Breaking news: Henry not sanctioned by FIFA

As many of you may or may not know, Henry had a hearing today before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, in relation to the infamous l’affaire du Main incident that resulted in France qualifying for the World Cup over Ireland. Some were calling for the bastinado, others for his exclusion, etc, etc.

Here’s what happened:

“The Disciplinary Committee reached the conclusion that there was no legal foundation for the committee to consider the case because handling the ball cannot be regarded as a serious infringement as stipulated in article 77a of the FIFA Disciplinary Code,” world football’s ruling body said.

“There is no other legal text that would allow the committee to impose sanctions for any incidents missed by match officials.”

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Pep birthday greetings.

By Kxevin

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    1. Yeah and only because of the British press, they always have to make everything about them, like Henry is the only player ever to use his hands. Like English/Irish/Welsh players have never used their hands. I can guarantee if it was the opposite and Ireland knocked out France with the use of a hand then the uproar would not have been anywhere near as ridiulous. You should have heard them here on English tv when it first happened, they took somebody who used to be an icon here and basically flushed him down the toilet. The commentators this weekend were even giving him shit when he was signalling that a sevilla player used his hand, i think the exaxt phrase was “Yeah, he should know”. Pathetic really.

    1. Not if Keiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is back!!! Or you can do it and we will all write KKKKeeeiiiiiiiiiiittttttttteeeeeeeeeee!!!! to you… He he!

    2. You don’t need to do that “who will play DM on Saturday” post but not because Keita is back. He’s not a DM and he won’t play as DM.

      Probably Marquez or Pique will be the DM.

    3. Keita has played the DM role in the past. He definitely has the skillset for it and I would trust him more than having a back liner in that role …. even Piquenbauer.

      Question is when does he come back?

    1. Why would you say that. He would be back latest Tuesday(tomorrow) with enough time to rest, recuperate and get 3 days training(4 if you include match day training[tactical training]) for the Saturday fixture.

    2. I think what he meant was that he’d play, but not as DM.. I don’t remember Keita ever as a DM.. He’s more a box-to-box lung..

  1. With Busi out with a bruised kidney (ow!), we are left with the possibility of Keita at DM or, if he’s given rest after the ACN, we’ll probably see Marquez or Chygrynskiy there.

  2. It’s extremely early, but right now I’m hoping for a Puyol – Marquez backline with Pique at DM.

  3. If Keita isn’t starting at DM, and I don’t think he has the skills for it, i don’t see him starting. If we don’t persevere with Henry now we never will and after the last game i think he’s worth another shot.

    1. Henry plays better with Keita as he has a partner on the left side of the pitch. Keita also makes the runs, unlike Ibra, so Henry’s crosses from the left wing become meaningful.

  4. I’ve taken a look at the Golden Shoe classification and Messi has gone up to 5th position:


    Can Messi win the Pichichi this year and then (probably) the Golden Shoe to boot? It would be practically the one thing that he has to win at club level, and I think he’s gonna try it, though I guess it’ll be a hard fight with Villa.

    Do you people see somebody in the GS ranking that you’d welcome to Barca? I see that Luis Suarez is in 10th position, and it’s the player I would choose if I was Txiki. I’m surprised by Nene who lasy year played for Espanyol in position 15th. And I wouldn’t refuse the coming of Kris Boyd, who has a rather spectacular goal ratio record with Gers, though havent seen him play and dont know if he would adapt to the system.

    1. “Can Messi win the Pichichi this year and then (probably) the Golden Shoe to boot?”

      – No pun intended?

    1. Yes, he is a terrible player, but a good goal scorer. Regarding his style of play this is mentioned in wikipedia:
      When he fails to score, however, his overall contribution to the team is often questioned. Manager Walter Smith occasionally chose not to play him owing to his lack of contribution to the overall team performance; With Smith’s common 4-5-1 formation, Boyd was not seen to be an effective lone striker. Commentators have noted, however, that as his style of play relies on good service from the rest of the team Boyd may have been an effective player in earlier, more affluent Rangers teams.

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