When the gods want to punish you, the saying goes, they answer your prayers — and the Gods of Football have, of late, been especially punitive. Looking to draw a soft penalty to finish off the clásico and the league along with it? Why, here’s three! (You take one, and your archrival will take the other two.) Praying that your club president will finally come to his senses and ship that mean ol’ coach back to the miserable island from which he came? Presto! (What are you sulking about? You’re still captain!) Ever daydream that one day you would be the Zamora-winning first-string keeper between the posts of a world-class team? Done and done! (No, I mean done. Right now, mid-match, of a derby, with a Champions tie in two days. No sweat, right? You’re at least pumped for another Copa final!)

I’m inclined to think that the Gods of Football, at least those who preside over La Liga, are of the Greco-Roman pantheon. For one thing, I have it on good authority of the History Channel that the divinities of other cultures are not mythological deities but extraterrestrials who beamed to Earth eons ago to share some of their intellectual property with us (e.g., blueprints for the Temple of Angkor Wat, or how to make a really cool crop circle with little more than a scythe and a dream.) And the northern European variety, the Valhallians and Nibelungs and such, well, frankly they intimidate me. We’ll wait to see how Champions plays out before we deal with them again.

No, I’m pretty sure we in La Liga are dealing with your Mediterranean-garden variety gods and goddesses. They don’t care about how you eat or dress or feel about your kid’s best friend’s new young stepmother. They’re content to sit back and watch the show like the rest of us, only from the best vantage point ever … that is, until one of them gets a bee in their bonnet and then you have what is called a “problem.” Kind of like when Mom gets into one of her moods. You’re pretty sure you haven’t done anything wrong, but it’s best to stay out of her way until Dad gets home.

urkelSometimes the gods decide they’ve had enough of each other and would like nothing more than to spend some quality time with you. They can be hard to spot, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you are an archaeologist, you might think that a god resembles a reality-tv “Housewife,” lounging about in spa wear with an ambrosia smoothie complaining about her husband chasing young girls in the form of a farm animal. If you are a Hollywood director, you might believe that the denizens of Olympus shop at a mall outlet called something like “S ‘n’ M!”, where they grab unisexy leather harnesses and micro-minis right off the rack (as gods, they’re sample size.) But if you are a soccer fan, you know that the Gods of Football walk among us disguised as Steve Urkel from “Family Matters”: short pants, long socks, and a left-breast pocket brimming with writing utensils. He’s been there the whole time, but you hardly notice him … until he points at you and your universe turns inside out.

Now, a lot of Greco-Roman gods played favorites, usually against each other, for reasons beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Maybe it’s a big laugh riot on Mount Olympus to say “Make it rain!” and then turn your pitch to sodden mush, or to explode a big volcano just as your team is about to fly over Iceland for a very important match. Other times, they pick some poor sap and say, “I want that one!” as if you were a puppy in a pet shop window instead of a world-class winger with a golden foot and glossy hair.

For example, if your name is Lionel Messi and you play for FC Barcelona, then you are Odysseus and your story is The Odyssey (trust me, I already did the BuzzFeed quiz for you.) Odysseus is king of the world (well, o.k., Ithaca) and, like you, is trying to get back to where he once belonged, with his wife and young son. There’s a bit of political upset back at the home field, which may or may not motivate his team’s drive to get to where they need to be. Odysseus is famous for being quick on his feet, such as when he has to figure out how to dribble past so many Sirens clutching at him, and he can nutmeg ya in the blink of a Cyclop’s eye. This has won him the admiration of Zeus’ daughter Athena, who is the goddess of philosophy and, like most smart girls, alternately makes her Dad proud of how much she has achieved or gives him a headache for going on about how independent she is.  But Athena is a standoffish gal, and leaves Odysseus pretty much to his own devices. This has drawbacks, such as when he lollygags around Circe’s island after she turns his entourage into a litter of piglets long enough to make you wonder how bad he really wants it.

outfitIf you are Cristiano Ronaldo and you play for Real Madrid, your hero is Aeneas and your story is The Aeneid. Odysseus is a guy with a god on his side, but Aeneas really is a god — or a demigod, anyway. His mother is Aphrodite, so he’s probably good-looking (if the tendency of his ex-girlfriends to throw themselves on flaming pyres is any clue), but you don’t hear much about his dad. Eventually, Aeneas arrives on a strange peninsula dotted with attractive villas and hand-pressed olive oil, where he will found a great European capital under the protection of the goddess Ceres (you might know her as Cibeles.) Aeneas is a mama’s boy; like Odysseus, he’s done well enough for himself in the Trojan Wars, but whenever he gets into trouble Mom sends him an invisible cloak and he moves about unsuspected until the last minute. It’s kind of like when you wander about pretty much invisible for an hour or so and everyone on the other team gets their hopes up only to see — tah dah! — a free kick granted only a few yards from the penalty area and — bingo! — we get to watch you prance around the stadium announcing that you are, in fact, present. However, even though Aphrodite is more hands-on than Athena, she tends to get wrapped up in her latest relationship so it’s risky to depend upon her much.

