Barca young’uns get it right in the cule

To explain: The chutaculo is precisely what it sounds like: you test your fancy new boots by taking shots at your friend’s backside. On deck we have a passel of canteranos, including Muniesa, Dos Santos and Assulin, laughing their asses off as they try to hit each other’s …. well …. asses.

Have fun.

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By Kxevin

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  1. good aim… and thats our defense for sunday lol awesome. Maybe instead of asses they can be heroes and put some away in El Calderon.

  2. We used to do this at practice when we did penalty kicks. Except, it was me (the goalkeeper) who got to do it to any player that missed (or I saved) their PK.

    It is a LOT of fun.

  3. do you guys know the game called “culé”???

    all players try to score a header or a volley in one goal but one remaing player. The remaining one is the goalie and has to stop the others from scoring. If anyone misses a shot (shoots out or to the goalie and the goalie catches the ball completely without letting it fall) then the one that missed becomes the new goalie. Every player can be the goalie if he misses and the goalie constantly changes. When any goalie gets scored 3 goals against he has to stand up in the goal with his back down and his ass facing the penalty point. All the players but the goalie try to shoot hard to his ass and make him feel some pain 😉

    hope I explained it a an undestoodable way… it is sooo fun!!!

    1. haha i used to play it in Holland as well.
      it was called “tienen” which means TEN in english.
      cause every player starts with 10 points except the gk.
      if you score with foot volley , it was 1 point deducted from the goalie. header 2.etc. the harder the goal, the more point deducted from the gk.
      once we played with over 20 players and i LOST. without my knowledge they put the ball a mere 2 metres from my a*s, taking shots instead on 5metres. only realised after 5 shots.sigh

    2. wow, that’s so cool! “tienen”

      we also used to play counting those 3 goals for all goalies at the same time so anyone could let 2 goals come in and then make a save, pass it to someone else’s volley goal and spank some asses. it was a constant carnage!! every minute someone’s butt was in the goal XD

    3. LOL
      what was it called, when the goalie loses and everyone takes a shot?
      it’s called billen brand in holland.
      something like firing a*S in english lol

    1. yeah what’s up with that?
      normally when i wake up(asian time), i see multiple new topics and already double digit posts(im never going to be able to say “FIRSt” TO ANY OF THE POSTS) but today nothing new..

  4. I’m not sure if I like the rating comments thing…it becomes a bit like then…
    We’ll see.

    Oh and how do you put your picture for your comment? Shall I expect a post on these new changes?

    1. Eklavya, you can go to to start, and your personal avatar can follow you. Very cool.

    1. FSC is now in HD the problem is most carriers havent implemented it yet. I guess they dont want to pay more

    1. New feature, Ciaran, something we’ve been kicking about for some time: avatars. Not sure about the “rate this” function, though. I suspect it will go mostly unused. We’ll have to see.

      I knew about the contemplation, but I confess that the implementation comes as a very pleasant surprise to me.

  5. if any of of you guys are seeing the xrez vs EE game than youguys just saw one the funniest things.

    Florentino Perez took a picture with what he thought was an EE supporter with a white flag. What he didn’t know was that he was a brave cule holding a FCB scarf in front of the white flag. After the picture the cule showed the the scarf to flo flo and laughed at him.

    1. it’s on youtube.
      perez got served
      so diff with the EE fan at barca training, he was hiding!

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