Barca 2, Estudiantes 1, a.k.a. “Hexacampions,” a.k.a. “Greatest of all TIIIEEEME!”

A lad could get used to this....
A lad could get used to this....

Great galloping Jesus, what a match. Pedro! sums up how I think we all feel here, in the wake of a gritty victory that found us not even approaching our dazzling, sparkling best, a victory that defines this club in a way that few others have, and that left me weeping right along with Pep Guardiola.

6 trophies, 6 competitions, less than 12 months. Pause for a second, to let that one sink in, then we’ll continue.

Is this club the greatest of all time? Valid question, and one that I will leave for others to debate. For me, it is a magical club that is in full consideration as one of the greatest ever. It won playing champagne football, it won gutting out matches against parked buses, it won against the best clubs in the world, it just won. It won when playing bad, it won when everyone was razor-sharp.

And at the end of it all, 6 trophies in 6 competitions in 8 months. They had to overcome a dogged, intense (and frankly, lucky) Estudiantes side who went ahead 1-0 in the 35th minute on a pretty astounding header, a side that was some 4 minutes or so away from upsetting our championship apple cart. Only problem was that history didn’t want it to be so. Which explains why (yet another) crappy Xavi pass found the head of an Estudiantes defender who headed it away, only to have it fall to Pique, who lofted a pillow-soft header that Pedro! could then head over the keeper.

It was suddenly, impossibly (the way we were playing) 1-1 and Estudiantes had to change approach from a bunker mentality to a footballing one. And this match came within a whisker of going to PKs, thanks to a pillow-soft foul against The Yaya, and an Estudiantes header that went went wide. That it went wide was typical of this club’s star-kissed life span under Pep Guardiola. Shots that are supposed to go in, don’t. Shots that aren’t supposed to go in, do. And we keep on winning.

Spare a moment, please, for the quality of that Pedro! header. If it’s lower, the keeper, who was having a sensational match, parries it away. But too high, and it goes over the net, instead of in it. It was an amazing, well-taken goal by a player who, despite the contention of many that he should start, belongs exactly where he often is, as the late-match hell raiser. And things were headed for extra time, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Guardiola rolled out an eyebrow-raising lineup of Valdes, Alves, Pique, Puyol, Abidal, Keita, Busquets, Xavi, Messi, Henry and Ibrahimovic. And if someone had said to you that said lineup wouldn’t put a shot on frame in 45 minutes, you’d laugh and smack them upside the head for their impertinence, right?

But that’s what happened, due to a number of things:

–Xavi was awful.
–No Iniesta, to create the options and migrating triangles.
–Henry wasn’t moving properly or sometimes, at all
–Ibrahimovic was also off, in part because he was easily controlled due to our having no other options

Estudiantes also came out with an excellent game plan, of physical play, high pressure and waiting for the break. It’s one thing to try it, it’s another to pull it off, as Veron had a man-sized match for them, and was the best defender on the pitch today, and we played right into their hands by rolling out with Xavi, who was off song and Busquets, who wasn’t as effective because Keita was running around taking care of business. So rather than the reliability of The Yaya backing him up, he was on his own. The difference was apparent in our midfield control, or lack thereof, as almost every ball was contested by them. On offense, they bypassed our ball-hawking back line with long passes that would seek to put our vulnerable back line in danger.

Still, we should have been 1-0 ahead about 8 minutes in when Alves pops a great ball to Ibra, who flicks a little pass for Xavi, who inexplicably chose to attempt a cross, rather than shooting, even though he was 1-on-1 against the keeper. It was almost as if we were nervous or something, as if the weight of what we were trying to accomplish was slowing our feet, making passes go awry and generally gumming up our works. The feeling built that they were going to score first and then, it happened, a goal that like many, was a group effort:

–Busquets was either confused or lazy, but didn’t shut down the man with the ball.
–Puyol plays the attacker on side, then instead of moving to the ball to head it harmlessly away, he tries a leaping interception that failed.
–Abidal let the attacker cross in front of him (admittedly with a bit of a pushoff from the attacker)
–Dude hits a queen hell mother of a header that goes past Valdes as if shot from a cannon

And the FSE announcer almost wet himself with ecstasy, and I was worried. Because even though we promptly proceeded to lay siege to their goal as they hunkered down to defend that 1-0 lead, the reality that this wasn’t Atlante was seeping in. Veron was everywhere, as we kept shooting ourselves in the foot with balls that just didn’t do the right thing.