If you are Diego Costa and you play for Atlético de Madrid, your hero is Achilles and your story is The Iliad. Your name means something like “anguish,” which is a feeling familiar to Atleti fans, and you are famous for your colorful armor, which archaeologists have never found but there’s no reason to think it doesn’t resemble a mattress. Unfortunately, you don’t have any kind of special guy-goddess relationship. In fact, you spend so much time with your buddies, like Patroclus, that your mom worries that you’ll ever have a girlfriend that isn’t some kind of set up like that chit Briseis. But what you have, and what your fans love about you, is heart. Heart and muscle. Well, mostly muscle. Achilles is a “Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting” kinda dude, and there are times, like when he drags poor Hector around the fields or stomps on Dani Alves up and down the left side, when he seems to be kickin’ ass just for the heck of it.  So far, Plan A is working. But look out, because sometimes Achilles gets into a mood and disappears into his tent for the afternoon, such as in previous city derbies when Barcelona really could have used a hand keeping the merengues behind them in the League standings.

And where does that leave us fans and spectators? We’re the chorus, I suppose. Kingless, godless souls who pray that their match is the comedy offering of the evening and that the tragedies are played out in other theaters. Who like to sing a little ditty from time to time, and with a penchant for stating the obvious.











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  1. WhoScored rated Neymar MOTM. There was a lot of snarking on Twitter about Neymar turnovers, and turnovers by him in dangerous areas. So I watched again. And counted. Messi had more turnovers than Neymar. Both players gave the ball up in the Atleti box. Both had one turnover in the midfield area.

    That both have many turnovers is to be expected. What I find fascinating is that nobody was riding Messi for his turnovers, even though he had more than Neymar.

    — Fabregas, in the context of what Martino wanted from the 4 mids, wasn’t as bad as many (including me before the re-watch) asserted. He was quite influential in ball control, defending and popping up in vexing places for their defense. Diego’s wonder strike messed up Martino’s plan, which necessitated the Sanchez sub, which was decisive.

    1. Would you start Cesc as part of the four man MF unit in the away leg, or would you start Alexis from the get-go?

    2. Just counting the number of times Messi gave away the ball compared to Neymar won’t help. Add the number of people marking Messi every time he received the ball. Compare that to Neymar’s then take count the number of time they lost possession. I haven’t seen any team do this well in keeping 3-4 players always on Messi.

      If Martino insists on playing Neymar, then this match showed it has to be on the left as a deputy to Iniesta. Cesc don’t nahve a place in our starting eleven against better sides. Either Sanchez or Pedro should start. It was startling the amount of pace Alexis introduced into Barca’s game. Some may argue that it could be the result of the goal, but I think it’s the result of the personality.

      I am still not sure whether we should start Neymar at Vicente Calderon. He was decisive but till that moment he was crap. His form improved after that is a good sign. May be the weekend match would give an indication whether this is a resurgence or a temporary form.

      He might have been decisive, but I do believe that had we started with Pedro and Sanchez we would have been much better. May be we wouldn’t have been in a position like chasing the match had they started, just a guess! Who know?

      Agree with your assessment on Cesc. He was not that bad and did well in that free roaming midfielder. But let’s accept the problem with playing four midfielder is that you are downsizing the effect of Iniesta. So it’s simple – you want Iniesta to run the show, then don’t allow anyone to occupy his space.

      Busquets and Bartra were seriously good, but I would like to highlight Alba in recent matches as the most consistent player. How the hell is able to run so much?

    3. The last time, I think, a team so effectively zonal marked Messi with 3/4 players was in the Inter Milan semi finals. Simeone might have shown a video of that match to his team. They were brilliant against Messi.

  2. Isn’t the big question now whether Atleti will have anything in the tank next week, especially without Costa and a game against Villareal on the weekend. I will be surprised if they can match that intensity, even at home. Tata on the other hand should be able to rest a lot at the weekend. Bring in Alexis, Pedro, Song, Roberto??, Adriano, etc etc and hope for a scrappy win against Betis. Maybe play Cesc again and leave him out against Atleti.

  3. Had to logged in and comment.

    Compare to last season, we arrived at the crucial part of the season this time with better physical condition. The only downside is our bad luck with injury, of which is nothing that Tata can control.

    On the other hand, had to watch the Man Utd vs Bayern highlight. How fun for them to attack without having to break the bus. People talks about it is an end of an era for us, yet they always scared when facing us. Bayern even conceded a goal from a corner.

