Liga Liveblog: Depor – Barça

It’s Depor and you know it’ll be a battle.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. this swedish guy just keeps scoring!!

    and what about pedro! ??!! I don’t know but it feels like the best is yet to come

  2. Well deserved win from a very complex we had shrinked the list of difficult away games as we already played Valencia,Bilbao,Osasona,Getafe, and Depor away! three draws, two wins, thats not bad. I hope when we’ll be playing Sevilla away, the title would be in our secured by then.
    that was very very important match for us as we dropped some silly away points early this season..
    i guess Valdes new shirt did the trick, his miss was silly yes but it was mainly busi’s fault he should had deflect the ball away from the box or, even easier.. leave it to V.V.
    talking about EE, i suppose no one had noticed that Benzima was in the box before cristina shoot the ball but again the ref let it go, i can only see cristina one of those talents that had vanished in EE.. and his personality will make that even faster..

  3. im trying to tell myself that pep RESTED yaya for the big CL match and not drop him..
    but i’ve been proven wrong, like against inter and RM…

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