Extraordinary day, aka “Nou Nou, or gut rehab? Take your pick … not.”

Press conference about the future of the Camp Nou, going on live now. Link is above. Comments, etc can also go here.

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By Kxevin

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  1. As an FYI to anyone who comes here and is on Twitter, I was liveTweeting the presser. If you check my timeline (@kevvwill), most of the stuff is there, typos and all.

  2. The Romantic in you is saying they’re gonna raze the old giant. One of the best voted comments on the matter today in MD was “Fcking make it more comfortable and cover it, it’s like a cemetery, but less warm and more windy.”

    Dude has a point, with the moronic starting hours of matches that the LFP insists on forcing on the clubs the stadium needs more comfort. More comfort means more people would actually see the matches instead of “The hell with the Betis/Depor/Elche/Rayo game if I have to call in sick tomorrow.”

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