    I think our team deserved a lot more of credit despite what people criticize. No other football clubs are going through the series of bad luck like what we have.

  4. Although Bartra played well today, I would’ve preferred to see Puyol. I just don’t think Bartra is ready for matches as big as this, today he was fine but Atletico did not attack much. If we are to make it past this round he would be a liability. Let Puyol give us the last of what he’s got, he is still a great leader, his presence would be huge. Giggs is 40 and held his own today against probably the best team in Europe. Puyol please Tata.

    1. But Bartra clearly was ready. He was brilliant today, raising his game even from his last excellent outing. He won every aerial duel, had 12 interceptions and 0 balls lost.

      Not sure how he isn’t ready.

      I would take Bartra over Puyol any day of the week these days.

  5. atletico had messi because most times he got the ball he was sorrounded. A few times they slacked off he created two goal scoring chances.

    They were prepared to let the other attackers hev the ball but as soon as Messi had it they were on him.

    And because they played deep he could not also thread balls like he did against madrid.

    Ala Pinto i think the ball was saveable with better positioning. Maybe he was expecting a cross but no way he is sufficiently covering that angle will it go in.

    1. There is not a pundit I have seen or read who believes that any keeper in the game had a shot at that Diego shot. The top corner is a shot that is impossible to stop. Hit it with power, and no way. The only positioning that could have helped Pinto is standing on a stepladder, with exact knowledge of where the shot was headed.

      Many are making excuses for Messi, but he was a second half no show. Walking and standing around makes the job of the defenders easy. Just stand there beside him.

    2. No one could have saved that shot. A better keeper could have pushed it a bit further, and then it was all up to luck.

      Messi was a no-show till the introduction of Sanchez in the second half. Can’t blame him! In the first half he tried really hard only to realize that no one is ready to provide him with an outlet and was surrounded all the time. Second half he was simply walking here and there. Looks like just got fed up. But after the introduction of Sanchez he was bit different trying to link up well. It is easy to blame Messi for the second half no-show. But it looks like we have a bigger problem there with Messi not trusting his team mates to open up the space. Can’t blame him, watch the amount of space created for him after introduction of Sanchez and before that.

      Looks like we are seeing a repeat of last season in crunch matches where the Manager by picking the team on reputation is handicapping the best player and also Iniesta a bit.

      Have you ever thought why Messi presses well when played along with Sanchez or Pedro rather than Cesc? It happens every time.

  6. Bartra was Superb! with the inform Pique injured, its a big responsibility for him.

    i wonder how everyone would have gone against Tata if a goal would have gone in from a Bartra’s mistake as he dint get enough games prior to this match.

    Pinto, i am sorry is not good enough. as Goal.com article describes him as more of a cheerleader than of a Goalkeeper. agree with lala10, that shot was not impossible to save, Courtois made a similar corner save from a Messi Spot kick. yes it was a dead ball. But Still, those kind of saves determine the fate of big matches.

    Alexis, with all due respect was intense, but should have scored from a pass on the right. His first touch isnt always a good one.

  7. This was the most intense Barca I’ve seen all season, & then we go, & bad luck springs eternal again. Hope it doesn’t in the 2nd leg. Atleti left their swarming game at the Calderon(will they use it there or will possession negate it?), & instead brought a bus that just so happened to have a passenger board it with a torpedo hidden in his bag, ’cause none of us could see that coming. Other than that retarded wonder strike (with luck on its side), Atleti were completely nullified, & suffocated out of possession as soon as they got it. Swarmed out of it relentlessly. This was the Barca Tata’s been building towards since day one. His vertical introduction was just passing through (excuse the pun). Quick he realized that possession is king & verticalidad worked as just a pawn in a few games. Very astute & observant figure Tata is. He calls it as he sees it – the great goal from Diego, & the immense Barca performance never mind the result. Lack of finishing. Trend this season. Would Valdes have stopped that ripper? Maybe. He’s been pretty freaky this season. But other than him & maybe Courtois stopping that… that strike screams past other keepers all day. Man U & Atleti’s goals came within seconds of each other. I was at a fan club. Looked right (half-hearted cheer). Goal for United. Looked back. Goal for Atleti. (jeers). But the way Barca played; reminiscent of a few seasons ago, mind you, they’ve been that way quite a few times this season – something I always felt the pressing game would bring back, & then ironically a Bielsa-fied coach takes over. Main point last season. Pressing gone. Their intensity springs from that – everything else becomes intense too so naturally the tempo of the passing, concentration would return – always felt that intense pressing would let everything else fall back into place. Like in those games of past seasons (pre Vilanova), they gave you a sense of security & before I saw the replay, I just knew it was either a missile, or torpedo, or a deflection that allowed that goal. The way we played never allowed for anything else. But like in our invincible years when it wasn’t a result that reflected the match, lady luck always helped the other teams get a result. Not taking anything away from Diego’s goal. It’s great. But he’ll never score another one like it too soon, & in a game where they hardly featured.