Time was dragging, and we just didn’t really look like scoring, until the odd sequence of events that demonstrated why Pedro! is the man, and we tied the match in the 87th minute. The glee was genuine, for it was a goal off of a broken play that was our last, best chance to even the match. The FSE announcer cracked me up, because instead of his over-the-top exclamations, it was more an almost sotto voce declaration.

And Estudiantes had a problem, because we were getting closer and closer. Guardiola was yelling for us to get Henry involved, and Estudiantes were heading away everything that came into the box, including a series of pretty crap corners from Xavi. But we were getting closer and closer, closing the distance necessary for us to cover for something good to happen.

Guardiola made three match-changing moves:

–Pedro! for Keita meant that Busquets drifted back on the pitch, to make space for a legitimate attacking threat. It began working almost immediately, as P! had some very good chances at goal.
–The Yaya came on for Busquets, which made Xavi’s life easier and got us midfield control, while also shifting the pitch forward, because that’s how The Yaya plays.
–Jeffren came on for Henry, subbing in a pure winger with gobs of pace, rather than a converted striker.

Then the match really opened up, and I thought we would get the second goal in regulation because we suddenly, we had left-sided play! Jeffren starting beating his man like a gong, but with the way that Estudiantes were playing defense, it was going to take something truly special to keep this one from going to penalty kicks.

And that’s where Messi and Alves come in. First, Messi just misses what would have been a brilliant free kick goal. And then, from a play that wasn’t much, really, suddenly things opened up in the Estudiantes box, and Alves laid on a pass that should be bronzed, because it was amazing. More remarkable still was the finish from Messi, who didn’t have time to do anything except chest it past the helpless keeper. So that’s what he did, in a move henceforth known as The Submarine. It was 2-1, and match over, right?

Let's see 'em head this one away.
Let's see 'em head this one away.

Wrong. On the last play of the match, Estudiantes were awarded a free kick from a challenge by The Yaya, who erred by stabbing for (and getting) the ball, rather than just closing the man down by erecting the Great Wall of Yaya in front of him. The snap header went wide, and that was that.

La sisena.

The immensity of what our beloved club has accomplished is only just beginning to sink in. And frankly, I feel rather churlish for having to do the points duty here, but here goes:

Team: 5. Rather a sub-par display that played right into Estudiantes’ hands.

Guardiola: 8. Made the right substitutions at the right times, but should have had us more ready to play.

Valdes: 8. The one shot got past him, that he really couldn’t do much of anything about. But he had a number of other crucial plays, including an amazing reflex save of the type that he isn’t supposed to be very good at.

Alves: 7. Strong, strong defense, without getting caught out of position as much as he often does. His passes were on target, including the one to Messi for the go-ahead goal, which was inspired.

Pique: 6. Still funky. Some solid play, but overall, still below average these days. Hell of an assist, though. Wow!

Puyol: 6. Should have played that goal-scoring long pass better, and way to get in Valdes’ way as he was trying to clear a ball, dude!

Abidal: 6. Not one of his best matches, and he shares some culpability for the goal.

Keita: 6. Curiously ineffective. All of his movement around the pitch was just what our midfield didn’t need.

Busquets: 6. Do not ever head the ball. Ever. And stop kicking it to the other team’s guys. Okay, I’m done.

Xavi: 5. Very ordinary, and you have to shoot that one when you’re on the doorstep, no two ways about it.

Messi: 7. What a goal, but also had a whole lot of ordinary during this match.

Henry: 4. Should have been daisy-fresh and raising hell. Made a few good plays, but generally ineffective.

Ibrahimovic: 5. What was up with your touch in the first half? And I like the playmaking sir. You’re very effective at it. But you have to bury those chances, and don’t wait so long to pass to Messi for what would have been the 3rd goal. The end.


Pedro (for Keita): 7. Turn all of your chances, not just the ones that matter most, because then the ones that matter most, won’t. Or something like that. His live-wire energy and drive unsettled the Estudiantes defenders.

The Yaya (for Busquets): 7. I’m sure that Guardiola watched his play and said “Damn, should have started dude, yo!” Does the wrong thing with the ball almost as infrequently as Xavi, and his forward runs destabilize the defense, and move the field closer to their goal.

