Pep Guardiola and Michael Jackson? The video evidence!

We have Corrine to thank for finding this comprehensive bit of awesomeness. It pulsateth with the wrongness. But it’s oh, so right.

By Kxevin

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  1. Okay. I see all your points. And perhaps it was for the best that my arguments were completely misunderstood (a few comments felt like that some posted without even reading what I said…)
    It lead to everyone describing what ‘more than a club’ stands for them.

    But just for the sake of clearing things up, here’s my perspective in brief and hopefully very clear so that it is not misinterpreted again. Please read it carefully and engrave it on the back of your mind when reading anything I say afterwards.

    – For me ‘more than a club’ will, first and foremost, and also most importantly stand for it’s relation with the catalan people and their culture. For what it meant historically and in it’s strictest sense. This holds the greatest importance for what ‘more than a club’ means.

    -I don’t have a problem with how it is used nowadays, i.e. post Laporta, to represent our solidarity and charity efforts. I actually support it and as a cule I’m proud of it.

    -Neither do I have a problem with everything else it is associated with. All this being our football philosophy (very, very rare) our other sporting teams (most importantly basketball), our status as the representative and promoter of catalunya. In the modern times this is the most relevant meaning of ‘more than a club’ and I love every aspect of it.

    Keeping all these things very much in mind I do have some issues:

    -What ‘more than a club’ meant historically is very different from what it means now. And what it means now is in no way even comparable to what it meant historically. In the historical sense ‘more than club’ was about Catalunya, now it is about Barca.

    -While the charity/solidarity efforts are excellent and something to be very much proud of; we cannot ignore the fact that there are significant pragmatic aspects to it as well.

    -Some people who, without knowing anything about it, without suffering or even without relating to what was suffered, carry hate and bias. There is a lot of half baked knowledge about the past and it inspires irrational hate and extremism. It is completely the opposite of what our club stands for.

    (This is what I mean when I talk of ‘some’ cules, not anyone here or in Spain, who have a hate for everything Spain but without any reason or justification other than they ill conceived idea that it is something they are supposed to do simply because they are cules.
    @Kevin: and this is not handed down from parents etc. they get this idea mostly from whatever ideas they get from the internet)

    I have no problems with those people who say Catalunya is not Spain. Because it really is not. And those who feel a need to express themselves because of what they or they’re parents have suffered very much have a right to do so. But I’m sure even those guys in terms of the current scenario will not call for complete independence or even for a separate league.

    I’m sorry if saying “we” offended anyone (specially to you SC). I obviously didn’t mean to generalize and when I said ‘we’. I wasn’t talking about me or you at all because I’m sure it doesn’t apply to either of us. Sorry for the misconception.

    @John: Thanks for understanding mate, much appreciated.

    @Poipoi thanks for sharing that. It is something I was already talking about and so I’ll further add something which truly expresses what ‘Mes Que Un Club’ really means:
    During the Franco Era, both the language and everything associated with Catalan culture was forbidden. It was banned everywhere, except one place, the last fortress of Catalunya, Camp Nou. There the people were free to talk and sing in Catalan, to fly the flags of their country, to celebrate their unique culture. If anyone knows what it means to be oppressed and then to have a haven where you can rejoice, will know the importance of this.
    This is why Barca was more than a club. This is why Barca is Catalunya’s Army.


    What a find! Thanks Corrine!

    “It pulsateth with the wrongness. But it’s oh, so right.”


  3. Cesc Pistol, I wasn’t a part of the Catalan Vs Spain discussion, because I am not a Catalan, nor a Spanish. I agree with you that the Values behind a certain Motto change with time. It develops to survive. And again, most of the time people are the driving force behind the change while leaders pick it and get advantage of it.

    If Barcelona Cules accepted to have commercials on the shirts we wouldn’t have a Unicef there instead. We would have selected the easy way. But because it wasn’t possible, we took another Pragmatic path. So as I see it, even if the historical values are not the bold ones at the moment, they are still there to dictate certain guidelines and as in the link I posted above (waiting moderation) it offer the club a Soul.

    I don’t think if Barcelona decided to be completely faithful and dedicated to the Catalan case that it would have served the Catalan case more. Look at Athletic Bilbao. A club to respect, they are national team of the Basque. But I dont think they are promoting the Basque culture to the world the way Barcelona does now, by globalizing their case in a way that fit their local-Catalan-mission as well.

    “More than a club” means something different than it meant before. But not something that oppose the historical values. Its more developed on the same bases.

    “More than a club” is no more a romantic slogan for poets to sing before getting shot. Its not a reaction anymore, its pragmatic enough now to make a difference, a change. Not only an emotional change, teasing the national commitment, but a tangible change through making the life of some people better. Helping where there is a need for help.

    The club is earning benefits on that, but its the win-win Cycle. The more the club win on it, the stronger muscles will have to launch more similar projects. More people will be helped. then more people get involved. More benefits, more projects. Then the other clubs will start noticing the advantages of this kind of projects and will plan more of the same. Football will gain back the values that it lost recently by some Chelsea-type laundry structures.

    “More than a club” means different now, but that’s why I like it more.

  4. I think we’re going to have to stop this blog now. I can’t ever imagine any post, any assessment, any evaluative article that will top that video. 😀

  5. WTF! Another horse merciless beaten, shot at, grenaded, spat on, then nuked.

    Just like “le affaire d’ eto’o”, the “mes que un club” coversation has been discussed to m’fing death.

  6. Agree on everything you said Ramzi. As I said many times already, I wouldn’t be happy with it if we weren’t pragmatic. It would have been quite stupid if we were giving the socis hard earned money to charity and not getting anything in return.

    “More than a club” means different now, but that’s why I like it more.
    However this is something I don’t agree with. Barca was one of the major reasons that the Catalan culture survived and now it’s flourishing. I don’t think anything the club does can top that.

    @Kev: This is surely the post to end all posts. I can’t stop watching this thing. Hilarious. 😀

  7. This video is a greater image than The Yaya smiling, holding his 7 billion children of the world in his arms.

  8. ahh so there was some fallout from the YAYA/kolo collision…this video! pep looks weirder in this video than pique did when he shaved his face before the Gamper. i saw ur live blog comments!! lol

  9. haha, simply awesome 😀

    Look at this Ronnie! You can party as a footballer and still be professional and stay on top of your form!

    I wonder how old Pep was back then?

    What do you think about the final offer for Chygrynskyi? 25 mio. € for a player that cannot even play in the CL ?!? That’s crazy. I would even prefer Rafinha for 8 mio.

  10. Well, Schalke wants 10 mio, but maybe it can be reduced to 8 mio. It was a guess from me 🙂

  11. Its also the “oversized grey t-shirt tucked into slightly baggy jeans while wearing work boots at a club” look that does it for me. The 90’s were a strange time. 😀

  12. @ CP- your words are engraved in the back of my mind. 😀

    @Jason- i wonder what issue we’ll nuke next? 😛

    about this video… eyes closed, singing along loudly, not caring if his arms hit anyone around him. AMAZING! ladies, hate to say it but if anyone went up to him at the club, he would completely ignore you. he’s in the zone and in the midst of a love affair with michael.

    and— is it me or does it look like he spilled beer all over his shirt?

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