Barca v Stuttgart LiveBlog

vicsoc8 will be today’s host. It’s his first time, so be gentle. 😀

By Kxevin

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  1. Bring on the game already:

    My predicted lineup:

    Alves———- Pique——— Milito———- Max
    ———— The Yaya—————————-
    Busi—————————- Ghostface—–

    1. Predicted Scoreline:

      3 – 1

      I want grampa Henry to do some damage – a goal, and the other two by Messi and Ibra.

  2. what 3 midfielders does everyone predict to be in the midfield now that Xavi is injured?
    I think Iniesta, Busquets and the Yaya

  3. boy oh boy am I nervous. I’m taking of the rest of work, because I need to be mentally prepared for this match. I truly feel if we win this match our ticket to the Final is already booked. The teams I was worried about most were EE and Chelsea and we all know how that work out for them. All that leaves is Inter and Man Untd. We bested inter in our tie with them, and well we all remember what happened in May last year : D

    If we can put in a strong resounding performance we are going to have the confidence and mental stamina to get through the rest of this thing. And I for one am all about champions over la liga. Champions league final is the most watched event in the WORLD (besides the super bowl) and the final has been moved to a Saturday this year. I want the whole world to watch Puyol lift that trophy high above his head in the heart of EE territory!!!!! VISCA BARÇA!

    1. Any team can beat any team in this competition, we’ve been beat by Rubin Kazan this season remember. So it’s not a done deal. We still have Stuttgart to play as well as a handfull of other worthy teams.

    2. of course anything can happen, but what I’m saying is this is a litmus test. If we perform here, it’s going to be very difficult for a rubin kazan to sneak up on us again.

  4. As long as there is a hope that Henry plays in the center and Ibra as an out and out. No worries.

    Is there any hope? 😀

  5. I really want to see this formation:

    Alves – Pique – Milito – Maxwell
    Busquets – Iniesta
    Henry – Ibra

    give the diamond a chance, let the fullbacks provide our width.

    1. IMHO Lack of understanding of language is no problem to enjoy a game.. I like to watch games without commentary, the liveblog comments are enough for me.. Sometimes you might get too irritated by Phil Schoen,Andy Gray etc..

  6. how bout?:



  7. This is the line up

    Valdes, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Maxwell, Touré, Busquets, Iniesta, Messi, Henry and Pepro

  8. is saying the lineup is:

    Alves – Pique – Puyol – Maxwell
    Busquets – Yaya – Iniesta
    Messi – Henry – Pedro

  9. //

    as much as i hate to admit this mourinho played a great game vs inter. he knew chelsea had to score so he came out full blast. he played three forwards up top (eto’o, milito & pandev) to keep their backline, most importantly their fullbacks, honest. and he had cambiasso & motta in the midfield w/sneijder in and advanced position.

    1. It was a great achievement by Mourihno, and I’m sure he’ll be getting most of the praise..But Sneijder played BADASS!!

    2. Yeah, Sneijder and Robben are influential for their new teams and both passed the round of 16. They possibly knew that RM would fail once again and thus changed the team to reach more glory 🙂

    3. Definately agree with you about Robben. All this talk about Ribery when Robben is twice as good as Ribery. He can play both wings, knows our style, great passer, great goal scorer, he has it all.

    1. I’m guessing it’ll throw Stuttgart’s defensive game plan off. I’m thinking he’ll come on at the half.


  11. Stuttgart’s game plan: Overloading the midfield and paying extra attention to Dani Alves. That’s what Gross just said in a German TV interview.
    This will be a BIG test for our midfield, without Xavi and against a side that primarily concentrates on disturbing our midfield play.

    1. And note that Henry has the pace, ball control and instant scoring threat that, if they push their lines and midfield up, could kill them. Hmmm …. is Guardiola wily or crazy?

    2. Tactical reshuffle + daring/ couragious to have Ibra on the bench, I guess. Aint it?

    1. Yea, that was change of plan. hehe.
      Why can’t Messi get Hattrick in European. Last season too, i think with BM or Lyon he was denied hattrick.
      Anyways, now we have a big oppertunity/ possibility to make history again with consecutive European.