Jeffren (for Henry): 7. Excellent pace and aggression from our pure winger. He just came up short at the end of his efforts, with balls that were easily intercepted or never reached their target. Good to see him on the pitch.


Are we all aware of how astounding this is, yet? Guardiola was crying like a baby, despite the efforts of most of the first team and then some, to console him. He was overcome with the magnitude of what his club has done, and I don’t blame him. Naysayers will say that Estudiantes deserved to win. Why, I don’t know, since we basically had almost all of the attacking play after their goal.

Was the use of Jeffren when the match was on the line instead of Krkic a signal? Henry too, for that matter.

Who knows, who cares. We have won six titles! No matter how happy you are, this guy is more happy:

Higher! Higher! Whee!
Higher! Higher! Whee!

Finally, as if we didn’t have enough joy, let’s relive a bit of it.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Funniest moment was Krkic, grabbing a man-sized handful of his junk while waiting for the celebration to begin.

    1. When is the bojan’s grapping junk thing? Is on the video above if so whenn? Help a brotha laugh at Bojan πŸ˜€

    2. You don’t? Hmm. Well, as a female, it’s a tad awkward to talk about πŸ˜€ . I’ve give you a hint: what organ does a man have that a woman doesn’t?

      A: ISNEP.




  3. I wasn’t a fan of the ref during the match. His yellows to Messi and Henry seemed harsh to me. When Pedro came in, Pep dropped Messi back just behind the back line and it eventually paid off. And I loved Pique coming into the box at the dying, desperate moments, just trying to get it done, and he did!

    What a match! What a team!

  4. The official site says it all

    “Alves crossed from the right, and there was Messi to send the ball goalward with his chest, or perhaps better put, with his heart, the ball striking him just where the crest of his beloved club appears on the famous BarΓ§a shirt. It was one of the most beautiful moments in the entire history of this incredible club. The crowning moment for a team that has rewritten the history books. ”

    Absolutely amazing. I feel truly blessed to be living in this era for Barca.

  5. Jeffren grew up today. Very mature performance from a player that seemed like Quaresma before (lots of talent but not quite able to figure it all out)

  6. I still can’t understand the gravity of this moment.. Here I thought this was just another Cup like the Super Cups..

    What I loved about the game was the effort put in by the squad, it reminds me of the game against Chelsea and bodes well for the rest of the season..

    This may sound a bit weird but I still do not feel that we’re the ‘best ever’. Statistics may tell a different story but Football isn’t just stats is it.. We still need to improve in certain areas *cough* Corners *sneeze* Taking-the-foot-off-the-gas-with-only-a-single-goal-advantage *cough*..

    I feel that the harder part comes now – Remaining at the top..

    But for now, TWO WEEKS OF PURE BLISS!

    PS: Eklavya should be credited with an assist in the second goal.. The ball was in the net by the time he finished the joke!

    1. LOL when I came in I got a private message from Isaiah in all caps telling me to do it or else….:D
      Didn’t think it would this time but….

  7. henry has never scored in a major final so maybe thats why xavi attempted to pass to him?? Its the only explanation i could imagine.

    The only thing that can match today is for us to defend our cl at the bernabeu.

  8. I just read a great article on, of all places, Marca:


    It’s mostly about Pep and what he’s achieved with this team.

  9. *Credit to Eklavya for 2nd Goal!!!!
    Let me know if I should add more $$$

  10. /I’m sure that Guardiola watched his play and said β€œDamn, should have started dude, yo!”/

    Man, you never give up πŸ˜€

    Anyways, its a great day to enjoy. Lets hope the guys will not be over satisfied footballwise after this day. This team can change history, more than they did already.

    1. That’s why I don’t argue any longer. Everyone sees things in their own way. It isn’t a question of giving up or persisting, just acknowledging that reality.

    1. Hmmmm….

      Then again, who knows what was going on when that picture was taken? There’s no Keita, either. Or Pinto, that I can see.