  8. i think singeling one player like cesc and saying he played bad needs a bit of perspective. like, what was our game plan that tata designed and what did cesc do wrong in it? if he did, why didnt tata change him before? the game did change after cesc left but there were also other circumstances. in th last 15 mins atletico were really down physically, such a pitty we didnt score one more. can be a clue for second leg. remember also how they fell at the end against rm.

    i think messi was very much in the game. even in 2 part he tracked back, he combined… at one time he was close to our penalty area helping us pass our way out. even at our goal, space is created because 3 defenders are watching messi.

    on another observation, the game started really slow wich suited them. they were good defending with all team and pressing pinto which was relatively poor, giving away theyr chances. maybe our defenders should have helped him more.

    neymar was chopped chopped and chopped again. i dont give a rat’s ass about snob english commentators complaining about acting. its a way of playing which the ref almost didnt stop with his few yellows. i suppose that is one way of playing, but i would like people to question it too.

    masche and bartra were rocks. roll on.

    we are very much in this… it all reminds me of treble season and the chelsea games.

  9. With so much defending, any team is bound to get tired. – because Atleti is so well conditioned, fit etc., they just took a bit longer to wear out. Rolling back the years huh… with wearing out teams. Or maybe it’s a coincidence… Ha. I’m not gonna single out anyone on this team. I’m happy with the performance. They did their jobs in their respective positions, & kept the Barca tock ticking.. tik’, taka’ing. I’ve been happy with most of their performances this season, never mind the little niggling details. They’re much better than last season, & close to pre last year’s seasons, bar Guardiola’s last 4 months in charge. Yet, you just sense they’re still a work in progress, even though we’re at this stage in the calendar. Rossel was erratic in a sense that he settled scores with previous board members by damaging the image of the club. In settling scores the way he did it, he scored an own goal. The Cruyff, Guardiola, & ABIDAL chickens came home to roost. His own ego meant more. Lets see what this board gets up to after the world cup. If Tata is still there, we might just get to see the full extent of what he’s building, or rebuilding.

  10. I have never seen Bartra beaten one-on-one. For a tall guy he has tremendous balance. And he’s got great anticipation. And he’s quick. And he’s good with the ball at his feet. Watching him, I was wondering if he would make an excellent centre forward.

  11. A few observation, some shared by commenters above:

    * Barça’s intensity impressed the hell out of me. Anytime your team is more intense than even Atletico you just gotta applaud them regardless of the result.

    * I thought Neymar was one of our best performers even before he scored. Turnovers? People do know he’s an attacker, right?

    * Bartra and Mascherano played well, but let’s add some perspective… They did not come under pressure for the whole game. Piqué’s injury might prove even costlier than VV’s.

    * A big reason for our defenders having an easy night was the intensity with which our forwards and mids tried to get the ball back. Everybody showed up. Busquets in particular was at his Octopussian best.

    * Last but not least I would like to express my delight at David Villa doing what he has done for us on countless nights: not score in the Camp Nou!

  12. During the match, I told my little brother that Busi is like a vacuum cleaner. It’s like he’s sucking all the balls to him. My MoM.

  13. I’m a fan of Cesc Fabregas but he’s not compatible with Xavi in midfield.
    He hasn’t performed well in any of the big matches this season but is still a very important player for us.

    Messi was awful in the second half last night. Anyone saying that he was better than Neymar really needs to watch that match again because he gave up playing in the second half.
    In 4 matches this season Messi is yet to score v Atletico. I’d love to see Messi starting on the right next week with Alexis through the middle and Neymar on the left. Give Messi a little room to get the ball and see what he can do. It would give Simeone’s men something different to play against and both Neymar and Iniesta would be in their preferred positions.

    Bartra was immense last night, never putting a foot wrong even if Villa got past him to get a shot off in the first half. The way he pushed Costa off the ball within a couple of minutes of coming on was a great start for him.
    Busquets was also great, intercepting everything that came his way.

    Iniesta. That is all.

  14. Common guys! Enough with the Cesc bashing. You all are smart Barca fans. We know the games when we need the 4 man midfield, this wasn’t one of those games (at least after Costa went out) and Tata probably predicted wrongly how the game would go. Cesc quality doesn’t shine through in these kind of games obviously. But it wasn’t that long when we generally agreed our holy trinity midfield (Busq-Xav-Ini) can’t hold the fort alone in extremely tough games where game dominance can be challenged. The 4 man midfield has helped improved our work-rate in such games so far.

