Barcelona – PSG Match Comments Post

I’m still looking into alternatives for coveritlive for liveblogging this season. For the moment here is a match comments post.

Starting XI: Valdes, Alves, Puyol, Mascherano, Planas, Busquets, Sergi, Rafinha, Sanchez, Messi, Afellay

Bench: Pinto, Montoya, Pique, Bartra, Ilie, Dos Santos, Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Pedro, Tello


Match is at 19:45 Barcelona time.


  1. Guys I missed the Canada-USA game what happened? all i’ve seen so far was a canadian player ( i think ) stomp on the head of an american player with no card that looked like ouch

    can any1 recap me? so usa got screwed out of a red card or wat

    also im glad professionals are in the olympics its a once in a lifetime opportunity that for some reason kevin wants the best of the best to NOT compete, and wants competition to be lowered

    if you get paid to do your job you can NOT do it for your country says one poster and i dont agree with it 1 bit!

    1. also whats the 6 second rule? someone broke the rule and was infractioned for it? that is such an injustice to football how can referrees correctly make decisions this is wrong and needs to be stopped

    2. Canadian keeper was flagged for holding the ball for longer than 6 seconds before re-starting play. U.S. was awarded an indirect free kick, which resulted in a handball (that or missing teeth) which tied the match, thus sending it into extra time where the U.S. won.

      The issue isn’t that the Canadian keeper was called for it, it’s that the U.S. keeper, after the rule was made active in this match by the implementation of said rule, wasn’t tagged for it.

      –It isn’t that I don’t want the best to compete. But what’s the point of amateur athletics? Why not just jettison everyone who isn’t professional? If baseball finds its way back into the Games, let’s round up a roster of MLB players and have at it. Personally, I don’t think it’s very sporting.

      At one time, the Olympics were the best amateur athletes. Now many of those people don’t have a chance to compete in many disciplines, and I think that’s wrong. The argument is “Other countries send their professionals, so why can’t we?” Can’t say that I buy that, because other countries fund their programs in a way that brings their athletes up to a world-class level. We choose not to do this, and just break out the howitzer to hunt butterflies.

    3. When was it the best amateur athletes relative to the timeline of how long athletics have been a professional sport tho?

      The players who play amateur athletics, I’m assuming, aren’t playing because they choose not to be professionals, rather that they’re not good enough. I don’t see the point at all of allowing lesser competition to be put out on the biggest scale of ALL for all to see. i don’t understand what you’re saying about the MLB either tbh.

      i for one don’t want to see beer league softball players at the Olympics which seems to be what you’re suggesting. its a world stage where the best compete, not the “almost really good but not quite”

    4. Not at all. If you look at boxers as the ideal, they train like crazy as amateurs, hit the Olympics, win a medal or two then turn professional, where the marquee can trumpet “Gold Medalist So and So” vs “Some Other Dude.”

      Boxing, wrestling, weightlifting and a few other sports (judo, fencing, etc.) are still contested by amateurs, in part because there is no pro track, but also in part because that’s always been how the organization is set up.

      Using softball as your example, there are some absolutely stellar college softball teams, boasting some thunderous hitters and unhittable pitchers. And they’re amateur as all heck. Bring ’em. Tell me the cream of our college hoops crop couldn’t, with the right coaching, romp and stomp like the pros are doing. Might take a little more effort, but the talent is there.

      Cycling in this country doesn’t have a shot no matter what you do, though our track riders are a lot closer to dominance than our road program. It can be done, without settling for sub-standard performances.

      The “biggest stage” is contextual. The point of the Games is supporting your athletes, whoever they are, in the true spirit of competition. Trinidad and Tobago got a men’s match sprint rider in the bronze medal ride. You’d have thought the dude won, such was the pride. Compete with honor, and do your best. Win, or not. THAT, for me, is the Olympic spirit. We don’t need LeBron James to do that.

  2. So far in the second half Brazil are doing a good impression of a Scottish second division side. Whatever happened to valuing possession?

    1. Were you watching today’s game?

      I thought they kept possession pretty well ..especially after they went 3 goals up and South Korea never looked much trouble, to me.

      My prediction of a Brazil vs Mexico final after the group stages came through!!

      I’m looking forward to a rematch of the Japan vs US final from the Womens WC and the finals between Brazil vs Mexico for the men.

    2. My comment was made some time after the start of the second half when Brazil were still one up, had hardly touched the ball and every time they got it lost possession almost immediately and as you can see from the comment was specific to that time period. At that point their midfield was non existent. They were so poor I switched over to watch the athletics so didn’t see the rest of the second half.

      Not sure I understand the antagonistic first sentence. Your post would have lost nothing without it.

    3. Not sure where you got “antagonistic” from anything I said in my post.

      I didnt look at the time of your post and furthermore would have no idea which part of the match you were talking about except for it being the second half, which you specified.

      You know, you can disagree with me without sounding like you want to chastize me. Your post would have been reasonable without the last sentence.

