Barcelona – Athletic Liveblog

Tough match today, can we continue our record setting start to the season?


Starting XI: Valdes, Adriano, Mascherano, Pique, Alba, Xavi, Busquets, Fabregas, Pedro, Messi, Iniesta

Bench: Pinto, Puyol, Montoya, Song, Thiago, Villa, Tello

Athletic XI: Iraizoz Ramalho Ekiza Amorebieta Aurtenetxe De Marcos Iturraspe Herrera Susaeta Aduriz Ibai


Join me shortly before the match at 2:00 PM EST


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  3. This Avram Grant really has something against Barca doesn’t he?

    I honestly think that the ball was going wide but usually they would still give it to the person who shot the ball.

    It still is not as ridiculous as the goal they’ve given Ronaldo the deflected goal. At least with Messi it was a forced error.

    1. Ball looked to have a lot of spin and would’ve bounced before reaching the goal, I’d say there’s a completely valid case for it being Messi’s! 😀

    2. Bottom line is that it’s inconclusive whether it would or would not have gone in. Therefore, the referee’s decision to award the goal to Messi cannot be overturned. However, if Marca & EE have their way I’m sure there will be calls for it to be overturned. One camera angle shows it’s going in, one shows it MAY go wide. Key word is MAY. Richzorz is correct that the ball had a lot of spin and probably would have bounced against the post or inside of the post and in. Who cares? Messi will beat the record by more than 1 goal so it’s a mute point.

  4. Brilliant display. Would have been on own goal for me, but officials gave it to Messi. So there ya go. 21 league goals by December. Kinda crazy.

    1. If I recall correctly, you made a prediction prior to the beginning of the season that this will be the first year since Guardiola became a coach that Messi will score fewer goals than the previous one.

      Yet he’s on pace to beat last year’s haul as insane as it sounds…

    2. Every season for the past 5 years I’ve though “no way can he score more goals than last time around…”

    3. Also, it’s worth pointing out that a third of the Pichichi trophies have been won by people who scored less than Messi did in slightly more than a third of the season…

    4. GREAT stat! I’ve looked up Pichichi winners in the past and the number of goals scored by most of the winners are in the low 20’s. Ridiculous!

    5. Exactly. And if you scored 30, you were considered a goal machine.

      If he keeps this going, he will be at 30 in half a season…

      And all of this while mostly strolling around the pitch..

  5. That was a fantastic game of footie! Bilbao came out to play and were actually spreading the ball around nicely, but their end product lacked. Messi’s 2nd was a very nice RIGHT footed take. Adriano and Cesc had 2 great goals. Power, precision, and superb build up play for both goals. This team is clicking and we will be hard to stop. I hope we continue to break the league record for best start. Let’s take this thing to the “Invincibles” level!

  6. … aaaaaand Atleti roll over for Real. Normal service has been resumed.

    Much as it pains me, I have to thank Real for bringing another potential contender back down to earth.

    (As before, I feel that a draw would have been a better result for Barca.)

    1. To be fair, they didn’t exactly roll over. Both teams were pretty evenly matched. It was a very intense game with few clear cut chances. Ronaldo pretty much made the difference.

    2. You’re being generous. Atleti may have looked like they were trying, but they were just as ineffective as they’ve recently been against Real. For all the sound and fury, they created absolutely nothing, not one plausible chance. It’s as if they had gotten overpumped for the game and forgot to bring an iota of consideration to any of their actions. They, starting with Simeone, were outthought and outplayed.

      Ronaldo did his thing, but I personally thought that Ozil was Madrid’s best player on the day. Then again, I think that often.

    1. I agree, iniesta has really come to life in that inside forward mid role. Alba’s presence on the makes him so much more effective than when he had Abidal behind him.

    2. These days, I wait impatiently for the combination of Alba, Iniesta and Villa on the left. Although given Villa’s current standing, I’m more likely to get it with the NT than the club.

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