    Now that we saw how marvelous the holy trinity worked, some are calling for it to be restored fully whatever the game. If we do that against Madrid in the copa or even in the return leg (assuming an increased Aatletico intensity), and Busq gets overrun, then we start going on again about how old Xavi has become, Messi doesn’t press again etc etc

    Tata has learnt quite a few things on the job this season. This is another one of them, the value of being ‘very’ pro-active in the UCL when at home and ‘expected’ to dominate. Hope we still go through and the lesson isn’t a regrettable one. That said, I am still not sure what system to start in the return leg. That’s for Tata to figure out. We should just be glad we have multiple options.

  15. Can someone throw some light on this highly disturbing report from @Barcastuff?

    “FIFA has given Barcelona a transfer ban for next two transfer periods because of breaching international transfer rules of under-18 players.”


  16. Austrian news say that we got punished for transfering an under-aged player and therefore are not allowed to transfer anybody in the next two periods. WTF?

    Iniesta was insane last night!

  17. Apparently, between 2009 and 2013 we illegally signed 10 under-18 players and comitted some other unnamed infrigements. International transfers of under-18 players are generally prohibited, except for some special cases. Well, we’re screwed.

  18. Last night we had great control of the match. Both halves; moreso in the last 25 minutes. This has been the case since the first Man City clash; the 4 man midfield. Something Martino introduced after he realized that a bit of verticality isn’t really the answer – you can’t even change one stripe on this leopard & it starts feeling unnatural. Caused an anxiousness to their game, & not a good one, an impatience; didn’t blend in well. Tata realized that the Barca way wasn’t the problem. Not playing the Barca way was. Last season, was not the Barca way. All respect to Vilanova, it wasn’t his fault. He had cancer, Abidal had cancer (twice), it’s like the team was ill too. This is only one area proving how astute Martino is; regain control, find a way to regain dominance. I looked at last season & thought, what are these pundits talking about ppl have figured us out? That’s rubbish. It’s no coincidence that the pace of circulating the ball dropped, from that, getting in key positions off the ball; less running, less intensity, or no intensity even; & obviously no pressing – they looked lethargic — like they were suffering from cancer themselves. A team reflects its coach right? Simeone is a pure example of this. Vilanova was a pure example of this in how Barca was ailing last season, lots of injuries, & the loss of a favourite in Abidal, for the second time. Then Munich comes running, & ppl started talking up the Barca armageddon. A physically, & emotionally wounded team, with plenty injuries, that’s who they beat. Kick a dog while it’s down why don’t you. You can’t blame them. They’re professionals. They had every right to go after the kill when they smelled blood. This all might still just end up being karmageddon. So on to Martino’s work in progress, that started anew, err, a-old — possession — give back that leopard’s stripe, because the stripe was never the problem. Possession, pressing, intensity. The one can’t do without other to keep the success machine ticking. We had all the possession last season, but none of the other 2 that completes us — the Barca way; the total football way. Tata’s had them instill back all 3. Result; Barca of old, & we start dominating teams again. Not to the full extent ’cause I think this team isn’t there yet – work in progress. The game since City proves that teams haven’t figured us out. It proves that to keep at that insane level of competitiveness, you have to maintain that with what made you so good in the first place. It’s not humanly possible. I said at the beginning of Guardiola’s last season that I don’t expect them to maintain that level that year. That they’d slack off a bit. All that success, year after year.. You become fed up. Mind gets bored of just winning, winning, & winning the way they did where the opponent was always irrelevant. They needed time away from that amount of success to regain the hunger. I said 2 years. ’cause that’s how I felt. Bring on Martino, & this is what we have so far. The only thing we lacked was penetration here & there. Though, had we been more incisive in front of the poles, this specific team effort would’ve been lauded off its hinges… For the first time out of all the matches vs Atleti this season, we did not deserve a draw.

  19. .
    I’m absolutely fuming! Even if this could have started at the end of Laporta’s era —no details yet— I put most of the blame on the current board and, for me, this is the last straw.

    After all that has happened, they have to go and call for election asap.


  20. I always thought, that Barça (or the Rosell board) is trying to be too smart and constantly overstructorizing their transfer deals. If the deals with the young players are as complicated as the deal with the Neymar family, the Fifa has good reason to ask for clarifications…. That can go either way.

  21. I don’t understand a few things. We signed players under 18 since forever (La Masia anyone?) as does almost every other big club. What’s the big deal? How else can they run youth teams if they don’t sign any players under 18?

    And why is FIFA only after us? And why now?!