  12. WE’RE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Triangles, ball movement, EVERYONE playing defense, energy across the pitch, and PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE. This is the time we need to be hot, and I’m feeling good right now. 4-0 without XAVI. We are poised to make a run and I would like to see who is strong enough to stop us.

    1. oh and teams should really stop trying to play us in white. we don’t like that color, ok?

  13. how long will busi be out?
    will he miss the world cup?

    was kinda disappointed with iniesta.
    i thought he would take over xavi’s role and control the play.
    and why was ibra complaining so much after coming on?
    and he really should not have played games with lehmann.
    doesn’t he know that he will be on tv? as if saying once isn;t enough, he has to repeat it 3times

    1. Wow, don’t make me scared… I thought Busi’s injury didn’t look serious. We need him, and we cannot lose two midfielders at the same time (although Yaya finally played a match on his level from last year and Keita will be back).
      Losing Xavi is heavy, losing Xavi and Busquets would be too much!

  14. Great performance from entire team. This is the Barca I love to watch!! I enjoyed watching the game as much as our guys seemed to enjoy playing it.

    And Bojan did exactly what super-sub has to do …. Here’s hoping for a 10 in review 🙂 wishfull thinking??

  15. Messi!!!!

    1. thanks!
      this line says it all.
      “Wednesday night’s display has only reinforced such a view. Rooney, for all his talent and prolific form, is not in this league.”

  16. Pep called Yaya an “animal.” He really was a beast tonight. I’ve been calling for him to play central mid for awhile and tonight he showed what he could do with a bit of freedom.

  17. I liked Pique moving up into the defensive midfield slot. I know the game was basically over, but I thought he did quite well.

    1. Pretty sure Pep did that because Busi and Xavi will most likely miss the next game. So he might play Yaya in Xavi’s spot and Pique at DM.

  18. By the way, did you notice the dermatitis or some kind of abrasion on Messi’s (I think it was the right ones) arm and leg? What happened, it looked as if he was involved in an accident or something…

    1. In a foul he got a cut and started to bleed, the blood from his leg went on his arm when he touched it i guess.

  19. Never seen Pep comment on Yaya before I always thought that was strange can you provide me a link regards to him commenting Yaya?

    He indeed was an animal most under rated player in world football in my opinion.

  20. So with this game finally over and we can talk about the Quarter-finals anyone has any ideal opponent you would love to see us play against..
    I personally would like to draw that Bordeaux team or even Arsenal..

    1. CSKA Moscow seems to be the weakest side ON PAPER, so that would be nice. Having said that, I see nothing fun for the team in making a trip to Moscow anytime soon. Eastern European teams + cold weather = not good.

      I feel confident, so I will say that I don’t particularly care who we draw. I would obviously like to avoid United if we could, mostly just for suspense’s sake.

      We already have proved that we are better than Inter. Bordeaux and Lyon would be fun ties that I think we would ultimately triumph in (The Bordeaux tie would go something like: mr.chamakh and mr. gourcuff, please let me introduce you to my friends carles and THEYAYA. Game Over). Arsenal would be a dream tie in terms of good footy, but they have a few tricks up their sleeve so I would rather let a well structured side like Inter take care of them, and then have us in turn take care of Inter later.
      Bayern’s counterattacking skills make me not too eager to meet up with them.


    AND we didn’t fall for the linchpin offensive maneuvering that teams always try against us. You know, where teams pass to the no.9, then pass back as a winger collapses on the width for a fast break. We fell for it numerous times at Stuttgart’s place, but we weren’t having it tonight.

    AAhhhh, so refreshing to see the one touch play. It really is the key to our success. It’s so incredibly demoralizing when a team toys with you like that, it is WAY underrated in my opinion.

    YES 4 – 0. Let’s keep this thing rolling.

    Here’s to hoping for Arsenal, Moscow, or Bordeaux. I don’t want MANURE until the Final so we can squash again.

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