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–You see that face? The locks? Like it? Good, because bet cash money you’re going to be seeing it tonite, as the Gamper could turn into Kid Time. Gai Assulin 31 has been called up, as well as Thiago (yay!) 34, centerback Marc Bartra 26 and right back Martin Montoya 29. This is, of course, in addition to Johnny DS, Fontas, Muniesa and Jeffren, who should also see some time. The bold-face number beside each kid’s name is so that ye will know them by the shirt when they come on.

–Abidal and Henry are continuing their treatment, so look for that to be a match-time decision as to whether they see any time. Guardiola’s mood makes it abundantly clear that this is a pre-season match for the club, with the real emphasis being on the UEFA Super Cup that looms. Look for him to use players accordingly.

–“I am Mr. Rourke, your host. Welcome to Fannnntasy Island!” EMD says that we have struck a deal with Arsenal for Fabregas. They’re listing the story in the “top secret” file, as in “This crap is made up, but if we keep saying it, it might come true.” If Arsenal get knocked out by Celtic next Champions League match day, something about as likely as me sprouting wings and flying to Camp Nou for tonight’s match, Fabregas comes this summer. Otherwise he comes next year, for a number between 30 and 35 million.

Sport doesn’t have a crazy-ass “Top Secret” file, so they’re just saying that we’re still working at matters Spendy Catalan Canterian.

Two weeks to go in transfer season, and it just don’t stop!

–Cygrynskiy and Mata are still on the wish list. No. Really. We swear, says EMD. The fact that it’s not in the “top secret” files means that there might be a shard of truth, even though we already know that the former is Cup-tied, while the latter is officially marked Not For Sale by Valencia, a club whose heart doesn’t exactly spark with joy at the mention of FC Barcelona, right? Courtesy of l’affaire Villa.

–Even EMD is wondering about “the real Hleb,” still treating him as if he is in fact a player on loan, instead of a whiny little douchebag whom we will never see in the colors again. Kxevin says: Look at the competition. If he could do that against real clubs, he’d still be at Arsenal, never mind still being in Barcelona.

–Remember Victor Vasquez? Yes you do. He’s being haunted by the ghost of Milito, unfortunately. He’s been in recovery from his knee injury for 7 months now. He can shoot, but running causes pain. And you kinda need to do a little of that in footyland. Bummer. The kid’s a talent, for sure.

–Alex Song was offered to us? Sure, why not, right? Sport says that we’re still considering it, though you have to imagine that if a shrewd operator such as Wenger is offering a player, it’s for a reason.

–A grownup news/information site, ESPN Soccernet, has comments from the agent of Vidic, who was all but on a plane to us if you believe some media. “Massive, festering bollocks. Apparently, crack is still a problem in Catalunya.” Hmph. Okay. Maybe not. But, instead of “It would be a dream for Nemanja to play for Barcelona. He would be delighted to join them, as he wants to play in La Liga,” the real translation was “Nemanja is happy in Manchester. If Barcelona do make an offer for him then it is up to United to make a decision.” Said agent, Paolo Fabbri, adds “I never said those things,” regarding his above comment. He later added “And if Mr. Eto’o wouldn’t mind returning the jock that he faked my client out of in Rome, that would be most helpful.”

–The Gamper match has a start time of 22:00 Barcelona time, an hour that I recall with much joy….not! Baby Kxevin needs his rest, and trust me, the post-match race for a taxi to scurry over to La Rambla to find something, anything to eat is not a joy. But expect at least 20 minutes of pre-match hoohah, featuring adorable Catalan young’uns, gymnasts and confetti and stuff. Still no word on U.S. television, which means that we’ll all be perched in front of our computer screens, as we were for the SuperCopa match.

–Finally, something to whet appetites for this evening/afternoon/morning (depending on where you are in the world):


By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Well, i’ve never liked the EE, but i suppose for a kid in Spain, i can see why they could.

    and then like tutomate said, the naive young things grow up, mature, and come to their senses.

    Thats why you have to start young. My nephew who just turned one already has his whole 08-09 “Henry 14” kit that will fit him next year.

    so when he tells his story, he’ll just say that he had a crazy uncle that passed forced him to follow Barca!

    I also hated Madrid because Hugo Sanchez played for them, i follow the Mexican national team, but i hate Hugo Sanchez. (yeah… who would thought)

    good luck on the cover-it-live OhYes, try to watch some of the game in between all the moderation!

  2. Ah, thanks for the confirmation Helge. Goes to show why one shouldn’t bother with such things.

    BTW Since you did go on to their site I hope you found that currently the annual general assembly of members is taking place. This is something everyone should take note of. I would personally love if we can have a whole post dedicated to it where we discuss all the statutes and other things mentioned there today.

  3. Alternatively, Iggy from our old home said he was running a liveblog; we can hang out over there.

  4. Scratch that.. he said he would do liveblogs, but he didn’t say he’d do it for this one.

  5. There was a video link posted re: Ibrahimovic being late. Rumor was that he was in the house, having the bandage changed on his hand, and it took a bit longer than expected.

    Thanks for running the LiveBlog, OhYes. FYI, everyone, it’s a task that we like to entrust to others. Everyone has a hand in running the space, and making it a cool one.

    Thanks again, OhYes.

    And good news! The UEFA SuperCup will definitely be on Fox Soccer. Yay!

  6. Finally we get to see the BAS.. Lets see if he lives up to his billing in his first match itself..

  7. Kevin (or Kxevin: are you the same?)
    You know who else badmouths people who are not/no longer ‘on the team’? Immature, insecure, high-school-level dummies.
    I’m neither a Stuttgart fan, nor particularly attached to Hleb. However, he is a world-class player, even if he didn’t fit (at that particular time) into the Barca squad. Just because he left Barca and still plays well, doesn’t mean he’s an open target for some jackass like yourself.
    What is the point of calling him a “whiny little douchebag”. That would be the perfect description for you.
    I started following this site yesterday, somewhat in awe of the terrific post by Hector. I sure hope partisan idiots like “Kevin”/”Kxevin” don’t rule the roost around here.

  8. guys if you hav any doubts abt iniesta still harboring secret love for r madrid just check his new house its a virtual barca museum a closet madridista wouldnt last 2 secs living there!

    and yea aftonwahtev sucks ibra hates it with all his guts after they published smth totally made up all those yrs ago and since then hes said abt 3 words to their ppl: get effin lost.

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