    1. Local players are okay.
      We signed some minor korean players .
      Apparently can’t sign those.

    2. Real Madrid signed “The Japanese Messi” a few months back. Age 9.
      Roma signed Toni Sanabria aged 17.

      You can say that Barcelona broke the letter of the law, while upholding the sense of the law – and that’s the most ridiculous thing: The law of FIFA puts under a common denominator everything, from actual trafficking and exploitation of minor players to Barcelona’s football boarding school.

      One very conspicuous reason I can see behind this, corruption of FIFA apart, is this: players formed and raised in the club don’t generate transfer fees. FIFA gets 1% of the transfer fee every time a transfer is made. This season just Barcelona and Real’s in and out transfers are valued at close to 400 million. With PSG, Monaco, Chelsea, City and the rest of the top leagues spending like mad the figures probably exceed 1 billion. And it’s not just the FIFA fee, it’s the agent’s fee(5-15%).

  22. Utter disaster – we postpone the urgently needed reinforcements for years, then we get a number of key players leaving/retiring at once, and just when we’re facing our most important transfer window since 2008, this happens???

    I have doubts it will be enforced, but if it is, we’re completely screwed…

    1. as I understood it, Barça can choose when to start the ban. Certainly Barça would not choose this summer transfer period.

    2. The ban only makes sense during the transfer period. I am not sure what exactly you are talking about

  23. Tata’s been good with making use of what he has at his disposal, squad wise. He’ll continue. Barca gets it from all angles. It’s become the norm. Think they’ve acclimatized themselves by now, along with Martino. Another day, another blow. It’s all good…

  24. Now if this ban kicks in, I think we should ask Valdes to stay for at least one year. I think he will oblige. After all this has been his club for so long. Offensively, we would be ok, with Rafinha, dialogue and even Bojan returning. But it’s the defense that worries me. puyol need to stay and may be the likes of Sergi should be promoted.

  25. The ban is crazy if it is enforced. We have 3 days to appeal so you’d assume that we will and it may get overturned.
    If not then our loanees can return so as above we would be in fine in midfield and forwards.

    I wonder if the registration of a player without a club would be a transfer so it might be possible to sign players without a club

    1. 1. That was 10 years ago, befire the rules were implemented

      2. The rule has an exception for players moving within the EU

  26. According to FIFA sources, transfer deals that have already been agreed upon by Barcelona could go through despite the ban. [sport1]

    That’s not bad, at least we will be signing a keeper.

    The club sources indicated that they have 90 days to appeal. Now counting from today that’s could be well into the transfer market. If we play it nicely, we could still sign some, provided FIFA agrees.

  27. What’s done is done. Going into details won’t change anything. Roll with it. Wenger must’ve adhered to the said Fifa article laws, stipulations etc., that’s on the Kick News site.

  28. I don’t see this ban being enforced. We’ll appeal and they will fine us or suspend our 1 year ban unless further violations. Why is this now coming to light? Yet another attempt to destabilize the club. This is like a twilight zone episode and we can’t get ahead of looming disasters. How many clubs could be banned for this? Answer: all of them. At some point all big clubs have signed a player under 16-18 who; A: parents don’t move for any other reason than football related in said clubs country, B: Parents don’t live w/in 50 mile radius of border & said clubs country, C: a move hasn’t taken place inside the European Union between 16-18. This is FIFA going through the motions so they can say they did something to save face. They’ll let the appeal win.

  29. Official response from Barcelona citing the education, accommodation, meals and integration for the young athletes. Support for their families on a social level.
    They went on to say that the person comes before the player.
    Cited examples of Messi, Iniesta & Xavi of the success of La Masia.

    It is being appealed and will be overturned in my opinion.

    1. I’m not sure that would be considered relevant would it ? Poor show from the club if this is upheld although punishment seems a bit severe unless we were warned and did nothing about it in which case we deserve it.

      Funny how life works, isn’t it ? Valdes decides yo leave, runs down contract, gets injured then won’t be allowed to get the money he needs from a transfer and may end up playing for us again.

      I’m assuming we’d still be allowed to loan players out ?

    2. Well that’s what our official response was anyway Jim.
      Basically they are saying that joining La Masia isn’t like a normal transfer in that they include living quarters, meals and education primarily even citing occasions where they offered continued education to players who were not successful in their bid to become professional.
      The rules are there to stop the abuse and exploitation of minors and La Masia certainly isn’t exploitation.

      In reality of it wasn’t for La Masia the likes of Iniesta and Messi etc may never have become the players they are now.