  11. I think an absolutely brilliant, and crucial tactical change was when pep sent Yaya to the backline and Pique to the front line… It got the assist after all..

    we were playng:


  12. From a tactical standpoint, fantastic move for Pep to use Jeffren instead of Krkic. Krkic is more or a poacher/goal-scorer/deceptive run maker. Jeffren provides pace, width, and the ability to cross the ball. In fact I’d say he’s somewhat one-dimensional in this manner, but damn that was the dimension we needed at the moment.

    Sad to see Henry have a poor game. Honestly thought he should’ve done better to get on the end of Xavi’s pass, Xavi looked like he didn’t have much to shoot at. I’m rooting for him, but it’s about time to buy a new left-winger.

    Pep, as always, is right. The future is dark compared to today. If it’s half as bright, I’ll be ecstatic.

    1. I think that Guardiola knew that Krkic didn’t have anything to give us in this match. Not the way Estudiantes were playing. Them boys were serious, and that was a match for men. Glad Jeffren grew up all fast like.

    2. Krkic couldn’t have given us what we needed in this match, because we needed something tactically different than what he offers us.

      This quote “Was the use of Jeffren when the match was on the line instead of Krkic a signal? Henry too, for that matter.” implies that Jeffren has a brighter future on the team than Krkic. IF that was true, Krkic wouldn’t have been playing games while Jeffren sat on the bench.

      It all comes down to what the player offers us tactically, it has nothing to do with who is the better player and who offers more.

      On another note, in the last game Krkic set up three opportunities that his team-mates spurned. Jeffren set up none.

    3. That’s cool. We agree on the tactical aspect of the substitution. Jeffren spent quite a while with an injury. I wonder if that affected his being in the squad, and playing. But I lost track of how long he was laid up.

      The Krkic thing has yet to play itself out, I think. People have their differing views on the matter. We’ll see what happens.

    4. jeffren plays on the left, henry wasnt doing the job, so on came jeffren. still it’s interesting that he has not been used almost at all this season, then he comes on in the final as a sub and is a protagonist. In Pep We Trust. bojan would have been all nerves coming on to the pitch. jeffren probably wasnt expecting to play, so didnt have time to think about it and psyche himself out. brilliant.

    5. my take is that they are ready to include Bojan in some swap deals or loan deals next summer. It is clear that Bojan cannot offer much to us. Jeffren has a much faster pace (at least he has shown it), while Bojan is technical, he is in the mid-level of everything he does comparing to the whole team.

      he is ideal for the Arsenal deal to me.

  13. A few thoughts:

    1. Henry has lost any and all pace he once had, which has made his game less than one-dimensional. I love him as an ambassador and a great player in the past, but it’s time to move on, and we should know this by now.

    2. Jeffren, that a way to grow up son. He made a huge impact without scoring, but he was abusing that ELP right back.

    3. Our defense looked pathetic for stretches, and it hurts for me to say that, since I think Pique is the best defender in the world (well, until his recent funk after that on goal). Puyol looks tired (which is understandable considering he’s played nearly every minute of every game for the past 3 months). Abidal was off and Alves was off on his passes until the last 5 minutes and then the ET. We need to rest them big time, because the drop after these 4 to Chygy-Marquez-Maxwell is staggering at this point.

    4. Busi was solid I felt. I understand the score and the complaints, but I think he’s also getting a raw deal from some fans.

    5. Keita looked horrible. 6 is beyond generous.

    As for the import of this match, only 5 squads have completed the continental treble for UEFA clubs (let’s face it, the cream of the crop and no CONMENBOL team has done it): Celtic, Ajax (with Cruyff), PSV Eindhoven, Man U, and Barca. Of these, only Celtic went on to win the Quadruple (as the Quintuple was really only possible since 2000 when the Club World Cup was created in its current incarnation). Man United came very close to the Quintuple by losing to Barca in Rome and in the FA Cup to Everton.

    Barcelona is the only club to even come close to this feat since Celtic in 1967. The Intercontinental Cup before would have made Celtic winners of a disputed Quintuple, but they lost to Racing Club and the IC was not a FIFA sponsored event, but the FIFA CWC is, along with the UEFA Super Cup, and the Supercopa de Espana.

    Truly historic and has only been contested once, in 1966-1967 (all research from Wikipedia).

