Trofeo Gamper LiveBlog, a.k.a. Thundercats are GO!

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. If you mean the live cover, I have no idea how to get in. no place to click. But if you mean the man city site, i have noproblem with it.

  2. The EE stream posted is not working for me. Doesn’t matter, able to watch the first half and they look very unimpressive. This is definately premature but we look way stronger than any other team in Spain. EE will come in 5th, the sack their coach mid-season.

  3. Why aren’t my posts approved yet? This link moderation thing takes too long methinks.

    Have you guys thought about having a system where people can register once and then log in, instead of the normal comments thing? That way you can moderate stuff easier.

  4. so any quality stream for the galper game I was counting on la sexta but the feed they have on now isn’t working now

  5. For anyone watching Lyon v Anderlecht, Michel Bastos just scored a screamer.
    I was calling for him to solve our wing problems for all of the early part of the summer

  6. CP, it depends on the significance of the issues presented at assembly, and their relevance to the non-socio world. In other words, maybe.

    As far as comments and the expedience of their approval, what Isaiah said. Nobody here wants to wade through penis enlargement spam to read comments, I am presuming. So we’ll have to get the process worked out.

  7. : Pinto; Montoya, Puyol, Fontàs, Maxwell; Busquets, Gudjohnsen, Touré; Pedro, Bojan y Jeffren.

  8. At present, I will add in re: the assembly meeting, I’m not seeing anything on the agenda, aside from the 6-year terms for president and board. Arguably, those could change a president’s sporting agenda, or give him two more years to screw the pooch.

  9. The 6 year term will not change much. If someone is doing badly out will come the white hankies and there will be a vote of no confidence.
    If only Laporta could get another term I’d be happy…

  10. Whoa: Pinto; Montoya, Puyol, Fontàs, Maxwell; Busquets, Gudjohnsen, Touré; Pedro, Bojan, Jeffren.

    Liveblog up momentarily.

  11. The facts that we owe the Spanish version of the IRS 60 million euros due to something that mothereffing Nuñez did in the 90’s is pretty damn significant IMO.

    Other than that, its been a lot of political posturing and Txiki saying what we already knew. That the market is crazy and the players we wanted were simply not attainable without going all EE on the market.

  12. LOL @ the ads. You guys actually get those? Hahaha. 😀

    @Kevin on the assembly issues: Hmm, as you wish. Their relevance IMO is for every cule who looks at Barca beyond the mere sporting level.

    BTW You’re a soci right? I heard some rumours that votes might be submittable by internet this time. True? And will you vote?

  13. Mmh… I wonder what the fans will do if they don’t see Ibra, Messi, Xavi and Dani Alves (imagine none of them will play) 😉

  14. besides the loss…we looked pretty impressive. Specially Assylum, J2S, and Ibra,(messi always) who looked dangerous everytime they got the ball

  15. lol, next time we should not choose a team like City to play the Gamper Trophy. They were like Chelsea 2.0.

    25-3 shots, 11-1 on target and 17-2 corners or sth. like that were the stats… Hope the Citizens don’t break into top 4 this season, one Chelsea up there is enough 🙂

  16. Yaya, Busi, Pedro!, JDS, Messi, FF, Ibra all looked good.

    Gai has alot to learn

    Alves and Bojan have been very poor during the pre-season

  17. Oh, and don’t forget, during the season we get those Xavi and Iniesta guys!

  18. Yeah that was pretty lame. Oh well. Some of the kids played a superb game, however. Pedro! was good, as was Jeffren.

    More importantly, I really liked Ibra’s game. Tracked back when necessary, put out a few good passes, and almost scored twice.. Not bad for his first game!

    Also, I hope you guys liked my running of the liveblog! But I think when Kevin exited, he also prematurely ended the liveblog. 🙁

  19. No, it should still have kept running, OhYes. I would have had to actively end it. Yes, my screen froze, but my understanding of the software is that until you end the event, it continues. When I returned, it was chugging on, unabated.

    I’ll need some time to let this one sit. Guardiola really played it like much more of a friendly/training match than any other Gamper I have seen in a long while. There were plenty of bright spots, however. The review should be fun to write.

  20. Ahh well it showed as having ended for me. I had that “Thank You for Reading!” banner, too. Oh well lol.

  21. The more I see Alves play this preseason the more I’m convinced he’s like Samson, but with ears instead of hair.

    I know its early but consider me disappointed with our BAS.

  22. I watched only the first half. nobody really impressed(except for Jeffren), nobody really dissapointed either. Fontas kinda lost his man on the goal or he wasn’t positioned correctly. It was pretty dull.

  23. You serious, messi_fan?

    Realize he has been training with the group for about a week.

    I like some of his touches and he had a couple of good shots. Obv he is lacking understanding between some of his teammates, but that was to be expected, no?

  24. Nah I mean, based on what I’ve seen he doesn’t look like much of an aerial threat at all. And he hardly ran. The lack of understanding I expect. The lack of effort on the other hand….

  25. He almost saved that ball from Messi that was deemed to have gone out of play!

    And he jumped way above one of the ManC defenders. The poor guy’s head was level with Ibra’s hips. That’s a good areal threat, imo. It’s just that Alves and co. weren’t putting out any good crosses.

    Or passes, for that matter. The team just wasn’t clicking in the front, and that was partly because ManC was defending to save their lives.

    But one shot on goal that forced Given to make a great save, and another decent attempt..not bad for only 45 minutes.

  26. Can’t satisfy everybody, I guess. People on Pep’s blog acting like the world has come to an end and our season is over.

  27. More importantly, Gaby Milto wasnt at the presentation of the players today. I wonder if we’ll ever see him again.

  28. on man city’s official forum, youd think they’d qualified for the champions league, let alone won it…

  29. Well to be honest with you my feed started sticking towards the end so I didnt see his shots or near assist. But he was much better when he WASNT playing the back to goal striker. Maybe he isn’t as comfortable in that role? He just stood around looking disinterested.

    Let me see if I can explain what I mean when I say he’s not much of an aerial threat. Think of how Puyol normally attacks the ball during a corner. Or even how Keita attacked the ball towards the end. Ibra on the other hand normally seems content to wait for the ball to come to him (apart from that one incident)

    But hey Jnice, I was wrong about JDS, whereas you spotted his talent from the first game. So maybe you’re right again 🙂

  30. Jnice, over there some of the same people are saying that Krkic and Gudjohnsen played well. Different people see different situations in different ways.

  31. I guess some of you are a little bit dissapointed about the result or how some of the players played; however, I’m more optimistic then ever.
    Usually we see Barcelona play central, with quick passes inside, today it was long passes/crosses on the wings and attack from there. If we can play inside(Xavi/Yaya) and out on the wings(Messi/Iniesta/Alves) and have the aerial threat(BAS), we have more possibilites in attack. That means Numancia’s and Chelsea’s have to work much harder to park the bus.
    And Since we only have a couple new players, our guys already have the advantage in controlling the pace of the game.
    I see us getting over 80 points in la liga, at least reaching the semis on both CL and Copa(too early to say we going to win the sixtuplet!

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