s total score unless they didn’t have one, ala Ibrahimovic), or by change in value. You can hunt for bargains that way or who is doing the best that you want to add before they get even more expensive.

So there you have it, folks, fantasy sports. I will be posting the standings every week, usually on Monday or Tuesday unless there is a midweek fixture (be sure to keep track of that because your lineup will count for both games in times when there are midweek games!), in which case late Wednesday or on Thursday. The only games that count are La Liga games, not CL or CdR games, by the way. So if Messi scores 15 goals against Juventus in the CL group stage, it doesn’t matter to Yahoo, it just matters to us cules. And I suppose Juve supporters who can’t believe their eyes.

Any questions? Let’s hear them in the comments section.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


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    In the little video box on lower right of the page, in I think the first video, they are interviewing the players about the matches coming up and I have to say, Yaya speaks Spanish fast as hell. Then again, he could speak it after his first season with the club, but he speaks extremely fast. At least it seems that way. Maybe he used his powers to steal the power to speak Castellano fast from one of the Spanish players.

  2. Don’t know about Sunday, but Jeffren, Dos Santos, Oier, Fontas and Muniesa are in the squad list. I rather imagine the Messi, Ibrahimovic, et al time will depend on how much they are needed. Ibrahmovic still has to find his match fitness, but he also can’t risk a re-injury of his hand because as we all know and have seen, those lads from Bilbao like to play rough.

  3. Oh. And that said, this will be an important match for the kids. I think that even though Guardiola has said that none will be promoted this year, he’s taking serious, serious looks at Muniesa, Fontas and Dos Santos. That’s where we have a real need. Jeffren is nice, but with Henry and Iniesta back, not to mention Pedro! who can play on either side, Final Fantasy will most likely be loaned, to get him the playing time that he needs to develop.

  4. The links are broken when you try to use google translate, I don’t suppose there can be a league on soccernet for those of us who only speak English?

  5. Gah. I’d love to join but I spend enough time dithering away in the soccer world for this kind of thing. A decision I made long ago when Fantasy NFL was in its infancy. I heard about it, what it was all about, and it was as if…well, if you’re in a race and you just woke up from a nap that you just took in the damn middle of it, and then you saw quicksand…..what would you do?

  6. OK, if you are english speaking do the following:

    1. Click the Spanish link (not the Google translate link)
    2. At the bottom of the page to the right click United Kingdom
    3. Sign in/Register and then Sign in
    4. Click Create Team
    5. Enter some basic information (no player selection at this point)
    6. Click ‘join a group’ after you have successfully registered.
    7. Group ID: 1037, password (as stated in the post) barcelona

    Click home and then manager your team and away you go.

  7. Thanks a bunch Isaiah. i apologize for the mishap and headache. =) gonna be a great season!

  8. so… i forgot to add one of my teams to the group, and apparently my week 1 points will not count for the FCBarcelonaBlog group. It was my team with the higher points too…

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