    1. 1. It’s looking more and more as though that’s right.
      2. Word. I was wondering what Guardiola was going to do. Glad we brought him.
      3. Yup. It’s why Estudiantes decided to mainline the ball to the back line, rather than trying to play it up. We saw that a lot last season, as well.
      4. True. I’d say a 6 is solid. Personally, I also thought that the difference when The Yaya arrived on scene was clear.
      5. He was about the same as Busquets. The problem is that both of them, at times, sort of do the same thing, which complicates matters. Where The Yaya says “I destroy shit.” It gives a lot of freedom to the people behind him. And his forward runs upset the apple cart, as well.
      6. We have an amazing team, that can win even when not at anything approaching its best. And I do believe that they were overcome by the moment. Watching Guardiola post-match, it was clear how much he wanted that win. Must have been so intense on the guys, knowing that and wanting it just as much for their coach. πŸ˜€

    2. Yaya has recently been an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. He is so talented, but he has played “smaller” than himself recently, somehow? Today he seemed to play “big” again and create more space for Xavi.

    3. I don’t know about henry losing “any and all” pace, there were a few moments today were it came out, especially to produce that cross that pedro missed.

      You might still be right more generally about moving on though, but my guess is that it’s a bit premature

    4. lol at yaya i destroy shit!
      man..everytime yaya comes in, suddenly ur midifield comes alive.
      pep should play yaya more after he comes back from ACN
      and drop his gf busquets to the bench..
      yaya’s presence alone scare the opposition..

  14. Also, Isaiah or Kevin, I have done a good amount of research on the subject of the historic nature of this event and would be happy to do a more extensive write-up if you would like. Let me know.

    1. Luke – I’m sure we’d all love to see your piece. Just my 2 cents though is that it is important to distinguish what we did as happening between 2 seasons. That is last season’s triple allowed us to play from this CWC and the 2 super cups, but the latter were won in a different season with a different squad. So our 6 in a single calendar year is historic for sure, but if we repeated the triple that would be even more historic (6 in a season).

      My bigger point is just that we need to compare apples to apples and your reference to ManU losing to us made me think you might be mixing up the two since ManU, like us, was already the defending champs of the UCL when they won the CWC (not that they won 6 in either a calendar year or a season). Best – Gilman

    2. It happened over the course of 2 seasons but it is all one course.. Barca was able to enter the CWC because of last season’s work, and the whole point is that it is all part of the same competition (You win the European championship, then win the world championship) The Super Cups are the same. Thus, one competitive course that takes place over two league seasons.

      As for it being two different squads.. one would ask why that matters? Is the Barca that starts the season the same as the Barca that ends it? No. Was the Barca that won the CL the same team we where used to seeing even 2-3 weeks prior? No. The personnel is NOT the point, the point is that the same CLUB won all of these trophies, and is the only one ever to do so. You forget that this is not solely Eto’o’s achievements, or Messi’s achievements, they are playing collectively for the club.

  15. I really cant assign blame to Puyol or Abidal for that goal. That was text book defending, with Puyol blocking the passing lanes between the two attackers, whil abidal sandwiching the guy, all the while harassing him enough to throw him off his game. The pass and header were both on point, so rather than assign blame, I would praise estudiantes for that one.

    Pedro’s goal was a relief. I had that sinking feeling that this would be our first loss. LESSON: Never lose faith in this Barca team!

    How did he score? Was my reaction to Messi’s goal. Unbelievable and quite daring move. They should have a card for that one. COMING SOON: Messi scores with his back! If Ibra was at the end of that pass, he would have scored with his ankles…thats how low Messi was! gave Estudiantes better overall ratings than Barcelona, did we watch the same match?

    1. It wasn’t Eduard. Puyol moved back, and played him on. But given the quality of the refereeing in that match, it was probably pretty difficult to trust them to get that call right.

      But during the run-up to the pass, he is off. Pique and Abidal leave him off, but Puyol plays him (just) on. Hell of a pass, and a hell of a header.

      Veron’s face during the post-match was priceless, BTW. In that posed picture with he, Xavi and Messi, he looked like he wanted to whack them both with that second-place trophy.

      And I probably would have given Estudiantes better ratings overall as well. They had a game plan, and stuck to it. They were organized and resolute in executing it, and really were outdone by a fluke bounce and a bit of brilliance that lit up the sky like a flash. You can’t play for the kind of play that Alves and Messi executed, because you have to be that good for your mind to work that way.