      For me, I see the ban being overturned and a warning given. They can’t hold La Masia up a a beacon of how things should be done and then tell us not to do it like that.
      In fairness, even the Korean guys that are involved may never had an opportunity like the one given at Barca

    3. wouldnt it be possibly to say — “yeah La Masia is great, but you shouldnt have broken the rules…” i dont know that is gonna overturn it…im pretty ignorant about the situation but all i can say is i hope we can delay the sanctions, splash some cash and set ourselves up to ride out the sanctions when the do hit…

  30. Satisfying to see “the special one” defending a 2-1 deficit only to give up yet another goal…i dont like PSG either, but moumou is moumou and the schadenfreude levels are high… 🙂

  31. This is a really annoying situation! La Masia provides some of the BEST education in Spain, both mentally and physically. I can’t think of many families who would not want their children to go there!

    As for the game yesterday. It’s really a shame we have to play Atletico, I would love to see them have a shot at the title – there is that Rocky I theme to their game. All in al though, I think it was a great match, even with the bus. That Diego goal was something else, I felt like Tata did, almost wanted to cheer. We have a tough task next week, but I have faith.

    And Bartra, jesus, he’s really come a long way since last year. I think he’s ready for these big games.

    Busi was phenomenal.

    Iniesta is plays a type of football that I can only compare to the Kantian sublime.

    Neymar, again, proves to be decisive, and Alba is having his best season yet.

    I think the Messi criticism is both deserved and undeserved. Sure, he can try to make himself more open, but I think Atl.’s defense should be applauded as well. They had him marked like a 5 year old with a sharpie.

  32. Diego Costa missing would be massive for us next week. He’s their out ball and biggest threat. I’m less worried about our defence with him gone. Despite good performances from Bartra and Masche last night playing at their home is another beast entirely.

    Mind you, when we criticise our defence and suggest improvements maybe we should look at how they do in Europe. Not impressed by Thiago Silva’s needless lunge to give away a penalty and David Luiz was pretty much his usual self.

    I’d still go with the four mids despite Cesc not really standing out. Then if we still haven’t scored by the hour mark switch Iniesta into his best position, bring on Pedro or Alexis and give it a real go. Important to rest. Two or three at the weekend, including Xavi.

  33. If the transfer embargo sticks, It’d be a good time to strengthen what la Masia has now like never before. Build another force almost entirely made up of Masia & B team graduates. Just like the current squad. But with today’s demand for results, I don’t see that happening. In a way we’ve become like our friend Florentino Perez. We want results now. This current Masia first team isn’t the product of I want it now. They should all pull together ever more as a family now, from the youngest Masia players, through to the 1st team. What’s scaring the PTBs of world football? Barca’s starting to show glimpses of dominance again? If so, I hope Atleti progresses, so these paranoid freaks can set their minds at ease. Cough…

  34. Just as to be known, if already is not evident – for those who want Tata out:

    Numbers that match the best

    Martino’s record at the Barça helm stands at 37 victories, 8 draws and 5 defeats in official matches. His men have scored a total of 136 goals (2.7 per game) and conceded 37 (0.7 per game).

    These numbers are the second best in Club history when it comes to debutant managers. Only Helenio Herrera (1958/59) has a better record: 40 victories, 5 draws and 5 defeats. Pep Guardiola’s record is nearly identical to Martino’s: 37 victories, 8 draws and 5 defeats (133 goals scored and 42 conceded).

  35. The players whose signings have brought about Barça’s ban from signing any players for one year are: Lee Seung Woo (under-16s), Paik Seung Ho (under-18s), Chan Kyul Hee (under-16s), Theo Chendri (under-18s), Bobby Adekanye (under-16s), Patrice Sousia (under-14s), Giancarlo Poveda (under-14s), Andrei Onana (under-18s) and Maxi Rolón (under-18s). It appears that the tenth player on the list could be Paraguay’s Antonio Sanabria.

    The Spanish Football Federation’s (RFEF) fine is for processing these players’ transfers.

  36. I am admittedly totally ignorant of what is going on, but I really can’t get over FCB being punished for provided international children with an incredible education. Meanwhile Fifa sells a world cup location to Qatar (admittedly a sponsor of FCB), a country which is employing slave labor. In what universe is attending La Masia anything but a gigantic opportunity?

  37. Much speculation, including that loaned players cannot return as part of the ban. A lot has happened today. Here is what seems to be sticking:

    — The ban is a shot across the club bow. The full hammer won’t come down, but some penalty will be accepted by us.

    — RM and Valencia, smarting over loss of some youth products to us, are rumored to have tipped off the investigators. RM and Atleti are also under investigation, as the real target is apparently Spanish football.

    — I don’t believe the ban will stand. The club makes some sound arguments inits rebuttal, beyond “Look at all the good we do!”

    — Transfers that have been agreed to (Ter Stegen, Halilvic) will stand. Transfer activity can take place during the appeal period. So appeal to high heaven while buying like crazy.

    — The club has known about and whistled past the graveyard on this one for at least a year. It was discussed by nzm here, but people were busy arguing about why Song/Mascherano/Neymar isn’t this or that. The club was negligent in assuming it would all dissipate.

