Barça – Racing Match Comments Post

Sorry, but no liveblog today as the blog squad is out of the house for this one.

Barça: Valdes, Puyol, Piqué, Márquez, Maxwell, Yaya, Busi, Iniesta, Messi, Bojan, Henry
Bench: Pinto, Milito, Chygrynskiy, Jonathan, Thiago, Pedro, Jeffren

Racing: Coltorti, Crespo, Henrique, Torrejón, Oriol, Lacen, Diop, Toni Moral, Óscar Serrano, Canales, Xisco
Bench: M. Fernandez, Luis Garcia,  Luisma, Moraton, Espolita, Arana, Pinillos

Take it away, folks.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


    1. Like jordi just posted, Ibra’s ruled out because of a discomfort in his ankle. Gah! They just keep coming.

      But at least Bojan’s starting 😛 . Visca Bojan! Carpe Diem!

  1. repost: hectored while replying to hector



    no jds either. i’m thinking he’s subbed on, or thiago, for toure in the second half. no milito. pep’s going with, according to paradigma guardiola, “la pareja de centrales que mas repitio la temporada pasada.” //

  2. Would’ve preferred Milito over Marquez because I think he complements Pique better, but not worried about it.

    Very excited about the Bojan start – let’s go buddy!

    Hoping JDS or Thiago subs in.

    1. I think they dont want to push Gabi too much too soon, A re-injury would be a massive blow for him.

  3. I’m liking the midfield (given Xavi’ absence) but would have preferred Henry at CF and Jeffren/ Pedro on the wing. Stiil, have say Bojan has waited patiently for a start. Hope it goes well for him – it might be last chance saloon for him at Barca.

  4. Ibra is a big blow. I just hope he is fine for Tuesday. Nice to see Yaya and Henry back in 11. Am more worried about injuries in practise then during matches nowadays.

  5. Here are two:


    1. nice TVU stream that I’m using /

      Schoen’s EE butt-kissing already rearing its head 10 min in.

  6. This is going to be a great game for our boys to get their confidence back going into our CL game.

    1. That was almost as awesome, except he’s not Henry so. Still beautiful. I remember him scoring one a similar one last year, he seems to get one a year. But hasn’t he gotten one already this year?

  7. Rafa no. Rafa si. I think that is the first time I have seen him execute a free kick in four years. Beautiful.

  8. I bet AS will once again shout “Villarato!!!” after this goal hasn’t been given due to a wrong offside decision…

    But who cares!

    1. Did not play too badly at all. Drifted into anonymity in the second half, but got himself nicely involved in the first. Deserved a goal.

  9. Though to be brutally honest, only Marquez’s goal would have gone in against a top level defense. 😉

  10. Racing came with no hope and are playing like it. I like how easy this is but they are making it easy for us. Good to see iniesta and henry get on score sheet. now only if bojan and messi add one each, my night will be made.

  11. Love how the Camp Nou crowd’s whistling Canales 😀

    LOVED this half–Busi tearing it up in the advanced role. Was he playing out of position this whole time, as DM? Hmm…

  12. It’s not the goals – it’s the sharpness that’s impressing me. We’re surrounding them when they have the ball – and sorry, Ibra, but the movement up front is light years better. If Bojan can’t score today he needs to go. Bad, bad miss that was for a striker.

    1. Its not only Ibra fault for the lack of movement up front i Believe Ibra would’ve had an hell of a game against this Racing Defense….

      Plus where playing in front of our home crowd..we always perform better for them..

    2. Sorry but everybody, Bojan included, is moving sharply. The ball is flying around. Even thought he goals haven’t been built up Racing are struggling to keep up with our quick passing. That doesn’t happen when Ibra plays. Everything seems slower. May not be down to him but it’s a hell of a coincidence.

    3. Well i put it down to basically different home and away form…when we are away we tend to play more hasty and rushing every pass…
      IN front of our home crowd we take the time needed for the pin-point passing just look at our home league win against Sevilla…Most of our home games are like this to me..

  13. The movement is not really better, Racing is just really rubbish.


    1. I do tend to agree that our movement up front is better when Ibra is not in side. He is simply too slow when we lose the ball. I agree with all that Ibra brings but he needs to be sharper when he does not have the ball and currently he is not.

  14. Wtf was that? Henry didn’t do anything at all! Oriol simply runs full of rage towards the ref after Henry fooled him with a nice trick, then Oriol crashes with his own player and Henry gets a yellow card?!?

    1. Haha, I thought exactly the same. Doesn’t want to buy a Dani Alves replacement, he wants to create one 🙂

  15. Messi is needing to get back on the wing. He’s not nearly as effective in the middle.

    Sky says Pique seems to have a problem? Oh no !

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