    2. It was pretty damn close and i wouldn’t have expected the linesman to get that just because of how close it was. Like stowe, I also think it was offside, but it’s not like I saw it right away. It took a dozen replays! And it might still be my biased little eyes trying to play games with me. πŸ™‚

    1. That’s fine. Someone else says 3 weeks. It’s Mali’s problem now, anyway. Just bring him back mended, please. πŸ˜€

      Seriously, however, the two weeks coincide with the Liga break, and then he’s off to ACN duty, along with The Yaya. I have no worries about the latter, but Keita seems rather fragile of late.

  16. Pep is class. In his post-match comments he said something to the effect of: this (the silverware, the history) belongs to the players that were here last year but arent here now. They are part of this. That’s pure class to mention that. Have no illusions, this was largely in reference to Sammy Eto’o, whose actions led to our being able to lift this trophy .

    1. maybe he referred to iniesta as well
      although he is still here, but he was a big reason as well why we are here

  17. I rarely feel the need to give props to an opposing team, but I think ELP earned it, particularly for that first half. They played a man’s match. Tough but classy at the same time–I respect that. And props to their fans too–I bet some of them sold their cars for that trip, and they made it sound like a home game. Anyway, it makes the victory that much more impressive…go Barca! A few random observations:

    1. I was impressed by the team’s fitness–they looked gooood in the extra time. Personally, I think the vastly superior fitness was the single most important key to the win. Pep is doing a great job with the rotation and whatever kind of endurance/track work they do.

    2. Was anyone else confused by ELP’s strategy in the 2nd half? It’s one thing to play defensively, but it was like they never even wanted to possess the ball. Instead of wasting time in the last 10 minutes, their goalkeeper and defenders would practically pass the ball to Abidal or Puyol every time. Eventually Barca WILL score on you! ELP played hard and well, but still stupidly…

    3. I was skeptical about Jeffen’s introduction, but he lit it up. Great display.

    4. Guardiola says the future is dark because they won everything. Now I expect him to deliver on ridiculous, unnecessary challenges. Like Ibra scoring next time on his bicycle attempt (I loved it!). Messi scoring one with his dong, because it seems to be the only thing he hasn’t managed to pull off yet. Or Abidal scoring, period. Do it, Pep!

  18. Results since Pep became manager:

    Primera: 39 wins, 5 losses, 9 draws
    Champions League: 11 wins, 3 losses, 7 draws
    Copa del Rey: 9 wins, 0 losses, 2 draws
    Spanish Super Cup: 2 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws
    UEFA Super Cup: 1 win, 0 losses, 0 draws
    Club World Cup: 2 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws

    Totals: 64 wins, 8 losses, 18 draws

    8 losses in a year and a half. 2 of those losses came at the end of the Primera when the league was wrapped up and 1 came in a meaningless final group stage Champions League game. Unbelievable.

    1. not only that…none of the defeats were with more than 1 goal. like, we lost 3-2, 4-3, 1-0 but never with more than 1 goal difference. I think Pep must have the most ridiculous goal difference in the history of mankind.

  19. I haven’t seen anyone point this out but…


    you can gloat now if you wish πŸ˜€

    1. thats cause he made sure everyone saw that in the liveblog πŸ˜€
      But seriously, he’s got like get 5 predictions right straight! Damn!

  20. so exciting to hear they won! i wasn’t following the game due to a Lord of the Rings marathon, but my friend told me that xavi got a red card. Crazy that P! scored.

    about Henry not being effective this year and losing some place. I think it would be a great idea to send bojan on loan, get a new left winger (and use jeffren more) and make Henry the sub for Ibra (who he is still faster than) since we don’t have any other tall attackers except Pique

  21. At this point, more titles could possibly be great, but 6 titles where we have all sweat with the team, and we have put our nerves and sanity on the line, cannot possibly be surpasssed !
    I think I cried with pep too

    Visca el Barça !!!!!!!

  22. Very happy about this! I missed the first half but damn that was quite the fucking game. πŸ™‚ Spectacular all the way around. Estudiantes played well defensively, but Barca persevered. Great goal by Messi, wonderful performance by Jeffren (my favorite of all time ever) who often times needed just one step to be better in order to be Messi-like! Very very happy. Saw Pep cry his heart out and it felt great inside. πŸ™‚ I was tearing up too because you follow the team for so long and it all pays off, and because it makes you think of all the things you’ve accomplished in your life.