    — The early transfer activity, and 120m mention from Bartomeu starts to make sense. Buy for the next two windows, then see what is what.

    — The club did these contracts to prevent Wenger-style poaching. Problem is that with FIFA, the law of the relevant country takes effect. In England, youth players can be signed to contracts. Not in Spain.

    — Much more to come.

  38. Ter Stegen and Halilovic. In the unlikely event the ban stands, loan deals would be worked. The ban is for two windows, NOT two seasons.

    — It would then be time to ask questions about what B players are ready. True answer is none. But Suarez would promote. Adama would get lots of time, as would Ie and Bagnack. Samper would get some looks, as would Dongou.

    — As for first team players looking to move on, Puyol might reconsider. By all accounts, Falcao has said they are waiting for Valdes in Monaco this summer.

    1. Adama was back playing with Juvenil A today. He’s not even a full B team player yet. He will get some call-ups, but no way will he be getting “lots of time”. It’s not forwards that we are short of.

  39. Halfway through my evening jogging(which from aside looks more like a flesh-and-blood steam locomotive crawling along a horizontal plane), this is I realized suddenly:

    FIFA considers youth players the property of their corresponding league and country. While the Bosman ruling is the epitome of freedom of movement, this FIFA clause is in effect the polar opposite.

    While it’s true that youth player exploitation is a serious problem, the fact remains that the FIFA ruling is(to keep the current Greek myth theme) an actual Procrustian bed. There are a myriad of ways the situation can be controlled with success for all parties, but that would be too uncomfortable for the Governing body which is hellbent on retaining its supreme autocratic power.

    By targeting specifically the club which it has shown as an example of youth player creation, FIFA seeks to down more than one bird with a single stone:

    1. Show in no uncertain terms that FIFA is The Law(and the law is not mocked)
    2. Put the fear in other clubs(“If we could smite down those we showed as an example, what do you think we will do to you?”)
    3. Preclude the dishonest practice of robbing clubs, agents and federations from their FIFA-given right to transfer fees by actually forming and retaining players instead of buying them
    4. Last but very much not least, increase transfer fees and ensure a new reign of the clubs that spend most(while acclaiming “miracles” like Atletico and Borussia and using them as poster boys of the sustainable success).

  40. Latest update is that all of the disputed signings happened during Rosell tenure. Recall his ire over losing youth players to England.

  41. Apparently Fifa made its mind up about the transfer ban back in November but made it public today. Why? Who knows. Time for some good ol fashioned ‘spiracy thoeries.

  42. A-hem. *clears throat* lalalala. *breathes in*

    Once upon a time, there was Camp Nou
    Where we used to make a pass or two
    Remember how we laughed away the hours,
    And dreamed of all the finals we’d go to?

    Those were the days, cules
    We thought they’d never end
    We’d run and pass forever and a day
    We’d play the game we’d choose
    We’d fight and never lose
    For we were young and winning was our way

    la la la la la-la
    la la la la la-la

    Then, the busy years went rushing by us
    We lost our trophy notions on the way
    If, by chance, I’d see you in the Camp Nou,
    We’d smile at one another and we’d say

    Those were the days, cules
    We thought they’d never end
    We’d run and pass forever and a day
    We’d play the game we’d choose
    We’d fight and never lose
    Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days

    Just tonight, I stood before the Camp Nou
    Nothing seemed the way it used to be
    On the grass, I saw a strange formation
    Why is there only one lonely CB?


    From the stands, there came familiar singing
    I saw your face and heard you call my name
    Oh, my friend, we’re older but no wiser
    For in our hearts, the dreams are still the same


    la la la la la-la
    la la la la la-la

    1. blitz, thia made me both smile from the memories, while also blinking away tears. Thank you for it.

  43. Qatar employs slave labour… Maybe FCB’s decision to normalize the situation in the middle East between Israel & Palestine with that ‘Peace Tour’, has come back to bite them in the buttocks. Karma does these things. One is the oppressor, the other’s the oppressed — respectively. An institution like ‘Mes Que Un Club’ – the same one that Alves questioned, for the treatment of his best friend, Abidal, should never have sought to ‘normalize’ the known occupation of a land by force, thereby acting like a patsy to an apartheid entity — another one of Rossel’s woes.
    Giving the idea that these are just two forces slugging it out, & seeking to detract from he glaring truth of the matter, that one side has been put into concentration camps in its own country for years, by its occupyer. BDS Catalunya condemed it, like they condemned the Shilat visit, & protested it. ))) Descending audio)))… -In other news around the world… FCBarcelona has been banned from making transfers for the next 14 months, which includes 2 transfer window periods- Err…

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