    4. If you don’t know when it was posted or which part of the match I was referring to then it might have been more prudent to give me the benefit of the doubt and not to begin that way which might well have produced a retort along the lines of “did you actually read my post ? The implication in the first sentence was quite clearly not just that you disagreed but also that I couldn’t sensibly have come to that opinion. Not huge, just not necessary.

    5. I have to Agree with Jim. Brazil were generally unconvincing throughout the tournament, today’s match included.

      Some individual moments can get you to Olympics final, as for world cup they need to improve a lot to even have a chance. If they can keep themselves disconnected from the hype’s snowball , and the pressure of playing at home.

    6. Hey Ramzi,

      I try to watch matches without the Barca goggles on and with that I dont expect teams to hold the ball as well as Barca. I do agree that they werent overly impressive, there’s work to be done before they can be claimed as favorites for anything beyond this Olympics. But, imo, they were decent going forward (as a group) on countless occassions in this game and most of the other games.

      The team is still gelling..I expect by the WC, with the same coach and same players they will come into their own..hopefully haha.

  3. @Jim, look dude, you’re the one who took my post and turned it into something offensive to you (saying that it was antagonistic). You said one sentence about Brazil looking like a pub team in the second half and I responded as based on what I saw today, I thought you were talking about one of their other games.

    No need to affront me, just disagree and move on instead of making a mountain out of an ant hill. Yeesh.

  4. Wow!! Am just so much impressed by the stand everyone has taken in condemning, 10 people can’t be wrong! I take full responsibility for the attack, am a cule through and through who bleeds blaugrana and shares his feeling,in this case,i think i’ve gone overboard,but am happy to know everyone is in a safe hands if anybody tries to pull an ‘elcapitan’, (don’t add that into the bfb dictionary,am pleading..”Lol) maximum respect to euler kxevin and others who responded, loads of apologies to NZM/MICHELLE.sincerely sorry
    P.S–am happy K-legit in oz is also jealous……lol,anyway shout-out to everyone on this blog….long live BFB! Long live FCB! Long live BFB’ers

  5. Hi BFB community! I usually reserve my opinions or thoughts to myself and just contend myself reading everyone’s comments — what a thriving and vibrant online community! The family’s been in full summer mode with summer camps, family visits, road trips, soccer tournaments, etc, but I have been faithfully following this blog.
    Anyway, I am very distressed about the most recent news re La Liga BBVA: GolTV no longer has the rights to air La Liga in the US; it was recently bought by Al Jazeera’s sports network, BeIn Sport. I had to ask my cable provider and they have no idea what BeIn Sport channel is. Even in desperation, I don’t think I would be switching providers, so , this is really a step back for football in the USA and quite frankly not good for the La Liga brand in terms of expanding viewership in the USA. Sometimes lots of money upfront means less money in the long term. The fact there is a question about language (since its not in English now) and access to the worlds number (if not most popular league)is limited or nonexistent, La Liga just shunned its American fanbase.

    1. Also, since GolTV has an agreement with ESPN, this would ESPN3 will not be able to stream La Liga games online as well. (sigh)Plus I just learned that Phil Schoen (never mind, Phil Schoen) and Ray Ray Hudson have resigned from GolTV; does this mean they’re switching to the network that bought the rights to La Liga? Man, this is a summer downer. What is La Liga thinking!?%$$

    1. He’s a DM with not so great hair and can be used as a backup. JDS hasn’t been convincing so far. But I think Song is looking for a new contract with Arsenal, hence this rumor.

  6. Sport say we have a agreement with Song, get his agent’s name wrong. They need to hire better monkeys..

  7. What I simply cannot get is Barca’s extreme reluctance to sign a center back. Are we so scarred by the Chygrynskiy experience that we don’t want to sign someone outside of the cantera for this position?

    Another thing that annoys me is the straight up escalation of a player’s value when barca is interested. Players like vertonghen can go for 8m, ozil can be bought for just over 10, but when barca wants a player, a cool 10 million is added to the actual market value, almost as if the selling club weren’t aware of the player’s value and abilities before barca were interested.

    Song for 20m or so will be a shitty deal! no doubt. Rosell’s run of good transfers will have ended.

    1. Well, we did get Ibi for 3M 🙂
      And I think we paid fair or below market prices for Cesc and Masche…

      I don’t understand who in their right mind would charge 20M for Song, but if I were a gooner I would be really fed up with one of their players coming to Barcelona pretty much every summer.

      I think I would prefer to get Romeo back that Song, though that is based more on feeling that on knowledge. Any Premiership followers care to comment?

    2. Ozil was on the last year of his contract with WB and same with Vertonghen. What I don’t get is why are we always looking to the EPL for players?

    3. Most of our players come from La Masia, and I think most of the players we buy come from La Liga… When thinking about the EPL, when was the last time we bought a player who was not from Arsenal? :s

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