  23. A great feeling *in tears*

    We are reaping the rewards of 2 decades of work, and imo this team given the right motivation and new challenges isn’t done yet. After the treble, people were saying the only way for Barca and Pep is down. Now, I’m hearing the same. We’ll see!

    oh my thoughts are all jumbled up, Visca Barca! hugs all! we are truly blessed to be alive at this time.

  24. messi went absolutely nuts after the second golazo lol … best team on earth after the hardest game since chelsea. congratulations to estudiantes and shame on the ref.

    btw… I’m used to seeing p! make titi look like a fool but yesterday even jeffren did, he made some winger dribblings!! πŸ˜‰ do we need to sign someone this winter?

    1. I’m not sure if we really need Luis Suarez. Jeffren was definitely on fire yesterday, and he knows our philosophy better than any possible new signing. But isn’t Jeffren supposed to be loaned during the january transfer window?

    2. there’s an article on know I know) about yesterday’s win, some lines are dedicated for praising Jeffren.
      I think he was a better player than Pedro in the preseason, but he was horrible in the games he featured in during the league.

  25. Mmh… I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow. There’s the friendly match against Kazma, can they really expect Barca to play it just after 2 days from the emotional CWC final?
    Plus, Messi has to be in Zurich for the WPotY gala. Question is, can we play with our B-side or does the stupid contract that has bestowed this unpleasantness upon us force us to play with at least X star players?
    And the day after tomorrow is the friendly between Catalunya and Argentina…

    Whatever, I hope we’ll finish both matches without injuries and then, I can really enjoy christmas πŸ™‚

    Visca el Barça, el Millor club del món!!!

  26. Woke up this morning feeling great ! Also, determined to hold onto this feeling when the inevitable happens and someone does take a title from us ( as long as it’s not the EE).

    With regard to the match, nobody really lit it up for me although I was surprised by Jeffren. His pace looked good – must say I don’t remember that from before and I suppose he benefitted from them not being ready for that. It’ll be harder to keep that element of surprise. Pedro keeps making little strides which make me think he might develop into a first teamer although not there atm in my opinion.

    I can’t find it in my heart to blame Xavi for what was certainly not his best game. You can’t play an imaginative passing midfield game when two who help most in this (Iniesta and Yaya) are missing. He is an absolute rock. He never misses a game and must be worn out.

    Pique is also due a poor spell. He has performed way above expectations since the start of last season so lets not berate him for what is only a small dip.

    A couple things do trouble me though. The first is Henry. I fear his confidence in his pace, rather than necessarily the pace itself has gone. Although he is undoubtedly slower he could still do a job for us as anticipation can be a big part of pace, especially in finishing where he scores the type of goals that not many others do but if he doesn’t believe any more he needs to go.

    The other thing bothering me is the lack of goals. I watched the EE last night and although up against a shocking defensive display they ran riot and are starting to play themselves into form. We need to run up a few goals somewhere along the line. I’ve been worried about the lack of bodies in the box for some time this season and its not getting any better. Keita ( since his goal flurry) , Iniesta, Xavi have all been noticeable by their absence in this regard. Why it’s happening I’m not sure.

  27. Messi will be given his FIFA award.

    Joseph sepp Blatter should give Messi a Golden crown for we have never witnessed such MAGIC in football and we may not for a very long time to come. Or what do you feel

  28. Wow. Looks like even can produce gems every once in a while:


  29. So… anyone want to talk about how we lost the Copa Catalunya this year, which would have actually made this a perfect year?


    1. Can’t you change numbers when you register for the CWC? I think that is what they did, because I don’t remember him being number 7 in the league.

  30. I just wanted to share these videos with you; they’re all have English subs by the way. This is part 1 and the rest of the part are on the user page. This person also translated a short documentary about Iniesta that everyone should watch!

    Paraula de Pep

  31. *

    jeffren roulette! better than busi’s anyway πŸ˜€

  32. 7 for Toure? That must be a joke. He came on as a late substitute but he was moving in extra time like he played the whole match.

  33. since yaya came on
    he gave our midfielders: xavi, messi more time and security.
    something that was lacking when busi plays..
    when yaya plays, xavi seems to have more time on the ball

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