Barcelona – Athletico Liveblog

It’s a number one against number two clash. Come wring your hands and drink your beverages on BFB’s couch.

Starting XI: Valdes Adriano Pique Puyol Alba Busquets Xavi Iniesta Pedro Messi Sanchez

Bench: Pinto Mascherano Alves Song Thiago Villa Tello


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    1. I will resist the urge to gloat—there but for the grace of God…

      Dang, it’s hard to resist the urge to gloat.

    2. hehehehe i was about to crucify Aguirre for subbing Verdú for Albin but the Guy proofed me wrong xD xD

      I’m glad he did,hehe

  1. 13 point lead over EE? should be motivation enough for the boys, oh and we extend lead over ATL too with a win.

    1. Hard to argue against it they had created their chances mostly via counterattack.RM didn’t set a fire tonight and only stepped their Game on second half.

      Espanyol punished them for their weaknesses -way too late imo but deservedly.
      Worth to note RM once again got scored after a corner kick xD

  2. We’re very lucky to have conceded only one and to have scored 2, but I’ll take it :). Hopefully the second half we play better

  3. Well, we finally settled a bit toward the end of the half. Atletico was really pressuring Xavi & Busi right when they entered their half. Falcao was unfortunate not to head home and we were fortunate not to be down 2 or 3. That said, what a stunning strike by Adriano! I was shouting for someone to shoot outside. Alexis passed up an opportunity early in the game for Alba running past him. I couldn’t believe he didn’t shoot it. But then I could b/c it’s Alexis. Busi showed some fantastic composure in the box to settle and let the defender dive to block then bury it in the top corner! We deserved a goal there from the pressure and chances we’d had in succession. Here’s to hoping the 2nd half bodes well for us. There’s no way Atletico can continue their pressure for another 45 min. They looked tired towards the end of the 1st half and I think we can take advantage of that. Iniesta was starting to make some amazing maze runs and that opened up a lot of the middle.

  4. Wow. What a game. I was still on pens and needles until Messi sealed it with a sneaky sneaky steal & chip! 🙂 I’ve seen to many 3-1 games turn out draws because of relaxation of intensity. I’m glad our boys stayed focused and left no room for a comeback. Unreal! We have only drawn once and have NO losses! This is insane. 13 points ahead of EE in the table and 9 points ahead of 2nd place! Crazy. Just mind boggling. I’m so pleased with Adriano. He’s really come into his own this year and has deserved his spot in the starting 11. I was hoping he’d get the nod ahead of Dani and Tito proves once again that he gets the majority of his decisions right. Visca Barca!!!

    1. That said, despite the two goals, Messi was the worst player on the pitch; he was sleepwalking most of the time.

    2. That’s what I was thinking too – when I have had no sleep I play exactly like that, you just don’t feel like playing.

      But of course, form is temporary while class is permanent and it showed in two moments of brilliance.

    3. Sorry, but that wasn’t what was going through my mind when he scored his first. Had he not scored any I’d agree with you. I suppose he was the worst player on the field when he wasn’t scoring the two goals, though 🙂

    4. Yup ! But we knew he was going to. My problem is still who will do it regularly for us if he misses a few games.

  5. From the EE draw at home to Chelsea’s loss, one truth has become clearer – how difficult it is to keep winning! Lifting the CL may have gotten to the blues’ head and they have failed to make it out of the group stages, in addition to being handed defeats in the Euro supercup and the Club world cup. EE, on the other hand was so euphoric with taking the league from Barca, they now find themselves already out of contention.
    All this makes us realise, what an enormous winning machine barca has been the past 5 years! And how they showed the motivation, focus and grit to win so many trophies (big and small) even after being lauded repeatedly as the best team.
    Not resting on one’s laurels has to be one of the greatest hurdles this barca team has ever had to combat.

    1. It also shows how much those 6 trophies in a season really mean. A lot of people dismissed them at the time as “Ah, it’s only supercups and a Club World Cup against weak teams” but there is a reason why nobody had done it before..

    2. Great point G60. A lot of the banter on BBC blogs from Chelsea supporters was, “WCC, what’s that?”, “So, it’s a meaningless trophy”. We all know if they’d had won. . .”We are the best club on the planet!” I originally joined in the banter and wanted to make my points made about all trophies having meaning, but decided to stop because people are going to tell themselves whatever it is they need to to get through tough times. I also didn’t want to pour on because what if, if, that’s our club someday. I know, hard to imagine right now, but if it ever were, I’d like to imagine there’s some gracious opposing supporters out there. Now if it were EE on the other hand!!! lol

  6. Two thoughts:

    Adriano continues to dig Alves’ grave. It was always going to take multiple players to replace Alves, and while Montoya is one of them it was questionable who could hit the same heights as Alves in the big matches. Adriano has been phenomenal this season – and I think it is more down to Tito’s tactics than a flash in the pan run of good form.

    Speaking of Tito’s tactics, our fullbacks now have more goals than our wide forwards. That to me says tactics are the main reason our wide forwards aren’t scoring, not form.

  7. Review of sorts is up, folks. I banged it out fast and furious like, so if something is off or funky, please let me know. Thanks.

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